Plan 9 From Outer Space 1/31/2004

Darkangl = Duane from B-Movie Central
TheBKing = Jordan from The B-Movie Film Vault
LoungeMonkey = Todd from The Monkeyhouse Lounge
AgonyBooth = Albert from The Agony Booth
Sharon = Duane's wife Sharon
Stephanie = Shephanie Haywood - B-Movie Actress
citizennancy = Nancy - Fan Club Member


[19:29] Darkangl: everyone paused at the right spot?
[19:29] LoungeMonkey: yep
[19:29] AgonyBooth: Yeah
[19:29] Stephanie: yeah
[19:29] pantsman: Yus
[19:29] TheBKing: think so.
[19:29] Darkangl: ok
[19:29] Darkangl: jordy will do the countdown from 5 to 1 stephanie
[19:29] TheBKing: Aight... when I say GO! then you hit play on your machines!
[19:29] Stephanie: ok
[19:29] Darkangl: then he says go and we all play on "go"
[19:29] TheBKing: it's easy.
[19:29] citizennancy: or remotes
[19:30] TheBKing: yup!
[19:30] LoungeMonkey: kick it
[19:30] TheBKing: Eddy wood would be proud
[19:30] * TheBKing sniffles
[19:30] Darkangl: hit it jordy
[19:30] TheBKing: ok
[19:30] TheBKing: 5
[19:30] TheBKing: 4
[19:30] TheBKing: 3
[19:30] TheBKing: 2
[19:30] TheBKing: 1
[19:30] TheBKing: GO GO!
[19:30] AgonyBooth: Criswell Predicts... this movie will suck
[19:30] TheBKing: ok...
[19:30] TheBKing: LOL
[19:30] citizennancy: lol
[19:30] Darkangl: hahahah
[19:30] Stephanie: lol
[19:30] LoungeMonkey: That's not Jeffrey Jones!
[19:30] pantsman: Hahaha, classic
[19:30] citizennancy: what? no bill murray either?
[19:31] AgonyBooth: Or, in the past
[19:31] citizennancy: lol
[19:31] TheBKing: We are all interested in the future for that is where you and I will spend the rest of our lives.
[19:31] pantsman: Man, I love that dialogue
[19:31] Darkangl: there was a guy narrating the beginning of night fright that sounded just like this
[19:31] TheBKing: makes no sense
[19:31] AgonyBooth: Cue cards
[19:31] Darkangl: neither does that hairdo
[19:31] LoungeMonkey: Man, Ed Wood must've had a HUGE stock of crystal meth
[19:31] citizennancy: lol
[19:31] pantsman: Criswell's hair scares me
[19:31] TheBKing: lol
[19:31] AgonyBooth: Let us punish the audience
[19:31] TheBKing: comb over!
[19:31] TheBKing: lol
[19:31] Sharon: hahaha
[19:31] Darkangl: hahaha
[19:31] TheBKing: hahahaha
[19:31] LoungeMonkey: heheheheh Tor
[19:31] AgonyBooth: Grave Robbers from Outer Space!
[19:31] Sharon: I was just looking at his hair :)
[19:31] pantsman: TOR!!!
[19:31] citizennancy: lol
[19:31] TheBKing: Graverobbers from Outer Space. The original title of the film....
[19:32] Darkangl: looks like he got sat next to a fan and it blew his hair over
[19:32] LoungeMonkey: Manlove?
[19:32] TheBKing: dude, they did the making of Plan 9 and ed's other films so well in ED WOOD.
[19:32] Darkangl: manlove?
[19:32] Darkangl: where the hell did that come from
[19:32] citizennancy: sounds like a band
[19:32] Sharon: looks like someone abused a bottle of hair gel
[19:32] Darkangl: hahahaha
[19:32] LoungeMonkey: That one dude's name was Dudley Manlove?
[19:32] Darkangl: jee jee
[19:32] Darkangl: hee hee
[19:32] Darkangl: :P
[19:32] Darkangl: man the sound on this dvd is crappy
[19:32] TheBKing: lol
[19:32] TheBKing: not on mine....
[19:32] Darkangl: image's releases are overrated
[19:32] citizennancy: lol
[19:32] Sharon: cool music though
[19:33] LoungeMonkey: YEah!!! Eddy!!!
[19:33] AgonyBooth: whoooo woooooo woooooo
[19:33] TheBKing: WOHOO!
[19:33] TheBKing: hahahahahahahha
[19:33] TheBKing: man....
[19:33] Darkangl: BELA!
[19:33] LoungeMonkey: grave digging sucks
[19:33] Darkangl: THE MAN!
[19:33] TheBKing: that is a sloppy burial.
[19:33] citizennancy: that natives are restless
[19:33] TheBKing: look at that mess.
[19:33] LoungeMonkey: he's going to puke!
[19:33] AgonyBooth: Let me stare at this bible
[19:33] pantsman: Al Bundy
[19:33] TheBKing: that dude is throwing up.
[19:33] TheBKing: LOL
[19:33] Darkangl: al bundy?
[19:33] pantsman: I swear, that preacher looks like Al Bundy
[19:33] TheBKing: he finally killed Peg.
[19:33] citizennancy: lol
[19:33] AgonyBooth: Not a very talkative preacher...
[19:33] Darkangl: yeah maybe a real young version
[19:33] LoungeMonkey: Those two guys have a bet on when Bela pukes
[19:34] TheBKing: lol
[19:34] TheBKing: jeez.
[19:34] AgonyBooth: And he walks right over the grave
[19:34] AgonyBooth: haha
[19:34] Darkangl: here ya go
[19:34] TheBKing: what kind of graveyard is this?!
[19:34] Darkangl: I'm not dead!
[19:34] LoungeMonkey: Abbot and Costello after they lost all their money
[19:34] TheBKing: lol
[19:34] TheBKing: hahahahahaa
[19:34] citizennancy: lol
[19:34] AgonyBooth: Haha
[19:34] TheBKing: meanwhile in stock footage.
[19:34] AgonyBooth: Quite a spacious cockpit
[19:34] pantsman: "STRAAAAAANGE THINGS!"
[19:34] TheBKing: yeah that's a cockpit all right.
[19:34] TheBKing: LOL
[19:34] AgonyBooth: Almost like it's a room on a soundstage
[19:34] TheBKing: the curtain has me convinced completely.
[19:34] pantsman: Who needs a door when you've got tarp
[19:34] TheBKing: LOL
[19:35] Darkangl: what the hell's that thing on the wall behind him
[19:35] citizennancy: lol
[19:35] TheBKing: mile high club?
[19:35] Stephanie: lol
[19:35] citizennancy: they got it from eegah
[19:35] AgonyBooth: And the captain is sitting with his hands in his lap
[19:35] Sharon: I think later on you see it somewhere else
[19:35] AgonyBooth: Wire!
[19:35] Darkangl: THE STRING!
[19:35] TheBKing: LOL
[19:35] LoungeMonkey: man, this is so pathetic
[19:35] citizennancy: pull the string!
[19:35] Darkangl: hahahah
[19:35] AgonyBooth: Hahah
[19:35] Darkangl: yeah it's a goof
[19:35] TheBKing: Look at the steering columns
[19:35] TheBKing: AH! PIE PLATE!
[19:35] TheBKing: Quick, call the PRINCE OF SPACE!
[19:35] Darkangl: the string holding the saucer up makes the movie all worth while
[19:35] citizennancy: LOL
[19:36] AgonyBooth: Drug the passengers
[19:36] citizennancy: dixie plates of DEATH
[19:36] TheBKing: specially at the end Duane.
[19:36] TheBKing: lol
[19:36] Darkangl: yep :)
[19:36] pantsman: Prince of Space, was that with Krankor?
[19:36] citizennancy: haa haaa haaa
[19:36] LoungeMonkey: now it's day
[19:36] Darkangl: hahahaha
[19:36] LoungeMonkey: now it's night
[19:36] citizennancy: quick movie
[19:36] LoungeMonkey: now it
[19:36] Darkangl: HAHAHAHAHAHA
[19:36] AgonyBooth: Sorta spooky like
[19:36] LoungeMonkey: aw fuck it
[19:36] citizennancy: lol
[19:36] Darkangl: sorta spooky like
[19:36] TheBKing: I think these guys were supposed to be black in the original script.
[19:36] Darkangl: these guys sound like they just walked out of the giant spider invasion
[19:36] TheBKing: uh oh.......
[19:36] pantsman: Man, I totally hate hearing noises, especially when there aren't supposed to be any
[19:37] AgonyBooth: Day!
[19:37] AgonyBooth: Night!
[19:37] TheBKing: something silent this way comes.
[19:37] AgonyBooth: Day!
[19:37] LoungeMonkey: dark, light
[19:37] AgonyBooth: Night!
[19:37] TheBKing: Something BUSTY this way comes!
[19:37] citizennancy: lol
[19:37] LoungeMonkey: hahahahahaha
[19:37] pantsman: Hahaha
[19:37] TheBKing: hahahahaha
[19:37] LoungeMonkey: poor Bela
[19:37] Darkangl: man
[19:37] TheBKing: final footage that Bela ever appeared in.
[19:37] Sharon: hahahahaha
[19:37] TheBKing: right here!
[19:37] Darkangl: zombie titties
[19:37] Darkangl: LD
[19:37] TheBKing: LOL
[19:37] Darkangl: :D
[19:37] pantsman: This is probably my favorite scene, love the way the narration ends
[19:37] Darkangl: poor bela
[19:37] TheBKing: drop the rose.
[19:38] TheBKing: man they recreated this so well in Ed Wood.
[19:38] citizennancy: aw its been fun, gotta go now guys
[19:38] Darkangl: ok nancy take care :)
[19:38] pantsman: Later Nancy
[19:38] TheBKing: cya nancy!
[19:38] Sharon: take care :)
[19:38] AgonyBooth: alright... see you Nancy
[19:38] citizennancy: nice to meet all the new people
[19:38] TheBKing: damn it quit your job!
[19:38] citizennancy: lol
[19:38] LoungeMonkey: screech!!!!
[19:38] TheBKing: lol
[19:38] LoungeMonkey: ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
[19:38] citizennancy: where?
[19:38] citizennancy: oh ok lol
[19:38] TheBKing: SCREEECH!
[19:38] AgonyBooth: Ah... the off-screen death
[19:38] TheBKing: AHHHHHHHH!
[19:38] Darkangl: man that's cold blooded
[19:38] TheBKing: SIRENS BLARE!
[19:38] citizennancy: THUD!
[19:38] *** Quits: citizennancy
[19:38] LoungeMonkey: beat you Jordan!
[19:38] pantsman: He was hit by a car in his driveway I guess
[19:38] TheBKing: damn it todd!
[19:38] AgonyBooth: First his wife, then he
[19:39] pantsman: This chick is the worst actress ever
[19:39] AgonyBooth: Oh.
[19:39] Stephanie: lol
[19:39] TheBKing: That dude is part pug:
[19:39] Darkangl: I love how all these people come piling out of here like midget clowns out of a clown car
[19:39] LoungeMonkey: no, she has nothing on Mariah Carey
[19:39] Sharon: hahahaha
[19:39] AgonyBooth: I'm amazed someone can recite "Oh" with so little passion
[19:39] AgonyBooth: But she sure can scream
[19:39] pantsman: Hahahaha
[19:39] LoungeMonkey: I love this repeated footage
[19:39] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahaha
[19:39] pantsman: TOOOOOOOORRR!!!
[19:39] Darkangl: TOR!
[19:39] LoungeMonkey: hahahahahahaha!!!
[19:40] AgonyBooth: TOR!
[19:40] TheBKing: what the hell is he saying?
[19:40] LoungeMonkey: You can't understand a word he says
[19:40] Darkangl: you don't hear him speak hardly ever in movies
[19:40] AgonyBooth: The police inspector can't speak English... we're in good hands now
[19:40] TheBKing: hahahahahahahaha
[19:40] Sharon: hahahahaha
[19:40] LoungeMonkey: what?
[19:40] AgonyBooth: He was much better in Beast of Yucca Flats
[19:40] AgonyBooth: when he didn't have any lines
[19:40] Darkangl: now now
[19:40] Darkangl: leave penis size out of this
[19:40] AgonyBooth: Damn
[19:40] AgonyBooth: No subtitles on this DVD
[19:40] Darkangl: hahahaha
[19:41] TheBKing: ROFL
[19:41] TheBKing: lol
[19:41] TheBKing: hahahahahaha
[19:41] Darkangl: I don't think they know how to translate "Behemoth" anyway albert
[19:41] LoungeMonkey: the person trying to write the subtitles committed suicide
[19:41] AgonyBooth: haha
[19:41] TheBKing: the smoke... ack.... can't breathe....
[19:41] AgonyBooth: LOL
[19:41] TheBKing: Tor farted again!
[19:41] TheBKing: jeezus!
[19:41] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[19:41] LoungeMonkey: Yasmine must be around smoking some crack
[19:41] TheBKing: ROFL!
[19:41] TheBKing: hahahahaha
[19:41] Sharon: hahahahaha
[19:41] TheBKing: BOBBAGADOOSH!
[19:41] Darkangl: quick! no one light a match!
[19:41] LoungeMonkey: Boo-yah!!!
[19:41] TheBKing: one for todd.
[19:41] Darkangl: just not the same if I don't do it todd
[19:41] TheBKing: you get that funny odor?
[19:41] Darkangl: ;)
[19:41] TheBKing: God damnit Tor!
[19:41] AgonyBooth: haha
[19:42] LoungeMonkey: I know Duane...I suck :(
[19:42] Darkangl: hee hee
[19:42] Darkangl: nah
[19:42] AgonyBooth: Up there
[19:42] AgonyBooth: Out there
[19:42] AgonyBooth: In there
[19:42] Darkangl: I just have the yasmeen vibe
[19:42] LoungeMonkey: You do a have a better good to bad ratio on the Yasmine jokes :)
[19:42] TheBKing: lol
[19:42] Darkangl: why thank you :)
[19:42] LoungeMonkey: up there?
[19:42] TheBKing: I'm reading my lines off of a cue card!
[19:42] AgonyBooth: Up there?
[19:42] LoungeMonkey: a saucer shaped like a cigar?
[19:43] Darkangl: no the kind from below the ground
[19:43] TheBKing: it looked like a pie plate from our vantage point.
[19:43] TheBKing: ROFL!
[19:43] Stephanie: lol
[19:43] LoungeMonkey: he failed elementary geometry
[19:43] LoungeMonkey: hahahahahaha
[19:43] AgonyBooth: Look out!
[19:43] Darkangl: but he got an A in hair gel
[19:43] AgonyBooth: Spotlights!
[19:43] pantsman: Knocked out by lighting
[19:43] Darkangl: hahahahahaha
[19:43] LoungeMonkey: the spotlight is powerful
[19:44] LoungeMonkey: who the hell was that?
[19:44] AgonyBooth: More spotlights!
[19:44] TheBKing: hahahahahahaha.
[19:44] pantsman: I love this shot of Tor
[19:44] TheBKing: he nearly knocked over that cardboard cross.
[19:44] TheBKing: LOL
[19:44] AgonyBooth: Who are those two guys in sweaters
[19:44] Darkangl: the ambulance guys I think
[19:44] LoungeMonkey: well, at least the detective held on to his cigarette
[19:44] AgonyBooth: Ohh.. of course
[19:44] Darkangl: GO TOR GO!
[19:44] TheBKing: Here's comes Lugosi #2.
[19:44] TheBKing: lol
[19:44] TheBKing: hahahahahahahaha
[19:45] AgonyBooth: Wow... the resemblance is amazing
[19:45] LoungeMonkey: wait a minute you guys
[19:45] Darkangl: man he looks nothing like lugosi
[19:45] AgonyBooth: It's like they were twins
[19:45] TheBKing: man you KNOW that ain't bella.
[19:45] LoungeMonkey: that's not Bela Lugosi
[19:45] Darkangl: I mean
[19:45] TheBKing: ROFL
[19:45] TheBKing: hahahahahaa.
[19:45] LoungeMonkey: What the hell is going on
[19:45] TheBKing: pointier ears.
[19:45] Darkangl: he's like HALF lugosi's age
[19:45] TheBKing: he's taller.
[19:45] AgonyBooth: That's even worse than Shatner's stunt doubles
[19:45] TheBKing: lol
[19:45] LoungeMonkey: I'm returning this says it stars Bela Lugosi!!
[19:45] Darkangl: hahahaha
[19:45] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahaha
[19:45] Stephanie: lol
[19:45] Darkangl: so
[19:45] Darkangl: tell me something
[19:45] LoungeMonkey: Damn you Ed Wood!!!!
[19:45] TheBKing: he shot him in the nads!
[19:45] Stephanie: ouch
[19:45] LoungeMonkey: that is one of the funniest things I've ever seen
[19:46] Darkangl: vampira wouldn't say her lines in this movie because she was offended by how stupid they were
[19:46] LoungeMonkey: dead..murdered
[19:46] AgonyBooth: Don't trip
[19:46] Darkangl: yet she stand there like that
[19:46] LoungeMonkey: I'm offended and I'm not even in the movie
[19:46] AgonyBooth: Hmmm
[19:46] AgonyBooth: let me use my gun to adjust my hat
[19:46] Darkangl: stand there
[19:46] LoungeMonkey: allow me to point the gun at my face
[19:46] pantsman: He's dead AND murdered!?
[19:46] Sharon: better than using a gun to scratch your ear I guess :)
[19:46] AgonyBooth: This gun also doubles as a back scratcher
[19:46] LoungeMonkey: collarbone itch will be solved by bullet
[19:46] TheBKing: lol
[19:46] AgonyBooth: Let me point this gun at my own men
[19:47] TheBKing: it's ok it's not loa... POW!
[19:47] LoungeMonkey: ahhh...before gun safety classes
[19:47] AgonyBooth: Murdered... and somebody's responsible!
[19:47] TheBKing: lol
[19:47] LoungeMonkey: Love the crazy eybrows on tit...I mean Vampira
[19:47] pantsman: And the funeral services are held lated that night...
[19:47] Sharon: probably the same guy who ate the last donut
[19:47] TheBKing: love when Tor tries coming out of the ground.... the fat bastard.
[19:47] TheBKing: LOL
[19:47] TheBKing: good one todders
[19:47] Darkangl: how come vampira doesn't have flies buzzing around her
[19:47] LoungeMonkey: It's CHiPS!!!
[19:47] TheBKing: lol
[19:47] AgonyBooth: Hahah
[19:48] AgonyBooth: Look! We're pointing at them!
[19:48] LoungeMonkey: Erik Estrado would do a movie like this now
[19:48] AgonyBooth: They must be drunk!
[19:48] AgonyBooth: Drunk aliens
[19:48] Stephanie: even though i didnt talk to much, i am gonna have to go , cousin broke down .. needs help .. and its freezing fuck out
[19:48] TheBKing: DRUKN DUDE!
[19:48] LoungeMonkey: ahahahahahaha
[19:48] TheBKing: LOL
[19:48] TheBKing: he's gonna use the paper as a blanket.
[19:48] AgonyBooth: alright Stephanie
[19:48] TheBKing: LOL
[19:48] pantsman: Later Stephanie
[19:48] AgonyBooth: we'll see you
[19:48] TheBKing: oh no!
[19:48] LoungeMonkey: See ya Stephane
[19:48] TheBKing: ok Steph.
[19:48] Stephanie: it was really nice talking the amount i talked lol
[19:49] Sharon: see ya :)
[19:49] TheBKing: yeah!
[19:49] LoungeMonkey: Stephanie
[19:49] LoungeMonkey: sorry
[19:49] TheBKing: come join us again.
[19:49] Sharon: It was nice meeting you
[19:49] Stephanie: u too
[19:49] Darkangl: ok take care stephanie
[19:49] Stephanie: i am sure i will be back
[19:49] Darkangl: thanks for coming :)
[19:49] Stephanie: talk to u guys later
[19:49] TheBKing: take care! okey dokey!
[19:49] Stephanie: bye
[19:49] TheBKing: cya!
[19:49] LoungeMonkey: ahh...stock footage rules
[19:49] *** Quits: Stephanie
[19:49] Sharon: hahaha
[19:49] TheBKing: see now that's how movie stars should be!
[19:49] AgonyBooth: Ah... just use a plain wall as an outdoor backdrop
[19:49] pantsman: Second stock-footage filled schlockfest we've watched in a row, I loves it!
[19:49] TheBKing: hahahahah
[19:49] TheBKing: this is amazing.
[19:50] TheBKing: direct hit!
[19:50] pantsman: I AM ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT!!
[19:50] AgonyBooth: stock footage is awesome
[19:50] TheBKing: man this is much better than WAR OF THE WORLDS!
[19:50] AgonyBooth: I wonder what's gonna happen next
[19:50] TheBKing: lol
[19:50] AgonyBooth: That clip looks familiar
[19:50] AgonyBooth: So does that one
[19:50] TheBKing: men, aim for the strings!
[19:50] TheBKing: That's our only chance of defeating them!
[19:50] Sharon: hahahahahaha
[19:50] AgonyBooth: The piercing eye of radar!
[19:50] LoungeMonkey: the piercing eye of RADAR?
[19:51] Darkangl: sorry phone
[19:51] TheBKing: dude.
[19:51] pantsman: What exactly is the military guy standing in front of? A white background?
[19:51] TheBKing: lol
[19:51] LoungeMonkey: phones provided by Cingular
[19:51] TheBKing: lol
[19:51] AgonyBooth: Officially
[19:51] pantsman: Earthquakes = Alien massacres
[19:51] TheBKing: Aliens creat earthquakes and tornadoes and other natural disasters?
[19:51] LoungeMonkey: he philosophising general
[19:51] AgonyBooth: Will they take me with them?
[19:51] TheBKing: wow... just wo!
[19:52] TheBKing: LOL
[19:52] TheBKing: hahahahahahahaha
[19:52] TheBKing: Planet Wood!
[19:52] LoungeMonkey: did they model that space station after Vampira's boobies?
[19:52] TheBKing: Bill Murray! oh wait...
[19:52] Darkangl: silk jammies!
[19:52] Sharon: hahaha
[19:52] LoungeMonkey: Bunny Breckenridge
[19:53] TheBKing: PLAN 9!!!!!!!!!!!!
[19:53] TheBKing: hahahahahaha
[19:53] AgonyBooth: Don't ask about plans 1 through 8
[19:53] TheBKing: ah yes ...
[19:53] TheBKing: here is the script
[19:53] pantsman: Even in advanced alien spacecrafts, doors are made of silk
[19:53] AgonyBooth: Or about Preparations A through G
[19:53] Sharon: hahahaha
[19:53] LoungeMonkey: Plan 5 was to make a good movie
[19:53] TheBKing: What about Prepartion H?
[19:53] AgonyBooth: I say we go with Plan B
[19:53] Sharon: hahaha
[19:53] LoungeMonkey: I went down down down through a buring ring of fire
[19:54] AgonyBooth: Nice silk shirts
[19:54] AgonyBooth: Are they circus performers?
[19:54] LoungeMonkey: Is that a Lazer Tag gun?
[19:54] TheBKing: lol
[19:54] TheBKing: wow that was deep man...
[19:54] TheBKing: DEEP!
[19:54] LoungeMonkey: Wow...the sound blows chunks in this movie
[19:54] AgonyBooth: Wow.. their planet is a big saucer
[19:54] TheBKing: The people that can think are afraid of those who can't.. the dead....
[19:55] Sharon: looks like a boob
[19:55] TheBKing: point to ponder there. I tell you!
[19:55] TheBKing: the saucers are on a cloud surfin' safari!
[19:55] AgonyBooth: Woah... these things sure do wobble
[19:55] LoungeMonkey: Can you imagine what Ed Wood would do if he had access to CGI?
[19:55] TheBKing: well it's before they invented ahm... shocks...
[19:55] TheBKing: ROFL!@
[19:55] TheBKing: hahahahahaha
[19:55] AgonyBooth: Yeah!
[19:55] AgonyBooth: They should do a Plan 9 Special Edition
[19:55] AgonyBooth: Replace the saucers on strings with CG
[19:55] LoungeMonkey: That would be awesome!!!!
[19:56] Darkangl: that would suck ass
[19:56] AgonyBooth: Edit in Jabba the Hut
[19:56] LoungeMonkey: Let's do a shot for shot remake of this flick
[19:56] AgonyBooth: Up there
[19:56] AgonyBooth: Out there
[19:56] AgonyBooth: In there
[19:56] LoungeMonkey: IN where?
[19:56] pantsman: This 'pillow talk', was this supposed to sound like what it does?
[19:56] TheBKing: pillowbiter!
[19:56] AgonyBooth: haha
[19:56] TheBKing: hahahahaha
[19:56] AgonyBooth: Sometmes I hump that pillow
[19:56] LoungeMonkey: Yeah, she has a cigar shaped object to keep her company alright
[19:56] TheBKing: hahahahahahhaahahaha.
[19:57] Sharon: hahahaha
[19:57] TheBKing: todd's a dirty old man tonight.
[19:57] LoungeMonkey: powered by the badness of this movie
[19:57] TheBKing: look at his purse!!!!
[19:57] TheBKing: ROFL!
[19:57] LoungeMonkey: Hey...gotta get back in form:)
[19:57] pantsman: Hahahaha
[19:57] Sharon: hahahaha
[19:57] TheBKing: fag!@
[19:57] AgonyBooth: It's a bowling ball bag
[19:57] TheBKing: Don't ask don't tell sailor!
[19:57] LoungeMonkey: he's go t a shaving kit and BVDs in there
[19:57] TheBKing: lol
[19:57] TheBKing: BVD's?
[19:58] TheBKing: Bad Virgin Donkey's
[19:58] TheBKing: ?
[19:58] LoungeMonkey: I love the tarp behind them
[19:58] TheBKing: lol
[19:58] pantsman: Big Vucking Deal
[19:58] TheBKing: LOL
[19:58] AgonyBooth: Oh no, nothing wrong... she's got a pillow
[19:58] LoungeMonkey: Home Depot would be Ed Wood's special effects shop if he were alive today
[19:58] TheBKing: lol
[19:58] AgonyBooth: heheh
[19:58] AgonyBooth: what is that thing on the wall?
[19:58] TheBKing: he could do a VISA commercial.
[19:59] AgonyBooth: a barometer?
[19:59] TheBKing: pie plates... 5 for $1.00
[19:59] pantsman: A clock maybe... or something
[19:59] AgonyBooth: They don't call it the cock pit for nothin'
[19:59] LoungeMonkey: Something he found on the street
[19:59] TheBKing: 10 yards of string.... $3.00
[19:59] Sharon: hahahahaha
[19:59] LoungeMonkey: hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!
[19:59] TheBKing: makein a bad movie with little or no cash... PRICELESS
[19:59] AgonyBooth: hahah
[19:59] LoungeMonkey: the coffee sucks!!!!
[20:00] TheBKing: FOr Ed Wood there's pocket change, for others there's visa.
[20:00] AgonyBooth: How bout my Albequerque balls?
[20:00] TheBKing: lol
[20:00] LoungeMonkey: Yeah, how bought that alberquerque BALL?
[20:00] pantsman: He's BACK!
[20:00] TheBKing: hahahahahahaha
[20:00] TheBKing: what the hell.
[20:00] AgonyBooth: Shit, I can't spell Albequerque
[20:00] LoungeMonkey: what the f?
[20:00] LoungeMonkey: yeah, I just winged it Albert
[20:00] LoungeMonkey: Furniture by IKEA
[20:01] LoungeMonkey: wait...wasn't that chair on the patio too?
[20:01] TheBKing: I'm fine, the pillow and I were talking and... I think we should see other furniture...
[20:01] AgonyBooth: hahaha
[20:01] LoungeMonkey: hahahahahaha
[20:01] Sharon: hahaha
[20:01] AgonyBooth: Honey, I'm home
[20:01] LoungeMonkey: Not Bela
[20:01] TheBKing: I didn't call for a male stripper.
[20:01] AgonyBooth: Sorry, the light bothers my eyes
[20:01] TheBKing: lol
[20:01] TheBKing: LOL
[20:02] AgonyBooth: Now, I must slowly chase you
[20:02] LoungeMonkey: this is where Jason learned to stalk people...slow and steady
[20:02] TheBKing: LOL
[20:02] AgonyBooth: day!
[20:02] LoungeMonkey: We should do Freddy Vs Jason for a gathering
[20:02] TheBKing: She fell in a divot.
[20:02] TheBKing: no. Duane wouldn't be game.
[20:02] TheBKing: I'm game though.
[20:02] AgonyBooth: night!
[20:02] TheBKing: I grew up on those.
[20:02] LoungeMonkey: look at her waist
[20:02] LoungeMonkey: like a supermodel
[20:02] TheBKing: uh oh....
[20:02] Darkangl: orson welles gave her vd
[20:02] TheBKing: Under the ground.... God Damn Monsters!
[20:03] LoungeMonkey: where are me glasses - Vampira
[20:03] TheBKing: Tremors 9 From Outer Space!
[20:03] AgonyBooth: LOL...
[20:03] AgonyBooth: ahaha
[20:03] LoungeMonkey: his shadow looks like Darth Vader
[20:03] AgonyBooth: It's Tor Johnson's graboid
[20:03] TheBKing: uh.... guys..... could you help me out of here....
[20:03] TheBKing: guys... I uh.... thansk.
[20:03] TheBKing: LOL
[20:03] TheBKing: Tor went blind after watching this film.
[20:03] LoungeMonkey: Where the hell am I?
[20:03] TheBKing: look at his eyes.
[20:03] LoungeMonkey: hahahaha
[20:04] TheBKing: mommy!
[20:04] LoungeMonkey: love the tombstone fallin in the grave
[20:04] TheBKing: yup
[20:04] AgonyBooth: Yes, here we don't put tombstones in the ground, we just set them next to the grave
[20:04] TheBKing: hahahahahahaha
[20:04] LoungeMonkey: night
[20:04] AgonyBooth: Day!
[20:04] LoungeMonkey: day
[20:04] TheBKing: daytime again.
[20:04] TheBKing: LOL
[20:04] AgonyBooth: Night!
[20:04] LoungeMonkey: day
[20:04] LoungeMonkey: night
[20:04] LoungeMonkey: my brain is going to explode!!!!!
[20:04] TheBKing: huh?
[20:04] TheBKing: huh?
[20:04] TheBKing: huh?
[20:04] TheBKing: huh?
[20:04] TheBKing: huh?
[20:04] TheBKing: huh?
[20:05] TheBKing: Tor and Vampira's motivation.
[20:05] LoungeMonkey: When did Boss Hogg get a part in this movie
[20:05] TheBKing: HUH?
[20:05] TheBKing: HUH?
[20:05] AgonyBooth: LOL
[20:05] LoungeMonkey: Here come those Duke boys...
[20:05] TheBKing: Fake bella was thwarted!
[20:05] TheBKing: lol
[20:05] LoungeMonkey: night...again
[20:05] Sharon: is this why he is covering his face?
[20:06] LoungeMonkey: that's not a cop car!
[20:06] TheBKing: lol
[20:06] TheBKing: bevaaaaaaaaaare!
[20:06] pantsman: Hahaha
[20:06] TheBKing: lol
[20:06] AgonyBooth: hahaha
[20:06] LoungeMonkey: Take care!!!
[20:06] TheBKing: lol
[20:06] Darkangl: be funny if he fell in an open grave
[20:06] LoungeMonkey: Pull the strings!!
[20:06] TheBKing: the green eyed dragon!
[20:06] TheBKing: PULL DA STRINKGS!
[20:06] LoungeMonkey: Puppy dog tails
[20:06] TheBKing: huggable zombies.
[20:06] pantsman: I've almost completely forgot what is happening in the film by this point
[20:07] LoungeMonkey: There's that thing that almost burned Bela
[20:07] TheBKing: open the back door please...
[20:07] TheBKing: jacob's ladder.
[20:07] Sharon: look at the wall next to the door
[20:07] TheBKing: hahahahaha
[20:07] TheBKing: alien thermostat.
[20:07] LoungeMonkey: what's there?
[20:07] pantsman: Wonder where that ladder goes to
[20:07] LoungeMonkey: Knock Knick...Avon calling
[20:07] TheBKing: lol
[20:07] Sharon: the same wall from the plane
[20:07] Sharon: the clock thingie
[20:07] Darkangl: there's kelton
[20:08] Darkangl: the cop
[20:08] Darkangl: paul marco
[20:08] Darkangl: dork
[20:08] TheBKing: hahahahahaahha
[20:08] Darkangl: I wanted to do an interview with he
[20:08] TheBKing: Conrad Brooks rules!
[20:08] Darkangl: him
[20:08] Darkangl: wrote to him
[20:08] Darkangl: he wrote back once
[20:08] Darkangl: then never heard from him again
[20:08] LoungeMonkey: stop pointin with the gun!!!
[20:08] Darkangl: jerk
[20:08] LoungeMonkey: hahahahahaha
[20:08] TheBKing: lol
[20:08] LoungeMonkey: the gun thing is cracking me up!
[20:08] AgonyBooth: Yeahhhhhh... I hadn't thought of that
[20:09] TheBKing: lol
[20:09] TheBKing: haven't you heard?
[20:09] TheBKing: ha! It's so incredible!
[20:09] TheBKing: Good times happy feelings!
[20:09] AgonyBooth: Geez, don't you know about flying saucers? Are you a moron?
[20:09] TheBKing: Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo do do.
[20:09] LoungeMonkey: can you imagine going to see this in the theater when it came out?
[20:09] AgonyBooth: But But But But.
[20:10] AgonyBooth: You'll be out of that uniform before you know it
[20:10] TheBKing: hahahaha
[20:10] TheBKing: this fog looks familiar... looks like Tor's ass gas.
[20:10] AgonyBooth: And in my bathtub
[20:10] TheBKing: lol
[20:10] TheBKing: quick start throwing dirt on him fellas!
[20:10] AgonyBooth: heh...
[20:11] TheBKing: don't light that.... BOOM!
[20:11] *** Joins: stephanie (
[20:11] stephanie: hi hi
[20:11] Darkangl: SWEET!
[20:11] TheBKing: yay!
[20:11] AgonyBooth: welcome back Stephanie
[20:11] Darkangl: welcome back stephanie
[20:11] Sharon: hello :)
[20:11] TheBKing: welcome back!
[20:11] stephanie: :)
[20:11] LoungeMonkey: Stephanie is back!
[20:11] pantsman: Welcome back!
[20:11] stephanie: thanks , its so cold out
[20:11] TheBKing: woohoo!
[20:11] TheBKing: lol
[20:11] stephanie: hehe
[20:11] LoungeMonkey: missed all the good parts!
[20:11] stephanie: i always do :)
[20:11] TheBKing: why'd he put his hat on the floor?
[20:11] LoungeMonkey: kidding of course, this movie has no good parts
[20:12] AgonyBooth: haha
[20:12] TheBKing: lol
[20:12] stephanie: haha
[20:12] AgonyBooth: Yessir
[20:12] TheBKing: There is no such thing as the boogeyman soldier!!!!!
[20:12] AgonyBooth: Can you say anything besides Yessir?
[20:12] TheBKing: I like you colonel...
[20:12] AgonyBooth: IN a sexual way
[20:12] TheBKing: LOL
[20:12] TheBKing: ROFL!
[20:12] LoungeMonkey: he's important...he has two phones
[20:12] AgonyBooth: haha
[20:12] TheBKing: good one al
[20:13] Darkangl: fucking finally
[20:13] Darkangl: i'm off the phone
[20:13] AgonyBooth: a language computer?
[20:13] TheBKing: lol
[20:13] Darkangl: we should do another movie after this one so I can actually participate :P
[20:13] pantsman: I want a language computer damnit!
[20:13] TheBKing: This is a recording of me singing in the shower...
[20:14] AgonyBooth: haha
[20:14] Darkangl: jesus christ that cigarette of his is smokin up the place
[20:14] LoungeMonkey: The original Beatles recordings got taped over
[20:14] AgonyBooth: Blue moooon.. you left me standing aloooone
[20:14] Darkangl: hahahahahahaha
[20:14] TheBKing: it's incense man... he's smoking incense!!!
[20:14] Darkangl: supre nice todd
[20:14] stephanie: lol
[20:14] LoungeMonkey: thank you!
[20:14] Darkangl: how come they translated this yet the guy's speaking english in the saucer
[20:14] AgonyBooth: we developed cheesy echo effects eons before humans
[20:14] AgonyBooth: how could any race be so stupid?
[20:14] LoungeMonkey: I love how uncomfortable that dude looks
[20:14] TheBKing: hahahaha.
[20:14] Sharon: hahaha
[20:14] TheBKing: man this guy is long winded..
[20:14] Darkangl: yeah he is
[20:15] AgonyBooth: big guns!
[20:15] TheBKing: we like to bore to you death.
[20:15] TheBKing: then we will conquer you.
[20:15] Darkangl: you earthmen have biiiiiiiiig penises
[20:15] TheBKing: those that are still awake after this recording will be our slaves.
[20:15] AgonyBooth: hehe
[20:15] Darkangl: we are in awe of your enormous penises
[20:15] AgonyBooth: juvenile minds!
[20:15] TheBKing: lol
[20:15] AgonyBooth: Dude... just invade us... you don't have to insult us
[20:15] Darkangl: how can we, who have such small penises, possibly be a threat to you
[20:15] Darkangl: yeah no kidding
[20:16] Darkangl: come over here
[20:16] pantsman: Seriously, go ahead and attack, no need to make things so personal
[20:16] Darkangl: see this map here
[20:16] TheBKing: You're going to .......
[20:16] TheBKing: HOLLYWOOD!
[20:16] AgonyBooth: I've been to West Hollywood, Colonel
[20:16] Darkangl: you go down fifth avenue
[20:16] Darkangl: hang a right
[20:16] TheBKing: da da da da da da.... HOLLYWOOD!
[20:16] LoungeMonkey: What is this? American Idol
[20:16] Darkangl: go 3 blocks past the ghetto
[20:16] Darkangl: and you'll see a burger king on your left
[20:16] Darkangl: bring me back a whopper and fries
[20:16] AgonyBooth: Just go to the street with all the whores
[20:16] TheBKing: the lights are bright... you're in the spotlight! making up words as I gooooooooooo! HOLLYWOOD!
[20:16] AgonyBooth: You'll be in Hollywood
[20:16] LoungeMonkey: Don't pick up a hooker named Yasmine...
[20:16] AgonyBooth: oh!
[20:16] Darkangl: again todd...
[20:16] AgonyBooth: Yamine!
[20:16] AgonyBooth: Yasmine!
[20:16] TheBKing: LOL
[20:17] LoungeMonkey: hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!
[20:17] TheBKing: Yamine is Yasmine's Asian coke sista!
[20:17] Darkangl: god I probably missed so many chances while I was on the phone :P
[20:17] TheBKing: lol
[20:17] LoungeMonkey: Man...we would kill at B-Fest with this flick!
[20:17] TheBKing: yup
[20:17] AgonyBooth: I hug myself for you
[20:17] TheBKing: lol
[20:17] TheBKing: ROFL
[20:17] LoungeMonkey: there will be more Duane
[20:17] Darkangl: hey it's the silk jammies cult :D
[20:17] LoungeMonkey: be patient grasshopper
[20:17] TheBKing: When I think about you I touch myself sir!
[20:17] LoungeMonkey: not the BIG electrode gun
[20:17] TheBKing: LOL
[20:18] TheBKing: ROFL!
[20:18] Darkangl: so they're so advanced
[20:18] Darkangl: yet they can only manage to raise 3 zombies
[20:18] TheBKing: but... but... dad....
[20:18] TheBKing: yup
[20:18] TheBKing: well duh...
[20:18] LoungeMonkey: He lost his place in his speech
[20:18] Darkangl: why does this guy have a light english accent
[20:18] LoungeMonkey: He's eyeing up his johnson
[20:18] Darkangl: yeah he is!
[20:18] Darkangl: actually
[20:19] AgonyBooth: What's with the medeival crest on his shirt
[20:19] Darkangl: it looks like he's reading his lines off the floor
[20:19] Darkangl: hey look!
[20:19] TheBKing: it's jammed!
[20:19] Darkangl: Tor's been smokin crack with yasmeen again! :D
[20:19] AgonyBooth: Ohh.. who's got juvenile minds now, huh?
[20:19] LoungeMonkey: How much of a coincidence to have two pro wrestlers that look so much alike?
[20:19] TheBKing: LOL
[20:19] LoungeMonkey: Tor And George Steel
[20:19] AgonyBooth: What about Tor and Coleman Francis
[20:19] Darkangl: oh man
[20:19] Darkangl: tor looks WAY constipated
[20:19] TheBKing: Alien technology ... made in Taiwan!
[20:19] TheBKing: DOGH!
[20:19] LoungeMonkey: eeewwww...Bunny's eyeing up TOr now
[20:20] LoungeMonkey: Coleman Francis?
[20:20] Darkangl: EXPLODE :d
[20:20] Darkangl: damn it
[20:20] TheBKing: ROFL
[20:20] TheBKing: damn it is right.
[20:20] Darkangl: man I'm so out of this movie now
[20:20] Darkangl: that pisses me off
[20:20] TheBKing: decomposure ray... yeah.
[20:20] AgonyBooth: Decomposure Ray!
[20:20] TheBKing: LOL
[20:21] TheBKing: why's that Duane?
[20:21] TheBKing: oh cause you were on the phone?
[20:21] AgonyBooth: We have a ray that makes dead people decompose faster!
[20:21] Darkangl: I been here almost all day then I get a phone call in the middle of the gathering
[20:21] TheBKing: LOL
[20:21] AgonyBooth: Hahah
[20:21] TheBKing: should take the phone off the hook.
[20:21] AgonyBooth: Don't worry... I'm pretty out of it too
[20:21] Darkangl: that's why I said we should do another movie after this one so I can actually participate
[20:21] TheBKing: who cares about emergency calls that are missed.
[20:21] LoungeMonkey: brain is melting out through my ears
[20:21] TheBKing: like what?
[20:21] Darkangl: zombie! :D
[20:21] stephanie: thats kinda gross
[20:21] stephanie: lol
[20:21] Darkangl: or coming to america
[20:22] LoungeMonkey: why thank you Steph
[20:22] pantsman: Shit man, after this I'll be hitting the sack
[20:22] LoungeMonkey: same here
[20:22] Darkangl: aw come on josh
[20:22] Darkangl: don't puss out on us
[20:22] Darkangl: :)
[20:22] TheBKing: lol
[20:22] pantsman: I'm just getting my days and nights back in order, can't be helped
[20:22] LoungeMonkey: well, after we hang around and shoot the shit anyway
[20:22] Darkangl: you know why kelton's standing by the car?
[20:22] Darkangl: he's guarding the donuts :D
[20:22] TheBKing: lol
[20:22] LoungeMonkey: Coke product placement
[20:23] Sharon: hahaha
[20:23] Darkangl: hey are those guys drinking while they're on duty?
[20:23] Darkangl: rum and coke?
[20:23] TheBKing: lol
[20:23] pantsman: "blasted wind" makes fart jokes too easy
[20:23] LoungeMonkey: hahahahahaha
[20:23] stephanie: lol
[20:23] Darkangl: when the glare left us, we could see tor's balls swinging in the distance
[20:23] LoungeMonkey: Bela again!!
[20:23] TheBKing: what about my glowing balls? Honey, we agreed never to tell other people about that.
[20:23] TheBKing: ROFL!
[20:23] TheBKing: good one duane!
[20:23] stephanie: lol
[20:23] Darkangl: thanks :D
[20:24] Darkangl: hey, you hear anything?
[20:24] TheBKing: That guy IS the walking dead.
[20:24] LoungeMonkey: At least the Lt. isn't pointing his gun at her
[20:24] TheBKing: hahahaha
[20:24] Darkangl: you mean apart from that colossal drunken roar?
[20:24] AgonyBooth: And it's the script!
[20:24] TheBKing: TOR farted again!
[20:24] Darkangl: hahahaha
[20:24] AgonyBooth: hahaha
[20:24] Darkangl: it's the donuts
[20:24] TheBKing: it's like jaws...
[20:24] Darkangl: they're giving him gas
[20:24] TheBKing: instead of a musical theme, the stench of rotten eggs hails the arrival of TOR
[20:24] LoungeMonkey: Y'know..a blind person must've edited this flick
[20:24] AgonyBooth: No!
[20:24] AgonyBooth: Not fake Bela!
[20:24] AgonyBooth: Get away!
[20:24] Darkangl: man you'd think if they could animate dead bodies they'd at least be advanced enough to keep them from rotting
[20:25] LoungeMonkey: Her knuckles taste like candy
[20:25] Darkangl: jesus
[20:25] Sharon: hahaha
[20:25] stephanie: lol
[20:25] AgonyBooth: Hahah
[20:25] Darkangl: got loud all of a sudden
[20:25] AgonyBooth: The cape almost fell off
[20:25] Darkangl: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[20:25] pantsman: I think I could tackle Bela... if that was him of course
[20:25] LoungeMonkey: finally...he's pointing the gun in the right direction!
[20:25] AgonyBooth: What the hell is that?
[20:25] TheBKing: they killed BELA again! you bastards!
[20:25] AgonyBooth: Ohhh
[20:25] Darkangl: hahahaha
[20:25] TheBKing: The decomposure ray!
[20:25] LoungeMonkey: is that skeleton from India?
[20:25] TheBKing: NOOOOOOOO!
[20:25] AgonyBooth: Decomposure Ray! Of course!
[20:25] Darkangl: and the guy's all, "Did I do that?"
[20:26] LoungeMonkey: Return of the Living Dead reference
[20:26] TheBKing: i got it todder.
[20:26] AgonyBooth: Hey, don't look at me! I didn't do it!
[20:26] Darkangl: HAHAHAHAHA
[20:26] TheBKing: Was gonna ask if it had perfect teeth.
[20:26] TheBKing: LOL
[20:26] LoungeMonkey: thanks jordan :)
[20:26] Darkangl: kelton's a puss
[20:26] AgonyBooth: Put his hand in warm water
[20:26] pantsman: Did it even touch him?
[20:26] LoungeMonkey: where the sack full of rabid weasles?
[20:26] Darkangl: nope
[20:26] Sharon: hahahahaha
[20:26] TheBKing: LOL
[20:26] Darkangl: he didn't even shoot him did he?
[20:26] Darkangl: or was I just not paying attention
[20:26] Sharon: he did
[20:26] Darkangl: oh ok
[20:26] Darkangl: I must have been distracted
[20:27] LoungeMonkey: what the hell is happening in this movie?
[20:27] pantsman: Kelton should be fired, then kicked in the groin by little girls.
[20:27] TheBKing: You know... I feel at home here in teh cemetary... cause I'm probably gonna DIE here!
[20:27] Darkangl: I'm getting a hummer from yasmeen under the desk
[20:27] TheBKing: hahahahahahahhahaha
[20:27] Darkangl: ;)
[20:27] Sharon: :P
[20:27] LoungeMonkey: hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!
[20:27] Darkangl: :D
[20:27] LoungeMonkey: wait a minute....Sharon is in here....
[20:27] TheBKing: ROFL!
[20:27] Darkangl: yep
[20:27] TheBKing: whoops!
[20:27] pantsman: They're going to trust Kelton with the wife, even though he just fainted at the mere sight of an old man walking towards him?
[20:27] LoungeMonkey: Holy SHIT! Yasmine is there!!!!
[20:27] Darkangl: she's holding the video camera
[20:27] TheBKing: LOL
[20:28] Sharon: but not in a midget outfit
[20:28] Darkangl: we're gonna put yasmeen's hummer on the net and make a fortune :D
[20:28] LoungeMonkey: Tell that chick she owes me 5 bucks for liquid cocaine
[20:28] TheBKing: god I gotta piss like a camel....
[20:28] Darkangl: I just told her, and she bit me
[20:28] LoungeMonkey: Between Yasmine and Bela we have quite the drug abusers convention
[20:28] Darkangl: she thought you forgot about that
[20:28] TheBKing: damn it man... fast forward everyone...
[20:28] TheBKing: LOL
[20:28] Sharon: smack her on the nose
[20:28] Sharon: bad girl
[20:28] LoungeMonkey: hahahahaha
[20:28] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahah
[20:29] LoungeMonkey: pointing the gun again
[20:29] Darkangl: "You want me to do what yasmeen? Oh ok, I can rub it all over in your hair."
[20:29] LoungeMonkey: did he just smell his hand?
[20:29] TheBKing: Those Wierdies?
[20:29] AgonyBooth: wierdies?
[20:29] AgonyBooth: haha
[20:29] Darkangl: damn her and her split ends :P
[20:29] Sharon: wonder where it has been...
[20:29] LoungeMonkey: Oh. my. god. Duane
[20:29] Darkangl: ;)
[20:29] LoungeMonkey: hahahahahahaah!!!!
[20:29] LoungeMonkey: get out of my way tree branch!
[20:29] TheBKing: TORZILLA!
[20:29] TheBKing: RAR!
[20:30] Darkangl: excuse me officer
[20:30] Darkangl: have you seen a toilet around here
[20:30] Darkangl: me have go poop bad
[20:30] Darkangl: ;)
[20:30] TheBKing: Someone just told Tor that the local eatery closed early.
[20:30] Sharon: the donuts from kelton's car gave him the runs
[20:30] TheBKing: he is not pleased.
[20:30] TheBKing: ROFL!
[20:30] Darkangl: hey todd, yasmeen just told me she's not paying you for that liquid cocaine
[20:30] LoungeMonkey: That bitch
[20:30] TheBKing: TAG! YOUR IT!
[20:30] Sharon: hahahaha
[20:31] LoungeMonkey: Woman betta get my money!
[20:31] pantsman: Kelton, damn you
[20:31] Darkangl: actually, it came out more like "mmmmph mmhphp mphmhpph mphmphmh mmmmmmphphph"
[20:31] TheBKing: LOL
[20:31] Darkangl: but fortunately she comes with subtitles
[20:31] TheBKing: ROFL
[20:31] LoungeMonkey: Is he at the drive through window?
[20:31] Darkangl: :D
[20:31] LoungeMonkey: Yeah....that doesn't sound like metal at all
[20:31] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahaha
[20:31] AgonyBooth: Are we on TV?
[20:31] TheBKing: it's made of xylophone metal.
[20:31] TheBKing: LOL
[20:31] pantsman: I thought it was a saucer, makes you wonder why the sides are squared off
[20:31] Darkangl: I wonder how you get into this thing?
[20:32] TheBKing: climb the ladder!
[20:32] Darkangl: duh
[20:32] stephanie: my hands are cold
[20:32] AgonyBooth: Lots of ladders on this spaceship
[20:32] TheBKing: turn up the heat
[20:32] stephanie: im gonna bitch about it
[20:32] TheBKing: mine too
[20:32] stephanie: lol
[20:32] LoungeMonkey: They all point their guns at each other
[20:32] Darkangl: isn't that the same ladder from outside?
[20:32] Darkangl: hahaha
[20:33] TheBKing: why the sudden pity?
[20:33] pantsman: Eros, great name
[20:33] TheBKing: "Do we HAVE to kill them?
[20:33] AgonyBooth: Seems like such a waste of a hot Tor Johnson
[20:33] Darkangl: hey todd, yasmeen wants to know if you still want her to come over after the movie
[20:33] TheBKing: LOL
[20:33] LoungeMonkey: this spaceship looks like my garage
[20:33] TheBKing: Nah, Dana won't allow that Duane.
[20:33] AgonyBooth: hahah
[20:33] LoungeMonkey: sure send her over. I need some cleaning done
[20:33] Darkangl: she said she'll get dana to join in
[20:33] Sharon: hahaha
[20:33] TheBKing: She'll pull her Ilsa routine if Todd even glances at another woman.
[20:33] Darkangl: one piece of advice though
[20:33] TheBKing: ;-)
[20:33] LoungeMonkey: Dana's asleep. What she don't know about Yasmine won't hurt her :)
[20:33] Darkangl: she's coming straight from here, so when she gets there...don't kiss her
[20:33] Darkangl: unless you're into droolers
[20:34] LoungeMonkey: don't worry I won't
[20:34] Darkangl: ;)
[20:34] TheBKing: ewww....
[20:34] TheBKing: protein slurpy!
[20:34] TheBKing: LOL
[20:34] Darkangl: hahahahaha :D
[20:34] Sharon: ewwww
[20:34] LoungeMonkey: Ahhhh...the crack has caused brain damage
[20:34] LoungeMonkey: hahahahahaha
[20:34] Darkangl: yeah
[20:34] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahahaha
[20:34] Darkangl: let's talk about that gay ass outfit you're wearing
[20:34] LoungeMonkey: what was that?
[20:34] TheBKing: you just shot the lock mechanism!
[20:34] TheBKing: You idiot! We're all locked in now!
[20:34] TheBKing: Hope you brought a pinnacle deck with you.
[20:35] Darkangl: man
[20:35] AgonyBooth: I! A fiend?
[20:35] Darkangl: if he's constipated now
[20:35] Darkangl: wait till he gets done eating her
[20:35] AgonyBooth: I? A fiend?
[20:35] TheBKing: I am a fashionably challenged visitor from space!
[20:35] Sharon: hahahaha
[20:35] TheBKing: they want a green card!
[20:35] AgonyBooth: Idiots!
[20:35] LoungeMonkey: The Queer Eye for the Straight Guy guys enter the spaceship
[20:35] TheBKing: ROFL!
[20:35] pantsman: Man, Eros is such a hothead
[20:36] TheBKing: We are Lobster Men!
[20:36] LoungeMonkey: Queer eye for the straight alien
[20:36] Darkangl: what the hell is this guy talking about
[20:36] AgonyBooth: Then an even larger bomb!
[20:36] LoungeMonkey: except Bunny
[20:36] TheBKing: lol
[20:36] Darkangl: like yasmeen
[20:36] AgonyBooth: explode the air itself?
[20:36] Darkangl: she's the bomb! :D
[20:36] TheBKing: Explode the sun!
[20:36] AgonyBooth: is that accurate?
[20:36] TheBKing: LOL
[20:36] LoungeMonkey: Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!
[20:36] TheBKing: solargranite?
[20:36] TheBKing: solar plexis?
[20:36] TheBKing: solareclipse?
[20:36] Darkangl: solarpenileimplant?
[20:36] LoungeMonkey: Exploding sunlight?
[20:36] TheBKing: LOL
[20:36] AgonyBooth: The juvenile minds which you possess
[20:37] LoungeMonkey: I claim that name for my band\
[20:37] Darkangl: solahummahumma?
[20:37] Darkangl: hahahaha
[20:37] TheBKing: lol
[20:37] Darkangl: she just stands there like an idiot
[20:37] TheBKing: Solanite!
[20:37] pantsman: YOU SEE!!!
[20:37] Darkangl: like she's heard this shit 15 times
[20:37] TheBKing: You're STUPID MINDS! STUPID! STUPID!
[20:37] LoungeMonkey: stupid, stupid, stupid!
[20:37] Darkangl: hahahaha
[20:37] pantsman: YOU SEEEEEEEEE!
[20:37] TheBKing: lol
[20:37] Darkangl: he's having a gay hissy fit! :D
[20:37] TheBKing: lol
[20:37] AgonyBooth: You see! You see!
[20:38] stephanie: lol
[20:38] TheBKing: You see! YOu are SCUM!
[20:38] stephanie: lol
[20:38] AgonyBooth: The Gay Republic
[20:38] Darkangl: you'd think they'd know better than to believe in god
[20:38] TheBKing: I hail from GayTopia!
[20:38] Darkangl: hell
[20:38] Darkangl: I look at their outfits and I KNOW there's no god
[20:38] TheBKing: GayTropolis!
[20:38] AgonyBooth: You speak of solarnananite
[20:38] Darkangl: solarmananite?
[20:38] AgonyBooth: solernernanite?
[20:38] TheBKing: then add the ribs and cook
[20:38] Darkangl: solarmanbutterite?
[20:38] AgonyBooth: hhahah
[20:39] Sharon: hahahahaha
[20:39] pantsman: What planet are these people from again?
[20:39] Darkangl: man
[20:39] Darkangl: you aon't puttin no flames on my balls
[20:39] Darkangl: ain'tr
[20:39] Darkangl: ain't
[20:39] AgonyBooth: hahahah
[20:39] Darkangl: god damn it
[20:39] Darkangl: :P
[20:39] AgonyBooth: you explode the sun and you explode the universe!
[20:39] Sharon: no...
[20:39] Sharon: :)
[20:39] LoungeMonkey: what?
[20:39] Darkangl: yeah
[20:39] pantsman: You mean, exploding the sun would be a bad thing? What a concept!
[20:39] Sharon: hahahaha
[20:39] AgonyBooth: Yes, it is mad.
[20:39] TheBKing: I'm MAD!
[20:40] TheBKing: MAD AS HELL!
[20:40] TheBKing: ANGRY EVEN!
[20:40] Darkangl: how do they know this stuff works like that anyway
[20:40] TheBKing: UNHAPPY!
[20:40] Darkangl: oh shit guys
[20:40] Darkangl: she's on the rag
[20:40] AgonyBooth: Only I can be insulting!
[20:40] LoungeMonkey: This is the most tense meeting between humans and aliens ever put on film
[20:40] Darkangl: HAHAHAHAHAH!
[20:40] TheBKing: LOL
[20:40] Darkangl: YES!
[20:40] Darkangl: YES!
[20:40] TheBKing: man, they should've have gone to the South.
[20:40] TheBKing: They bitch slap their women there.
[20:40] AgonyBooth: asleep on the job again
[20:40] stephanie: lol
[20:40] Darkangl: looks like their aim should be genetically altering men so they can have babies
[20:40] AgonyBooth: I was drunk
[20:40] TheBKing: I was drunk!
[20:40] TheBKing: LOL
[20:40] TheBKing: haahahahahahaha
[20:40] Darkangl: then they wouldn't need women at all
[20:41] Darkangl: ewwwwwww space tuna
[20:41] TheBKing: It was CLAY!
[20:41] AgonyBooth: It was Clay Aiken, alright
[20:41] Darkangl: yeah
[20:41] TheBKing: I did see a skeleton!
[20:41] TheBKing: Several!
[20:41] Sharon: hahaha
[20:41] Darkangl: clay aiken put on some serious weight
[20:41] TheBKing: They were supermodels!!!!
[20:41] AgonyBooth: haha
[20:41] TheBKing: I swear!
[20:41] Darkangl: he got so fat it blew his hair out
[20:41] TheBKing: LLOL
[20:41] Sharon: it's because he was fixed
[20:41] Darkangl: and made his eyes all funky
[20:41] Darkangl: hahaha
[20:41] AgonyBooth: Is this yours?
[20:41] Sharon: they always gain weight when you fix them
[20:41] TheBKing: Home.... home on ... the range...
[20:41] Darkangl: clay aiken the eunuch
[20:41] TheBKing: LOL
[20:42] LoungeMonkey: hahahahaha
[20:42] stephanie: lol
[20:42] TheBKing: Space blondie
[20:42] Darkangl: tickle your ass with a feather?
[20:42] AgonyBooth: haha
[20:42] stephanie: thats gross
[20:42] stephanie: lol
[20:42] pantsman: Someone just kill these people, kill all of them, please
[20:42] TheBKing: hahahaha
[20:42] stephanie: but so funny
[20:42] Darkangl: super troopers reference
[20:42] stephanie: i watched that today
[20:42] Darkangl: hahah cool
[20:42] TheBKing: if I so choose?
[20:42] AgonyBooth: Holy cow!
[20:42] Darkangl: break her in half tor!
[20:42] TheBKing: invaders from mars!
[20:42] LoungeMonkey: Love that movie
[20:43] Darkangl: see what comes out
[20:43] AgonyBooth: It's Clay, alright
[20:43] Darkangl: hahahaha
[20:43] stephanie: lol
[20:43] Darkangl: he looks like he's having a hard time holding her
[20:43] stephanie: lol
[20:43] AgonyBooth: Yep, there he stands.
[20:43] AgonyBooth: Not moving.
[20:43] TheBKing: damn it lady... you're heavy.
[20:43] pantsman: DEAD!
[20:43] TheBKing: LOL
[20:43] TheBKing: IN THE HEAD!
[20:43] stephanie: lol
[20:43] TheBKing: ROFL!
[20:43] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahaha
[20:43] AgonyBooth: I'm gonna wop 'im over the head!
[20:43] Sharon: hahaha
[20:43] Darkangl: someone should have told them morons in the last movie that
[20:43] Darkangl: oh wait, they did
[20:43] TheBKing: lol
[20:43] AgonyBooth: Tor is getting tired
[20:43] stephanie: lol
[20:43] TheBKing: several times in fact.
[20:43] Darkangl: and they still shot them in the chest
[20:44] AgonyBooth: Hey, it worked
[20:44] LoungeMonkey: You mean the movie lied!?!
[20:44] TheBKing: His face was pricelss!
[20:44] Darkangl: idiots
[20:44] stephanie: thats why its a movie
[20:44] TheBKing: hahahahaha
[20:44] Darkangl: oh
[20:44] pantsman: Haven't they shot at least one of these things so far?
[20:44] Darkangl: I guess you can club them in the head too
[20:44] stephanie: lol
[20:44] AgonyBooth: your men have felled the Big One
[20:44] TheBKing: Tor crapped his pants with that concussion.
[20:44] stephanie: sick
[20:44] stephanie: lol
[20:44] TheBKing: lol
[20:44] LoungeMonkey: These are the worst cops in the world
[20:44] Darkangl: yeah
[20:44] TheBKing: you are under arrest for being gay!
[20:44] Darkangl: ass hole wouldn't give me an interview
[20:44] LoungeMonkey: hahahahaha
[20:44] Darkangl: he's a shitty cop
[20:44] Sharon: hahahahaha
[20:44] AgonyBooth: Hey, that same thing is on the wall from airplane cockpit
[20:45] TheBKing: And the alien in the back said everyone attack and Plan 9 turned into a ballroom blitz.
[20:45] pantsman: KILL! KILL! KILLLL!!!
[20:45] Darkangl: jeez that sounded like someone whacking on a propane tank with a wrench
[20:45] TheBKing: The girl int eh corner said "why did no one warn her" that it'd turn into a ball room blitz.
[20:45] LoungeMonkey: The Wachowski brothers directed this fight scene
[20:45] AgonyBooth: Go forth and kill! Manos has decreed it!
[20:45] Darkangl: how come they have loose furnature in a space ship
[20:45] TheBKing: ball room blitz... itz.... itz... tz.....
[20:45] Darkangl: doesn't it bounce around when they fly?
[20:45] TheBKing: lol
[20:45] TheBKing: hahahahaha
[20:45] Darkangl: that fight is so gat
[20:45] Darkangl: gay
[20:45] stephanie: ::shivers::
[20:45] Sharon: totally
[20:45] stephanie: its fucking cold
[20:45] Darkangl: whay don't they just have a slappy fight and be done with it
[20:46] TheBKing: oh no!
[20:46] TheBKing: my toaster!
[20:46] Darkangl: hahaha
[20:46] AgonyBooth: hahah
[20:46] TheBKing: my michrowave!
[20:46] stephanie: lol
[20:46] Sharon: hahahahaha
[20:46] Darkangl: shouldn't have left that waffle iron plugged in
[20:46] TheBKing: hahahahaha
[20:46] AgonyBooth: Someone call the fire department
[20:46] TheBKing: HOLLYWOOD!
[20:46] Darkangl: hahaha
[20:46] TheBKing: This is the effects film of the year!
[20:46] LoungeMonkey: more skeletons from India Frank!
[20:46] Darkangl: the string's gonna break from the heat and the saucer will crash!
[20:46] TheBKing: ... if the year was 1900
[20:46] pantsman: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ERRRRROOOOSSSS!!!!!!
[20:46] Darkangl: somehow
[20:46] TheBKing: Let's go strip search the she ghoul!!!
[20:46] Darkangl: I think tor's skeleton was probably a lot bigger than that
[20:47] AgonyBooth: Yep
[20:47] TheBKing: lol
[20:47] AgonyBooth: Look how far ahead they are
[20:47] Sharon: hahahaha
[20:47] TheBKing: lol
[20:47] Darkangl: yeah
[20:47] TheBKing: BOOM!
[20:47] AgonyBooth: They haven't invented fire extinguishers yet
[20:47] TheBKing: hahahahahahahaha
[20:47] Sharon: hahahahaha
[20:47] Darkangl: they're so advanced they don't even have fire extinguishers
[20:47] LoungeMonkey: can you prove it didn't?
[20:47] AgonyBooth: hahah
[20:47] TheBKing: Can you prove that I'm not reading cue cards?!
[20:47] Sharon: hair dude!
[20:47] AgonyBooth: hahah
[20:47] Darkangl: they're so advanced, they have metal that burns
[20:47] AgonyBooth: Can you prove I'm gay?
[20:47] TheBKing: I predict... that this film has sucked.
[20:47] LoungeMonkey: the hair! The hair!
[20:47] TheBKing: I also predict... that you are angry for buying it!
[20:47] AgonyBooth: Vitamins! Radio!
[20:47] AgonyBooth: I laugh at outer space
[20:48] LoungeMonkey: That movie rules!
[20:48] TheBKing: G'night, and god bless.
[20:48] AgonyBooth: God help us in the future
[20:48] Darkangl: I laugh at outer space
[20:48] pantsman: I think outer space is way overrated
[20:48] LoungeMonkey: Filmed in HollyEDwood
[20:48] Darkangl: I do too
[20:48] TheBKing: wow.....
[20:48] stephanie: i want to go to the moon .. if i can jus throw that in
[20:48] TheBKing: Dudley Manlove!
[20:48] stephanie: lol
[20:48] pantsman: DE END!
[20:48] LoungeMonkey: I told you!
[20:48] AgonyBooth: and
[20:48] LoungeMonkey: Manlove!
[20:48] AgonyBooth: CRISWELL
[20:48] Darkangl: I want to go to an inhabited planet
[20:48] AgonyBooth: how did he get the biggest credit?
[20:48] TheBKing: oh shit...
[20:48] LoungeMonkey: Thank god it's over
[20:48] LoungeMonkey: Now I can kill myself
[20:48] stephanie: lol
[20:48] Darkangl: full of amazon women with 12 breasts
[20:48] TheBKing: that was good.
[20:48] AgonyBooth: haha
[20:48] TheBKing: ROFL!
[20:48] Darkangl: :D
[20:49] TheBKing: So how'd you like your first time at a gathering steph. Was it good for you?
[20:49] TheBKing: lol
[20:49] AgonyBooth: See.. who needs B-Fest
[20:49] stephanie: yeah lol
[20:49] Darkangl: yeah
[20:49] TheBKing: Yeah!
[20:49] LoungeMonkey: YEAH!!
[20:49] Darkangl: so what about the next movie
[20:49] TheBKing: we all need to get Wizard of Speed and Time!
[20:49] Darkangl: zombie or coming to america
[20:49] LoungeMonkey: Dolemite?
[20:49] TheBKing: I have zombie. I'll have to buy Coming to America.
[20:49] Darkangl: oh god no PLEASE!
[20:49] TheBKing: LOL
[20:49] Darkangl: that movie sucked
[20:49] stephanie: yeah
[20:50] TheBKing: The name's Dolemite and fucking up motha fuckers is my mothafucking game!
[20:50] LoungeMonkey: Vampires?
[20:50] Darkangl: I know you got a boner for rudy ray moore but jeez todd
[20:50] AgonyBooth: haha
[20:50] LoungeMonkey: Yes Jordan!!
[20:50] Darkangl: he couldn't act his way out of a nutsack
[20:50] TheBKing: lol
[20:50] TheBKing: ROFL!
[20:50] stephanie: eww lol
[20:50] AgonyBooth: move yo' ass, or I'm gonna shove this Hush Puppy up yo' muthafuckin' ass
[20:50] LoungeMonkey: No he couldn't!
[20:50] AgonyBooth: no wait
[20:50] AgonyBooth: it's
[20:50] TheBKing: LOL
[20:50] AgonyBooth: let me pass, or I'm gonna shove this Hush Puppy up yo' muthafuckin' ass
[20:50] TheBKing: LOL
[20:50] pantsman: Oh Dolemite, I'm so happy!... sory, the only line I remember
[20:50] LoungeMonkey: Be right back...smoke break
[20:50] Darkangl: jeez
[20:50] TheBKing: ok... cancer stick time!
[20:50] TheBKing: YAY!
[20:50] Darkangl: todd you're gonna get the black lung
[20:51] Darkangl: end up looking like zoolander in the mine
[20:51] TheBKing: smoke away todd! And kill those that you love with your vile 2nd hand smoke!
[20:51] AgonyBooth: I'd come to a movie gathering for Dolemite
[20:51] LoungeMonkey: I told you I was killing myself :)
[20:51] TheBKing: YOU BASTARD!
[20:51] * TheBKing shakes fist at Todd
[20:51] stephanie: lol
[20:51] * TheBKing shakes fist at cigarrette companies
[20:51] * TheBKing shakes fist at the TV
[20:51] * TheBKing shakes fist at the godzilla bobble head on his computer monitor
[20:51] * Darkangl shakes his fist at yasmeen and her crack pipe
[20:51] * TheBKing shakes his fist at Duane's yasmeen reference
[20:51] * AgonyBooth shakes his fist and says, "HOoooooooogan!"
[20:51] stephanie: ::smack ::
[20:51] stephanie: shut up
[20:51] TheBKing: LOL
[20:51] stephanie: lol
[20:52] TheBKing: hahahahahahahaha
[20:52] * Darkangl shakes his fist at jordan for shaking his fist at me for my yasmeen reference
[20:52] TheBKing: ROFL!
[20:52] stephanie: :: kick :: STOP!
[20:52] stephanie: lol
[20:52] Darkangl: that's a lot of fist shaking
[20:52] AgonyBooth: wow
[20:52] pantsman: Alright, I think I'm going to cut and run, I've got to get some sleep
[20:52] AgonyBooth: it's like the fight at the end of Plan 9
[20:52] Darkangl: the floor's gonna get sticky in here in a minute
[20:52] * TheBKing shakes fist in celebration of Duane's fist shaking for my fist shaking against his yasmeen comment
[20:52] Darkangl: ok take care jodh
[20:52] stephanie: i give up
[20:52] AgonyBooth: alright Josh
[20:52] Darkangl: josh
[20:52] AgonyBooth: see you man
[20:52] TheBKing: cya josh!
[20:52] stephanie: bye
[20:52] TheBKing: take care bud.
[20:52] stephanie: :)
[20:52] Darkangl: christ I can't type tonight
[20:52] pantsman: Laters everybody, have a good one
[20:52] Sharon: if you shake it more than twice...
[20:53] TheBKing: LOL
[20:53] *** Quits: pantsman
[20:53] stephanie: lol
[20:53] TheBKing: always three times for good luck Sharon
[20:53] TheBKing: ;-)
[20:53] Sharon: hahaha
[20:53] Darkangl: if you shake it more than're doing it right :)
[20:53] Sharon: :))
[20:53] stephanie: i didnt need to hear that
[20:53] TheBKing: lol
[20:53] stephanie: lol
[20:53] TheBKing: no!
[20:53] TheBKing: ACK!
[20:53] Darkangl: if you shake it twice or less, you're just being lazy
[20:53] TheBKing: Tara's trying to hijack me!
[20:53] stephanie: that either
[20:53] stephanie: but if u must lol
[20:54] TheBKing: get off me wench!
[20:54] Darkangl: grab your sack jordy!
[20:54] stephanie: lol
[20:54] Darkangl: don't let her take your manhood!
[20:54] TheBKing: LOL
[20:54] TheBKing: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:54] TheBKing: THE PAIN"
[20:54] TheBKing: THEPAIN
[20:54] Darkangl: oh man
[20:54] TheBKing: NO!
[20:54] TheBKing: STOP
[20:54] Darkangl: now you're just like todd
[20:54] AgonyBooth: hah
[20:54] stephanie: heh
[20:54] TheBKing: to late for that guys
[20:54] AgonyBooth: you're all trappedSYNOPSIS
[20:54] AgonyBooth: A young woman undertakes a mission to save Salt Lake City from a crazed bunch of extraterrestrials who reportedly infiltrated the Mormon church.
[20:54] AgonyBooth: oops
[20:54] TheBKing: i took it
[20:54] Sharon: this sounds like an awesome movie
[20:54] Darkangl: too bad everyone doesn't have the movie invasion
[20:55] TheBKing: lol
[20:55] Darkangl: or there's nothing out there
[20:55] TheBKing: I could rent it.
[20:55] stephanie: ::shivers:: its fuckign cold , i think my heat is broken
[20:55] Sharon: mormons and all
[20:55] TheBKing: I havet that one.
[20:55] Sharon: :)
[20:55] stephanie: what a bunch of shit lol
[20:55] TheBKing: lol
[20:55] Darkangl: hey stephanie
[20:55] LoungeMonkey: back
[20:55] stephanie: hey whaty
[20:55] stephanie: ?
[20:55] TheBKing: hey Todder.
[20:55] Darkangl: what movies do you have that would be good for a gathering
[20:55] AgonyBooth: I accidentally repasted the synopsis
[20:55] Darkangl: we'll try to do something you have
[20:55] AgonyBooth: Hehe
[20:55] stephanie: how shoul di kno w, this is my first time here
[20:55] stephanie: lol
[20:55] AgonyBooth: Good thing something incriminating wasn't on my clipboard
[20:55] TheBKing: lol
[20:55] LoungeMonkey: I'm quitting soon
[20:55] Darkangl: something fun that's fun to rip on
[20:55] LoungeMonkey: So I can save up for a G5
[20:56] Darkangl: you said that 2 years ago todd
[20:56] AgonyBooth: Yeah, I'm gonna take off after this too
[20:56] TheBKing: herc in ny
[20:56] LoungeMonkey: Roadhouse?
[20:56] TheBKing: lol
[20:56] TheBKing: hahahahaha
[20:56] AgonyBooth: Let's do Eegah next time
[20:56] TheBKing: yeah!
[20:56] TheBKing: Swayze kills all!
[20:56] Darkangl: I have eegah
[20:56] TheBKing: lol
[20:56] AgonyBooth: Road House
[20:56] AgonyBooth: hey... you guys heard about the Road House stage play?
[20:56] Darkangl: I have manos hands of fate too
[20:56] stephanie: fuck shit
[20:56] Darkangl: what steph?
[20:56] AgonyBooth: I have Manos on VHS...
[20:56] LoungeMonkey: Swayze and a mullet how can you go wrong?
[20:56] TheBKing: LOL
[20:56] Sharon: hahahaha
[20:56] AgonyBooth:
[20:56] LoungeMonkey: A Roadhouse stage play
[20:56] stephanie: random , i was cold so i cursed lol
[20:56] Darkangl: ok how about coming to america
[20:56] LoungeMonkey: holy fuck!
[20:56] TheBKing: waht about WILLOW?!
[20:56] Darkangl: oh ok :)
[20:56] stephanie: lol
[20:57] Darkangl: willow's not a good gathering movie
[20:57] TheBKing: or CAVEMAN!
[20:57] TheBKing: yeah it is.
[20:57] Sharon: I'm freezing too
[20:57] TheBKing: there's dwarves in it.
[20:57] TheBKing: midgets.
[20:57] AgonyBooth: you guys probably now Taimak
[20:57] Darkangl: how many midgets in a clown car jokes can you do
[20:57] TheBKing: you LOVE midgets.
[20:57] stephanie: my hands are so cold
[20:57] Sharon: someone turned the AC on
[20:57] AgonyBooth: from The Last Dragon
[20:57] TheBKing: Bad Taste
[20:57] Darkangl: nah
[20:57] stephanie: oh god
[20:57] AgonyBooth: Caveman? is that the one with Ringo Starr?
[20:57] TheBKing: hey... how about Last Dragon.
[20:57] TheBKing: Is there any other Albert?
[20:57] Darkangl: ok tell you what
[20:57] AgonyBooth: I don't think there is
[20:57] TheBKing: Zug Zug llana
[20:57] TheBKing: yes honey?
[20:57] Darkangl: I'll list some movies one at a time and we'll see who wants to do them
[20:58] Sharon: okay
[20:58] Darkangl: just say yes or no when I say each one
[20:58] stephanie: ok
[20:58] AgonyBooth: for next week?
[20:58] Darkangl: yeah
[20:58] Sharon: do the vote thing
[20:58] AgonyBooth: okay
[20:58] AgonyBooth: sure
[20:58] stephanie: woot
[20:58] Sharon: nm
[20:58] Darkangl: 1. zombie
[20:58] TheBKing: YAY!
[20:58] Darkangl: yes or no
[20:58] TheBKing: YEAH!
[20:58] TheBKing: YAY!
[20:58] stephanie: everyone waits to see what everyone says
[20:58] Darkangl: you only get 1 vote
[20:58] stephanie: i like that movie so i wouldnt mind
[20:58] AgonyBooth: no opinion on that one
[20:59] Darkangl: ok so that's 2 yes'
[20:59] Sharon: same here
[20:59] TheBKing: zombie vs. shark
[20:59] Darkangl: ok
[20:59] TheBKing: eye in splinter
[20:59] TheBKing: gore
[20:59] Darkangl: 2. coming to america
[20:59] TheBKing: that's a good runner up.
[20:59] AgonyBooth: that one's okay
[20:59] TheBKing: Josh would say yes for zombie by the way.
[20:59] Sharon: maybe
[20:59] Darkangl: come on people work with me here
[20:59] TheBKing: no.
[20:59] Darkangl: 3. dolemite
[20:59] TheBKing: you work with us.
[20:59] TheBKing: NO!
[20:59] TheBKing: lol
[20:59] AgonyBooth: yes! dolemite!
[20:59] TheBKing: I can't get that shit.
[20:59] stephanie: lol
[21:00] TheBKing: we dont' cater to brothas out here.
[21:00] AgonyBooth: what? no blacksploitation section at your video store?
[21:00] LoungeMonkey: MAn Albert...I'm SO going to see that play!
[21:00] TheBKing: This is white trasch, hillbilly heaven.
[21:00] AgonyBooth: hahah Todd
[21:00] stephanie: lol
[21:00] TheBKing: lol
[21:00] AgonyBooth: it's off-Broadway
[21:00] AgonyBooth: i wish I could see it
[21:00] Darkangl: ok so it sounds like zombie got the most votes
[21:00] TheBKing: I wanna see Cannibal the Musical live.
[21:00] TheBKing: yup!
[21:00] LoungeMonkey: Only an hour by train from here in Philly
[21:00] stephanie: me too !
[21:00] stephanie: i watched that last week
[21:00] TheBKing: lol
[21:00] stephanie: its so funny
[21:00] TheBKing: so bad though.
[21:00] TheBKing: they can't sing.
[21:00] AgonyBooth: aw man that would be awesome Todd... you should review it for your site
[21:00] TheBKing: course...
[21:00] stephanie: yeah but SO funny
[21:00] Darkangl: we'll do coming to america after that
[21:00] TheBKing: they couldn't really sing in the movie either.
[21:00] TheBKing: That was D Flat!
[21:01] TheBKing: No it isn't!
[21:01] stephanie: i would hate to get shot while singing in the snow :(
[21:01] Darkangl: and we need everyone to get cannibal the musical so we can do it
[21:01] TheBKing: yup
[21:01] TheBKing: and six string samurai
[21:01] LoungeMonkey: Hey..Prince of Darkness is on Sci-Fi!
[21:01] TheBKing: and there's nothing out there.
[21:01] TheBKing: and hercules in new york.
[21:01] TheBKing: ahm.. yay!
[21:01] TheBKing: Alice Cooper!
[21:01] Darkangl: hell stephanie, you're almost in the snow right now
[21:01] AgonyBooth: Hercules in New York! Yes!
[21:01] Darkangl: :)
[21:01] stephanie: yeah just not shot
[21:01] Darkangl: ok let's see
[21:01] stephanie: and not eaten
[21:01] Darkangl: for next week
[21:01] stephanie: lol
[21:01] LoungeMonkey: Where do you live Stephanie?
[21:01] Darkangl: hercules in new york
[21:01] Darkangl: yes or now
[21:01] Darkangl: no
[21:01] AgonyBooth: yes
[21:01] Darkangl: yes
[21:01] LoungeMonkey: no
[21:01] Sharon: yes
[21:01] stephanie: ohio
[21:01] TheBKing: OHIO!
[21:02] AgonyBooth: ohio?
[21:02] TheBKing: OHIO!
[21:02] TheBKing: lol
[21:02] LoungeMonkey: Near Seaworld? :)
[21:02] stephanie: OHIO!
[21:02] Darkangl: come on
[21:02] TheBKing: lol
[21:02] Darkangl: yes or no
[21:02] TheBKing: yes or no what?
[21:02] stephanie: how the hell should i know where sea world is
[21:02] TheBKing: LOL
[21:02] Darkangl: on herc in new york next week
[21:02] stephanie: i live in dayton
[21:02] stephanie: lol
[21:02] LoungeMonkey: Isn't there a Seaworld in Ohio?
[21:02] stephanie: yeah i think so
[21:02] TheBKing: only you and I have it Duaner.
[21:02] Darkangl: so far it's all yes' except todd
[21:02] TheBKing: as far as I know.
[21:02] LoungeMonkey: It was a big joke on The Daily Show onetime
[21:02] LoungeMonkey: I'll see if I can pick it up
[21:02] TheBKing: toddler mcfuckstick.
[21:03] LoungeMonkey: again
[21:03] Darkangl: todd you've been gonna get it for months
[21:03] TheBKing: lol
[21:03] LoungeMonkey: Since that fucker I bought it from won't return my e-mails
[21:03] TheBKing: Todd you always promise us.
[21:03] Darkangl: the time has come my friend
[21:03] stephanie: i hate snow .. fuckng snow
[21:03] TheBKing: And break my promises!
[21:03] TheBKing: WHY?!!!!!!!!!??!???!??!?!
[21:03] stephanie: i need a giant heater that i can melt it all
[21:03] Darkangl: ok so that's it
[21:03] TheBKing: YOu never keep your promise!"
[21:03] LoungeMonkey: Calm down you little bitch Jordan :)
[21:03] Darkangl: next saturday we do hercules in new york
[21:03] TheBKing: whoa.....
[21:03] stephanie: lol
[21:03] TheBKing: you just sounded like Duane todd.
[21:03] Darkangl: yeah he is a little bitch todd
[21:03] TheBKing: I am not!
[21:04] Darkangl: yeah but you're a piece of shit
[21:04] TheBKing: No I'm not!@
[21:04] LoungeMonkey: Sleep in that cardboard box over there Jordan
[21:04] TheBKing: LOL
[21:04] Darkangl: hahahaha
[21:04] Sharon: hahahaha
[21:04] TheBKing: I swear, if you guys riff on my 13 or 14 more times, I'm outta here.
[21:04] TheBKing: LOL
[21:04] Darkangl: yeah whatever
[21:04] AgonyBooth: heheheh
[21:04] LoungeMonkey: ahahahahahaha!!!
[21:04] Sharon: but he can't get chicks in that box
[21:04] stephanie: ok , if u guys are gonna call names , i would like to just be caleld steph ,, not bitch or shit eater or soemthing
[21:04] TheBKing: Why not?
[21:04] LoungeMonkey: STEVE PERRY!
[21:04] stephanie: lol
[21:04] Darkangl: hey come on let me show you the new scoreboard I made
[21:04] AgonyBooth: hahah
[21:04] TheBKing: LOL
[21:04] Darkangl: you know
[21:04] Darkangl: we should do Baseketball Revisited :D
[21:04] TheBKing: no Steph, we're reenacting scenes from BASEKETBALL!
[21:04] TheBKing: oh christ.
[21:04] LoungeMonkey: YES!!!!!!!
[21:04] TheBKing: lol
[21:05] TheBKing: I'll have to buy it then.
[21:05] TheBKing: lol
[21:05] stephanie: thats a good movie
[21:05] Darkangl: I'm up for it
[21:05] Darkangl: how about you guys
[21:05] Sharon: me too
[21:05] TheBKing: I usually just buy the movies we watch anyway.
[21:05] TheBKing: if I can.
[21:05] LoungeMonkey: More Yasmine jokes than you can shake a stick at!
[21:05] Sharon: I love this movie
[21:05] TheBKing: that's fine.
[21:05] Sharon: hahahaha
[21:05] TheBKing: twice though?
[21:05] Darkangl: hell yeah baby
[21:05] AgonyBooth: haha
[21:05] Darkangl: why not
[21:05] AgonyBooth: let's do another Yasmine movie
[21:05] TheBKing: lol
[21:05] TheBKing: like what?
[21:05] Darkangl: who the hell reads the gathering logs anyway
[21:05] AgonyBooth: i dunno
[21:05] Darkangl: just us :)
[21:05] LoungeMonkey: I have to dig up that crack whore graphic I made of her and send it to everyone
[21:05] TheBKing: LOL
[21:05] TheBKing: true.
[21:05] TheBKing: LOL
[21:05] Darkangl: who cares if we do it again
[21:05] TheBKing: I still have it I think Todd.
[21:05] Darkangl: hahahaha
[21:05] LoungeMonkey: Let me look for it
[21:06] Sharon: I wanted to see it
[21:06] Sharon: duane told me about it
[21:06] LoungeMonkey: hold on a sec
[21:06] Darkangl: ok so next saturday baseketball revisited and then the following one will be herc in new york
[21:06] TheBKing: lol
[21:06] TheBKing: we hope
[21:06] Sharon: :)
[21:06] TheBKing: if not then zombie will replace ahnuld.
[21:06] Darkangl: followed by coming to america and then zombie
[21:06] LoungeMonkey: found it!!!
[21:06] Darkangl: and then maybe dolemite just to make todd happy
[21:06] stephanie: nope
[21:06] stephanie: opps
[21:06] TheBKing: DOES HE?!
[21:06] TheBKing: HA
[21:06] TheBKing: HA
[21:06] TheBKing: HA
[21:06] TheBKing: DOES HE?!
[21:06] TheBKing: HA
[21:06] TheBKing: HA
[21:06] Darkangl: :D
[21:07] Darkangl: that movie rules :D
[21:07] LoungeMonkey: Who want to see the graphic again?
[21:07] Darkangl: I had close to 7,000 hits this month
[21:07] Darkangl: I DO I DO!
[21:07] LoungeMonkey: Jesus
[21:07] Sharon: Me me me
[21:07] AgonyBooth: yeah... send it
[21:08] stephanie: brb
[21:08] Sharon: sorry todd
[21:08] TheBKing: lol
[21:08] TheBKing: ok
[21:08] Sharon: i added you
[21:08] AgonyBooth: LOL
[21:08] AgonyBooth: hahaha
[21:08] *** Quits: LoungeMonkey (Read error: EOF from client)
[21:08] Sharon: cool thanks :)
[21:08] AgonyBooth: hahahaha
[21:08] stephanie: hi
[21:09] AgonyBooth: i never saw that before
[21:09] Darkangl: todd needs to change that to make it say "Got Crack?"
[21:09] AgonyBooth: is that a t-shirt?
[21:09] TheBKing: no, but it should be!
[21:09] Darkangl: he designed it
[21:09] *** Joins: LoungeMonkey (
[21:09] LoungeMonkey: woops
[21:09] Darkangl: todd
[21:09] Darkangl: change it
[21:09] stephanie: HAHAHAHA PEE
[21:09] Darkangl: make it say "Got Crack?"
[21:09] stephanie: random sorry lol
[21:09] Sharon: this rules :))
[21:09] LoungeMonkey: and put white powder under her nose?
[21:09] TheBKing: lol
[21:10] Sharon: hahaha
[21:10] Darkangl: send it to stephanie too
[21:10] TheBKing: ok. Well I must depart.
[21:10] Darkangl: ok jordy
[21:10] Sharon: thanks todd :)
[21:10] AgonyBooth: yeah dudes...
[21:10] stephanie: ok
[21:10] stephanie: :)
[21:10] TheBKing: As much as I hate to.
[21:10] Darkangl: have fun on your easter sack hunt
[21:10] AgonyBooth: it's about time for dinner here
[21:10] TheBKing: ROFL!
[21:10] stephanie: lol
[21:10] AgonyBooth: easter sack?
[21:10] TheBKing: lol
[21:10] TheBKing: what the fuck?
[21:10] Darkangl: yeah
[21:10] TheBKing: lol
[21:10] AgonyBooth: are you looking for ball sacks Jordan?
[21:10] LoungeMonkey: sending...
[21:10] Darkangl: it's a sack that holds 2 easter eggs
[21:10] Sharon: hahaha
[21:10] TheBKing: ooohh.... bitches gonna get smacked.
[21:10] LoungeMonkey: goodnight
[21:10] TheBKing: lol
[21:10] AgonyBooth: hahaha
[21:11] Darkangl: kinda blue ones from what he tells me
[21:11] stephanie: what the hell was that
[21:11] TheBKing: hid the salami?
[21:11] Darkangl: ;)
[21:11] stephanie: hell*
[21:11] TheBKing: hey bitch.
[21:11] Darkangl: hahahahah
[21:11] AgonyBooth: you're getting salami in your easter basket
[21:11] Sharon: ouch :)
[21:11] TheBKing: my personal life doesn't belong here.
[21:11] LoungeMonkey: oooohhhhhh
[21:11] TheBKing: lol
[21:11] TheBKing: Don't even talk todder....
[21:11] TheBKing: lol
[21:11] Darkangl: from what I hear it belongs in the bathroom with a good magazine ;)
[21:11] stephanie: ok i gotta go now
[21:11] TheBKing: ROFL!
[21:11] Darkangl: ok stephanie
[21:11] TheBKing: hahahhahahahahaha
[21:11] stephanie: nice talking to u guys :)
[21:11] Darkangl: take care sweetie
[21:11] AgonyBooth: alright guys and gals
[21:11] LoungeMonkey: goodnight Stephanie
[21:11] TheBKing: ok Steph. Yeah it was fun.
[21:11] Darkangl: stay warm :)
[21:11] AgonyBooth: it was fun
[21:11] stephanie: night
[21:11] Sharon: see ya :)