Zombie 8/2/2004

Darkangl = Duane from B-Movie Central
BKing = Jordan from The B-Movie Film Vault
pantsman = Josh from Varied Celluloid
euphorictool = Josh Agnew from Evilklown.com

[17:34] pantsman: Let's roll this bitch like a homeless man!
[17:34] BKing: I is too
[17:34] Darkangl: ok I'm ready
[17:34] Darkangl: hopin this don't suck
[17:35] BKing: it's a classic Duane
[17:35] pantsman: Duane, it's a zombie movie... zombies!
[17:35] Darkangl: you think Q is a classic
[17:35] BKing: and a zombie fighting a shark!!!
[17:35] Darkangl: yeah
[17:35] BKing: you'll never EVER see that happen again.
[17:35] Darkangl: oh wait
[17:35] Darkangl: gotta change the topic
*** Retrieving #DarksPlace info...
[17:35] BKing: ok
[17:35] pantsman: Ahh, the shark vs. zombie thing is a bit over-hyped
[17:35] BKing: lemme know when you're good aggie.
[17:35] BKing: yeah it is.
[17:35] euphorictool: I'm good
[17:35] pantsman: Eye vs. Splinter is more interesting :)
[17:36] BKing: The uncut version has more footage during the fight joshy
[17:36] *** Darkangl changes topic to 'When zombies eat seafood, you know there's something fishy.'
[17:36] Darkangl: there
[17:36] pantsman: Hahahahahaha, rock
[17:36] BKing: LOL
[17:36] euphorictool: we starting now?
[17:36] BKing: awesome!
[17:36] Darkangl: yep
[17:36] pantsman: Jordan will count it off
[17:36] Darkangl: now josh
[17:36] BKing: if you're ready.
[17:36] Darkangl: jordan does a countdown and then we start
[17:36] Darkangl: on go
[17:36] Darkangl: 5 4 3 2 1 go
[17:36] Darkangl: got it?
[17:37] BKing: gladiotors ready?!
[17:37] Darkangl: that way we're all synched up
[17:37] euphorictool: alright
[17:37] BKing: Contenders reeeady?!
[17:37] BKing: ok
[17:37] Darkangl: yep
[17:37] BKing: bobbaganoosh!
[17:37] pantsman: MY SWORD WILL DRAW BLOOD!
[17:37] BKing: 5
[17:37] BKing: 4
[17:37] BKing: 3
[17:37] BKing: 2
[17:37] BKing: LOL
[17:37] BKing: 1
[17:37] BKing: GO GO GO!
[17:37] BKing: we rolling!
[17:37] BKing: James Bond?
[17:37] BKing: plop
[17:37] BKing: "The boat can leave now."
[17:37] BKing: "Tell the crew."
[17:38] pantsman: MUZAK BIATCH!
[17:38] pantsman: I love the theme
[17:38] pantsman: I love this movie!
[17:38] BKing: man, josh, imagine an entire audience clapping to the beat of this music.
[17:38] pantsman: First time not so much,but over time I've grown to really appreciate it
[17:38] pantsman: That's something I would love to see man :D
[17:38] BKing: same here.
[17:38] Darkangl: I wish I could go to those mondo movie nights with you jordan
[17:38] Darkangl: that way I could remind you to bring your camera :P
[17:38] BKing: I know.
[17:38] pantsman: If you swing by my house I would love to go!
[17:39] BKing: A LOT of people do man.
[17:39] BKing: ROFL
[17:39] pantsman: I'll give $10 in gast
[17:39] pantsman: gas*
[17:39] BKing: well it's a few hundred miles out of the way, but I might be able to make an exception Joshy.
[17:39] pantsman: bitch!
[17:39] BKing: ROFL!
[17:39] Darkangl: I'm not a big fan of italian directors
[17:39] Darkangl: oh I forgot to tell you
[17:39] BKing: a lot of cut footage was right here.
[17:39] Darkangl: I watched demons 2 the other night
[17:39] BKing: The twin towers!!
[17:39] BKing: I bow to thee.
[17:39] pantsman: Demons 1 was teh suck
[17:39] BKing: Never seen it man.
[17:39] BKing: I love the first one.
[17:39] Darkangl: hahahahahaha
[17:39] BKing: LOL
[17:40] Darkangl: well put josh
[17:40] Darkangl: the second one was pretty lame
[17:40] pantsman: Indeed :) I'm sorry, but Argento & Co. could have done better
[17:40] BKing: LIVERTY!
[17:40] Darkangl: they were both pretty lame
[17:40] BKing: err...
[17:40] BKing: LIBERTY!
[17:40] pantsman: I love lady liverty!
[17:40] BKing: hahahaha
[17:40] pantsman: Delivering fresh meat to all the orphaned children... a great woman
[17:40] BKing: Il ove these guys brooklyn accents.
[17:41] pantsman: Wait... is this a VIOLENT MOVIE!? I'm leaving damnit!
[17:41] BKing: Here comes Starsky and Hutch!
[17:41] Darkangl: man
[17:41] Darkangl: don't mention starsky and hutch
[17:41] pantsman: Was the movie bad?
[17:41] BKing: starksy and hutch!
[17:41] Darkangl: you should have told me it was teh suck...as josh says
[17:41] BKing: Starsky and Hutch!
[17:41] BKing: Starsky AND hutch!
[17:41] BKing: ROFL
[17:41] Darkangl: it was ok
[17:41] BKing: I didn't hate it.
[17:41] BKing: I thought it was ok.
[17:41] Darkangl: it had its moments
[17:41] pantsman: I'm dying to see Anchorman
[17:42] BKing: it was awesome Joshy.
[17:42] BKing: I was dying in the theater.
[17:42] pantsman: I bet it was, man, I have got to see that!
[17:42] BKing: WHy are they flying a french flag, THAT'S THE REAL QUESTION!
[17:42] Darkangl: they don't give cops bonuses for stuff like that
[17:42] BKing: for salvaging ships?
[17:42] BKing: there's money in that.
[17:42] pantsman: You see... it's a, umm... French Harbor boat... in New York...
[17:42] Darkangl: yeah there is
[17:42] Darkangl: but not for cops
[17:43] Darkangl: man
[17:43] BKing: Hutch anything down there?
[17:43] pantsman: ZOMBIES!!! Like, NOOOOOOO!!!!
[17:43] Darkangl: that place looks like Jordan's bedroom
[17:43] BKing: ROFL
[17:43] BKing: DAMN IT STARSKY!
[17:43] pantsman: That fat boy will show up sometime soon
[17:43] BKing: shhhhhh....
[17:43] Darkangl: how come italian movies always have the worst dubbing
[17:43] BKing: don't tell em about my film debut Joshy!
[17:43] pantsman: He's an obese kid who eats cookies
[17:43] BKing: same as Jap movies man.
[17:43] Darkangl: still awake aggie?
[17:44] pantsman: I've never seen a Japanese movie dubbed to my knowledge
[17:44] Darkangl: now how did worms get on a boat
[17:44] BKing: 3
[17:44] euphorictool: yep, trying to get use to watchin the movie and watchin ya'll
[17:44] pantsman: THEY CALL ME DR. WORM!
[17:44] BKing: not yet.
[17:44] BKing: ok
[17:44] Darkangl: and don't say they were fishing
[17:44] BKing: 3
[17:44] pantsman: DAYAMN! ZOMBILICIOUS!
[17:44] BKing: 2
[17:44] BKing: 1
[17:44] BKing: CHARGE!
[17:44] Darkangl: you're not supposed to watch us aggie
[17:44] Darkangl: you're supposed to participate :)
[17:44] euphorictool: aahhh
[17:44] Darkangl: look at this
[17:44] BKing: and he's tackled on the 20 yard line!
[17:44] Darkangl: oh man
[17:44] BKing: yeah that chomp was cut a bit.
[17:44] Darkangl: that guy didn't have very high blood pressure
[17:45] BKing: LOUIS ANDERSON!
[17:45] pantsman: SHOOT HIM IN THE CHEST! It always works
[17:45] BKing: Survery says die BITCH!
[17:45] Darkangl: you'd think being scared and all he'd have been squirtin all over the place
[17:45] BKing: *Survey
[17:45] Darkangl: hahahah
[17:45] BKing: CANNONBALL!
[17:45] pantsman: Regardless of the spelling, that was a great comment :D
[17:45] Darkangl: there goes all your bullets you moron
[17:45] Darkangl: jeez
[17:45] Darkangl: you'd think after night of the living dead that everyone would know to shoot zombies in the head
[17:45] pantsman: I think Fulci makes an appearance in this news office place
[17:46] BKing: really?
[17:46] pantsman: I'm not sure
[17:46] Darkangl: I've never seen him
[17:46] BKing: OH SHIT!
[17:46] Darkangl: I've never seen most of them
[17:46] BKing: Duane, this guy here.
[17:46] euphorictool: I thought Fulci played a part in most of his movies?
[17:46] BKing: Keep an eye on his bald spot.
[17:46] BKing: By the end of the film it's HUGE!
[17:46] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[17:46] Darkangl: are you serious
[17:46] BKing: I'm serious.
[17:46] Darkangl: the blonde guy?
[17:46] BKing: BUt I am British!
[17:46] BKing: yeah.
[17:46] Darkangl: with all the hair?
[17:46] BKing: Peter West.
[17:47] pantsman: Fulci plays a lot of bit parts in his flicks, yeah. He actually starred in Cat in the Brain, which was his most goriest that I have seen.
[17:47] BKing: yeah, The Donald Trump lookin' dude.
[17:47] Darkangl: I didn't even notice a bald spot
[17:47] Darkangl: man
[17:47] pantsman: There's a lack of really hot chicks in this movie if you ask me
[17:47] Darkangl: she looks like she's got 10 fat women bearing down on her at a chinese buffet
[17:47] BKing: ADRIAN!
[17:48] pantsman: Cat in the Brain though Jordy, if you want gore, go for that one. It's pretty idiotic as far as script goes, but gore it does have.
[17:48] BKing: lol
[17:48] Darkangl: never heard of it
[17:48] Darkangl: can you get it on dvd?
[17:48] BKing: I'll check it out.
[17:48] euphorictool: I've been wanting to see that movie
[17:48] pantsman: I believe so. It actually features clips from other movies he made I believe, but there's a gore scene every five minutes I swear.
[17:48] BKing: I dunno
[17:48] Darkangl: Jordan even if no one else can get it, you and me are going to do children shouldn't play with dead things
[17:48] BKing: Richard Pryor!
[17:48] pantsman: It's moronic though, completely devoid of decency.
[17:48] BKing: aight.
[17:48] Darkangl: BLACK GUY!
[17:49] BKing: Yeah I examined his SHAFT!
[17:49] Darkangl: so we know who's gonna bite it in this scene
[17:49] BKing: This guy was one bad mutha...
[17:49] pantsman: Hahahahaha, SHAFT!
[17:49] BKing: shut yo mouth!
[17:49] Darkangl: just like on star trek
[17:49] BKing: lol
[17:49] BKing: hahahahahahahahaha
[17:49] Darkangl: might as well put a red shirt on him
[17:49] BKing: it's quite obvious.
[17:49] pantsman: WTF!?!?!? I'm just talking about Shaft...
[17:49] BKing: He was EATEN!
[17:49] BKing: yes massa
[17:49] Darkangl: well
[17:49] pantsman: Hey guys, I've got a question
[17:49] Darkangl: that was dramatic
[17:50] BKing: yeah?
[17:50] euphorictool: is fro isn't big enough
[17:50] BKing: uh oh.....
[17:50] pantsman: Who's the black private dick who's a sex machine for all the chicks?
[17:50] Darkangl: come on aggie join in
[17:50] Darkangl: :D
[17:50] BKing: AH!!!!!
[17:50] Darkangl: isn't that a chick?
[17:50] BKing: well I guess rigamortis was setting in.
[17:50] BKing: NO that was the cop that got partially eaten.
[17:50] Darkangl: looked like a chick
[17:50] Darkangl: they don't let cops have their hair that long
[17:50] pantsman: He's been made a woman now, morticians are sick like that
[17:50] BKing: rifk
[17:50] euphorictool: who was a chick?
[17:50] BKing: rofl
[17:51] BKing: duane was back in the day
[17:51] pantsman: The dead dude :D
[17:51] BKing: ;-)
[17:51] Darkangl: even back in the day they didn't
[17:51] euphorictool: ahh
[17:51] BKing: lol
[17:51] Darkangl: the only reason starsky and hutch had hair was because they were undercover
[17:51] pantsman: He was like Sepico man, he was allowed to have his hair like that
[17:51] BKing: ahm....
[17:51] Darkangl: look at poor kojack
[17:51] Darkangl: that sumbitch had a head cold every other episode
[17:51] pantsman: Who loves you baby?
[17:52] pantsman: ME BITCH!
[17:52] BKing: YOINK!
[17:52] Darkangl: don't scream
[17:52] Darkangl: don't scream
[17:52] pantsman: JINKIES!
[17:52] Darkangl: I don't got no ice cream
[17:52] Darkangl: :D
[17:52] BKing: Now I'm gonna comb over my hair and you won't notice my bald spot.
[17:52] Darkangl: hahahaha
[17:52] euphorictool: haha
[17:52] BKing: understood?
[17:52] BKing: !
[17:52] Darkangl: this is the same guy that was sitting in the office?
[17:52] BKing: clues!
[17:52] pantsman: I got some info, you got some info, let's rotate our bodies together!
[17:53] BKing: She was looking for blues clues!
[17:53] BKing: let's see what she found!
[17:53] Darkangl: why do reporters always think they're cops
[17:53] pantsman: Who is the chick in this related to that is famous? I forget
[17:53] pantsman: Mia Farrow or something?
[17:53] Darkangl: here baby, I got a big clue for you right here in my pocket
[17:53] BKing: Tisa Farrow.
[17:53] Darkangl: just reach in there and grab it and you and I can be friends
[17:53] BKing: Maybe related to Mia Farrow?
[17:53] Darkangl: :D
[17:53] pantsman: She was in another Italian horror flick I saw
[17:54] BKing: WOOHOO!
[17:54] pantsman: Antropophagus
[17:54] BKing: hahahaha this is grat.
[17:54] pantsman: That's the flick
[17:54] BKing: *great.
[17:54] Darkangl: now why would she have to explain to a judge why she was on her father's boat in the middle of the night?
[17:54] Darkangl: it's her boat now
[17:54] BKing: yeah check the cupboard, they may be in there!
[17:54] Darkangl: so what's the difference if she's there or not
[17:54] Darkangl: hahahahahaha
[17:54] Darkangl: LMAO
[17:54] Darkangl: hahahahahaha
[17:54] BKing: Thank god officer
[17:54] pantsman: OY VEY! Dis broad is bonkers!
[17:54] euphorictool: caught in the act
[17:55] BKing: my grandfather was trying to take advantage of me again.
[17:55] pantsman: ZOMBIE INFECTION! The secret is out in the open now, foo'!
[17:56] BKing: I've contracted several STD's, tell my daughter I love her.
[17:56] Darkangl: LOOK!
[17:56] Darkangl: did you see that?
[17:56] pantsman: No, I didn't :)
[17:56] BKing: what?
[17:56] euphorictool: see what?
[17:56] BKing: bald spot!
[17:56] BKing: it's slightly bigger.
[17:56] Darkangl: there in the background was a 3 year old yasmeen bleeth buying smack from her dealer!
[17:56] BKing: ZING!
[17:56] BKing: lol
[17:56] Darkangl: man she started young :D
[17:56] pantsman: It's out in the open, no more worrying if the world has gone insane :)
[17:57] Darkangl: hey aggie
[17:57] Darkangl: you awake?
[17:57] euphorictool: yep
[17:57] Darkangl: :)
[17:57] BKing: guests of zombie fly twa.
[17:57] Darkangl: every gathering has to have a yasmeen bleeth reference
[17:57] Darkangl: which I do
[17:57] BKing: we be jammin'!
[17:57] Darkangl: I think josh has a reference he has to do too
[17:57] euphorictool: just dancing to this funky jig
[17:57] BKing: hahahaha
[17:57] Darkangl: but I can't remember what it was
[17:57] BKing: SENOR!
[17:57] pantsman: I already did it I think :)
[17:57] BKing: hahahahahahaha
[17:58] pantsman: Some bizarre musical reference, which I think is covered now
[17:58] Darkangl: hey senior, I'm with immigration, I know you're not used to using a boat to get across the water, but if you could just point me to one...
[17:58] euphorictool: were are they exactly?
[17:58] Darkangl: I was just wondering that
[17:58] BKing: man they had this music playing in theater before Mondo Movie Night kicked off.
[17:58] Darkangl: looks like they're in tijuana
[17:59] BKing: aye aye sir.
[17:59] Darkangl: hey
[17:59] Darkangl: they got the same hair
[17:59] Darkangl: only this guy has more of it
[17:59] Darkangl: :D
[17:59] BKing: Brian LINDSEY!
[17:59] pantsman: I have no idea what country this is... I haven't been paying attention :)
[17:59] BKing: DUDE!
[17:59] BKing: That looks like Brian!
[17:59] BKing: and he was voiced over by Norm McDonald!
[17:59] Darkangl: hahahaha
[17:59] BKing: my tool.......
[17:59] Darkangl: it does look like brian
[17:59] BKing: it's not a cool place to hit.
[17:59] pantsman: "Hehe, that zombie looks like a CRACK WHORE!!!"
[18:00] euphorictool: does peter have some plugs?? hmm
[18:00] BKing: The natives think it's cursed, they avoid it like the plague.
[18:00] BKing: ROFL
[18:00] Darkangl: jesus
[18:00] Darkangl: he's losing hair like a shaggy dog
[18:00] BKing: yeah we made out on one the other night!
[18:00] BKing: ROFL
[18:00] Darkangl: holy crap
[18:00] Darkangl: you were way right
[18:00] BKing: what about gilligan? and skipper.
[18:00] Darkangl: poor guy
[18:00] pantsman: It's the high stress man
[18:00] BKing: seriously man, at the end of the movie his baldness is highly noticeable.
[18:01] pantsman: The movie star? And his wife? The professor and Mary Anne?
[18:01] Darkangl: much like a godzilla movie, we haven't seen much of the monsters yet
[18:01] pantsman: Movie star? WHAT!?
[18:01] pantsman: I don't know
[18:01] BKing: lol
[18:01] pantsman: I'm typing random stuff
[18:01] Darkangl: we know josh
[18:01] BKing: This guy is Mr. Howell and the Professor rolled into one.
[18:01] Darkangl: but we love you anyway ;)
[18:01] BKing: lol
[18:01] Darkangl: SADDAM!
[18:01] BKing: lol
[18:01] Darkangl: :D
[18:01] euphorictool: what other movies does that dude play in??? looks familar
[18:01] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[18:01] BKing: someone yelled that in the theater.
[18:01] BKing: LOL
[18:02] Darkangl: I didn't know they had zombies in Iraqi spider holes :D
[18:02] pantsman: This guy's wife is annoying as a mug
[18:02] BKing: I am captain Nemo BITCH!
[18:02] Darkangl: annoying as a mug?
[18:02] BKing: Why do you love booze more than me?!
[18:02] Darkangl: shit now I screwed it for myself
[18:02] pantsman: Mug, mofo, same thing
[18:02] Darkangl: every time I look at this guy now all I can think is SADDAM!
[18:02] BKing: Here comes the bitch slap.
[18:02] Darkangl: makes me want to check his beard for mites
[18:03] Darkangl: when will the dubbing ever match the lips
[18:03] Darkangl: :D
[18:03] BKing: Gandalf!
[18:03] Darkangl: god
[18:03] Darkangl: the after recording is horrible
[18:03] BKing: he reminds me of a very very very young gandalf the grey.
[18:03] BKing: SLAP!!!!!!!!!
[18:03] Darkangl: BAM!
[18:03] pantsman: BOOM!
[18:03] euphorictool: smack
[18:03] pantsman: HRUMPH!
[18:03] Darkangl: damn he nailed her
[18:03] BKing: Hit her again!!!!!
[18:03] BKing: with a rolled up newspaper!
[18:03] Darkangl: that wasn't a bitch slap
[18:04] Darkangl: that was a PIMP slap
[18:04] Darkangl: hahaha
[18:04] pantsman: I'm rick james bitch...
[18:04] Darkangl: yeah hit her with a rolled up newspaper
[18:04] Darkangl: that'll teach her not to pee in the corner
[18:04] BKing: rofl
[18:04] pantsman: MIGUEL GUARD!
[18:04] pantsman: DOCTOR NO WORRY!
[18:04] BKing: I can't believe it's not butter!
[18:04] Darkangl: I don't believe I'm really following this movie
[18:04] pantsman: Yum Yum Gimme Sum!
[18:05] BKing: ok.
[18:05] BKing: not act like a tigress....
[18:05] Darkangl: man she's yummy
[18:05] BKing: YES
[18:05] BKing: YES!!!!
[18:05] euphorictool: hurry up with the nudity!!
[18:05] Darkangl: gorgeous eyes
[18:05] pantsman: There's a doctor, an island, some vodoo and zombies.
[18:05] BKing: you see her naked
[18:05] Darkangl: awesome
[18:05] BKing: JUAN VALDEZ!!!!
[18:05] Darkangl: nice titties?
[18:05] Darkangl: hey
[18:05] BKing: Get me coffee Juan!
[18:05] Darkangl: a mexican that talks like a chinaman
[18:05] BKing: yeah?
[18:05] BKing: LIKE A ROCK!
[18:05] BKing: lol
[18:05] Darkangl: you no worry...me guard
[18:05] Darkangl: what the hell is that?
[18:05] BKing: groovy tunes.
[18:06] BKing: the things I can do with my casio keyboard
[18:06] Darkangl: hahaha
[18:06] euphorictool: just makes you want to dance eh?
[18:06] Darkangl: sounds like the demo
[18:06] BKing: yeah it does aggie.
[18:06] Darkangl: you know
[18:06] Darkangl: the demo that you could never play because the keyboard isn't really capable of it
[18:06] BKing: ROFL
[18:06] Darkangl: what the hell was that?
[18:06] Darkangl: zombie sperm?
[18:06] euphorictool: eww
[18:06] BKing: well I've tried scrubbing it out....
[18:07] Darkangl: look at my muscle
[18:07] Darkangl: what's he doing?
[18:07] BKing: time for another hit of heroin
[18:07] pantsman: Duane, if you really want to dig this flick, you're going to have to watch it by yourself one of these days. If you ever like it, it'll come from just watching it numerous times :)
[18:07] BKing: yeah.
[18:07] Darkangl: oh man, he's a shooter
[18:07] pantsman: Needle!
[18:07] BKing: he used to shoot up between his toes but he's at the point where he'll inject it anywhere.
[18:07] pantsman: NUDITY!
[18:08] pantsman: NUDITY!
[18:08] BKing: that's come real thick blood.
[18:08] Darkangl: nice camera angle
[18:08] BKing: chill Joshy.
[18:08] BKing: chill
[18:08] pantsman: Not too mind blowing though, hehe
[18:08] Darkangl: it's not blood jordy
[18:08] BKing: BALD SPOT!
[18:08] BKing: GROWING LARGER!
[18:08] euphorictool: DAMN
[18:08] Darkangl: holy crap
[18:08] euphorictool: that is freakin huge
[18:08] BKing: It will envelop the world!
[18:08] BKing: lol
[18:08] Darkangl: kinda like how fred mertz's pants kept riding up higher and higher
[18:08] Darkangl: oh man
[18:09] euphorictool: make sure you stay under the canopy so you won't blister!
[18:09] Darkangl: I hate it when women cover their hair with those stupid things
[18:09] BKing: itty bitty titty comittee!
[18:09] pantsman: If you're looking for me, you better check under the sea...
[18:09] Darkangl: who the hell goes scuba diving topless
[18:09] BKing: I do
[18:09] pantsman: Women who want to get naked for horror movies
[18:09] BKing: sometimes.
[18:09] euphorictool: camel toe with the scuba strap??
[18:09] BKing: she wants pictures.
[18:09] Darkangl: then why's she bottomless?
[18:09] BKing: so what better way to attract the sea life.
[18:09] Darkangl: why isn't she I mean
[18:09] BKing: ?
[18:10] BKing: well... we're trying to keep it Rated R here duane.
[18:10] BKing: ROFL
[18:10] Darkangl: maybe she just wanted to make sure she didn't go fishing while she was down there...if you know what I mean ;)
[18:10] pantsman: Those Italians, R Ratings mean nothing to them
[18:10] BKing: hahahaha\
[18:10] Darkangl: hey it's fish
[18:10] Darkangl: and she's their queen
[18:10] pantsman: EGAD! A SHARK!
[18:10] Darkangl: I can smell her right through the screen
[18:10] BKing: skull island.
[18:10] Darkangl: I got two words for her
[18:10] BKing: Josh, are you just chanting things early?
[18:10] Darkangl: Summer's Eve
[18:10] BKing: or are you really ahead of all of us.
[18:11] BKing: ?
[18:11] pantsman: I must be ahead a few minutes, lemme hit pause
[18:11] Darkangl: if he's ahead of us he'd have to be way ahead
[18:11] BKing: tiger shark!
[18:11] BKing: the shark just appeared.
[18:11] Darkangl: right now josh
[18:11] Darkangl: I see a shark swimming after her
[18:11] Darkangl: see
[18:11] pantsman: One... Two... Three... Four... Five... Unpause
[18:11] Darkangl: that's what happens when you go scuba diving while you're on your period
[18:11] Darkangl: it attracts all kinds of sharks
[18:11] BKing: the shark was only looking for a piece of tail.
[18:11] pantsman: Is it ahead or before the gun comes out?
[18:12] Darkangl: she's swimming to the surface
[18:12] Darkangl: just cam,e out
[18:12] Darkangl: she's going back down
[18:12] BKing: hey, did you guys know that it's Shark Week on the discovery channel?
[18:12] Darkangl: she's probably used to doing that
[18:12] BKing: hahahahahaha
[18:12] Darkangl: yeah right
[18:12] pantsman: Hahahaha, Jaws McPwns everything
[18:12] euphorictool: yep, didn't get to watch any of it though...
[18:12] BKing: here comes aqua zombie!
[18:12] pantsman: I should be up to speed with ya'll a bit
[18:12] BKing: excuse me ma'am do you have the time?
[18:13] Darkangl: oh man
[18:13] BKing: isn't that one of the baldwins?
[18:13] Darkangl: like she didn't have enough trouble
[18:13] BKing: hahahahahaha
[18:13] BKing: zombie hump
[18:13] BKing: they hacked this scene up a bit.
[18:13] pantsman: GO ZOMBIE GO!
[18:13] Darkangl: hahahahahahaha
[18:13] pantsman: How so?
[18:13] Darkangl: what the hell was that
[18:13] BKing: isn't this cool Duane?
[18:13] Darkangl: no
[18:13] BKing: here comes the shark!!!!
[18:13] BKing: coral
[18:13] Darkangl: pretty stupid so far
[18:13] pantsman: Duane, I love you, never afraid to voice your opinion :)
[18:14] BKing: moonwalk!
[18:14] Darkangl: hee hee
[18:14] BKing: he's doing brazilian zombie fu
[18:14] pantsman: Crack, Crack, Crack
[18:14] euphorictool: yum
[18:14] BKing: I love you.
[18:14] BKing: kiss me!
[18:14] Darkangl: oh my darling
[18:14] BKing: Make love to me shark!
[18:14] Darkangl: I love you so much
[18:14] Darkangl: make love to me monkey boy
[18:14] BKing: then it just cuts away
[18:15] BKing: which sucks.
[18:15] Darkangl: that's stupid
[18:15] BKing: so what'd you think man?
[18:15] euphorictool: see him cop a cheap feel on her?
[18:15] BKing: the most overhyped scene in the flick.
[18:15] BKing: yeah! LOL
[18:15] Darkangl: it wasn't as goofy as I expected
[18:15] BKing: but still pretty damned cool don't you think?
[18:15] Darkangl: I wanted to laugh
[18:15] euphorictool: here let me help you up
[18:15] Darkangl: but the laughs just didn't come
[18:15] BKing: yeah, real tiger shark man.
[18:15] Darkangl: I feel cheated and destraught
[18:15] BKing: can't believe they used a real shark
[18:15] Darkangl: I know
[18:15] Darkangl: that must have been a bitch
[18:16] BKing: yeah that guy really lost the arm too.
[18:16] BKing: but damn it looked good!
[18:16] Darkangl: bullet to the head would be a good idea
[18:16] pantsman: No way, he did?
[18:16] Darkangl: hey he shaved
[18:16] pantsman: I've never heard that
[18:16] BKing: NO!
[18:16] BKing: ROFL!
[18:16] BKing: hahahahaha
[18:16] pantsman: I was about to say!
[18:16] BKing: or at least I think I'm making that up.
[18:16] pantsman: There's supposedly some great mystery on how they did it for some people
[18:16] BKing: if you ever see Sam Fuller's "Maneater" (aka Shark) a diver was really killed by a Tiger shark during the filming of that.
[18:16] pantsman: I dunno, I've seen stranger things
[18:17] BKing: Ju ju man!
[18:17] euphorictool: ju ju bean?
[18:17] pantsman: Never seen Maneater, but I dig Sam Fuller, need to see some of his work.
[18:17] BKing: juju bees
[18:17] BKing: it's on DVD real cheap
[18:17] Darkangl: say man, get away from me
[18:17] Darkangl: ya breath smells like burnt jerk sauce
[18:17] BKing: land shark
[18:17] BKing: pov
[18:17] Darkangl: hahah
[18:17] Darkangl: candygram
[18:17] pantsman: Jerk sauce? nasty...
[18:17] BKing: LOL
[18:18] BKing: yeah
[18:18] BKing: dude I was saying that in a theater, then someone stole it later on for the REALLY cool scene.
[18:18] BKing: Juan Valdez is burroless and afraid.
[18:18] Darkangl: hahah
[18:18] pantsman: I shot Juan Valdez
[18:18] Darkangl: why the hell did that guy and his dog just run off?
[18:18] euphorictool: there we go
[18:18] BKing: quick! Get more mirrors in there!
[18:18] Darkangl: nice mirror placement
[18:18] Darkangl: :D
[18:19] BKing: cause he heard raspy breathing and ran.
[18:19] euphorictool: damn bar
[18:19] Darkangl: you know
[18:19] Darkangl: I look at a fine lookin' woman like this
[18:19] Darkangl: and I wonder what she's doing there in the first place
[18:19] Darkangl: and damn that sound was deafening
[18:19] BKing: lol
[18:19] pantsman: Waiting to get it on with that bearded buffoon, holmes
[18:19] BKing: roofies!
[18:20] Darkangl: must take my birth control
[18:20] Darkangl: must take my birth control
[18:20] Darkangl: must take my birth control
[18:20] BKing: ROFL
[18:20] Darkangl: and a couple of ludes to help me calm my nerves
[18:20] pantsman: Bearded man's gonna HIT. IT.
[18:20] euphorictool: that shower scene should have been longer....
[18:20] BKing: don't investigate!
[18:20] BKing: RUN!
[18:20] BKing: lol
[18:20] Darkangl: man she's got beautiful eyes
[18:20] BKing: next week on Monster House...
[18:20] Darkangl: too bad the zombie's gonna suck em out
[18:20] pantsman: Yeah, her eyes are great
[18:21] BKing: A zombie just sneeze or something?
[18:21] Darkangl: hey aggie
[18:21] pantsman: Great eyes, I really can't get enough of them
[18:21] Darkangl: time to check in
[18:21] euphorictool: yep?
[18:21] Darkangl: ;)
[18:21] BKing: get your toe out of the door!
[18:21] euphorictool: I've been talkin
[18:21] BKing: thanks for the ride lady!
[18:21] pantsman: Yeah, check above man
[18:21] BKing: Thanks for th...e... ri..de lady!
[18:21] pantsman: Hahahahaha
[18:21] BKing: (Creepshow 2 reference)
[18:21] Darkangl: guess I missed it while I was busy during the shower scene ;)
[18:22] euphorictool: aahh
[18:22] Darkangl: christ that's a horrific noise
[18:22] pantsman: Creepshow II = Good for the whole family
[18:22] euphorictool: ouch
[18:22] BKing: LOL
[18:22] Darkangl: I need to get it
[18:22] Darkangl: I only have the first one
[18:22] BKing: creepshow 2 = special divimax edition dvd this month
[18:22] pantsman: OH NOS!
[18:22] Darkangl: divimax?
[18:22] pantsman: What will she do!?
[18:22] BKing: YES!
[18:22] BKing: 3
[18:22] pantsman: Here it comes my friends
[18:22] BKing: 2
[18:22] BKing: 1
[18:23] Darkangl: you know what they should make
[18:23] pantsman: BIGGITY BAM!
[18:23] BKing: HAND!
[18:23] BKing: HAND!
[18:23] BKing: there we go!
[18:23] pantsman: AHHH! NO! NO!!!!
[18:23] Darkangl: scratch and sniff dvds
[18:23] BKing: here it is Duane!
[18:23] BKing: the coolest scene of the movie!
[18:23] pantsman: This is the scene I will someday show my children
[18:23] BKing: LOL
[18:23] Darkangl: imagine how cool a scratch and sniff porn dvd would be :D
[18:23] euphorictool: fuck
[18:23] BKing: Don't run in the house with pointy things kids, THIS CAN HAPPEN!
[18:24] Darkangl: man that was a nasty scene
[18:24] pantsman: I love Fulci :)
[18:24] BKing: landshark pov
[18:24] euphorictool: hurts my eyes just watchin that
[18:24] Darkangl: did she really lose her eye like the guy lost his arm with the shark?
[18:24] BKing: ah yes actually...
[18:24] BKing: then the crew ate her on camera.
[18:24] pantsman: The poor girl
[18:24] Darkangl: I knew it
[18:24] BKing: you'll see that later.
[18:24] BKing: hahahahaha
[18:24] BKing: see, the movies NEVER lie.
[18:24] BKing: it's all real.
[18:24] Darkangl: the man never sacrifices realism in his art
[18:24] BKing: LOL
[18:24] pantsman: Movies taught me everything I know
[18:24] euphorictool: wouldn't you like to be apart of that crew??
[18:24] BKing: you mean never sacrificed
[18:24] Darkangl: not really
[18:24] BKing: he's dead now.
[18:24] Darkangl: to be perfectly honest
[18:25] BKing: either that or he's shambling around Italy and eating people.
[18:25] Darkangl: booze!
[18:25] pantsman: Fulci?
[18:25] BKing: Do that voodoo that I know that you do
[18:25] pantsman: I gots da boogaloo flu!
[18:25] BKing: gregory peck in the role of a lifetime!
[18:26] euphorictool: aren't you jealous of my lush head of hair peter??
[18:26] pantsman: "racism is wrong, now look at my pale friend and something about a mocking bird!"
[18:26] BKing: oh no, the movie's starting all over again!
[18:26] BKing: hahaha good one aggie.
[18:26] Darkangl: I just got the best movie snack ever
[18:26] BKing: That's right, attract ALL the zombies on the island.
[18:26] pantsman: Movie snack?
[18:26] Darkangl: a half a bag of day old cold popcorn :D
[18:27] BKing: lol
[18:27] pantsman: YUMMY!
[18:27] BKing: awesome.
[18:27] BKing: Ben Koree!
[18:27] Darkangl: god damn them loud piercing noises
[18:27] euphorictool: a drunk doctor with a gun....hmm
[18:27] pantsman: I don't eat popcorn, like, ever
[18:27] Darkangl: what is it kunta
[18:27] BKing: ROFL
[18:27] euphorictool: I hate popcorn...
[18:27] BKing: hahaahahahahahahahaha
[18:27] pantsman: WHAT'S YO NAME BOY!?
[18:27] Darkangl: how can you hate popcorn?
[18:27] pantsman: Popcorn is teh suck
[18:27] Darkangl: hahahah
[18:28] BKing: lol
[18:28] Darkangl: you know
[18:28] pantsman: It's true man! It's... True!
[18:28] BKing: popcorn rulz
[18:28] euphorictool: can't stand the smell either
[18:28] Darkangl: he keeps talking about all these natives
[18:28] Darkangl: but I never see any
[18:28] BKing: except when a kernal gets stuck up in your gums and you can't get it out and it hurts!
[18:28] Darkangl: SEE!
[18:28] pantsman: uR m0M LOLeRZ!
[18:28] BKing: But you hear them all the time.
[18:28] euphorictool: I like how they move the body like 3 feet
[18:28] Darkangl: I KNEW HE WAS SADDAM!
[18:28] Darkangl: SEE THE MASS GRAVE!
[18:28] BKing: LOL
[18:29] pantsman: Neo got a son?
[18:29] Darkangl: are there any little kid zombies in this movie?
[18:29] Darkangl: LMAO
[18:29] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[18:29] BKing: dude, I was thinkin' what happened to that shark that got bit?
[18:29] pantsman: ZOMBIE SHARK!
[18:29] Darkangl: zombie shark
[18:29] euphorictool: do they have zombie sharks?
[18:29] BKing: either that.....
[18:29] Darkangl: there's a zombie crab
[18:29] pantsman: Of course... maybe...
[18:29] BKing: CRAB!
[18:29] Darkangl: they got the crabs
[18:29] BKing: airplane crab.
[18:29] Darkangl: ;)
[18:29] BKing: lol
[18:29] pantsman: LOBSTER!
[18:29] pantsman: Huzzah?
[18:29] BKing: prawn!
[18:29] BKing: ROBSTER CRAWS!
[18:29] pantsman: Pr0n!
[18:30] pantsman: PWNED!
[18:30] Darkangl: I thought those boat people weren't going to go on the island with them
[18:30] BKing: he got the JUNGLE FEVER
[18:30] BKing: why?
[18:30] euphorictool: why that ear ear?
[18:30] BKing: albert einstein!
[18:30] Darkangl: because they said they werent
[18:30] euphorictool: was
[18:31] BKing: he refused to give sadaam the formula for nukes....
[18:31] BKing: so he was poisoned.
[18:31] euphorictool: ear hair I mean
[18:31] BKing: LOL
[18:31] pantsman: He's whispering, I have lost the plot! NOOOO!!!!
[18:31] BKing: E ......
[18:31] BKing: = m
[18:31] BKing: c.........................
[18:31] Darkangl: basically
[18:31] pantsman: C... C WHAT!?
[18:31] * BKing flops over dead
[18:31] Darkangl: this movie doesn't seem to have much coherence
[18:31] * BKing gets wrapped in sheets and ropes
[18:31] * BKing starts getting up
[18:31] pantsman: It does when you're not on the net talking to three other people, but even then the plot is pretty secondary :)
[18:32] * BKing slowly rises
[18:32] pantsman: We're in a flashback I'm pretty sure
[18:32] BKing: ain't someone gonna shoot me and say the line?
[18:32] Darkangl: I'm having more fun talking ;)
[18:32] pantsman: *shoots*
[18:32] pantsman: YOU DEAD BITCH!
[18:32] pantsman: How's that?
[18:32] * BKing falls down.
[18:32] BKing: ok you suck man!
[18:32] pantsman: Hehehe, rockage
[18:32] BKing: TELL THE CREW!
[18:32] BKing: god damn you Josh, you ruined it!
[18:32] BKing: DAMN YOU TO HELL!
[18:32] euphorictool: bam
[18:33] Darkangl: didn't they show that already?
[18:33] pantsman: But, it was Dave Chapelle shooting this time, it's a remake
[18:33] Darkangl: god damn it!
[18:33] BKing: stock footage from Hell of the Living Dead!
[18:33] BKing: AHHHHHHHHHH!
[18:33] BKing: ROFL
[18:33] Darkangl: I'm going to track down the sound editor for this film and kick his ass
[18:33] BKing: hahahaha
[18:33] euphorictool: he's sooo smart
[18:34] BKing: Go do that voodoo that you do.
[18:34] pantsman: I've got the boogaloo flu!
[18:34] pantsman: LISTEN TO ME!
[18:34] BKing: I'd rather be hunting Moby Dick!
[18:34] BKing: ROFL
[18:34] BKing: lol
[18:34] BKing: lol
[18:34] pantsman: Not like a fever, not like a cold, the beats are clue and the rhymes are bold!
[18:34] BKing: something's happened.....
[18:34] pantsman: clear*
[18:34] BKing: but no one told me.
[18:34] BKing: ROFL
[18:34] BKing: damn you Lucas!!!!
[18:35] Darkangl: cold popcorn is teh suck ;)
[18:35] pantsman: That was a Beastie Boys reference above, just so everyone knows :)
[18:35] pantsman: "teh suck" = best catchphrase, EVA!
[18:35] Darkangl: nah
[18:35] pantsman: Yeah, it is
[18:35] BKing: damn it to hell!
[18:35] Darkangl: I own joo is better
[18:35] BKing: 12 megabytes!
[18:35] BKing: Thanks a lot Mr P!
[18:35] Darkangl: who's mr. p?
[18:36] pantsman: I pwn j00 is even better!
[18:36] BKing: My friend RIch's dad.
[18:36] Darkangl: is that that mail you were downloading?
[18:36] BKing: yeah
[18:36] Darkangl: what the hell was it?
[18:36] BKing: he sent pictures of hot air balloons and shizl.
[18:36] Darkangl: hahaha
[18:36] BKing: Thanks for bogging down my internet connection!!!!
[18:36] BKing: Cripes!
[18:36] Darkangl: what'd he send? PSDs?
[18:36] Darkangl: hahahaha
[18:36] BKing: no notepad files with the pictures attached.
[18:36] Darkangl: oh man
[18:36] BKing: I picked at it!
[18:36] Darkangl: looks like he sneezed
[18:36] Darkangl: :D
[18:36] pantsman: Hey Jordan, I have a Versus T-Shirt! It rocks, hardcore
[18:37] BKing: damn you josh!
[18:37] BKing: I still want the two disc set of that.
[18:37] euphorictool: he got ahold of some bad poon..
[18:37] Darkangl: you know why this movie sucks
[18:37] BKing: I'm pissed that Kitamura is making Ultimate versus. it doesn't need anymore footage!
[18:37] pantsman: Because it doesn't?
[18:37] Darkangl: I'll tell you exactly why it suck teh ass
[18:37] BKing: Duane no likey?
[18:37] BKing: why duane no likey?
[18:37] Darkangl: because
[18:37] Darkangl: it doesn't have Mr. T
[18:37] BKing: lol
[18:37] Darkangl: if there's no T is sucks for me
[18:37] pantsman: I will conceed
[18:38] BKing: lol
[18:38] BKing: yeah ok REPORTER!
[18:38] pantsman: A lack of T is always a bad thing
[18:38] Darkangl: all this jibba jabba and no T
[18:38] BKing: funny how he doesn't have a recorder or a notepad or anything.
[18:38] Darkangl: Mr. T would be kickin' zombie ass
[18:38] BKing: lol
[18:38] pantsman: GET DIS SUCKA OUTTA MY VAN!
[18:38] BKing: landshark
[18:38] BKing: candygram
[18:38] Darkangl: yeah he is a reporter after all
[18:38] Darkangl: heh
[18:38] BKing: bald spot is growing!
[18:38] Darkangl: no one home, so we'll just tresspass
[18:38] BKing: lol
[18:38] BKing: exactly.
[18:38] BKing: how could you not see the whole human buffet?!
[18:38] pantsman: Man, A-TEAM VS. ZOMBIES!!!!! That would make the best movie ever
[18:39] Darkangl: hahahaha
[18:39] Darkangl: hey
[18:39] BKing: he's eating her out!
[18:39] BKing: LOL
[18:39] BKing: hey hank want some liver?
[18:39] Darkangl: hey that was my joke
[18:39] pantsman: Jordan done Stold it!
[18:39] BKing: nah, I just had the breasts carlos.
[18:39] euphorictool: yummy
[18:39] Darkangl: there's that damn piercing noise again
[18:39] BKing: lol
[18:39] BKing: step away from the carnage please.
[18:39] BKing: SNEAK ATTACK!
[18:39] Darkangl: you know what I never got about zombie movies?
[18:39] BKing: what?
[18:40] euphorictool: I'll make an ugly face at them to keep them away
[18:40] Darkangl: if a zombie bites you
[18:40] BKing: lol
[18:40] BKing: yeah
[18:40] Darkangl: you die and turn into a zombie
[18:40] BKing: oh I know what you're gonna ask.
[18:40] Darkangl: but zombies eat people
[18:40] BKing: so how do they manage to eat half a person.
[18:40] Darkangl: so why aren't there more chewed up zombies
[18:40] BKing: and then the corpse doesn't come to life?
[18:40] Darkangl: yeah
[18:40] BKing: I have no fucking clue.
[18:40] pantsman: It's all about those people who get bitten once and live on, to let the virus take them over
[18:40] Darkangl: you'd think there'd be zombies missing limbs and guts and all kinds of stuff
[18:41] BKing: there are in Dead-Alive and Return of the Living Dead
[18:41] Darkangl: yeah
[18:41] BKing: well chores are done for today.
[18:41] pantsman: There really should be more zombies like that though
[18:41] Darkangl: but those are dead alive rules
[18:41] BKing: lol
[18:41] BKing: HIT THE BRAKES!
[18:41] BKing: BRAKES!
[18:41] BKing: hit the brakes!
[18:41] Darkangl: then you have night of the living dead rules with full on non-chewed zombies
[18:41] BKing: oh no... we hit a fern!
[18:41] euphorictool: it's hard to find good actors that are missing their limbs...
[18:41] Darkangl: then you have army of darkness rules where there are no rules
[18:41] Darkangl: ;)
[18:41] BKing: yeah, last time I saw any was Crippled Masters.
[18:41] BKing: lol
[18:42] BKing: Hey, a pal of mine is hooking me up with an Army of Darkness comic book.
[18:42] pantsman: Crippled Masters, I love it
[18:42] BKing: lol
[18:42] pantsman: Official comic book?
[18:42] BKing: that dudes lobster craw appendage is really creepy.
[18:42] BKing: yeah the official one.
[18:42] Darkangl: I got the most awesome wife ever
[18:42] BKing: issue one of the new series Ashes to Ashes.
[18:42] Darkangl: she just brought me some grapes :D
[18:42] BKing: why duane?
[18:42] pantsman: Why is she so awesome?
[18:42] BKing: WOW!
[18:42] BKing: grapes!
[18:43] BKing: healthy!
[18:43] pantsman: Oh, I see :)
[18:43] Darkangl: damn good ones too
[18:43] pantsman: She got up from the couch to do it too? Kickass lady :)
[18:43] BKing: NOOOOOOOOOOO!
[18:43] BKing: is she watchign zombie with you?
[18:43] Darkangl: more like Nelson Mandingo
[18:43] Darkangl: ;)
[18:43] BKing: hahahahahahahahahahaa
[18:43] Darkangl: yeah she's sitting behind me
[18:43] Darkangl: not really watching it though
[18:43] Darkangl: she's doing her own stuff
[18:44] BKing: when the earth spit out the dead they will come back to suck the blood from the living.
[18:44] BKing: When there's no more Room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth.
[18:44] BKing: hmmmm....
[18:44] BKing: I wonder......
[18:44] pantsman: What, do you think there's some similarities?
[18:44] Darkangl: when there's no more room in the hotel, the hookers will walk the streets sucking the cum of the horny
[18:44] Darkangl: :D
[18:44] BKing: ROFL
[18:44] BKing: ROFL
[18:44] BKing: hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaa
[18:44] pantsman: Nasty, D-Wayne :)
[18:44] BKing: ahgahahahhahahahaha
[18:44] BKing: ahahahhahahahahahahahaha
[18:44] BKing: ahahahahahahhaahhahaha
[18:44] BKing: hahhahahahahahaha
[18:44] euphorictool: that's just not right..
[18:44] Darkangl: hahahah
[18:45] BKing: dude that fucking rocked.
[18:45] BKing: LOL
[18:45] Darkangl: love me again?
[18:45] BKing: did you just come up with that on the spur of the moment.
[18:45] Darkangl: :)
[18:45] Darkangl: yep
[18:45] BKing: CARLOS died in 1989 apparently.
[18:45] BKing: LOL
[18:45] pantsman: ZOMBIE CARNAGE!
[18:46] Darkangl: what year was this movie made
[18:46] euphorictool: lets do it out here in the jungle!
[18:46] BKing: Is this love!
[18:46] BKing: That I'm feelin'!
[18:46] BKing: bald spot!
[18:46] BKing: hey wanna zombie hand job?
[18:46] BKing: here's your chance.
[18:46] euphorictool: you're being chased by zombies and you're making out??
[18:46] Darkangl: it's going to go in his mouth
[18:46] Darkangl: see
[18:46] BKing: OUCH
[18:47] Darkangl: now we're working with army of darkness rules
[18:47] pantsman: She sounds like she's in a pool
[18:47] BKing: LOL
[18:47] Darkangl: this movie has no consistency
[18:47] BKing: here comes the FULCI ZOMBIE!
[18:47] Darkangl: fulci zombie?
[18:47] Darkangl: I swear
[18:47] BKing: Yeah, the most famous one in the film
[18:47] Darkangl: I'm going to kill the sound editor
[18:47] BKing: other than aqua-zombie
[18:47] BKing: ROFL
[18:47] BKing: he's probably already dead, so you'll have to desecrate his grave.
[18:47] BKing: RUN AWAY!
[18:48] Darkangl: turn it up to hear the people and then get deafened by that piercing squeal
[18:48] euphorictool: mm worms
[18:48] BKing: SMILES AND.....
[18:48] BKing: BITES!
[18:48] Darkangl: ok
[18:48] Darkangl: show of hands
[18:48] BKing: yeah?
[18:48] BKing: oh wait!
[18:48] Darkangl: is there anyone here who thinks she didn't deserve that for standing there like a moron
[18:48] euphorictool: daily planet T-shirt?
[18:48] BKing: yeah!
[18:48] pantsman: ...umm, I kinda didn't... maybe...
[18:48] BKing: I never noticed that til last weekend
[18:49] BKing: he used a cross to kill the zombie!
[18:49] Darkangl: man
[18:49] BKing: Symbology!
[18:49] BKing: ROFL
[18:49] BKing: hahahaha
[18:49] Darkangl: there goes my piece of ass
[18:49] Darkangl: he doesn't seem overly broken up by it
[18:49] pantsman: You know, Clark Kent, there was a real gent...
[18:49] Darkangl: man
[18:49] Darkangl: looks like she had a bad period
[18:49] BKing: you kow what would've been funnier?
[18:49] BKing: lol
[18:49] BKing: ewww
[18:49] BKing: if the reporter was wearing the Daily Planet shirt.
[18:49] Darkangl: hahaha
[18:49] Darkangl: yep
[18:49] pantsman: Zombie theme song, me likey
[18:49] euphorictool: yeah
[18:50] BKing: They killed Carlos guys!
[18:50] pantsman: YOU BASTAHDS!
[18:50] Darkangl: who's carlos?
[18:50] BKing: The zombie that had his head split open.
[18:50] BKing: the grave was marked carlos.
[18:50] Darkangl: oh
[18:50] euphorictool: lets get that balding dude!!
[18:50] BKing: Here comes his friends, Juan, Esteban
[18:50] BKing: Fajita
[18:50] BKing: Taco
[18:50] pantsman: Gordita
[18:50] BKing: Nacho
[18:50] Darkangl: Jose...Hose B
[18:50] Darkangl: ;)
[18:51] BKing: ROFL
[18:51] BKing: dorito!
[18:51] euphorictool: terrible
[18:51] BKing: flank the humans!
[18:51] pantsman: Fajita, Gordita, A psycho slut with sickle cell, I think her name's Conchita
[18:51] BKing: don't forget about Pinata
[18:51] BKing: LOL
[18:51] pantsman: Thank yous go to zombie.dreamhost.com for that, may Night of the Creeps live on forever!
[18:51] BKing: she'll step in a snare and get beaten with sticks
[18:52] Darkangl: you know
[18:52] Darkangl: if I was these people
[18:52] Darkangl: I'd have been off this island AGES ago
[18:52] euphorictool: was that in Night of the Creeps?
[18:52] BKing: no
[18:52] BKing: the website.
[18:52] BKing: Night of the creeps.
[18:52] BKing: old review site.
[18:52] euphorictool: ooh
[18:52] BKing: Grandma!
[18:52] pantsman: Yeah, the website, brilliant
[18:52] Darkangl: hahahah
[18:52] BKing: Grandpa!
[18:52] BKing: AUnt esther!
[18:52] Darkangl: hey look
[18:52] Darkangl: it was Todd and Neo
[18:52] BKing: hahahaha what?
[18:52] pantsman: Night of the Creeps is essentially my favorite review site these days, and they haven't updated in like three years :D
[18:53] Darkangl: I was wondering what happened to them
[18:53] euphorictool: I'll have to check that site out
[18:53] BKing: eh it's overrated.
[18:53] Darkangl: what the hell are they?
[18:53] pantsman: They're great, it's like some bizarre mix of hip hop lingo and mexican wrestling references
[18:53] Darkangl: well let's see
[18:53] BKing: now you wanna go to a great website.
[18:53] pantsman: You are wrong my friend
[18:53] BKing: www.geocities.com/jrgdawg/
[18:54] Darkangl: they meander along with worms coming out of their noses
[18:54] BKing: that guy knows what's what.
[18:54] Darkangl: they eat human flesh
[18:54] BKing: ;-)
[18:54] Darkangl: they don't poo
[18:54] euphorictool: I found that site rahter boring...
[18:54] euphorictool: rather
[18:54] Darkangl: so I guess that makes them...democrats! :D
[18:54] pantsman: MUARHARHAR!
[18:54] pantsman: Jordy got PWND! ;)
[18:54] BKing: ouch
[18:54] Darkangl: as a man of science, I don't believe in anything
[18:54] BKing: sticks and stones my friend.
[18:54] euphorictool: ooh wait...that's your site....ops, I mean that site is AWESOME!!]
[18:55] BKing: lol
[18:55] euphorictool: just messin with ya
[18:55] BKing: ZOMBIE mosh pit!
[18:55] pantsman: As a man of scientology, I believe in spaceships
[18:55] BKing: I know.
[18:55] Darkangl: did you just tell jordy his site was boring?
[18:55] euphorictool: who me?? never
[18:55] BKing: duane you shut up
[18:55] Darkangl: see jordy, I'm not the only one
[18:55] Darkangl: ;)
[18:55] euphorictool: oooooooooh
[18:55] Darkangl: hhaahahaha
[18:55] euphorictool: haha
[18:56] pantsman: BUUUUUURNED
[18:56] Darkangl: you owe me one now aggie ;)
[18:56] BKing: HAHAHAHAHAHA!
[18:56] BKing: ouch!
[18:56] Darkangl: hahaha
[18:56] BKing: look at that fucking gun!
[18:56] Darkangl: they're just bouncing off the door
[18:56] BKing: this is my boomstick!!!!
[18:56] pantsman: Wait, ZOMBIE CARNAGE!
[18:56] BKing: here comes the airplane of doom.
[18:56] euphorictool: sneek attack
[18:56] Darkangl: like those people trying to get out of that nightclub that band set on fire
[18:56] BKing: delicous!
[18:56] Darkangl: oh man, did I just say that?
[18:56] Darkangl: I'm an ass
[18:57] pantsman: You insensitive bastard!
[18:57] Darkangl: ;)
[18:57] BKing: hahahahahaha
[18:57] BKing: delayed reaction.
[18:57] Darkangl: so now
[18:57] Darkangl: when the movie's almost over
[18:57] Darkangl: he figures out that you have to shoot them in the head
[18:57] BKing: umm.......
[18:57] BKing: I like how the zombies move real slow
[18:57] pantsman: ZOMBIES GETTIN' KILLED UP!
[18:57] BKing: and then SPRING at the last second.
[18:58] Darkangl: hey
[18:58] BKing: enrique and elian gonzalez
[18:58] euphorictool: I like how the body makes a cricking noise when you raise up...
[18:58] Darkangl: oh man
[18:58] Darkangl: that was a mouthfull
[18:58] BKing: mmm... tastes like watermelon!
[18:58] Darkangl: hahahah
[18:58] Darkangl: mop head
[18:58] BKing: Because it's THRILLA!
[18:58] Darkangl: man
[18:58] BKing: she screams like a man!
[18:58] pantsman: Please, no Jackson jokes
[18:58] Darkangl: these people are worthless
[18:58] BKing: run you stupid twat!
[18:59] BKing: hehehehehehehe
[18:59] BKing: YEEEEAH!
[18:59] Darkangl: holy crap
[18:59] Darkangl: explosive ammo
[18:59] Darkangl: :D
[18:59] pantsman: Zombie theme returns, and I am happy
[18:59] BKing: what
[18:59] euphorictool: damn gerande in that gun
[18:59] BKing: it hasn't returned yet.
[18:59] Darkangl: huh?
[18:59] pantsman: I'm ahead! Dang
[18:59] BKing: here we go guys!
[18:59] Darkangl: what the hell version of zombie do you have josh?
[19:00] pantsman: I just must have skipped a bit
[19:00] Darkangl: so she just stands there
[19:00] Darkangl: what a moron
[19:00] Darkangl: I hope ALL these people die
[19:00] BKing: bad continuity here.
[19:00] BKing: real bad.
[19:00] Darkangl: you mean there was some?
[19:00] BKing: hahahahahahahahaha
[19:00] BKing: side door sneaker zombie.
[19:00] Darkangl: hahahaha
[19:00] pantsman: Forum reference?
[19:00] Darkangl: hey
[19:00] BKing: yeah
[19:01] BKing: what?
[19:01] Darkangl: don't shoot that zombie in the head
[19:01] Darkangl: he knew his shizzle
[19:01] Darkangl: :D
[19:01] BKing: hahahahahahaha
[19:01] BKing: guys just be calm.
[19:01] BKing: don't worry about the flames
[19:01] Darkangl: these guys must have been bargain hunting at S-Mart
[19:01] BKing: we'll put them out in a second.
[19:01] BKing: just move slow and don't scream in pain.
[19:01] BKing: unlimited ammo!
[19:01] pantsman: If you want to see the best "zombie" ripoff, and by best I mean worse, check out Zombi Holocaust. Love that flick.
[19:01] euphorictool: burn them sucka's
[19:02] Darkangl: what zombie movie is complete without elmer fudd guns
[19:02] BKing: dude that was Rob Thomas from matchbox 20!
[19:02] BKing: Rob Zombie!
[19:02] Darkangl: looks like they got elmer fudd molotov cocktails too
[19:02] BKing: lol
[19:02] BKing: retreat!
[19:02] euphorictool: I have Zombie Holocaust, just haven't gotten around to watching it yet..
[19:02] BKing: hey cool
[19:02] pantsman: Oh man, it's so bad it's genius, watch it :)
[19:02] BKing: hahahahahahahahaha
[19:03] euphorictool: will do
[19:03] Darkangl: hahahahah
[19:03] Darkangl: hey
[19:03] euphorictool: uh oh
[19:03] Darkangl: continuity
[19:03] BKing: is loving her considered necrophilia
[19:03] BKing: ?
[19:03] Darkangl: he throat isn't all toe up anymore
[19:03] BKing: love bites!
[19:03] pantsman: There's a dummy that is thrown out the window and the audience watches it's arm fly off screen, but in the next scene the actor is on the ground with a full arm. Great stuff
[19:03] BKing: why does peter stall here?
[19:03] BKing: he didn't love her.
[19:03] pantsman: He's a wuss
[19:03] Darkangl: yeah that's good
[19:04] Darkangl: take the guy that got bit with you
[19:04] euphorictool: he's busy making ugly faces at the zombies
[19:04] pantsman: It's what he's best at
[19:04] Darkangl: so he can die on the boat, come back as a zombie, and eat you morons
[19:04] BKing: see this is what happens when you make a building out of matchsticks.
[19:04] euphorictool: doesn't seem like he has much of a limp anymore
[19:04] Darkangl: can't we go any faster?
[19:04] Darkangl: yeah, you can
[19:04] pantsman: Great ending to this flick as well if I may say so
[19:05] BKing: look at the bald spot now.
[19:05] BKing: it's freakin' huge!
[19:05] Darkangl: toss the guy who's about to turn into a zombie off the boat and lighten the load
[19:05] Darkangl: best thing they could do for this guy is to shoot him in the head
[19:05] BKing: The Death of Brian Lindsay!
[19:05] pantsman: NOT BRIAN!
[19:05] euphorictool: ouch
[19:05] Darkangl: hahahah
[19:05] BKing: dude
[19:05] BKing: his bald spot moved forward!
[19:06] Darkangl: the wandering spot
[19:06] euphorictool: haha
[19:06] BKing: Hulk Hogan would be proud
[19:06] euphorictool: it was fun just watchin his head all movie
[19:06] BKing: just sit right back and hear this tale
[19:06] BKing: a tale of a fateful trip
[19:06] Darkangl: you sure he doesn't just have thin hair and because it's wet he looks balder than he is
[19:06] Darkangl: nope
[19:06] BKing: shit it got even bigger!
[19:06] Darkangl: he's got a skunk stripe of bald going there
[19:06] BKing: it's a bald stripe!
[19:06] BKing: ROFL
[19:06] BKing: ROFL
[19:06] BKing: ROFL
[19:07] BKing: good call Duane!
[19:07] BKing: Oh shit....
[19:07] BKing: we don't need a zombie now.
[19:07] BKing: everyone else got one while we were gone.
[19:07] BKing: so much for being trendy
[19:07] Darkangl: heh
[19:07] Darkangl: hahahah
[19:07] BKing: Dainel stern zombie.
[19:07] pantsman: There at the door, they're coming in... HYAAAARGH!!! - The voice acting... man, I know I'm jealous
[19:08] Darkangl: FONO ROMA!
[19:08] Darkangl: that's the guy who's ass I'm gonna kick
[19:08] pantsman: RICKY ROMA!
[19:08] euphorictool: great job Nick Alexander
[19:08] BKing: ROFL
[19:08] BKing: carlo the fairy" Ferry
[19:08] pantsman: Carlo will.. DIE!
[19:08] euphorictool: props goes to Romana
[19:08] BKing: Eastman! Came out of the East to Battle the Zombies!
[19:09] BKing: so what'd you think Duane?
[19:09] Darkangl: man
[19:09] BKing: fun eh?
[19:09] euphorictool: those were some fast credits
[19:09] Darkangl: it was fun with you guys
[19:09] Darkangl: if I was watching it by myself I'd have been bored silly
[19:10] pantsman: Well, watch it alone yo! I bet you'll still hate it!... oh, well then don't watch it :)
[19:10] euphorictool: how can you not like that movie!?? haha
[19:10] pantsman: Duane has particular tastes :)
[19:11] Darkangl: it was boring and no cohesion
[19:11] euphorictool: ahh
[19:11] pantsman: He has bizarre tastes :)
[19:11] Darkangl: however, in a group watching like this, it's a lot more fun
[19:11] Darkangl: well...a little more fun
[19:11] BKing: Duane has BAD tastes.
[19:11] Darkangl: ok Mr. Q
[19:11] euphorictool: haha
[19:11] BKing: Hey I'm comfortable with that.