Hercules in New York 3/27/2004

Darkangl = Duane from B-Movie Central
TheBKing = Jordan from The B-Movie Film Vault
Pantsman = Josh from Varied Celluloid
Heidi = Heidi from The Horror Post
citizennancy = Nancy - Rogues fanclub member


[17:01] Darkangl: everyone ready?
[17:01] TheBKing: yes
[17:01] Heidi: yes
[17:01] citizennancy: born ready
[17:01] TheBKing: lol
[17:01] Heidi: :-P
[17:01] TheBKing: ok
[17:01] TheBKing: starting in......
[17:01] TheBKing: 5
[17:01] citizennancy: 8
[17:01] TheBKing: 4
[17:01] TheBKing: 3
[17:01] TheBKing: 2
[17:01] TheBKing: 1
[17:01] TheBKing: GO GO GO
[17:02] Pantsman: Before anything, I would like to go on record by saying it's a long way to the top, if you wanna rock & roll.
[17:02] citizennancy: you say that all the time
[17:02] TheBKing: Mystery and Earth mixed into Mystery and Myth was born and Hercules walked around in a toga.
[17:02] TheBKing: huh?!
[17:02] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahaha
[17:02] Pantsman: What's Arnie saying?
[17:02] TheBKing: you let masblabla
[17:02] Darkangl: hahaha
[17:02] TheBKing: Thousands ouf fyears.
[17:02] Darkangl: god he was young here
[17:02] Pantsman: "I am Buooored"
[17:02] TheBKing: LOL
[17:03] Pantsman: Hahahahaha, oh man
[17:03] TheBKing: Let me be ze juj of zat.
[17:03] citizennancy: lol
[17:03] Darkangl: it's so funny how you can hear the traffic in the background of olympus
[17:03] Pantsman: Did anyone catch my AC/DC reference by the way?
[17:03] Heidi: Look at the amazing symbolism!
[17:03] citizennancy: i did
[17:03] TheBKing: An italian minstreal did the entire soundtrack for this flick.
[17:03] Darkangl: nope josh
[17:03] TheBKing: nope.
[17:03] Pantsman: Nancy did though, so it wasn't in vein
[17:03] Darkangl: I can't believe he was credited as arnold strong
[17:04] Heidi: I wonder how phone companies can stay in business with shit liek Trillian
[17:04] Darkangl: this music makes it sound like Hercules' big fat greek wedding
[17:04] TheBKing: LOL
[17:04] citizennancy: lol
[17:04] TheBKing: That was awesome man.
[17:04] Darkangl: hee hee
[17:04] citizennancy: oh i so want to burn that song on cd
[17:04] Darkangl: sharon said that
[17:04] Darkangl: gotta give her the credit
[17:04] TheBKing: Man I gotta buy the soundtrack to this movie.
[17:04] TheBKing: ha. it doesn't exist.
[17:04] Darkangl: I seriously doubt it has one
[17:04] TheBKing: nevermind.
[17:05] Darkangl: hahaha
[17:05] Heidi: really? you'd think there'd be a large demand for it
[17:05] Darkangl: I love it
[17:05] citizennancy: togas by topos big and tall
[17:05] Darkangl: zeus is like walking along like "God damn it leave me alone!"
[17:05] TheBKing: But Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad............ Ahnie want to go to New Yowrk.
[17:05] TheBKing: LOL
[17:05] Heidi: Mystery Scinec Rogues 3000
[17:05] TheBKing: Did he say penis?
[17:05] Pantsman: Bearded to his face, what?
[17:05] Heidi: Penis
[17:05] TheBKing: OH! VENUS!
[17:05] Darkangl: hey venus has a bump on her chin
[17:05] TheBKing: crepe hair!
[17:05] Heidi: Penis, teh goddess of Love
[17:05] Pantsman: "my fada"
[17:05] TheBKing: I von't stay!
[17:05] Darkangl: look at the little gay boy behind zeus
[17:05] Heidi: why don't his family members have accents?
[17:06] TheBKing: oo're trying mine!
[17:06] TheBKing: Nobody will stop me.
[17:06] Darkangl: I love zeus' lightning bolts too
[17:06] citizennancy: why does he have a golf bag?
[17:06] Darkangl: bent rebar
[17:06] Heidi: lol
[17:06] Heidi: nancy
[17:06] Darkangl: with some white paint
[17:06] TheBKing: I'll throw my TV Antenna piece at you!
[17:06] Darkangl: SCARY!
[17:06] citizennancy: tammy faye baker!
[17:06] Pantsman: Those chicks are pretty homely
[17:06] TheBKing: lol
[17:06] TheBKing: yeah.
[17:06] Darkangl: that last chick is way scary
[17:06] TheBKing: so's Zeus.
[17:06] Darkangl: the brunette was pretty hot though
[17:06] TheBKing: Guests of Hercules in New York fly Pan American....
[17:06] Pantsman: Hahahaha
[17:06] citizennancy: hi!
[17:06] Darkangl: oh man
[17:06] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahaha
[17:06] Darkangl: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[17:06] Darkangl: heart attack!
[17:06] citizennancy: all the way to earth
[17:07] citizennancy: and he doesnt even get nuts or a movie on his flight
[17:07] Darkangl: I just saw a maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
[17:07] Darkangl: :D
[17:07] Pantsman: She sounds like the nosey neighbor from Bewitched
[17:07] TheBKing: And the nakes man was going down..........
[17:07] Darkangl: hahahaha
[17:07] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[17:07] citizennancy: Theres.....something....on the ....winnng of the .ppplaaane
[17:07] TheBKing: She's so impressionable!
[17:07] Darkangl: the oxygen's not on and she suffocates her friend
[17:07] TheBKing: Hahahahahaha.
[17:07] Heidi: lolol
[17:07] Darkangl: some of these chicks are pretty hot
[17:08] TheBKing: Juno is mad because Zeus chills with all the ugly "godesses" all day.
[17:08] Darkangl: hahahahah
[17:08] citizennancy: the eye of isengard
[17:08] TheBKing: My crystal ball......
[17:08] TheBKing: Behold..... it's made of plastic!
[17:08] citizennancy: he got big ball
[17:08] Darkangl: somewhere in new york there's a naked lamp post
[17:08] TheBKing: ROFL
[17:08] TheBKing: hahahahahahhahaa
[17:08] Darkangl: oh man
[17:08] citizennancy: i twipped
[17:08] TheBKing: his man tits move on their own.
[17:08] Darkangl: in the navy
[17:08] citizennancy: jerkules?
[17:09] Darkangl: you can wipe yourself down
[17:09] Darkangl: in the navy
[17:09] Heidi: dorkulese
[17:09] Pantsman: "Hercalees"
[17:09] Heidi: related to jerkula?
[17:09] Darkangl: you can boff a cute clown
[17:09] citizennancy: maybe beef jerky
[17:09] Pantsman: Za Zon of Zeus
[17:09] Heidi: Beef Jerkules
[17:09] Darkangl: hahah herc doesn't know what the hell they're talking about
[17:09] TheBKing: Biff Hardpeck
[17:09] Heidi: and governore of Kaliforneeah
[17:09] TheBKing: Meat Hardslab
[17:09] citizennancy: lol
[17:09] TheBKing: DIck Squatthrust!
[17:09] Heidi: Rod Steel
[17:10] Pantsman: MST3K reference!
[17:10] citizennancy: bob johnson
[17:10] TheBKing: LOL
[17:10] TheBKing: yup!
[17:10] citizennancy: oh wait
[17:10] Heidi: Chesty McLargeHuge?
[17:10] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[17:10] citizennancy: nice teeth
[17:10] TheBKing: I am a silly monkey see?
[17:10] Darkangl: this is awesome
[17:10] Darkangl: josh hasn't seen this yet so it's all new to him too
[17:10] TheBKing: slap.
[17:10] citizennancy: and they say the recall was tough
[17:10] Heidi: oh man
[17:10] Heidi: this film is GREAT
[17:10] citizennancy: next i take on gary coleman
[17:10] Darkangl: hahahah they're hurting their hands on his abs
[17:10] TheBKing: the sound effects heard here were made by ahnuld slapping his muscular thighs with raw beef
[17:11] Darkangl: yeah it is heidi
[17:11] citizennancy: mchale!
[17:11] Darkangl: wish you had it :(
[17:11] Heidi: me too lol
[17:11] Pantsman: Heidi you've seen it?
[17:11] Heidi: but I can REmember
[17:11] Heidi: yeah
[17:11] Heidi: oh yeah
[17:11] TheBKing: stock footage of Liberty Sound.
[17:11] Darkangl: he's most disagreeable and he has irritated me
[17:11] Darkangl: for those that needed translation
[17:11] TheBKing: I am so greek...
[17:11] citizennancy: oh want a jaunty little outfit
[17:11] TheBKing: Biff McLargeHuge!
[17:11] Darkangl: hahaha
[17:11] citizennancy: get yours....lol
[17:12] TheBKing: IN THE NAVY!@
[17:12] TheBKing: you can toss your brotha man!
[17:12] TheBKing: IN the NAVY
[17:12] Darkangl: why are they talking to him like they own him
[17:12] Heidi: Rod McDickStrong
[17:12] TheBKing: BUMFIGHTS!
[17:12] Darkangl: they picked him up in the water
[17:12] TheBKing: Hey..... is that.....
[17:12] Darkangl: ARNOLD STANG!
[17:12] TheBKing: that can't be......
[17:12] citizennancy: here is our real star
[17:12] Pantsman: I always thought Arnie had a thick accent, but it's obvious over the years he's damn near lost it
[17:12] TheBKing: WOODY ALLEN!
[17:12] TheBKing: oh.
[17:12] Darkangl: yep
[17:12] TheBKing: LOL
[17:12] TheBKing: Herc is fighting off the Italian minstrel band.
[17:12] Darkangl: hahahaha arnold's all smiling
[17:12] Pantsman: I love these closeup fights, can't see jack
[17:12] Darkangl: it's just a big game to him
[17:12] Heidi: He talks liek he has a giant german sausage in his mouth
[17:12] Heidi: Thta's what I sound liek when i have one
[17:13] Darkangl: hey look!
[17:13] citizennancy: lol
[17:13] Darkangl: arnold's got japanese teeth magic!
[17:13] Heidi: lololol
[17:13] Heidi: lololol0lolol
[17:13] citizennancy: lol
[17:13] TheBKing: "Kiss my converse. SHO'NUFF!"
[17:13] Darkangl: where the hell did he get those
[17:13] TheBKing: That guy is so BOARD!
[17:13] Heidi: converse, the shoes of teh gods
[17:13] citizennancy: belly flop!
[17:13] Pantsman: JESUS! That was the worst fight I've ever seen!
[17:13] Darkangl: they pulled off his pullover sweater
[17:13] TheBKing: Uh oh. They knocked off Herc's hat!
[17:13] Heidi: Hercules says, "I wear da Convaahs"
[17:13] Darkangl: man
[17:13] TheBKing: Take that you homeless trash!
[17:14] TheBKing: LOL
[17:14] Pantsman: Oh man, now I totally respect the choreography in Dolemite
[17:14] TheBKing: Pretzie!
[17:14] Darkangl: for a bunch of longshoremen, these guys sure can't fight
[17:14] TheBKing: hahahaahahahahahahahahahaha
[17:14] Darkangl: that's why pretzie is workin down at the docks
[17:14] Heidi: next, jordy, is where Arnold does them in the ass
[17:14] citizennancy: kill dozer!
[17:14] TheBKing: Where are zhe horshes?
[17:14] Darkangl: he beats up the longshoremen for their lunch money
[17:14] Heidi: it's got soem awesoem porn in it
[17:14] Pantsman: I seriously couldn't tell what he said there
[17:14] Pantsman: Got to love the gay porn... right?
[17:15] Heidi: who doesn't?
[17:15] Darkangl: well jordan does anyway
[17:15] Darkangl: ;)
[17:15] Pantsman: Buncha greased up men, slapping each other with potted meat, it's awesome
[17:15] TheBKing: Mr. November!
[17:15] TheBKing: ;)
[17:15] TheBKing: ROFL!
[17:15] Darkangl: hahahahah
[17:15] TheBKing: Apollo
[17:15] Darkangl: he's on fire!
[17:15] TheBKing: He fought Rocky didn't he?
[17:15] citizennancy: lol
[17:15] Heidi: oh mabn
[17:16] Heidi: no one struckedes Hercules and lives
[17:16] TheBKing: what the fuck did he say?
[17:16] Pantsman: I have no clue
[17:16] TheBKing: He vas een deskies
[17:16] Heidi: he aid 'Ja for shoeystun not to the horshes"
[17:16] Darkangl: HAHAHAHAH
[17:16] Pantsman: What is he saying!?
[17:16] TheBKing: hahahahahahhaahahahhahaha
[17:16] Darkangl: diudian asknm asnnje hekwel nskjak love with him
[17:16] TheBKing: Tara can apparently understand his Greek Muttering.
[17:16] TheBKing: I am grateful!
[17:17] Darkangl: HAHAHAHAHAHA!
[17:17] Darkangl: what acting!
[17:17] citizennancy: oh yes
[17:17] Heidi: it's the international language of Whoresluit that she understands
[17:17] Darkangl: that cabbies voice just kills me
[17:17] Pantsman: You're watching this with your girlfriend Jordan?
[17:17] Darkangl: yeha
[17:17] Heidi: lolol
[17:17] TheBKing: 2 bucks?!
[17:17] TheBKing: Man this must be like 1920
[17:17] Heidi: isn't it romantic?
[17:17] citizennancy: i want my two dollars!
[17:17] Darkangl: the uber hot tara with the 36 c's :D
[17:17] Pantsman: Your girlfriend must totally hate you
[17:17] Heidi: my husband would NEVEtr watch thsi with me
[17:17] TheBKing: ROFL
[17:17] Heidi: esp if i was doing thsi gatherng
[17:17] Darkangl: that's why you got us heidi :D
[17:17] TheBKing: nope she's loving this.
[17:17] Heidi: totally!
[17:18] Heidi: i had to go get "it" somewhere else
[17:18] Darkangl: god this cabbie can't act
[17:18] Darkangl: :D
[17:18] Heidi: "it" being bad movie talk
[17:18] TheBKing: but at least you can understand the cabbie....
[17:18] TheBKing: NO MONEY EH???????
[17:18] citizennancy: uh why doesnt he have money, i mean preyue
[17:18] Heidi: are they going through Central Park yet?
[17:18] citizennancy: pretzie
[17:18] Darkangl: yeah they are
[17:18] TheBKing: Look at him rolling up his sleeves.
[17:18] TheBKing: LOL
[17:18] Darkangl: just about
[17:18] TheBKing: Couple of Deadbeats eh?
[17:18] Darkangl: the cabbie's about to attack them
[17:18] Heidi: vat ees Money
[17:19] Pantsman: "You've been immooortilloooyzzzed"
[17:19] TheBKing: YOU HAVE STRUCKED HERCULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[17:19] TheBKing: LOL
[17:19] TheBKing: How dare you bla bla bal BLAH BLAH!
[17:19] citizennancy: oooooh
[17:19] Darkangl: almost saw the cabbie's butt crack there
[17:19] citizennancy: ewwww
[17:19] Darkangl: who the hell would be brain dead enough to attack hercules
[17:19] Pantsman: He hasn't made the 'strucked' comment yet has he?
[17:19] TheBKing: nope
[17:19] Darkangl: no
[17:19] Darkangl: that comes later
[17:19] Pantsman: Okay, I'm waiting on that one :)
[17:19] Heidi: noone struckedededs Hercules
[17:20] Darkangl: here he's about to show up a bunch of college athletes
[17:20] Darkangl: hey pretzie lost his pretzel basket
[17:20] TheBKing: Mr. Belevedere!
[17:20] Darkangl: here's the girl he kinda hooks up with
[17:20] Pantsman: This movie is totally like a porno I swear, only substitute sex with Arnie having bad fights or showing off his muscles
[17:20] Darkangl: she's pretty cool
[17:20] TheBKing: That cuck is kinda hot.
[17:20] Darkangl: kinda dumb, but pretty cool
[17:20] TheBKing: chick.
[17:20] TheBKing: cuck? what the fuck?
[17:20] citizennancy: lol
[17:20] TheBKing: can't type.
[17:21] Darkangl: cuck?
[17:21] Darkangl: what the cuck?
[17:21] Heidi: she's a hit cuck
[17:21] TheBKing: Woody Allen is THE WORMINATOR
[17:21] citizennancy: nice hat
[17:21] *** Parts: Heidi (~heidi@lsanca1-ar60-4-7-203-147.lsanca1.dsl-verizon.net)
[17:21] Darkangl: pssssssssssttttttt
[17:21] TheBKing: HA!
[17:21] TheBKing: HA!
[17:21] Darkangl: ha!
[17:21] Pantsman: Heidi is now dead
[17:21] citizennancy: sounds like a dare
[17:21] *** Joins: Heidi (~heidi@lsanca1-ar60-4-7-203-147.lsanca1.dsl-verizon.net)
[17:21] citizennancy: shes backkkk
[17:21] Heidi: hmmm
[17:21] TheBKing: to show zem how tsu sthrow za diskus
[17:21] Pantsman: Heidi is alive!
[17:21] Heidi: how odd
[17:21] Darkangl: to show dem how to throw the discoos
[17:21] Darkangl: :D
[17:21] TheBKing: LOL
[17:21] Heidi: That keep shappening to me
[17:22] Heidi: I am not used to thsi yet
[17:22] TheBKing: I doo saiy
[17:22] Darkangl: that guy standing there is the one that strucked hercules
[17:22] Heidi: struckeded
[17:22] Darkangl: the one in the blue jumpsuit
[17:22] Darkangl: but that comes later
[17:22] Pantsman: Sank you
[17:22] TheBKing: sank you
[17:22] TheBKing: hahahaha
[17:22] citizennancy: spank you
[17:22] Heidi: I do not know what have happeend, but something have gotto be did about that struckening
[17:22] Darkangl: hahahahahah
[17:22] TheBKing: DISC HARDTHROW!
[17:23] *** Parts: Heidi (~heidi@lsanca1-ar60-4-7-203-147.lsanca1.dsl-verizon.net)
[17:23] citizennancy: smack, hits that cabbie in the head
[17:23] TheBKing: LOL
[17:23] Pantsman: Wow! He threw it!
[17:23] TheBKing: LOL
[17:23] TheBKing: He threw it too!
[17:23] citizennancy: me throw long stick
[17:23] TheBKing: STICK LONGTHROW!
[17:23] Darkangl: let's see you grab the stick and toss one herc!
[17:23] citizennancy: oh gosharoonie
[17:23] Darkangl: yay!
[17:23] TheBKing: Let me jiggle my titties in unison.
[17:23] citizennancy: a shot for the ladies
[17:24] Darkangl: man boobs!!
[17:24] Pantsman: Herc's gettin' naked!
[17:24] TheBKing: bum bum bum bum
[17:24] TheBKing: LOL
[17:24] Darkangl: THEY'RE ALIVE!
[17:24] TheBKing: Booby bongos.
[17:24] TheBKing: LOL
[17:24] TheBKing: wow. He threw it 100 yards....
[17:24] TheBKing: You'd figure he'd throw it an infinite distance.
[17:24] Darkangl: hahahah
[17:24] Darkangl: I know
[17:24] citizennancy: throw it so far it pokes him in the back
[17:24] Pantsman: I always thought Hercules would be a bit stronger, like, strong enough to throw cars or something
[17:24] TheBKing: LOL
[17:24] Darkangl: hahah pretzie's makin' cab fare :D
[17:24] TheBKing: He flipped a car...
[17:25] TheBKing: ?
[17:25] Pantsman: Ain't the same thing
[17:25] Darkangl: hahahahahahahaha
[17:25] TheBKing: drats
[17:25] Darkangl: he almost couldn't get the word certainly out
[17:25] Pantsman: Throwing a car, with one hand!
[17:25] citizennancy: you need no beg, i do it for fwee
[17:25] TheBKing: herc is wearing Air ME's.
[17:25] TheBKing: Get it? Air ME'S? Cause I'm Jordan?
[17:25] TheBKing: Ha ..... ha.................. ha.............
[17:25] TheBKing: ??
[17:25] Pantsman: That's awesome Jordan :)
[17:26] Darkangl: nah
[17:26] Darkangl: there aren't any narcs around
[17:26] citizennancy: tea?
[17:26] TheBKing: Tea = Heroine.
[17:26] Darkangl: they're all over at yasmeen's place
[17:26] TheBKing: LOL!
[17:26] TheBKing: ZING!
[17:26] Darkangl: BAM!!!!!!!
[17:26] Pantsman: "invoited me to do day befoy"
[17:26] Darkangl: :D
[17:26] Pantsman: dat*
[17:26] TheBKing: ok bitch!
[17:26] citizennancy: thank you hazel
[17:26] TheBKing: jeez.
[17:26] TheBKing: it's almost time......
[17:27] Pantsman: Where did Arnie get the suit?
[17:27] Darkangl: where the hell did herc get a tailor made suit
[17:27] citizennancy: its like a tv show, the shoes salesman and the god
[17:27] Darkangl: HAHAHAHAHAHAH
[17:27] Darkangl: using an antler as a back scratcher
[17:27] Darkangl: this is the strucked part josh
[17:27] TheBKing: SARAH CONNOR?!
[17:27] TheBKing: LOL
[17:27] Darkangl: coming up a little later on in this scene
[17:27] Darkangl: there's some great dialogue coming up here
[17:27] TheBKing: I'm saying that every time Herc opens a door....
[17:27] citizennancy: a little grope'll do ya
[17:27] Darkangl: hahahah
[17:28] TheBKing: What cood be wronG?
[17:28] Darkangl: oh man
[17:28] Darkangl: she reminds him of a goddess
[17:28] Darkangl: what a CHEESY ass line :D
[17:28] citizennancy: martha stewart?
[17:28] Pantsman: She's got a weird eye going on there
[17:28] Darkangl: except in his case he's telling the truth
[17:28] TheBKing: Well they are ugly up there so she's beautiful in comparsion.
[17:28] TheBKing: yeah.
[17:28] Darkangl: this dialogue sounds SO written
[17:28] citizennancy: dame?
[17:28] TheBKing: Ironically they all adlibbed Duane.
[17:28] TheBKing: ROFL
[17:28] Darkangl: blah blah blah making
[17:29] Darkangl: :D
[17:29] Pantsman: Got to watch those Dames and Broads, always so touchy
[17:29] Darkangl: what did I say dat vas wrong
[17:29] citizennancy: hugh hefner
[17:29] Darkangl: :D
[17:29] Darkangl: hahahahahahahahaha
[17:29] TheBKing: Is he yor lofer?
[17:29] Darkangl: this is awesome
[17:29] Darkangl: this is the strucked part josh
[17:29] Pantsman: Swizzle!
[17:29] Darkangl: hahahahah that smile
[17:29] Pantsman: Hahahaha
[17:29] TheBKing: hahahahahahaha
[17:29] Darkangl: YES!!!!!!
[17:29] TheBKing: YES!
[17:29] Darkangl: YES!!!!!
[17:29] TheBKing: ROFL
[17:30] TheBKing: I AM HERCUleS!
[17:30] Darkangl: HAHAHAHA
[17:30] TheBKing: You have spanked Hercules!
[17:30] Pantsman: Boy, she's kinda whiney
[17:30] Darkangl: his last name is zoose, you know, rhymes with booze :D
[17:30] TheBKing: I'm so proud of my son!
[17:30] Darkangl: yeah but she's pretty cool josh
[17:30] TheBKing: Meanwhile in a steam room...
[17:31] Darkangl: she is pretty
[17:31] TheBKing: Primitive = refreshing
[17:31] Darkangl: something a little funky about her though
[17:31] Darkangl: not sure what it is
[17:31] TheBKing: yeah.
[17:31] TheBKing: She's actually a man.
[17:31] TheBKing: That must be it.
[17:31] Darkangl: hahahahahahah
[17:31] Pantsman: She's got a lazy eye
[17:31] Pantsman: and some messed up cheek bones
[17:31] Darkangl: every woman wants a muscleman
[17:31] TheBKing: Herc's uncle is locked up in the zoo.
[17:31] TheBKing: lol
[17:31] TheBKing: and his pet cat.
[17:31] TheBKing: OH YES!
[17:31] Darkangl: too bad for her all them roids shrank his weiner up :D
[17:32] TheBKing: GRIZZLY WRASSLIN'!
[17:32] Pantsman: Arnie could crush her shoulder bones like crackers
[17:32] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahaha
[17:32] TheBKing: He's gonna get La Bat Blue
[17:32] Darkangl: yes folks, it's a flashlight AND you can beat someone over the head with it
[17:32] citizennancy: lol
[17:32] Darkangl: this part with the bear is priceless
[17:32] TheBKing: Imported From Canada.
[17:32] citizennancy: yeah
[17:32] Darkangl: the bear is SO SO SO fake
[17:33] TheBKing: Hercules vs. the beer mascot! Coming soon to a theater near you.
[17:33] Pantsman: Wait, this DVD has German audio
[17:33] TheBKing: yup!
[17:33] TheBKing: LOL
[17:33] TheBKing: and french.
[17:33] TheBKing: and the english dubbed.
[17:33] Pantsman: German is so much funnier though
[17:33] TheBKing: Paging mr. Herman.
[17:33] Darkangl: notice the sky in the background
[17:33] TheBKing: Paging Mr. Herman.
[17:33] Darkangl: it's not night
[17:33] TheBKing: it's dusk
[17:33] Darkangl: yet in this cop scene it is
[17:33] Darkangl: and now it's not again
[17:33] Pantsman: Whoa, that's some continuity!
[17:33] Darkangl: seriously :)
[17:34] TheBKing: yup
[17:34] TheBKing: You like to climb mountains?!
[17:34] TheBKing: LOL
[17:34] TheBKing: go herc.
[17:34] Pantsman: That chick looks like the mom from Last House on the Left I swear
[17:34] Darkangl: that bear is SO fake
[17:34] TheBKing: DUDE!
[17:34] Darkangl: oh my god
[17:34] TheBKing: That means she'll bit off Herc's dick.
[17:34] citizennancy: guy in a bear suit!
[17:34] TheBKing: LOL
[17:34] TheBKing: Just give him a beer Herc!
[17:34] citizennancy: well you do want dinner with your ride
[17:34] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahaha
[17:34] citizennancy: can a guy in a bear suit get his ass kicked?
[17:34] Pantsman: That bear suit is.... all I can say is that this is a fantasy come true
[17:35] Darkangl: nah it's actually Chong. He got some bad acid and tripped out.
[17:35] Darkangl: ;)
[17:35] Pantsman: This is everything I've always wanted in a movie
[17:35] TheBKing: Ahnuld OWW! No that's not how we rehearsed it.
[17:35] Darkangl: isn't it awesome josh :D
[17:35] citizennancy: oh im spent
[17:35] TheBKing: Wait, you almost took my mask off.
[17:35] TheBKing: SLAP
[17:35] TheBKing: SLAP
[17:35] TheBKing: SLAP
[17:35] TheBKing: RAWHIDE!
[17:35] Darkangl: hahahaha
[17:35] TheBKing: SLAP
[17:35] citizennancy: lol
[17:35] Darkangl: you know that guy in the bear suit was hating life right about then
[17:35] Pantsman: Arnie killed three stunt men during this scene
[17:35] citizennancy: peter fonda!
[17:36] Darkangl: the wrasslin' game is lucative :D
[17:36] Pantsman: He seen ya pitcher in da paper
[17:36] TheBKing: Josh.
[17:36] Pantsman: papa* my bad
[17:36] Pantsman: What up?
[17:36] TheBKing: Tara read that comment about Arnie killing 3 stunt men.
[17:36] TheBKing: She thought you were telling the truth.
[17:36] TheBKing: LOL
[17:37] Pantsman: No, I'm an avid liar, please inform her :)
[17:37] TheBKing: LOL
[17:37] Pantsman: Fat Lips and Nitro?
[17:37] citizennancy: lol
[17:37] TheBKing: Seriously look at him.
[17:37] Darkangl: hahahahahaha
[17:37] Darkangl: that boy of yours is a cummer ;)
[17:37] TheBKing: LOL
[17:37] Darkangl: how'd he know?
[17:37] Pantsman: Bukkake!
[17:38] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[17:38] TheBKing: Jay Leno clone behind him.....
[17:38] citizennancy: yeaahhhh
[17:38] Darkangl: nah
[17:38] Darkangl: chin's not big enough
[17:38] TheBKing: true.
[17:38] Pantsman: He's like Eddie G. Robinson... only without the talent
[17:38] TheBKing: The hair's good though.
[17:38] citizennancy: hey hes signing it "major weiner"
[17:38] Darkangl: it's not smackin him in the balls when he talks
[17:38] TheBKing: LOL
[17:38] TheBKing: Now I can buy LOTS of pretzels and sell them!
[17:38] TheBKing: Hooray!
[17:39] TheBKing: I'm a loser!
[17:39] Darkangl: that's a pretty hefty wad of cash
[17:39] citizennancy: ohh booze comfert me
[17:39] TheBKing: That looks like Woody Allen!
[17:39] Pantsman: That ain't a bad shot if it wasn't so shakey
[17:39] Darkangl: nah
[17:39] citizennancy: why wont soon-yi call me
[17:39] Darkangl: arnol stang had his own look
[17:39] Darkangl: HAHAHAHAHAHA
[17:39] TheBKing: Th.... th.... th....e....the!
[17:39] Darkangl: nice nancy :)
[17:39] TheBKing: yup
[17:39] TheBKing: Juno is ROMAN!
[17:39] TheBKing: NOT GREEK!
[17:39] TheBKing: ARGH!
[17:39] TheBKing: Herc stangled two snakes as a child?
[17:39] Pantsman: THE NERVE!!
[17:40] Darkangl: man hat a crappy lookin bow
[17:40] TheBKing: Now if only he can teach that brunette chick how to do it......
[17:40] citizennancy: sappho gardens
[17:40] TheBKing: he'll be in business.
[17:40] Darkangl: hahahaha
[17:40] TheBKing: lol
[17:40] TheBKing: He can get preztie a happy ending.
[17:40] citizennancy: any read lips?
[17:40] citizennancy: clap on!
[17:40] Pantsman: CHER!
[17:40] TheBKing: LOL
[17:40] Pantsman: She always had great style
[17:40] TheBKing: Nah it's XENA
[17:41] Darkangl: hey
[17:41] Pantsman: Or Wonder Woman
[17:41] citizennancy: to that street known as broadway
[17:41] TheBKing: To that place known as the Bronx
[17:41] Darkangl: zeus looks like he's been drinking fruit punch kool aid
[17:41] Darkangl: look at his lips :D
[17:41] TheBKing: to that building known as a motel.
[17:41] citizennancy: i wll find my queen!
[17:41] TheBKing: to that room known as 211
[17:41] TheBKing: eww.......
[17:41] TheBKing: ick.......
[17:42] Darkangl: petticoat junction goes to olympus
[17:42] TheBKing: Venus, goddess of ugliness!
[17:42] Darkangl: :D
[17:42] Pantsman: I see nipples
[17:42] TheBKing: LOL
[17:42] TheBKing: josh look up man.
[17:42] TheBKing: Stop staring at your chest.
[17:42] citizennancy: oooh chick fight
[17:42] TheBKing: LOL
[17:42] Darkangl: haha
[17:42] Darkangl: oh man
[17:42] Pantsman: Nah dude, there were nipples on one of them there womenz
[17:42] Darkangl: I just thought of something
[17:42] TheBKing: That's Tom Hanks son!!!!
[17:43] citizennancy: tell vidal sassoon i need my hair done!
[17:43] TheBKing: Colin!
[17:43] Darkangl: you know how chicks have periods
[17:43] TheBKing: LOL
[17:43] Darkangl: and how chicks who are in close proximity to each other have synchronous periods
[17:43] citizennancy: hmm
[17:43] TheBKing: What's the captital of alaska?
[17:43] TheBKing: JUNO!
[17:43] TheBKing: hee hee
[17:43] citizennancy: (rolls eyes)
[17:43] TheBKing: hahahahaha
[17:43] Darkangl: imagine every chick on olympus having periods at the same time...only these chicks all have goddess powers
[17:43] TheBKing: GODZILLA!
[17:43] Darkangl: hahahaha
[17:43] TheBKing: vs. the ben hur!
[17:43] Darkangl: this scene rules
[17:44] Darkangl: listen for the HA HA HA
[17:44] TheBKing: hahahahhaa
[17:44] citizennancy: you mean im not really an action hero?
[17:44] TheBKing: DOES HE?!
[17:44] Pantsman: Mom from Last House on the Left, tellin' ya
[17:44] Darkangl: coming up here
[17:44] TheBKing: HA HA HA
[17:44] TheBKing: DOES HE?!
[17:44] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[17:44] Darkangl: man I love that
[17:44] TheBKing: dat imatater
[17:44] TheBKing: eggsellent
[17:44] Darkangl: insolence :D
[17:44] Pantsman: Hercules would be knockin' those mortal boots
[17:44] Pantsman: Eggselent, haha
[17:44] citizennancy: lol
[17:45] TheBKing: He looks like such a tourist with that camera around his neck.
[17:45] TheBKing: Atlas.
[17:45] Darkangl: you know what this movie needs to make it perfect
[17:45] TheBKing: I looked up a map in him yesterday!
[17:45] citizennancy: what?
[17:45] Darkangl: Erik Estrada
[17:45] TheBKing: what's that?
[17:45] TheBKing: ROFL!
[17:45] TheBKing: As a gay guy.
[17:45] Darkangl: YES!
[17:45] Darkangl: even better
[17:45] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha
[17:45] Darkangl: good thinking jordy
[17:45] citizennancy: looks like mary tyler moore now
[17:45] TheBKing: He did that in a flic.
[17:45] Pantsman: Erik Estrada could kill another man using only his hair
[17:45] TheBKing: I forget what movie it was.
[17:45] TheBKing: LOL
[17:45] Darkangl: hahahaha yeah nancy :)
[17:46] Darkangl: doesn't he look like he should have a pocket protector and a slide rule?
[17:46] Pantsman: They're what? Pennifactors?
[17:46] citizennancy: duck duck goose
[17:46] TheBKing: This fine fwood for onwly a few pwetty cwooins?
[17:46] Darkangl: for someone who fell out of the sky he sure has a lot of clothes
[17:46] Darkangl: hahahaha
[17:46] Pantsman: Well now he's wrasslin', so I guess he has some money... maybe
[17:46] TheBKing: Arnie's bicep is bigger than that kid!
[17:46] Darkangl: you know
[17:47] citizennancy: mr ll bean
[17:47] TheBKing: FALL IN!
[17:47] Pantsman: ARNIE GROPED HER!!
[17:47] TheBKing: doh!"
[17:47] Darkangl: I always see those 2 kids feeling his muscle
[17:47] TheBKing: lol
[17:47] TheBKing: hahahhaaha
[17:47] citizennancy: wook i can fwy too
[17:47] TheBKing: good one Josh.
[17:47] Darkangl: and I can't help but think they just wandered into the scene
[17:47] Darkangl: it looked so unplanned
[17:47] citizennancy: captain stubing
[17:47] Pantsman: Is that a love boat reference?
[17:47] TheBKing: LOL
[17:47] citizennancy: yup
[17:48] Darkangl: arnold has a mole on his cheek
[17:48] Darkangl: I guess he had it removed
[17:48] TheBKing: he's allzigtime naking me?
[17:48] citizennancy: when did you semen my father last?
[17:48] TheBKing: that's what I heard.
[17:48] Pantsman: Captain Stubbing is the mascot for Varied Celluloid, only he's a fish... with a monocle (sp)
[17:48] Darkangl: I don't think he has it anymore
[17:48] TheBKing: Yeah those bent TV antennae parts.
[17:48] Darkangl: you know how he throws that rebar around when he gets angry :D
[17:48] TheBKing: He woodn't send hair afta me.
[17:48] citizennancy: lol
[17:49] Pantsman: The accents clash just a wee bit
[17:49] TheBKing: you are a living phallacy.
[17:49] Darkangl: he's living a fallic?
[17:49] TheBKing: LOL
[17:49] citizennancy: shoawa
[17:49] TheBKing: ROFL
[17:49] Darkangl: phallic
[17:49] Darkangl: jeez I can't spell when I'm typing fast
[17:50] TheBKing: This guy is the only REAL actor in the film.
[17:50] Darkangl: check out arnold's arm
[17:50] citizennancy: who is he
[17:50] Darkangl: he's got some serious roid tracks goin :)
[17:50] Pantsman: Arnie looks like a child with a huge body in this film
[17:50] TheBKing: LOL
[17:50] Darkangl: yeah he does
[17:50] TheBKing: A toddler on steroids.
[17:50] TheBKing: LOL
[17:50] citizennancy: man-boy
[17:50] TheBKing: good bye cruel world.
[17:50] Darkangl: beware of dull razors that won't shave your upper lip mighty apollo
[17:51] TheBKing: That was clark kent wasn't it herc?!
[17:51] citizennancy: lol
[17:51] Darkangl: for they shall leave the shadow of hades there
[17:51] Darkangl: :D
[17:51] Pantsman: Nerdy McGee falls asleep at long last, only to be molested by a drunk and horny Arnold
[17:51] Darkangl: hahahah
[17:51] TheBKing: hahahahhaahhahahahahaahaha
[17:51] TheBKing: that was awesome Josh.
[17:52] TheBKing: She's Amish!
[17:52] Pantsman: Nerdy McGee!
[17:52] TheBKing: Are you the gatekeper?!
[17:52] Darkangl: again?
[17:52] Pantsman: ZOOOL
[17:52] citizennancy: lol
[17:52] TheBKing: lol
[17:52] Darkangl: don't you have to be sober at some point to actually be drunk again?
[17:52] Pantsman: I'm the Key Master!
[17:52] Darkangl: hahahaha
[17:53] Darkangl: I am gozer the gozarian
[17:53] Darkangl: :D
[17:53] citizennancy: he flew like a bird
[17:53] TheBKing: No Booze no!
[17:53] Pantsman: That's a movie for a roundtable :)
[17:53] TheBKing: I think that's what did it
[17:53] TheBKing: you mean a Gathering Josh?
[17:53] TheBKing: ;-0
[17:53] Pantsman: Shit!
[17:53] citizennancy: oh yeah
[17:53] TheBKing: I had a couple of snorts.
[17:53] Pantsman: Always get those confused, yus
[17:53] TheBKing: LOL
[17:53] citizennancy: oughta do bad stephen king movies as a roundtable
[17:53] TheBKing: layer change.
[17:53] citizennancy: wow, who needs a weedwhacker
[17:54] Pantsman: I loves me some Maximum OverDrive
[17:54] TheBKing: LOL
[17:54] citizennancy: hmmm emilio estevez
[17:54] Pantsman: AC/DC + Kids Getting Killed By Crushing = Classic
[17:54] TheBKing: and watermelons killing people after said melons fall off a truck.
[17:54] Pantsman: PLUTO!? NOOOOOOOO!
[17:55] citizennancy: id rather send him to uranus
[17:55] TheBKing: Stupid fucking movie!
[17:55] TheBKing: ROFL
[17:55] citizennancy: oooh
[17:55] citizennancy: someone needs midol
[17:55] TheBKing: I'm all out Nance, sorry.
[17:55] TheBKing: ;-)
[17:56] citizennancy: lol
[17:56] TheBKing: Hmm.. outdoor videt.
[17:56] Darkangl: yeah jordy, change your tampon
[17:56] TheBKing: LOL
[17:56] Darkangl: that one's making you all cranky
[17:56] citizennancy: and dont put it in your ear this time
[17:56] TheBKing: lol
[17:56] Pantsman: You got peanut butter in my chocolate, you got chocolate in my peanut butter, toghether they both taste like crap... I swear I heard something like that once
[17:56] TheBKing: This is what generic tampons do to you.
[17:56] Darkangl: hahah
[17:56] TheBKing: THey just don't fit well.
[17:56] Darkangl: yeah
[17:56] citizennancy: lame and weak
[17:56] Darkangl: jordy's got toxic shock syndrome now
[17:56] TheBKing: ROFL
[17:57] TheBKing: hahahahahhahhahaa
[17:57] Darkangl: no wonder he's so pissy
[17:57] citizennancy: edwww
[17:57] TheBKing: Start foaming at the mouth.
[17:57] Darkangl: are your ankles swollen jordy?
[17:57] TheBKing: my cankles you mean?
[17:57] Pantsman: What are these ladies talking about? I quit paying attention a half hour ago when they first started talking
[17:57] TheBKing: ROFL
[17:57] Darkangl: are your fingers a purplish blue?
[17:57] Darkangl: jeesz
[17:57] TheBKing: you know too much about TSS.
[17:57] TheBKing: what?
[17:57] Darkangl: what a cheesy turquios ring
[17:57] TheBKing: oh hahaha
[17:57] Pantsman: Coke head!
[17:58] Darkangl: those are like 37 cents down at that little stand by the bisby mine
[17:58] TheBKing: Now herc's gonna piss his pants and forget who he is for an hour.
[17:58] Darkangl: hahahah
[17:58] citizennancy: ahm the governur of califurnia
[17:58] Pantsman: ROID RAGE! Everybody get ready for Tony Montanna mode
[17:58] Darkangl: Pluto's a gay playboy
[17:58] citizennancy: queer eye for the god guy
[17:58] Darkangl: he's so artstic!
[17:58] Darkangl: hahahah nice nancy :)
[17:58] citizennancy: is FABULOUS!
[17:59] Pantsman: He's a drama major, definitely
[17:59] citizennancy: love that dickie
[17:59] Pantsman: Juno the case worker
[17:59] Darkangl: pluto lives in the subway
[17:59] TheBKing: So Fred from Scooby Doo runs hell?
[17:59] citizennancy: lol
[17:59] Darkangl: hahaha
[17:59] citizennancy: that was great
[17:59] Darkangl: it's fred's evil twin
[17:59] Darkangl: fred has blone hair this guy has black hair
[17:59] Pantsman: Bizzaro Fred
[17:59] TheBKing: LOL
[17:59] citizennancy: the one who dates velma
[17:59] Darkangl: that's how you know he's the evil one
[17:59] TheBKing: Same gay scarf though.
[18:00] TheBKing: and scooby was barking in the background.
[18:00] Darkangl: jeez didn't you ever watch bewitched or i dream of jeanie?
[18:00] citizennancy: life is a cabaret
[18:00] TheBKing: PLUTO IS......... CHARLIE CHAPLIN!
[18:00] Pantsman: Good one Nancy :D
[18:00] citizennancy: :)
[18:00] Darkangl: holy shit he does live in the subway
[18:00] citizennancy: lol
[18:00] citizennancy: cosby wants his sweater back!
[18:00] TheBKing: what the fuck? That is an ugly sweatervest
[18:00] Pantsman: Leonard Nimoy after his succesful run in gay porn
[18:01] TheBKing: Hercules wants Jello Pooding and Coca coola!
[18:01] TheBKing: Kodak feelm!
[18:01] TheBKing: LOL
[18:01] citizennancy: go away kid, you bother me
[18:01] citizennancy: they always talk in his bedroom
[18:01] citizennancy: jerry lewis
[18:01] TheBKing: lol
[18:01] Darkangl: who is feeding zebras?
[18:01] Pantsman: "why don't you go ate to hell" - "wha?"
[18:01] Darkangl: what?
[18:01] Darkangl: :D
[18:02] TheBKing: ewwww...... he's feeling him up.
[18:02] citizennancy: so arnold gets groped too
[18:02] citizennancy: and i raided yourmini bar, i hope its ok
[18:02] TheBKing: So THIS is why arnold gropes people.
[18:02] TheBKing: It stems from the tragic filming of Hercules in New York!
[18:02] TheBKing: My god, the poor man.
[18:02] Darkangl: hahaha
[18:02] Pantsman: Hahaha
[18:02] Darkangl: hey here's the crooks again
[18:02] Darkangl: in case you were wondering what happened to them
[18:02] citizennancy: iwanst
[18:02] citizennancy: wasnt
[18:02] Pantsman: Edward G. Robinson & Co. are back, I thought that subplot was dead
[18:03] TheBKing: I'm on a mission from god.
[18:03] citizennancy: brb
[18:03] TheBKing: Belushi deals with the devil.
[18:03] Pantsman: The gangsters dress like they're from the prohibition era
[18:03] TheBKing: Ta ta.....
[18:03] Darkangl: hahahaha
[18:04] TheBKing: lol
[18:04] TheBKing: welsh on him?
[18:04] Darkangl: hey boss, you think this is just a trap? He's tryin' to get to our still!
[18:04] Pantsman: Did he just say the gay guy looks dangerous?
[18:04] TheBKing: why not dutch him while you're at it.
[18:04] TheBKing: yes yes he did.
[18:04] Pantsman: I totally did not get that impression
[18:04] Darkangl: still awake nancy?
[18:04] Darkangl: :)
[18:04] citizennancy: im back
[18:05] TheBKing: Man, this movie could've used another Herc vs. Guy in stupid animal costume battle.
[18:05] Pantsman: Where did ya go?
[18:05] Darkangl: this girl is much prettier with her hair down
[18:05] citizennancy: little girls room
[18:05] Darkangl: monstro the magnificent
[18:05] citizennancy: newspaper wrote about hercules: slow news day
[18:05] Darkangl: sounds like a gay porn actor to me
[18:05] TheBKing: scuttlebutt?
[18:05] TheBKing: Doesn't he have celery for an arm?
[18:05] Darkangl: hey his boob is almost hangin out of that tank top
[18:06] Pantsman: This gathering has had the most gay porn references yet I think
[18:06] TheBKing: and patrick duffy for a leg?
[18:06] citizennancy: scuttlebutt is when you dont wipe for like, ever
[18:06] Darkangl: NIPPLE SHOT!
[18:06] TheBKing: LOL
[18:06] TheBKing: Actually....
[18:06] citizennancy: da da
[18:06] TheBKing: this guy is Joe Pesci's and John Belushi's bastard child.
[18:06] Pantsman: Joe Pesci scares me much more
[18:06] TheBKing: LOL
[18:06] citizennancy: you think im funny? i'll show you funny!
[18:06] Pantsman: I believe he was, he was threatening you!
[18:06] Darkangl: so which one pinched a loaf and gave birth to that guy
[18:07] citizennancy: hey
[18:07] TheBKing: tuck in your balls arnold.
[18:07] citizennancy: there are no lenses in those glasses
[18:07] Pantsman: Anybody ever seen Casino?
[18:07] citizennancy: me!
[18:07] TheBKing: they're almost floppin' out of your tight shorts.
[18:07] Darkangl: not me
[18:07] Pantsman: Yeehah! Nancy's the shizzle! Casino is amazing
[18:07] TheBKing: lol
[18:07] TheBKing: holy shit.
[18:07] citizennancy: rocky maiva!
[18:07] Darkangl: you know what's sad is most of these bodybuilders back then were taking steroids
[18:07] TheBKing: that brotha be big as a motha fucka
[18:08] citizennancy: oooh
[18:08] Darkangl: they were legal and no one really knew the negative health effects they had
[18:08] TheBKing: Ahnuld is much more impressive.
[18:08] citizennancy: hes using fro glo!
[18:08] TheBKing: LOL
[18:08] TheBKing: Soul glo
[18:08] Darkangl: hahah
[18:08] citizennancy: thats it!
[18:08] TheBKing: That dude talks just as good as Arnie.
[18:08] citizennancy: clean and jerk? do we have to watch?
[18:08] Darkangl: these guys are supposedly lifting weights that are just impossible
[18:08] Pantsman: Hahaha, Nancy, almost came up with something from that myself :)
[18:08] citizennancy: lol
[18:08] Darkangl: also if you look when he goes to pick it up
[18:08] Darkangl: they're moving all over the place
[18:09] Darkangl: they don't weigh nothin
[18:09] Pantsman: I totally expected Duane to have a good clean and jerk joke :D
[18:09] TheBKing: Perfect form!
[18:09] citizennancy: nahhh seee?
[18:09] TheBKing: a 10!
[18:09] citizennancy: its the same dumbell!
[18:09] Darkangl: hey there's nothin clean about jerkin'
[18:09] Darkangl: well not if you're doin' it right ;)
[18:09] Pantsman: Is this an old-timey wrestlin' event?
[18:10] citizennancy: im huge
[18:10] Darkangl: that guy on the boom mic is gonna whack someone in the head with it
[18:10] citizennancy: arnie boob
[18:10] TheBKing: once as enough Herc
[18:10] TheBKing: jeez.
[18:10] Darkangl: he's such a showoff
[18:10] Darkangl: watch the bar
[18:10] citizennancy: next they will move my volvo!
[18:10] Darkangl: bet it moves all over
[18:10] Darkangl: ah crap
[18:10] TheBKing: Monstro's hair is lopsided.
[18:10] Darkangl: they didn't show it
[18:11] citizennancy: big ham
[18:11] Darkangl: monstro's is barefoot
[18:11] Darkangl: monstro
[18:11] TheBKing: HUH?!
[18:11] Pantsman: Hercueles sucks!
[18:11] citizennancy: whoops my jock strap popped
[18:11] TheBKing: why can't ahnuld lift this?!
[18:11] TheBKing: ahnuld is sad?
[18:11] Darkangl: because that nemesis chick slipped him a mickey
[18:12] citizennancy: mouse?
[18:12] Pantsman: Man, Hercules is teh s uck
[18:12] citizennancy: maybe stang can beat him up now
[18:12] Pantsman: Monstro is my new hero!
[18:12] TheBKing: LOL
[18:12] Pantsman: LONG LIVE MONSTRO!
[18:12] TheBKing: He can put Ahnuld in the pretzel hold.
[18:12] citizennancy: i wonder if hes got a toliet in that throne too
[18:13] TheBKing: napper crapper 5000
[18:13] Pantsman: Vote Monstro for Governor of Louisiana!
[18:13] Darkangl: man zeus scored himself a wretched wench of a wife
[18:13] Darkangl: you'd think he'd know better
[18:13] Darkangl: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
[18:13] TheBKing: my heart....
[18:13] citizennancy: badfellas
[18:13] Darkangl: and aeros can't even spell cardiopulmonary infarction
[18:13] citizennancy: we looking for sharon stone
[18:13] TheBKing: The big musical number is coming up.
[18:14] Darkangl: hahaha
[18:14] Pantsman: She's drunk and freaking out, as usual
[18:14] TheBKing: Get the boys!
[18:14] citizennancy: im big, im strong, my nose is,,,,short
[18:14] Darkangl: the professor is wearing his hat at a jaunty angle
[18:14] TheBKing: Get the boys, Get the boyyyyyyyyyyyyys!
[18:14] TheBKing: Hey!
[18:14] Darkangl: did that one dude just trip?
[18:14] Darkangl: the bald guy?
[18:14] citizennancy: lol
[18:14] TheBKing: And the goonns drive off in a............. staion wagon?
[18:14] TheBKing: lame.
[18:14] TheBKing: LOL
[18:14] Darkangl: hahahahah
[18:14] citizennancy: lol
[18:14] Darkangl: they're going to wally world
[18:14] TheBKing: LOL
[18:14] Darkangl: in the family truckster
[18:14] Darkangl: :D
[18:14] TheBKing: holiday rooooooooooooaooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaad.
[18:15] citizennancy: good they can pick me up season two and three of angel
[18:15] TheBKing: Herc by nimble herc be quick.
[18:15] citizennancy: yah pony! yah!
[18:15] TheBKing: wooooahhhh.
[18:15] Pantsman: Oh no, oh no...
[18:15] TheBKing: Herc throw the big pointy stick.....
[18:15] TheBKing: ooooooooohhhhhh........
[18:15] Darkangl: this hot dog vendor is awesome here
[18:15] citizennancy: sauerkraut???
[18:15] Darkangl: keep an eye on him
[18:15] TheBKing: Wow they're almost TROTTING!
[18:15] TheBKing: he'll catch them in no time!
[18:15] Pantsman: Easy Rider is playing in the theater
[18:15] TheBKing: lol
[18:16] citizennancy: never show a good movie during your bad movie
[18:16] TheBKing: LOL
[18:16] Pantsman: Exactly
[18:16] Pantsman: And seriously, a station wagon?... so bad
[18:16] Darkangl: hey kids, how about we stop and see the biggest ball of twine in the world?
[18:16] citizennancy: i wonder if stang is picking up horse dumplings back there
[18:16] Darkangl: hahahahahaha
[18:16] Darkangl: man
[18:16] citizennancy: cut wahtoff at thezoo?
[18:17] Darkangl: you'd think gangsters could afford something better than a crappy old station wagon
[18:17] TheBKing: They get to the zoo and the bear teams up with Hercules.
[18:17] Darkangl: hahahahahahahaha
[18:17] citizennancy: ohhh fast motion
[18:17] citizennancy: so funny on laugh in
[18:17] Darkangl: oh fast motion
[18:17] Pantsman: This car chase reminds me of Bullit and The French Connection... because those movies had automobiles as well...
[18:17] Darkangl: no matter how many times I see it it does make me laugh
[18:17] TheBKing: Dude, they have flintstones sound effects!
[18:17] citizennancy: the budweiser horses
[18:17] Darkangl: hahahaha
[18:17] citizennancy: lol look at that dog nipping after them
[18:17] Darkangl: look at the little dogs chasing the chariot
[18:18] citizennancy: not since the chariot scene in ben hur!
[18:18] TheBKing: LOL
[18:18] Darkangl: man arnold can't do anything with a pissy ass little whip like that
[18:18] citizennancy: one porta potty in central park and i cant find it!
[18:18] Darkangl: hahahaha
[18:18] Pantsman: This is entering into The Incredibly Hulk tv show territory
[18:18] Pantsman: Incredible* darn you
[18:18] TheBKing: whoops!
[18:18] citizennancy: oops
[18:18] Darkangl: hahahaha
[18:18] Darkangl: they got a flat
[18:18] citizennancy: better get macco
[18:18] Darkangl: reminds me of the tractor in green acres
[18:18] citizennancy: hey they ran over some bums home!
[18:19] TheBKing: They filmed all of this without a permit I'm sure.
[18:19] Pantsman: This music isn't helping my headache
[18:19] Darkangl: here's the hot dog guy
[18:19] TheBKing: Ahm........
[18:19] Darkangl: man these guys ran ALL the way across town
[18:19] Darkangl: on foot
[18:19] TheBKing: Tarzan rode a chariot.
[18:19] citizennancy: oh its new york, park it anywhere
[18:19] TheBKing: ?
[18:19] TheBKing: LOL
[18:19] Darkangl: hahaha
[18:19] Darkangl: they'll come out and there'll be a boot on the wheel
[18:19] citizennancy: i'm going to prom!
[18:19] TheBKing: As punishment, I shall make you UGLIER!
[18:19] citizennancy: we will give you back, your old nose!
[18:19] Darkangl: she's not as bad as that tammy faye one
[18:19] TheBKing: ROFL!
[18:20] citizennancy: 8cough*juno*jcough*
[18:20] Darkangl: hahahah
[18:20] TheBKing: lol
[18:20] Pantsman: "I'll blast you where you stand" Oh man
[18:20] Darkangl: it was your bitch ass mentrual crampin' wife
[18:20] TheBKing: That guy is SOOSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Italian.
[18:20] Darkangl: hee hee
[18:20] citizennancy: i wanta pizza and a calzon0a
[18:20] TheBKing: Get to the choppa!!!
[18:21] citizennancy: oh come on i can beat you with my little pinky
[18:21] TheBKing: herc's getting manhandled here.
[18:21] Darkangl: tell me something
[18:21] citizennancy: think he might like that
[18:21] Darkangl: these guys are italian gangsters right?
[18:21] TheBKing: I was captain of my high school wrestlingk teem!
[18:21] Darkangl: how come they don't got guns?
[18:21] Pantsman: You would think Zeus could maybe solve his problem
[18:21] Darkangl: hahaha
[18:21] TheBKing: I want a divorce you bitch!
[18:21] Darkangl: zeus' got the rebar out again
[18:22] citizennancy: dont point that at me
[18:22] citizennancy: its loaded
[18:22] Darkangl: man listen to the traffic in the background
[18:22] Pantsman: Zeus is a hardass
[18:22] TheBKing: Hercules is a barrel of fun!
[18:22] Darkangl: MAN ORGY!
[18:22] TheBKing: This is quite homo-erotic isn't it?
[18:22] Pantsman: Hahahaha
[18:22] TheBKing: LOL
[18:22] Darkangl: and pretzie is hiding behind a barrell spanking it
[18:22] Pantsman: Niple!
[18:22] Pantsman: Nipple*
[18:23] TheBKing: Send Samsonite !!!
[18:23] TheBKing: I mean Samson!
[18:23] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[18:23] Darkangl: atlas and samson
[18:23] citizennancy: triple h joins the freay
[18:23] Pantsman: Sammy, Swammy, Swanson... Samsonite!
[18:23] Darkangl: man trip would kick these guys' ass
[18:23] TheBKing: Shouldn't all these greek guys have small beards and sort of resemble Steve Reeves?
[18:23] citizennancy: lol
[18:23] Darkangl: hahahaha you'd think so
[18:23] TheBKing: Hell shouldn't they be plastered with body hair?!:!??!?!?!!
[18:23] Darkangl: man they should have sent in steve reeves
[18:23] Darkangl: that would have kicked ass
[18:24] citizennancy: well they got nair in heaven
[18:24] Pantsman: Where did all of these goons come from?
[18:24] TheBKing: HRAAAA!
[18:24] TheBKing: grunt!
[18:24] citizennancy: central casting
[18:24] TheBKing: slap!
[18:24] Darkangl: hahahah
[18:24] TheBKing: Grunt!
[18:24] TheBKing: Slap!
[18:24] TheBKing: Grunt!
[18:24] TheBKing: Slap!
[18:24] citizennancy: cherry picker!
[18:24] Darkangl: I got 50 on the guy with the tiny nipples
[18:24] TheBKing: LOL
[18:24] citizennancy: bad dive, i give it a 2
[18:24] TheBKing: LOL
[18:24] Pantsman: It's like a videogame or something
[18:24] TheBKing: Mercury Sable..........
[18:24] citizennancy: uh no?\
[18:25] citizennancy: send in taurus and saturn
[18:25] TheBKing: How dare you go over my helmut!
[18:25] citizennancy: well it was more to the side....
[18:25] TheBKing: And Pisces and Leo and Cancer.
[18:25] TheBKing: Yeah! Send Cancer!
[18:25] TheBKing: They smoke cigars!
[18:25] TheBKing: Send Cancer!
[18:25] Pantsman: And AIDS!
[18:25] citizennancy: but not aquarius
[18:25] TheBKing: ROFL
[18:25] citizennancy: hes such a puss
[18:25] TheBKing: And send herpes in as backup.
[18:26] Pantsman: AIDS would take them all down
[18:26] TheBKing: He'll keep an eye on them permanently.
[18:26] citizennancy: atomic wedgies for all
[18:26] Darkangl: when I want your opinion I'll bitch slap it out of ya
[18:26] citizennancy: uh oh
[18:26] TheBKing: Those cardboard barrels must weigh a lot......
[18:26] Pantsman: BOING! He's got his powers!
[18:26] Darkangl: man they didn't even try to disguise the fact that it's rebar
[18:26] citizennancy: lightnings striking again.....
[18:26] TheBKing: Quick, throw some mushrooms at them Herc.
[18:27] citizennancy: oh its SO hard to knock over empty containers
[18:27] TheBKing: meanwhile on the empire state building.....
[18:27] TheBKing: Hey Duane....
[18:27] citizennancy: this is where we meet the puma god
[18:27] TheBKing: This is where Hercules fights Q.
[18:27] TheBKing: That cheap little fuck.
[18:27] TheBKing: You gotta put a DIME in it!
[18:27] citizennancy: aden you can smell all the way to jersey too
[18:27] Pantsman: Audio's pretty bad in here
[18:27] TheBKing: ROFL
[18:27] citizennancy: hey arnie, wanna fly?
[18:27] TheBKing: I can see the smog!
[18:27] Darkangl: arnold just walks away and walks out of pretzies life forever
[18:28] Darkangl: he didn't even say goodbye or anything
[18:28] TheBKing: Herc is taking the Stttttaaaaaaairway to Heaven.......
[18:28] Darkangl: I guess they didn't have the voice track for this part
[18:28] citizennancy: is she the mary kay god?
[18:28] TheBKing: There's a movie that sucks,
[18:28] TheBKing: made for only 11 bucks.
[18:28] Darkangl: man that dubbing look SO star trek
[18:28] Darkangl: looked
[18:28] citizennancy: hey herc im out of werc
[18:28] TheBKing: And it stars Governor, Ahnuld Schwarzenegger.....
[18:28] TheBKing: LOL
[18:29] citizennancy: everytime a bell rings....
[18:29] Darkangl: you awake josh?
[18:29] TheBKing: Man, he's so poor he can't afford well..... anything.
[18:29] TheBKing: this is the barest apartment I've ever seen.
[18:29] Pantsman: I fell asleep, but I'm back
[18:29] citizennancy: well time to eat the baking soda
[18:29] Darkangl: hahahaha
[18:29] citizennancy: which isnt much
[18:29] TheBKing: Speaking of half pints....
[18:29] Darkangl: oh man that's nasty
[18:29] Pantsman: I thought he would be rich after stealing all of Hercules' money
[18:29] TheBKing: where's my vodka.
[18:29] Darkangl: eat some baking soda and drink vinegar with it
[18:29] citizennancy: i am in your heart, elliot
[18:30] TheBKing: Don't grieve my friend, I"m an alien.
[18:30] TheBKing: I shall return with ET and save humanity from Martians.
[18:30] Pantsman: Jesus, the movie just ends like this?
[18:30] TheBKing: yes.
[18:30] citizennancy: he thinks casey kaems talking to him
[18:30] Darkangl: doesn't arnold stang look like a tutrle out of his shell?
[18:30] Pantsman: What the hell happened to his girlfriend?
[18:30] citizennancy: lol\
[18:30] TheBKing: LOL
[18:30] TheBKing: yes duane.
[18:30] citizennancy: hooked up with joe pesci
[18:30] Darkangl: hee hee
[18:30] TheBKing: This scene is so sad.....
[18:30] citizennancy: im gonna need a new boyfriend, herc
[18:31] Darkangl: what do you mean "we"?
[18:31] Pantsman: Seriously, did I miss something? Did they really just cancel out that character or something?
[18:31] TheBKing: Why's he imagininge Herc's bouncing titties?
[18:31] Darkangl: you got a mouse in your pocket?
[18:31] citizennancy: and uh'll be there
[18:31] TheBKing: For as long as you love meeeeee Pretzieee............
[18:31] Darkangl: man that's a seriously old radio
[18:31] citizennancy: and now back to Deliliah
[18:31] TheBKing: I don't care who you are.
[18:31] TheBKing: Where you from.
[18:31] citizennancy: whenever a cops beating up a guy
[18:31] TheBKing: And I'll be there. Yes I"ll be there... you got a friend.
[18:31] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[18:32] citizennancy: shut up bitch
[18:32] TheBKing: shut up slut!
[18:32] TheBKing: ROFL!
[18:32] TheBKing: way to go nance!
[18:32] Darkangl: how come arnold's in a shorter skirt than hera?
[18:32] citizennancy: *slaps juno with a fish
[18:32] Darkangl: juno I mean
[18:32] Pantsman: Oh, so Arnie's going to go back to earth and get the girl? ... maybe?
[18:32] Darkangl: nah
[18:32] TheBKing: uh oh.......
[18:32] TheBKing: this minstrel music means something.
[18:32] Darkangl: zeus is going to make some more super babies though
[18:32] citizennancy: i need vacation
[18:33] Darkangl: :)
[18:33] TheBKing: hahahhahahahahahahahahaha.
[18:33] citizennancy: now to find iolas
[18:33] TheBKing: ZEUS IS A RABBI!
[18:33] Darkangl: the flying hacidic jew!
[18:33] TheBKing: ROFL!
[18:33] citizennancy: monty python!
[18:33] Pantsman: Maaaan, what a gyp, somebody totally forgot to include an ending to the relationship between Herc and woman-chick
[18:33] TheBKing: hahahahahaha
[18:33] citizennancy: theres howard right there
[18:33] Darkangl: woohoo!
[18:33] TheBKing: lol
[18:33] Darkangl: yeah they just kinda disappeared
[18:34] Darkangl: anyway
[18:34] Pantsman: Instead we get a minute of him saying goodbye to the nerd dude
[18:34] Darkangl: did ya like it josh?
[18:34] Darkangl: you saw it before didn't you nancy?
[18:34] Pantsman: That was some insane stuff :) Don't know if I'll review it or not
[18:34] Darkangl: you shoulf
[18:34] Darkangl: should
[18:34] Darkangl: I did
[18:34] Darkangl: :)
[18:34] Pantsman: It's so easy to tear into :) And the bear scene is most awesome
[18:34] Darkangl: yeah it is
[18:35] Darkangl: review it josh
[18:35] Darkangl: it'll be fun for ya
[18:35] TheBKing: dude.
[18:35] TheBKing: I'm playing it on dubbed for Tara.
[18:35] Darkangl: you should review it too jordy
[18:35] TheBKing: it's so great.
[18:35] TheBKing: I'm gonna eventually.
[18:35] citizennancy: great time guys
[18:35] TheBKing: yeah.
[18:35] Pantsman: Yeah, twas a hoot
[18:35] Darkangl: yeah nancy, glad we could finally do this one for ya
[18:35] TheBKing: I am Hercules!
[18:36] citizennancy: his quarter brother mayeb ;)
[18:36] citizennancy: welcome
[18:36] Darkangl: so I guess that concludes this gathering. See ya next time folks!