Porky's 4/30/2003

TheBKing = Jordan from The B-Movie Film Vault
cnote2000 = Todd from The Monkeyhouse Lounge
Darkangl = Duane from B-Movie Central
AgonyBooth = Albert from The Agony Booth
painful = Frederik from Painful Cinema


[19:24] TheBKing: fred? you ready?
[19:24] painful: yup...
[19:24] TheBKing: ok.
[19:24] TheBKing: 5
[19:24] TheBKing: 4
[19:24] TheBKing: 3
[19:24] TheBKing: 2
[19:24] TheBKing: 1
[19:24] TheBKing: GO
[19:24] TheBKing: Porky's Bar and Grill
[19:24] AgonyBooth: get it at porky's
[19:24] Darkangl: bob clark was involved with children shouldn't play with dead things
[19:25] Darkangl: which kinda surprised me
[19:25] painful: not any old Porky's... it's BOB's Porky's....
[19:25] AgonyBooth: haha
[19:25] AgonyBooth: no wonder he got his name up front
[19:25] cnote2000: The guy who plays Porky was in Better off Dead
[19:25] Darkangl: you're gonna like this movie jordy
[19:25] Darkangl: yep
[19:25] TheBKing: brining you the latest in Warner Brother's cartoons, sex, and barbequed ribs.
[19:25] TheBKing: I'll take your word for it.
[19:25] painful: get it at Porky's... STDs that is...
[19:25] TheBKing: so is it set in the fitties?!
[19:25] cnote2000: man, I
[19:25] Darkangl: yeah
[19:25] cnote2000: I'd love to have one of those old cars
[19:25] Darkangl: early fifties probably
[19:26] Darkangl: PEE WEE!
[19:26] AgonyBooth: uh oh
[19:26] AgonyBooth: boneriffic
[19:26] Darkangl: MORNING WOOD!!!!!
[19:26] cnote2000: tentpole!!
[19:26] TheBKing: `tra la la
[19:26] painful: pitch the tent!
[19:26] Darkangl: this is awesome
[19:26] cnote2000: shwing!
[19:26] Darkangl: mom comes in
[19:27] Darkangl: flip
[19:27] AgonyBooth: ouch
[19:27] Darkangl: crunch
[19:27] Darkangl: :D
[19:27] TheBKing: now he's gonna go pogo sticking.
[19:27] TheBKing: LMAO!
[19:27] TheBKing: LMAO!
[19:27] AgonyBooth: nothing mom, i just bounced on my boner
[19:27] TheBKing: oh be careful.
[19:27] cnote2000: ouch
[19:27] AgonyBooth: hey, duane does that all the time
[19:27] cnote2000: that's why it's good to have a waterbed
[19:27] TheBKing: Man hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
[19:27] TheBKing: I used to have a waterbed.
[19:27] AgonyBooth: do you have a growth chart, Duane?
[19:28] cnote2000: I can't stand them
[19:28] Darkangl: hee hee
[19:28] Darkangl: yes
[19:28] AgonyBooth: heheh
[19:28] TheBKing: his is shrinking though.
[19:28] painful: the incredible shrinking penis... he must have a cold waterbed...
[19:28] TheBKing: due to overuse.
[19:28] TheBKing: hahahaha
[19:28] cnote2000: well, at least we know where american pie was spawned from
[19:28] TheBKing: yeah I know.
[19:28] Darkangl: for those interested female rogues fans, mine's 7.5in long and 6in around
[19:28] Darkangl: ;)
[19:28] painful: mine's 18...
[19:28] cnote2000: eeewwwwwwwww......
[19:28] AgonyBooth: lol
[19:28] TheBKing: ok...
[19:28] TheBKing: that's it!
[19:28] TheBKing: shutting the movie off and leaving!
[19:28] cnote2000: I use mine as a belt
[19:28] painful: haha...
[19:28] AgonyBooth: again, too much information
[19:29] TheBKing: or in your case al, too much infatuation.
[19:29] TheBKing: LMAO!
[19:29] TheBKing: Jarvis?
[19:29] Darkangl: yes
[19:29] TheBKing: what a horrible name!
[19:29] Darkangl: kiss my rebel ass :DS
[19:29] AgonyBooth: haha
[19:29] AgonyBooth: where's cletus?
[19:29] TheBKing: LMAO!
[19:29] Darkangl: hahahaha
[19:29] TheBKing: jimmy joe jim bob.
[19:30] Darkangl: this was a great joke
[19:30] cnote2000: the slack jawed yokel?
[19:30] Darkangl: pee wee and wendy sittin in a tree...she grabs his cock and he had a rubber on :D
[19:30] TheBKing: jajajajajaaajajaja/
[19:30] painful: come prepared!
[19:30] TheBKing: cum prepared.
[19:30] Darkangl: why do they call you meat?
[19:31] TheBKing: hehehehe
[19:31] Darkangl: hahahaha
[19:31] AgonyBooth: cuz i like meat
[19:31] Darkangl: hahaha
[19:31] Darkangl: MEAT!
[19:31] TheBKing: ZIP!
[19:31] cnote2000: meatball
[19:31] cnote2000: scholarship to Princeton?
[19:31] Darkangl: yep
[19:31] Darkangl: he's the prince of meat :D
[19:32] TheBKing: LOL
[19:32] TheBKing: Let's not invite too many guys.
[19:32] AgonyBooth: wear your rubber!
[19:32] TheBKing: That way we can all do her twice!
[19:32] TheBKing: LMAO!
[19:32] Darkangl: what eggs?
[19:32] Darkangl: those eggs
[19:33] Darkangl: these eggs
[19:33] painful: pee wee needs to relax...
[19:33] Darkangl: hee hee
[19:33] cnote2000: the guy that directed this directed Baby Geniuses!
[19:33] AgonyBooth: Meat is counting to five on his fingers...
[19:33] painful: ARGH!
[19:33] Darkangl: it's sad when a career goes downhill like that
[19:33] cnote2000: TIMMY!!
[19:33] AgonyBooth: gee who doesn't see where this is going
[19:33] Darkangl: hahahaha
[19:33] cnote2000: salmonella?
[19:34] Darkangl: hahahahahahaha
[19:34] TheBKing: WHOOPS!@
[19:34] TheBKing: hahahahahahaahahahahaha
[19:34] Darkangl: hahahahahaha
[19:34] Darkangl: Bheula!
[19:34] painful: miss ballbreaker?
[19:34] cnote2000: ms. ballbreaker
[19:34] TheBKing: Raging She Bull
[19:34] cnote2000: short shorts is nice!
[19:34] TheBKing: White men can't jump.
[19:35] cnote2000: not on the guys though
[19:35] TheBKing: shirts vs. skins!
[19:35] TheBKing: yeah ewww...
[19:35] AgonyBooth: ahhooooooooooo
[19:35] cnote2000: Lassie!!
[19:35] Darkangl: man kim is cute in this movie
[19:35] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahqhahahahaha
[19:35] Darkangl: the coaches are awesome
[19:35] Darkangl: wish I had teachers like that when I was in school
[19:35] TheBKing: I guess the bra was just invented.....
[19:36] Darkangl: hahahah
[19:36] TheBKing: hahahahahaha
[19:36] Darkangl: keep your balls off my tumbling matt :D
[19:36] cnote2000: hahahaha
[19:36] TheBKing: y ou but a lot of weight behind it.
[19:36] Darkangl: mat
[19:36] AgonyBooth: keep your balls tumbling on me, matt
[19:37] Darkangl: hee hee
[19:37] TheBKing: what's with the dude pumping weights over on the bench?
[19:37] AgonyBooth: a kite?
[19:37] cnote2000: just a little bit o' racism
[19:37] Darkangl: yep
[19:37] Darkangl: well it is the south in the early 50's
[19:38] Darkangl: early to mid 50's I guess
[19:38] cnote2000: true
[19:38] AgonyBooth: here comes the boobage
[19:38] TheBKing: I bet I'm going to enjoy this.
[19:38] Darkangl: oh man
[19:38] TheBKing: hahahahahahaha
[19:38] TheBKing: up periscope!
[19:38] AgonyBooth: damn
[19:38] AgonyBooth: bummer
[19:38] painful: we'll get them next time
[19:38] Darkangl: GATOR!
[19:38] TheBKing: warm up?
[19:38] Darkangl: WOOHOO!
[19:39] cnote2000: Alligator II: The mutation!
[19:39] Darkangl: cherry forever
[19:39] TheBKing: hahahaha
[19:39] Darkangl: this chick is the woman who played the mom in the tv show webster
[19:39] AgonyBooth: ewww
[19:39] TheBKing: I guess this chick was.... BORN ON THE BAYOU!
[19:39] Darkangl: she was younger here obviously
[19:39] cnote2000: what is that? A clown car?
[19:40] cnote2000: Look how many guys where in there
[19:40] Darkangl: apparently
[19:40] Darkangl: it was full of clowns :)
[19:40] TheBKing: LOL
[19:40] cnote2000: hehehehe
[19:40] TheBKing: They're going first but I got sloppy seconds!
[19:40] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahaha
[19:40] Darkangl: this was such an awesome bit
[19:40] cnote2000: no vd
[19:40] Darkangl: hahahahahaha
[19:40] Darkangl: pee wee
[19:40] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahaha
[19:40] AgonyBooth: i wonder if he has a rubber on
[19:40] cnote2000: creepy
[19:41] Darkangl: no strippin no dippin
[19:41] Darkangl: here comes webster's mamma!!!
[19:41] cnote2000: that's the shittiest whore house ever
[19:41] painful: that name is false advertising!
[19:41] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[19:41] cnote2000: that's the mother from Webster?
[19:42] Darkangl: yep
[19:42] TheBKing: needledick!
[19:42] cnote2000: and Alex Karras is in this movie
[19:42] Darkangl: back when she was an exotic dancer ;)
[19:42] cnote2000: that's the parents from Webster in Porky's? Insane!
[19:42] painful: the boy's deformed!
[19:42] Darkangl: hahahaha
[19:42] Darkangl: this black guy is awesome
[19:43] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahaha
[19:43] Darkangl: he really goes for it
[19:43] AgonyBooth: why are they alll still naked
[19:43] TheBKing: Ewwww...
[19:43] TheBKing: EWWWW!
[19:43] TheBKing: I saw man bush!
[19:43] Darkangl: because they're gonna get some
[19:43] TheBKing: YECH!
[19:43] Darkangl: they think
[19:43] TheBKing: MY EYES!
[19:43] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[19:43] AgonyBooth: ohhhhh webster
[19:43] Darkangl: ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh
[19:43] painful: poke em out, Jordy...
[19:43] AgonyBooth: don't stop webster
[19:43] Darkangl: aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[19:43] Darkangl: keep pumpin
[19:43] TheBKing: OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!
[19:43] Darkangl: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[19:43] cnote2000: they're gonna shit
[19:44] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahahaha
[19:44] Darkangl: hahahahahahaha
[19:44] Darkangl: oh man
[19:44] Darkangl: hahahahahaha
[19:44] cnote2000: Yo!!
[19:44] cnote2000: She's married to Alex Karras too!
[19:44] TheBKing: hahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaaha
[19:45] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
[19:45] cnote2000: hehehehe
[19:45] Darkangl: and a big black dude with a machette
[19:45] cnote2000: it's DMX!!
[19:45] Darkangl: hahahahahaha
[19:45] Darkangl: run!
[19:45] cnote2000: it's like watching Scare Tactics
[19:45] TheBKing: Ken Foree?!
[19:45] TheBKing: OH FUCK!
[19:45] TheBKing: EWWWWWWWW!
[19:45] TheBKing: MAN DICK!
[19:45] Darkangl: run for your nakes lives!!!!
[19:45] AgonyBooth: man dick??
[19:45] TheBKing: goddamnit!
[19:45] AgonyBooth: is there any other kind?
[19:45] AgonyBooth: :)
[19:45] TheBKing: she/he dick!
[19:45] AgonyBooth: lol
[19:46] Darkangl: pee wee's still runnin!
[19:46] TheBKing: Man I ain't never seen so many naked crackers in nmy life.
[19:46] cnote2000: this is way too much male nudity
[19:46] TheBKing: yeah um.... Duane I'm not impressed yet.
[19:46] painful: yeah... where's the boobage?
[19:46] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha'
[19:46] Darkangl: insecure about your own secuality todd?
[19:46] TheBKing: LMAO!
[19:46] TheBKing: hahahaahahhaahaha
[19:46] Darkangl: sexuality
[19:46] Darkangl: you have no taste jordan
[19:46] cnote2000: my sectuality?
[19:46] TheBKing: PEE WEE!
[19:46] Darkangl: so it doesn't surprise me
[19:46] TheBKing: oh man.
[19:46] Darkangl: ;)
[19:46] cnote2000: hahahaha
[19:47] TheBKing: Night of the NAKED Running Man.
[19:47] Darkangl: you liked Q....nuff said
[19:47] Darkangl: :)
[19:47] cnote2000: pull over!
[19:47] TheBKing: damn right I liked Q
[19:47] cnote2000: Mike Hunt!!
[19:47] Darkangl: has anyone seen mike hunt?
[19:47] cnote2000: where's Mike Hunt?
[19:48] TheBKing: STING?
[19:48] Darkangl: this guy kinda reminds me of dennis hopper for some reason
[19:48] Darkangl: I don't know why
[19:48] cnote2000: it's The Punisher!
[19:48] Darkangl: he doesn't even really look like him
[19:48] Darkangl: maybe a lot younger version of him
[19:48] painful: that's just some schlob...
[19:48] AgonyBooth: yew get yo ass ovah heyer
[19:48] AgonyBooth: bwoyah
[19:49] AgonyBooth: that's right, i started my motorcycle
[19:49] TheBKing: Remember boys.... the South will rise again!!!
[19:49] Darkangl: that guy's a cock master
[19:49] cnote2000: crazy redneck
[19:49] AgonyBooth: and again
[19:49] TheBKing: a shit faced cock master.
[19:49] Darkangl: what's his name? mike tyson?
[19:49] Darkangl: the ear ripper?
[19:49] cnote2000: ear ripper!
[19:49] TheBKing: ha
[19:49] cnote2000: shirt ripper!
[19:49] TheBKing: LOL
[19:50] TheBKing: shirt rippa!
[19:50] TheBKing: LMAO!@
[19:50] Darkangl: ass reamer what?
[19:50] Darkangl: yeah let's go to porky's
[19:50] TheBKing: Porkus McFaggle.
[19:50] Darkangl: any disease you want...30 bucks
[19:50] AgonyBooth: give me Vd or give me death
[19:51] TheBKing: "Give me pussy or give me death.
[19:51] TheBKing: Clearly he's a true American!
[19:51] AgonyBooth: it's king kong's rubber!
[19:51] TheBKing: Full body condom?
[19:51] TheBKing: LMAO!
[19:51] Darkangl: it'd be tight on Meat
[19:51] painful: syphilis... my kingdom for some syphilis!
[19:51] Darkangl: :)
[19:51] cnote2000: Like the Naked Gun
[19:51] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahaha
[19:51] AgonyBooth: for the 50's, there sure is a lot of 80's hair
[19:51] Darkangl: wendy's blonde friend is cute
[19:51] AgonyBooth: yeah! suffocate him!
[19:52] Darkangl: hahahahah
[19:52] TheBKing: I CAN"T BREATHE!
[19:52] cnote2000: was spencer Gifts around back then?
[19:52] Darkangl: hahahahah
[19:52] Darkangl: go tommy go!
[19:52] cnote2000: where'd they get that thing
[19:52] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
[19:52] Darkangl: place in miami
[19:52] Darkangl: hahahahahahahahahahah
[19:52] AgonyBooth: fssssssssssssssss
[19:52] TheBKing: Fat zilla
[19:52] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha
[19:52] cnote2000: ooooohhhhhhhhh!!!!
[19:52] TheBKing: busted.
[19:52] painful: cockzilla
[19:53] AgonyBooth: i have to throw mine over my shoulder too
[19:53] Darkangl: so totally busted
[19:53] Darkangl: tommy's gettin in trouble
[19:53] Darkangl: oh man
[19:53] Darkangl: kim's hot
[19:53] cnote2000: man
[19:53] cnote2000: she's great
[19:53] AgonyBooth: owwwwwwww
[19:53] cnote2000: Two movies in a row with Kim
[19:53] TheBKing: red panties......
[19:54] Darkangl: I wonder if Yasmeen Bleeth dresses like that when she's turnin tricks for crack
[19:54] AgonyBooth: hah
[19:54] cnote2000: boo-yah Duane!!!
[19:54] Darkangl: WOO HOO! Yasmeen Bleeth reference :D
[19:54] painful: ah... there it is...
[19:54] cnote2000: she probably does!
[19:55] painful: I wondered when the bleeth-bashing was going to start..
[19:55] TheBKing: LOL
[19:55] Darkangl: that porky's neon sign is awesome
[19:56] Darkangl: Redneck Pussy conga line! :D
[19:56] cnote2000: it's just like Road House
[19:56] painful: redneck heaven...
[19:56] TheBKing: I'd like to hop into that conga line.
[19:56] cnote2000: where's Swayze?
[19:56] Darkangl: with a midget caboose :D
[19:56] AgonyBooth: haha
[19:56] TheBKing: lMAO!
[19:56] AgonyBooth: it's the Double Deuce
[19:56] cnote2000: cowboy midget!
[19:56] AgonyBooth: i thought you'd be bigger
[19:56] cnote2000: hahahahaha
[19:56] cnote2000: we should do that movie for a gathering!
[19:56] Darkangl: jordy if you hopped into that conga line you'd be hopping to the doctor the next day for a penicillin shot
[19:57] AgonyBooth: yeah! let's do road house!
[19:57] TheBKing: the badn sucks dick...
[19:57] TheBKing: and so do the dancers
[19:57] cnote2000: road house, road house!
[19:57] Darkangl: hahaha
[19:57] Darkangl: yah let's see em both :D
[19:57] cnote2000: heheheeh
[19:57] TheBKing: jiggle bags.
[19:57] cnote2000: I don't know about those
[19:57] TheBKing: hahahahahahahaha
[19:58] cnote2000: here comes the cooler
[19:58] TheBKing: REDNECK BRAWL!
[19:59] Darkangl: you know if he'd have just paid the bartender none of this would have ever happened
[19:59] cnote2000: Boss Hogg!!!
[19:59] Darkangl: man
[19:59] painful: now they'll just get screwed...
[19:59] Darkangl: that guy's fucking tall
[20:00] painful: and wide...
[20:00] Darkangl: yep
[20:00] TheBKing: 3 for 30 minutes
[20:00] painful: yeah... like any of them are going to last longer than 30 seconds...
[20:00] TheBKing: hahahaha
[20:01] Darkangl: hee hee
[20:01] Darkangl: especially pee wee
[20:01] Darkangl: little mr. quick draw
[20:01] TheBKing: the back door.
[20:01] cnote2000: rednecks just make their own fun don't they?
[20:02] Darkangl: well
[20:02] Darkangl: when you're a redneck I guess you have to
[20:02] Darkangl: water cold boys?
[20:02] Darkangl: hee hee
[20:02] TheBKing: quick. set the place on fire!
[20:02] painful: a nite to remembah!
[20:03] TheBKing: hahahahahahah
[20:03] TheBKing: jabba the pork.
[20:03] Darkangl: here comes webster's pappa :D
[20:03] cnote2000: did he talk to webster that way?
[20:04] AgonyBooth: you do now
[20:04] TheBKing: tail lights out.
[20:04] TheBKing: SMASH!
[20:04] painful: woohoo... city folk... bring out the gimp!
[20:05] Darkangl: hee hee
[20:05] Darkangl: there's even some pig squealin' in this movie too
[20:06] painful: pure man land... no women allowed...
[20:06] TheBKing: man..... do these teens seek vengeance against Porky and the corrupt police officials?!
[20:06] Darkangl: yep
[20:06] painful: the answer... is no...
[20:06] Darkangl: mainly mickey
[20:06] painful: they spend the rest of the film playing scrabble...
[20:06] AgonyBooth: what are you, a tough guy?
[20:06] Darkangl: mickey's a pissy little bastard
[20:06] AgonyBooth: or something?
[20:06] TheBKing: hahahahahahahah
[20:07] TheBKing: pussy mobile...away!
[20:07] Darkangl: man
[20:07] TheBKing: YECK!
[20:07] AgonyBooth: mwah
[20:08] TheBKing: She has hard nips.
[20:08] Darkangl: imagine if the batmobile was called the pussymobile
[20:08] cnote2000: ooohhhh mannnn
[20:08] Darkangl: that could have been a whole different show
[20:08] Darkangl: ;)
[20:08] Darkangl: that coach is hilarious
[20:08] AgonyBooth: wow, this lassie thing is a running gag
[20:08] TheBKing: lol
[20:08] painful: that's catwoman's car...
[20:08] AgonyBooth: and i'm sure we're going to find out what it's about at the end
[20:08] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[20:08] TheBKing: yeah a boring running gag.
[20:08] Darkangl: nice fred
[20:08] Darkangl: shut up jordy
[20:08] TheBKing: hahahahaha
[20:08] Darkangl: there's a payoff
[20:08] Darkangl: quit being a bitch
[20:09] TheBKing: damn guinea wop.
[20:09] TheBKing: always playing basketball dirty.
[20:09] Darkangl: what's a guinea wop?
[20:10] TheBKing: go look it up bitch.
[20:10] TheBKing: it's a slight racial slur.
[20:10] TheBKing: most boring fight ever.
[20:10] TheBKing: no music.
[20:10] TheBKing: just church bells.
[20:10] painful: no ear biting...
[20:10] AgonyBooth: haha
[20:10] TheBKing: hahaha
[20:11] TheBKing: man give up.
[20:11] cnote2000: right up there with the fight in They Live
[20:11] TheBKing: you suck.
[20:11] TheBKing: hey.
[20:11] cnote2000: wait, that was awesome
[20:11] TheBKing: you shut up Todd!
[20:11] AgonyBooth: haha
[20:11] AgonyBooth: that 20 minute fight in They Live?
[20:11] TheBKing: LOL
[20:11] cnote2000: yeah
[20:11] AgonyBooth: dammit... just PUT ON THE SUNGLASSES
[20:11] TheBKing: we shall meet again... racist-san.
[20:11] cnote2000: that was crazy
[20:11] TheBKing: Jewish aikido?
[20:12] AgonyBooth: a smuck?
[20:12] cnote2000: Jewish akido?
[20:12] TheBKing: schmuck.
[20:12] TheBKing: I GOT IT!
[20:12] TheBKing: JEW-JITSU!
[20:12] painful: jewjitsu
[20:12] TheBKing: hahahahahahaha
[20:12] AgonyBooth: lol
[20:12] painful: dammit!
[20:12] TheBKing: LMAO!
[20:12] TheBKing: hahahahahahaahahahahaha
[20:12] AgonyBooth: that's right up there with Klepto Fu
[20:12] cnote2000: that is friggin hilarious!!
[20:13] cnote2000: Steven Seagalski?
[20:13] TheBKing: LMA!
[20:13] TheBKing: hahahahahaaha
[20:13] Darkangl: hahahaha
[20:13] cnote2000: Mike Hunt!!
[20:13] TheBKing: Mike Hunt!
[20:13] TheBKing: It MIKE HUNT HERE?!
[20:13] AgonyBooth: i need Amanda Hugankiss
[20:13] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa
[20:14] TheBKing: Has anybody seen MIKE HUNT?!
[20:14] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahaahahaha
[20:14] cnote2000: man, what a snaggle toothed chick
[20:14] TheBKing: Wee Man.
[20:14] TheBKing: The Man of Wee.
[20:15] AgonyBooth: princeton sucks!!!
[20:15] painful: there was a girl in my school called Ann Al... get it?
[20:15] Darkangl: no sir our friend is a diabetic
[20:15] Darkangl: hahahahah
[20:16] Darkangl: I love that shut the fuck up look he gives him
[20:16] TheBKing: hahahahahahahaahahhahahahaahahahahahaaha
[20:16] Darkangl: hahahahahahahahhaha
[20:16] AgonyBooth: ah, face first in the chili
[20:16] cnote2000: don't let him drown!!
[20:16] painful: that's how Jim Morrison died!
[20:16] AgonyBooth: in a bowl of chili?
[20:16] cnote2000: Morrison isn't dead
[20:16] Darkangl: hahahaha
[20:17] TheBKing: LOL
[20:17] TheBKing: hahahahahaha
[20:17] Darkangl: they totally sold him out
[20:17] cnote2000: he's in california with Elvis
[20:17] AgonyBooth: jimi hendrix drowned in bowl of fruit loops
[20:17] cnote2000: blasphemy!!
[20:17] TheBKing: lol
[20:18] TheBKing: Hell yes.
[20:18] TheBKing: I used my face to break the sumbitches hand.
[20:18] TheBKing: LOL
[20:18] painful: that will show his damn knucles!
[20:18] Darkangl: yes
[20:18] AgonyBooth: haha
[20:18] painful: *knuckles
[20:18] Darkangl: damn knuckles
[20:19] Darkangl: bad bad knuckles
[20:19] cnote2000: here's your fry basket
[20:19] AgonyBooth: damn, where's the nudity?
[20:19] AgonyBooth: what's with all this social commentary?
[20:19] cnote2000: some serious undertones from a comedy huh?
[20:20] TheBKing: yeah!
[20:20] Darkangl: ok bitch here's your payoff
[20:20] cnote2000: nice shot
[20:20] TheBKing: I was waiting for nudity and I only got a brief glimpse of middle aged boobies.
[20:20] TheBKing: showers?
[20:21] TheBKing: when will we see showers.
[20:21] Darkangl: soon
[20:21] painful: hehe... Kim's got a serious attitude...
[20:21] Darkangl: ok here's your payoff
[20:22] TheBKing: uh oh......
[20:22] TheBKing: sweat...
[20:22] TheBKing: turning me...
[20:22] TheBKing: on...
[20:22] TheBKing: oohhh....
[20:22] AgonyBooth: yeah?
[20:22] AgonyBooth: yeah
[20:22] painful: eeh... wtf?
[20:22] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[20:22] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
[20:22] AgonyBooth: yeah!
[20:22] painful: well.... never look a gift Kim in the mouth...
[20:22] AgonyBooth: lower nudity
[20:23] cnote2000: here's where she got the practice for sex and the city
[20:23] cnote2000: nice
[20:23] Darkangl: hahahahahahahahahahaha
[20:23] AgonyBooth: air raid?
[20:23] Darkangl: the other coach loses it here
[20:23] cnote2000: hahahahahaha
[20:23] Darkangl: so does everyone else :D
[20:23] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaahahahaa
[20:23] painful: hahahahahahahahaha...
[20:23] TheBKing: LMAO!
[20:23] TheBKing: LMAO!
[20:23] TheBKing: oh man.
[20:23] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah
[20:24] AgonyBooth: yes
[20:24] AgonyBooth: yes
[20:24] AgonyBooth: yes
[20:24] AgonyBooth: yes
[20:24] cnote2000: Lassie!!!
[20:24] cnote2000: Dam right!
[20:24] Darkangl: hhahahahahahahahahahaha
[20:24] cnote2000: Damn Right!!!!
[20:24] TheBKing: LOL
[20:24] TheBKing: LMAO!
[20:24] TheBKing: LMAO!
[20:24] TheBKing: LMAO!
[20:24] TheBKing: LMAO!
[20:24] TheBKing: HAHAHAHAHA
[20:24] Darkangl: hahahahahahahahahahahahahaa
[20:24] painful: haha... screamers are fun...
[20:25] TheBKing: JOCK IN THE MOUTH!
[20:25] Darkangl: actually that was a sock
[20:25] Darkangl: hahahahahahahahahahahahaa
[20:25] cnote2000: the runs!!!!
[20:25] TheBKing: hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
[20:25] painful: I wanted a screamer and a moaner for christmas, but all I got was a sweater...
[20:26] TheBKing: ahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaaha
[20:26] AgonyBooth: alright
[20:26] AgonyBooth: here we go
[20:26] AgonyBooth: yes!
[20:26] TheBKing: SHOWERS!
[20:26] painful: boobs?
[20:26] TheBKing: c'mon!
[20:26] TheBKing: boobies
[20:26] TheBKing: boobies!
[20:26] TheBKing: YES!
[20:27] painful: YES!
[20:27] TheBKing: I've never seen so much whool.
[20:27] AgonyBooth: hahaha
[20:27] cnote2000: thank god!! finally
[20:27] TheBKing: you can knit a sweater!
[20:27] TheBKing: LMAO!
[20:27] painful: the motherload!
[20:27] TheBKing: OH NO!
[20:27] TheBKing: NO!
[20:27] cnote2000: yikes!!!
[20:27] TheBKing: AHHHHH!
[20:27] TheBKing: JENNA AHHH!
[20:27] painful: ARRRGHGGHG!
[20:28] Darkangl: hahahahahahahahah
[20:28] TheBKing: LMAO!
[20:28] TheBKing: LMAO!
[20:28] Darkangl: move it you lard ass
[20:28] TheBKing: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaa
[20:28] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
[20:28] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
[20:28] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha
[20:28] Darkangl: this scene and the next one are both awesome
[20:28] cnote2000: yes they are
[20:28] TheBKing: hahahahahahah
[20:29] TheBKing: hahahahahahaha
[20:29] TheBKing: oh no.
[20:29] Darkangl: hahahaha
[20:29] painful: mmmhhh... tasty...
[20:29] Darkangl: he must have a pretty long one to be able to shove it all the way through
[20:29] TheBKing: OH SHIT!
[20:29] Darkangl: hahahahahahahaa
[20:29] cnote2000: oh no
[20:30] painful: I wonder why he thinks that's safe...
[20:30] Darkangl: hahahahahahahahhaa
[20:30] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
[20:30] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
[20:30] TheBKing: hgahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa
[20:30] TheBKing: I'm polly the penis.
[20:30] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaha
[20:30] cnote2000: she's got it!!!
[20:30] TheBKing: oh my god.
[20:30] AgonyBooth: hahah
[20:30] cnote2000: those bastards!!
[20:31] TheBKing: Dude that'd be like me Todd and Duane in high school.
[20:31] TheBKing: Duane just got his thing yanked.
[20:31] painful: haha... you'd think her moose bawl would be ample warning...
[20:31] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[20:31] Darkangl: the coaches just lose it here
[20:31] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahaha
[20:32] Darkangl: so does the principal
[20:32] cnote2000: this scene is so great!!
[20:32] TheBKing: LOL
[20:32] TheBKing: now the movie's cool Duane.
[20:32] Darkangl: yeah
[20:32] painful: LMAO
[20:32] Darkangl: it's awesome
[20:32] TheBKing: it was too slow in the beginning.
[20:32] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahaha
[20:32] Darkangl: this is one of the funniest scenes ever
[20:33] TheBKing: lol
[20:33] cnote2000: tallywacker!!!!!!!!!
[20:33] Darkangl: even the old coach loses it now
[20:33] TheBKing: So you can identify his tallywacker!
[20:33] AgonyBooth: the penis is evil
[20:33] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
[20:33] TheBKing: the gun is good.
[20:33] AgonyBooth: hahah
[20:33] AgonyBooth: who is the mole?
[20:33] cnote2000: The Mole!!
[20:33] TheBKing: LOL
[20:33] cnote2000: The Mole from the south Park movie
[20:34] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[20:34] Darkangl: here it comes
[20:34] Darkangl: here it comes
[20:34] Darkangl: here it comes
[20:34] AgonyBooth: hahaha
[20:34] Darkangl: hahahahahahahahaha
[20:34] TheBKing: LOL!
[20:34] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
[20:34] cnote2000: hahahahaha!!!!
[20:34] Darkangl: hhahahahahahahahaha
[20:34] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahah
[20:34] Darkangl: sketch artist
[20:34] Darkangl: wanted posters
[20:34] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
[20:34] Darkangl: have you seen this prick?
[20:34] Darkangl: hahahahahahahahaa
[20:34] cnote2000: ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!
[20:34] TheBKing: hahahahahahaaha
[20:35] painful: hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe...
[20:35] TheBKing: on the side of every milk carton.
[20:35] TheBKing: it is armed and dangerous!
[20:35] TheBKing: hhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaahaha
[20:35] Darkangl: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
[20:35] AgonyBooth: look at eisenhower
[20:35] cnote2000: hahahahahaha!!!
[20:35] AgonyBooth: he loved that joke
[20:35] TheBKing: OH MAN!
[20:35] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha
[20:35] AgonyBooth: hi, i'm dwight d. eisenhower
[20:35] TheBKing: LMAO!
[20:35] cnote2000: Hanging out in the girls locker room!!!
[20:35] AgonyBooth: and i like tallywhackers
[20:35] TheBKing: hahhahahahahaahahahahahaa
[20:35] TheBKing: hahahahaha
[20:35] TheBKing: good one al.
[20:35] TheBKing: hahahahahahaha
[20:35] TheBKing: oh shit.
[20:35] AgonyBooth: hahah
[20:36] AgonyBooth: oh man... back to the social commentary now
[20:36] TheBKing: yeah.... sigh.
[20:36] TheBKing: well they established the hell out of those freaking decorations.
[20:36] AgonyBooth: it's the enchantment under the sea dance
[20:36] cnote2000: "hey you, get your damn hands off her"
[20:36] TheBKing: Is this the Enchantment under the Sea dance?
[20:36] TheBKing: OH MY GOD!
[20:37] AgonyBooth: hahah
[20:37] TheBKing: GET OUT OF MY MIND!
[20:37] AgonyBooth: i beat you jordan
[20:37] TheBKing: I know but you said that just as I started typing it.
[20:37] AgonyBooth: what the hell, that guy doesn't even look jewish
[20:37] TheBKing: is that Rutger Hauer?
[20:37] Darkangl: blink drunk fury!
[20:37] Darkangl: blind drunk fury!
[20:37] TheBKing: Steve McQueen?
[20:37] Darkangl: damn I wish I could type :D
[20:37] TheBKing: BOYYYEEEEEEE!
[20:37] AgonyBooth: that's no way to talk to the punisher, son
[20:38] TheBKing: LMAO!
[20:38] AgonyBooth: that's his father?
[20:38] AgonyBooth: when did he have him, when he was 12?
[20:38] cnote2000: Frank Castle don't take no shit
[20:38] TheBKing: oh no! They threw that random guy.
[20:38] AgonyBooth: oh no! not Random Guy!
[20:38] TheBKing: LMAO!
[20:38] TheBKing: hahahahah
[20:39] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[20:39] TheBKing: Now... son... don't you say that.
[20:39] Darkangl: at least he didn't end up like red shirt guy in star trek
[20:39] AgonyBooth: screw you guys, i'm going to go be in blade runner now
[20:39] cnote2000: hahahaha Random Guy rules! There needs to be an action figure of random guy
[20:39] TheBKing: you're lucky the vodka kicked in boy.
[20:39] TheBKing: LMAO!
[20:39] cnote2000: Rutger Hauer!!??
[20:39] TheBKing: hahaahahahahahahahahaha.
[20:39] TheBKing: dude I just said that like... ahm..... an hour ago?
[20:39] TheBKing: haha
[20:39] AgonyBooth: lol
[20:40] AgonyBooth: hey, did anybody notice that guy looked like Rutger Hauer?
[20:40] painful: stop slandering Rutger Hauer.... that guy was a pussy...
[20:40] Darkangl: hahahahah
[20:40] cnote2000: I didn't think he did
[20:40] Darkangl: you know
[20:40] TheBKing: again?!
[20:40] Darkangl: I think that guy looked a little like rutger hauer
[20:40] Darkangl: did anyone else notice that?
[20:40] TheBKing: Rose.... bud......
[20:40] TheBKing: hahahahahaha
[20:40] TheBKing: you guys are dicks.
[20:40] TheBKing: LMAO!
[20:41] AgonyBooth: it was.... wheeez
[20:41] TheBKing: hahahahahahaahahaha
[20:41] AgonyBooth: it was....
[20:41] AgonyBooth: unhh
[20:41] Darkangl: sharon just brought me hot chocolate chip cookes and orange juice :D
[20:41] painful: dammit... Mickey never learns...
[20:41] TheBKing: let's go break the sheriff's taillights!!!!!
[20:41] cnote2000: that was nice of her
[20:41] Darkangl: I got a better idea
[20:41] Darkangl: let's go kidnap webster and hold him for randsom
[20:41] Darkangl: :D
[20:41] TheBKing: LMAO!
[20:41] AgonyBooth: hahaha
[20:41] cnote2000: I just got some Gatorade
[20:41] Darkangl: that'll learn him
[20:41] AgonyBooth: and mc hammer too
[20:41] AgonyBooth: let's lock them in a house together
[20:41] TheBKing: LMAO!
[20:42] AgonyBooth: go and sit on a snake!
[20:42] cnote2000: Roy....
[20:42] TheBKing: SIT ON A SNAKE!
[20:42] TheBKing: FORESHADOWING!
[20:42] TheBKing: booya!
[20:42] AgonyBooth: watch out for snakes
[20:42] TheBKing: lol
[20:42] TheBKing: LOL
[20:42] TheBKing: Roxy: WEEEEEEEEEEEE!
[20:42] TheBKing: Eegah!
[20:42] AgonyBooth: hahaha
[20:43] AgonyBooth: weeeee!!
[20:43] AgonyBooth: haha
[20:43] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahaha
[20:43] AgonyBooth: hey roxy, watch this!
[20:43] TheBKing: My tires are filled with water!
[20:43] Darkangl: that's a cool car
[20:43] TheBKing: Arch Hall Jr. is THE Cabbage Patch Elvis.
[20:43] AgonyBooth: meanwhile, under a bridge
[20:43] AgonyBooth: sweet, they're rigging explosives
[20:43] cnote2000: they're trolls
[20:44] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[20:44] TheBKing: Menawhile at Porky's, gringo and Jew boy use their combined might to infilitrate the redneck fortress of debauchery and alcholism.
[20:44] Darkangl: one troll has a really big club
[20:44] AgonyBooth: yeah, don't get that fuse wet or anything
[20:44] Darkangl: ;)
[20:44] TheBKing: LMAO!
[20:44] cnote2000: hehehehehe
[20:44] Darkangl: hahahaha
[20:44] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaha
[20:44] TheBKing: midget barrow.
[20:44] AgonyBooth: here's your christmas wreath
[20:44] Darkangl: that midget cowboy must get really pissed off on dwarf tossing night
[20:45] TheBKing: LMAO!
[20:45] AgonyBooth: i have a feeling this plot is going to be overly complicated
[20:45] TheBKing: hhaahahahahahahah
[20:45] AgonyBooth: why don't they just bomb the place
[20:45] cnote2000: is that midget Porky's mini-me?
[20:45] TheBKing: No.. that would be sinknig down to their level.
[20:45] Darkangl: yeah
[20:45] AgonyBooth: oh sorry
[20:45] AgonyBooth: lol
[20:45] Darkangl: and porky's nickname is shagzilla
[20:45] TheBKing: Booger: "I say we blow the fuckers up."
[20:45] Darkangl: baby ;)
[20:46] TheBKing: what stae is this set in anyway?
[20:46] TheBKing: *state
[20:46] Darkangl: now where's the frickin' sharks with the frickin' laserbeams when you need them
[20:46] TheBKing: LMAO!
[20:46] Darkangl: florida
[20:46] TheBKing: Don't forget to return that chainsaw to Leatherface when you're done with it guys!
[20:46] TheBKing: The saw is family you know.
[20:46] AgonyBooth: or the dogs with bees in their mouth, and when they get angry that shoot bees at you...
[20:47] TheBKing: LMAO!
[20:47] cnote2000: Florida Chainsaw Massacre!
[20:47] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahahaha
[20:47] TheBKing: where'd you get that from Albert? The simpsons?
[20:47] cnote2000: a Homer reference! Good one!
[20:47] AgonyBooth: yeah :)
[20:47] AgonyBooth: haha
[20:47] cnote2000: release the hounds
[20:47] Darkangl: la cucaracha!
[20:47] AgonyBooth: do we wait?
[20:47] TheBKing: They should've used that huge rubber condom to smother porky.
[20:47] Darkangl: there ya go
[20:48] Darkangl: but even that thing isn't big enough for a giant dick like him
[20:48] cnote2000: har har har
[20:48] TheBKing: LMAO!
[20:48] TheBKing: hahahaha
[20:48] AgonyBooth: those are lame bird calls
[20:48] Darkangl: ah yes
[20:48] cnote2000: that was PUNny :)
[20:48] Darkangl: the classic cat in heat sound
[20:48] AgonyBooth: soo soo sudio
[20:48] cnote2000: that's a lotta kegs!
[20:48] TheBKing: here pig!
[20:49] AgonyBooth: i loves ya porky
[20:49] Darkangl: hahahahaah
[20:49] Darkangl: gay redneck bartender
[20:49] TheBKing: hahahahahahaha
[20:50] cnote2000: watch out for sharks Porky!
[20:50] AgonyBooth: grab everything that kills!
[20:50] TheBKing: Grab everything that kills!
[20:50] TheBKing: LMAO!
[20:50] TheBKing: LMAO!
[20:50] TheBKing: HAHAHHAHAHA:
[20:50] Darkangl: you know
[20:50] painful: police brutality!
[20:50] Darkangl: it would totally suck ass for them if that tow truck died right now
[20:50] AgonyBooth: get your nightsticks lubed up
[20:50] Darkangl: like they blew the motor or the tranny or somthing
[20:51] TheBKing: well this is what happens when you make a building out of plywood.
[20:51] TheBKing: and cardboard.
[20:51] TheBKing: BOOBIES!
[20:51] TheBKing: show your boobies!
[20:51] cnote2000: not the sign!!!
[20:51] TheBKing: I saw the sign...
[20:51] TheBKing: Bringing down the house!
[20:51] Darkangl: the sign was back in part II so it's ok
[20:51] TheBKing: If that sign hits the water, Porky is screwed.
[20:52] TheBKing: LOL
[20:52] Darkangl: you know
[20:52] painful: blow the bridge!
[20:52] cnote2000: Fire in the Hole!!
[20:52] TheBKing: where the hell did they get dynamite?
[20:52] Darkangl: I don't know if I'd have put the plunger that close to the bridge
[20:52] AgonyBooth: trouble
[20:53] TheBKing: hahahahahahhahahaahah
[20:53] Darkangl: ain't nothin wrong with this car boss :D
[20:53] TheBKing: pow pow power wheels.
[20:53] TheBKing: WHOOPS!
[20:53] TheBKing: hahahahahahaha
[20:53] TheBKing: LMAO!
[20:54] cnote2000: that is a pink car alright
[20:54] AgonyBooth: snap
[20:54] TheBKing: PIG WHISTLE!!!!
[20:54] TheBKing: Stop doing the speed limit billy!
[20:54] Darkangl: almost there
[20:54] Darkangl: almost there
[20:54] Darkangl: almost there
[20:54] TheBKing: what the fuck?
[20:54] painful: ooooh... the suspense is killing me!
[20:56] AgonyBooth: get 'im brutha!
[20:56] painful: sweeeeet....
[20:56] AgonyBooth: wah wah wah wahhhhhhh
[20:56] painful: he killed the pig whistle!
[20:57] TheBKing: hahahahaha.
[20:57] Darkangl: oh just go home and play with webster
[20:57] Darkangl: ya big bitch
[20:57] AgonyBooth: yay!
[20:58] TheBKing: He's gonna trade it in for a Bacon Wagon.
[20:58] Darkangl: man
[20:58] AgonyBooth: it's tommy and brian!
[20:58] Darkangl: kim is just so hot in this
[20:58] AgonyBooth: yay!
[20:58] AgonyBooth: roll credits
[20:58] TheBKing: YAY!
[20:58] Darkangl: not yet
[20:58] TheBKing: Let's promote underage drinking and pre-marital sex!
[20:59] Darkangl: oh hell yeah
[20:59] cnote2000: indeed!!
[20:59] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahaha
[21:00] TheBKing: Don't worry it'll only take a minute.
[21:00] TheBKing: It's sasquatch!!!
[21:00] Darkangl: hahahahahahha
[21:00] TheBKing: RAMSES: Curse of the Pharoah!
[21:00] TheBKing: LMAO!
[21:00] painful: I thought he always had one on...
[21:00] TheBKing: ch ch ch ha ha ha
[21:00] Darkangl: hahahahahaha
[21:01] Darkangl: training rubbers :D
[21:01] TheBKing: It's too big!!!
[21:01] cnote2000: tie a knot in it!
[21:01] cnote2000: she's back!!!
[21:01] TheBKing: They got between MS. Ballbreaker and her cub.
[21:01] Darkangl: hahahahahahahaha
[21:01] Darkangl: that was a mistake
[21:01] TheBKing: hahahaha.
[21:01] TheBKing: When fat bitches attack!
[21:02] AgonyBooth: geez!
[21:02] Darkangl: hee hee
[21:02] TheBKing: jeez
[21:02] cnote2000: better than I remember it being!
[21:02] Darkangl: I was 10 when I first saw this movie
[21:02] TheBKing: what kind of way is that to end a movie?
[21:02] TheBKing: jeez
[21:02] TheBKing: jeez
[21:02] TheBKing: jeez
[21:02] TheBKing: jeez
[21:02] TheBKing: .....
[21:02] TheBKing: jeez
[21:02] Darkangl: saw it and zapped at a friends birthday party
[21:02] painful: better than most movies...
[21:02] TheBKing: zapped is cool.
[21:02] Darkangl: yeah
[21:02] TheBKing: is that on DVD yet duderino?
[21:03] AgonyBooth: lol... i don't remember when i first saw it
[21:03] Darkangl: I wish they'd get it out on dvd
[21:03] AgonyBooth: there were too many slow moments in there
[21:03] Darkangl: I've been waiting for it for ages
[21:03] painful: needed more boobies.... and Kim never took her top off, dammit!
[21:03] cnote2000: Zapped. Scott Baio and Willie Ames were a comic duo genius
[21:03] TheBKing: I wish I had mental powers that allowed me to undress women.
[21:03] AgonyBooth: Zapped!