The Exorcist - The Version You've Never Seen - 08/29/2004

Darkangl = Duane from B-Movie Central
BKing = Jordan from The B-Movie Film Vault
pantsman = Josh from Varied Celluloid
PinkiFresh = Alex from The Underground
badmovieguy = Brian from The Bad Movie Guy
Sharon = Duane's wife Sharon

[17:36] Darkangl: better pee too if anyone has to
[17:36] Darkangl: this is over two hours long
[17:36] BKing: I got an empty soda bottle here....
[17:36] pantsman: Do I have to leave my seat for that?
[17:36] BKing: I'm good.
[17:36] BKing: HA!
[17:36] Darkangl: hee hee
[17:36] Darkangl: ok everyone ready?
[17:36] PinkiFresh: that's so hot
[17:36] BKing: I've sat through Return of the King repeatedly without peeing
[17:36] BKing: !!!!!!
[17:36] pantsman: Where we starting?
[17:36] BKing: hahahahaha
[17:36] BKing: damn you josh!
[17:36] Darkangl: jeez josh
[17:36] Darkangl: 14 seconds
[17:36] BKing: hahahahahaha
[17:36] pantsman: ... VHS...
[17:36] BKing: he has the tape Duane, it may not be the same.
[17:36] Darkangl: just before the first scene fades in
[17:37] BKing: cranking my stereo surround up a lot
[17:37] BKing: lol
[17:37] BKing: make this basement rock!
[17:37] Darkangl: hell yeah
[17:37] pantsman: Alright, I think I'm at it
[17:37] Darkangl: ok let's do it
[17:37] Sharon: :P
[17:37] Darkangl: yes you too
[17:37] BKing: hahahahahahaha
[17:37] pantsman: LETZ ROC!
[17:37] BKing: ok ready?
[17:37] BKing: 5
[17:37] BKing: 4
[17:37] BKing: 3
[17:37] BKing: 2
[17:37] BKing: 1
[17:37] BKing: GO GO GO!
[17:38] Darkangl: ok rolling
[17:38] BKing: good here
[17:38] pantsman: This is "Pieces" right?
[17:38] Darkangl: everyone got it going?
[17:38] BKing: mom? Dad?!
[17:38] pantsman: I'm watchin'
[17:38] Darkangl: ok no one talk to josh anymore
[17:38] Darkangl: ;)
[17:38] BKing: virgin mary, pfft... she got around.
[17:38] pantsman: William Friedkin? CAR CHASES!
[17:38] Sharon: hahahaha
[17:38] BKing: hahahahaha
[17:38] Darkangl: man I hate this stupid arab chant
[17:39] BKing: mulala bullalla ooohhahhhhh mohabeeeee haiyadljfoooo
[17:39] BKing: it's the lion king!
[17:39] Darkangl: sounds like some guy massaging a camels balls and singing to himself
[17:39] BKing: hahahahahahahhahahahaahah
[17:39] pantsman: This is hip hop in some language
[17:39] Darkangl: yeah
[17:39] Sharon: it's calling for prayer...they do it 5 times a day
[17:39] BKing: meanwhile on the set of THE MUMMY.......
[17:39] BKing: IRAQ!
[17:39] Sharon: starting way early in the morning, like 5am or so
[17:39] BKing: that epxlains the ruins....
[17:39] Darkangl: now all we need is DJ Achmed Fresh doing a beat box on the side and we'll be all set
[17:39] pantsman: Good picture quality for a tape
[17:39] BKing: They're all digging for sadaam.
[17:39] BKing: ROFL
[17:40] BKing: he's in one of these foxholes....
[17:40] pantsman: They're digging for fire
[17:40] Darkangl: I found the spider hole!
[17:40] Darkangl: I found the spider hole!
[17:40] pantsman: YES! musical reference!
[17:40] Sharon: they are looking for the wmd's
[17:40] BKing: whoa!
[17:40] BKing: olympic runner there.
[17:40] Darkangl: damn got Pwned!
[17:40] pantsman: Subtitles!? WTF!!
[17:40] Darkangl: MAX!
[17:40] BKing: MAX?
[17:40] BKing: MAX IT IS YOU!
[17:40] Darkangl: I love max von sydow
[17:40] BKing: yeah!
[17:40] pantsman: I DOn"T WAtCH FOREEN FILMZ!!!
[17:40] Darkangl: he kicks all ass
[17:40] BKing: sure does.
[17:40] pantsman: Mad Max rules, yeah
[17:40] pantsman: I agree!
[17:40] Darkangl: he was awesome in flash gordon
[17:41] BKing: hey a genie's lamp
[17:41] pantsman: FLASH! AHHHHHHH!
[17:41] BKing: it's broken
[17:41] Darkangl: damn it
[17:41] Darkangl: now the genie came out, but it was nothing but gas and it smelled like a fart
[17:41] PinkiFresh: X-( my dog just barfed on the carpet
[17:41] pantsman: ROCKS!? OMG!
[17:41] BKing: oh my god! ITSSSS............
[17:41] BKing: SOMETHING! AH!
[17:41] BKing: ROFL
[17:41] Sharon: oh no
[17:42] Darkangl: that's a cool doohickey
[17:42] BKing: king ceasar?
[17:42] Darkangl: kinda :)
[17:42] pantsman: Where the hell is Indiana Jones when you need him?
[17:42] BKing: after dinner mints?
[17:42] Darkangl: hey he's speedballin
[17:42] Darkangl: needs somethin' to keep going :D
[17:42] BKing: mmm... need... extasy!!!!
[17:42] pantsman: Old drunken bastard
[17:42] BKing: hahahahahah
[17:42] BKing: first gay arab couple
[17:43] Sharon: hahahahaha
[17:43] Darkangl: I got news for you
[17:43] pantsman: *throws stone*
[17:43] Darkangl: maybe the first in this movie
[17:43] Darkangl: but they have a thing about doing young boys
[17:43] *** Joins: badmovieguy (
[17:43] BKing: we should watch the OMen afte rthis.
[17:43] BKing: damn it!!!!!
[17:43] Darkangl: awwwwwwwwwwwww shit
[17:43] pantsman: Huzzah!
[17:43] BKing: there he is!
[17:43] Darkangl: god damn it
[17:43] BKing: GRRRR!!!!!
[17:43] Darkangl: BRIAN!
[17:43] badmovieguy: Thought I wouldn't be here, didn't you?
[17:43] pantsman: Oh MAAAAAAAN
[17:43] BKing: punctuality!!!!!!
[17:43] Darkangl: we started without you
[17:43] BKing: we waited a full half hour.
[17:43] badmovieguy: what did we start?
[17:43] Darkangl: everyone pause and we'll get synched up again
[17:43] BKing: get the coffee on!
[17:44] badmovieguy: the movie?
[17:44] badmovieguy: damn!
[17:44] BKing: yessir
[17:44] pantsman: Do a countdouwn for the pause
[17:44] badmovieguy: I thought it was 8 my time!
[17:44] Darkangl: just pause
[17:44] Darkangl: we'll pick a scene
[17:44] Darkangl: no it was 7 your time brian
[17:44] pantsman: There, i'm paused
[17:44] PinkiFresh: paused
[17:44] badmovieguy: I've been online since 5!!
[17:44] badmovieguy: Just not paying attention!
[17:44] BKing: bad brian bad!
[17:44] * BKing hits brian with a stick
[17:45] badmovieguy: How far in should I go?
[17:45] Darkangl: ok rewind to 5:58
[17:45] pantsman: ...
[17:45] pantsman: Me?
[17:45] Darkangl: just as you first see the clock
[17:45] Darkangl: everyone
[17:45] Darkangl: that's where we're starting now
[17:45] Darkangl: 5:58
[17:45] pantsman: TAPE!
[17:45] BKing: at the clock
[17:45] pantsman: What clock?
[17:45] BKing: the pendulum of the clock josh
[17:45] badmovieguy: getting there!
[17:45] BKing: ARG! DIE!
[17:45] BKing: LOL
[17:45] Darkangl: yeah
[17:45] BKing: damn VHS!
[17:46] pantsman: DIE!? RAPE!!!!!!!
[17:46] Darkangl: just as the scene changes from a close up of max and goes to the pendulum of the clock
[17:46] pantsman: I'm at it now
[17:46] BKing: ok
[17:46] Darkangl: how about you alex?
[17:46] PinkiFresh: i;m good
[17:46] pantsman: Max Vs. Time, I smell symbolism
[17:46] BKing: lol
[17:46] BKing: yeah, he's OLD
[17:46] Darkangl: what about you brian?
[17:46] Darkangl: you there yet?
[17:46] BKing: that's the symbology Josh.
[17:46] pantsman: Perceptive!
[17:47] BKing: you know what we need to watch for a Gathering?
[17:47] pantsman: I've gots it
[17:47] badmovieguy: I'm at 5:58
[17:47] BKing: ok we all ready?
[17:47] Darkangl: isn't that like a metaphysical embolism of the perpetual motion brought about by abcesses of the fact?
[17:47] pantsman: I am
[17:47] badmovieguy: yep
[17:47] Darkangl: ok
[17:47] BKing: ok ahahahahahaha
[17:47] BKing: ladies?
[17:48] Darkangl: jordan does a countdown brian
[17:48] Darkangl: 5 to 1
[17:48] BKing: the FINAL COUNTDOWN!
[17:48] Darkangl: then we hit play when he says go
[17:48] badmovieguy: ok
[17:48] Darkangl: everyone ready?
[17:48] pantsman: Yup
[17:48] BKing: yesh
[17:48] Darkangl: alex?
[17:48] pantsman: She... DIED!!!
[17:48] Darkangl: cute stuff?
[17:48] Darkangl: dog puke on the carpet girl?
[17:48] pantsman: Huzzah?
[17:48] BKing: fershizzle?
[17:48] Darkangl: yoo hoo?
[17:48] pantsman: My nizzle
[17:49] Darkangl: oh she got disconnected again
[17:49] BKing: yup
[17:49] *** Quits: PinkiFresh (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[17:49] Darkangl: she'll be back in a sec
[17:49] BKing: man, this movie really is cursed.
[17:49] *** Joins: PinkiFresh (
[17:49] Darkangl: hahaha
[17:49] BKing: lol
[17:49] pantsman: Is she on 56k?
[17:49] Darkangl: curse of the rogues
[17:49] Darkangl: yeah
[17:49] PinkiFresh: soory ;_;
[17:49] BKing: hahahahaha
[17:49] Darkangl: ready alex?
[17:49] BKing: Forgot about that.
[17:49] PinkiFresh: yah
[17:49] Darkangl: we better do it before your vhs unpauses itself
[17:49] BKing: hasn't really happened much lately has it?
[17:49] Darkangl: ok count it jordy
[17:50] BKing: ok
[17:50] Darkangl: it has to me :P
[17:50] BKing: 5
[17:50] BKing: 4
[17:50] BKing: 3
[17:50] BKing: 2
[17:50] BKing: 1
[17:50] BKing: GO GO GO
[17:50] BKing: going
[17:50] pantsman: OH NO I"M NOT READY!
[17:50] pantsman: ...or am I?
[17:50] BKing: I'll fucking slit your throat!
[17:50] BKing: ROFL
[17:50] Darkangl: hahahaha
[17:50] PinkiFresh: hehe
[17:50] pantsman: I'll anally rape your house pet!
[17:50] BKing: you'll do no such thing!
[17:50] badmovieguy: Sorry everyone, I thought it was 4 hours difference
[17:50] pantsman: Oh, I will
[17:50] BKing: whoa
[17:50] BKing: creepy
[17:50] PinkiFresh: awww...animals donn't deserve that
[17:51] BKing: SMASH?
[17:51] pantsman: I won't touch a midget, but an animal... oh yeah.
[17:51] BKing: was waiting for the clock to explode.
[17:51] Darkangl: I'll take a midget anyday
[17:51] pantsman: Puppies are hawt
[17:51] Darkangl: hey look
[17:51] Darkangl: midgets!
[17:51] BKing: come children to the training death camp
[17:51] Darkangl: hey look! Butts!
[17:51] PinkiFresh: i like doggy ankles
[17:51] pantsman: Start Wars!
[17:51] pantsman: Star*
[17:51] Darkangl: butts and dirty foreheads!
[17:51] badmovieguy: Is this the part of Iraq we bombed back to the stone age???
[17:51] BKing: this is the inside of Sadaam's main battle tank.
[17:52] pantsman: Is this whole sequence longer?
[17:52] pantsman: Than the old'n I mean
[17:52] Darkangl: no
[17:52] BKing: don't ask me, this is my first time.
[17:52] Darkangl: don't think so
[17:52] BKing: An an exorcism virgin.
[17:52] Darkangl: man don't even get into that
[17:52] pantsman: It feels longer...
[17:52] Darkangl: you're going to have me thinking all the time
[17:52] Darkangl: I'm not good at thinking
[17:52] Darkangl: JAWAS!
[17:52] BKing: whoa the roofies are kicking in.
[17:52] PinkiFresh: it's the same length
[17:52] BKing: LOL
[17:52] Darkangl: it's Star wars episode 4!
[17:52] BKing: ROFL
[17:52] BKing: jawas!
[17:52] BKing: ROFL
[17:53] pantsman: Thinking is for people who don't play videogames
[17:53] badmovieguy: That wasn't Jawas, it was sand people!
[17:53] badmovieguy: almost literally
[17:53] Darkangl: hahahahah
[17:53] Darkangl: hey look
[17:53] Darkangl: it's the elite forces!
[17:53] BKing: ROFL
[17:53] Darkangl: :D
[17:53] BKing: hahahahaahahahahahah
[17:53] BKing: Max kicks their ass.
[17:53] BKing: poseidon?
[17:53] pantsman: adventure?
[17:53] BKing: an eagle head? Proof that american owns the soil!
[17:53] badmovieguy: Indiana Jones and the Exorcist Crusade
[17:53] BKing: uh oh... sand storm?
[17:53] BKing: hahahahaha
[17:53] Darkangl: this statue kicks ass
[17:54] pantsman: It has a penis
[17:54] PinkiFresh: it's not very demonic looking tho
[17:54] BKing: hahahahahahahaa
[17:54] BKing: random wild dogs
[17:54] BKing: KINGU SEESAH!
[17:54] pantsman: I love the dogs, that's so awesome
[17:54] pantsman: unnerving shizzle
[17:54] Darkangl: there's symbolism for you
[17:54] BKing: Georgetown, Iraq?
[17:54] badmovieguy: meanwhile in an unrealted movie
[17:54] Sharon: hahahahaha
[17:54] pantsman: Hehehe
[17:54] BKing: lol
[17:55] Darkangl: no Georgetown, Taiwan
[17:55] Darkangl: keep up jordy
[17:55] Darkangl: jeez
[17:55] Darkangl: still alive alex?
[17:55] pantsman: I LOVE TAIPEI!!!
[17:55] BKing: LOL
[17:55] PinkiFresh: yup
[17:55] Darkangl: there's this thing called a keyboard. We use it during the gatherings. ;)
[17:55] pantsman: She is not a milf
[17:55] BKing: not even close.
[17:55] pantsman: No sir
[17:55] PinkiFresh: :-I
[17:55] Darkangl: I'm just giving you shit. it's tough to get used to the gatherings
[17:55] badmovieguy: Damn, she's sexy
[17:55] BKing: uh oh, we got gargoyles in the attic again.
[17:55] Darkangl: you will though eventually
[17:56] PinkiFresh: she was good in a Requim for a Dream
[17:56] pantsman: Duane's always bitching at people to type, he's insane
[17:56] Darkangl: yeah
[17:56] badmovieguy: in a please put those clothes back on kind of a way
[17:56] pantsman: Exactly :)
[17:56] BKing: lol
[17:56] Darkangl: the back of my head is black and blue from bitching at sharon to type
[17:56] Darkangl: ;)
[17:56] PinkiFresh: :)
[17:56] Darkangl: hey baby
[17:56] BKing: she looks like a young English school boy... ick
[17:56] Darkangl: give mama a little sugar ;)
[17:56] BKing: she can buy a housekeeper but not plastic surgery?
[17:57] pantsman: *John Saxon bursts through the door*
[17:57] badmovieguy: Hey, aren't they on the set of Benson?
[17:57] pantsman: This movie just got better!
[17:57] BKing: hahahahahaha
[17:57] Darkangl: hahahaha
[17:57] BKing: JOHN SAXON!
[17:57] BKing: hahahahahaha
[17:57] PinkiFresh: i wonder why they even bother putting the german husband in...
[17:57] Darkangl: John Saxon is disappointed in Jordan
[17:57] pantsman: John Saxon should be in every movie ever made
[17:57] Darkangl: Jordan's been slacking on his profile
[17:57] BKing: dudley moore?
[17:57] PinkiFresh: he actually has a point in the book
[17:57] pantsman: Dudley Moore, oh my god it's him!
[17:58] BKing: Jason Miller, he used to live in my home town.
[17:58] badmovieguy: Can there ever be enough killing?
[17:58] Darkangl: what a bunch of rabblerousers
[17:58] pantsman: DUDE! She's an actress PLAYING an actress! Amazing!
[17:58] BKing: then he became a hopeless drunk, pissed himself, fell off a barstool, and died on a filthy bar room floor.
[17:58] Darkangl: how often do you ever hear that word?
[17:58] badmovieguy: Damn dirty hippies!!!!!
[17:58] Darkangl: rabblerousers
[17:58] BKing: AFROS!!!!!
[17:58] BKing: MULLETS!
[17:58] Darkangl: man
[17:58] BKing: AFROS!
[17:58] Darkangl: look at that fro next to her
[17:58] pantsman: I wish I knew how to spell jerry-curl, because I would
[17:59] Darkangl: he's got a globetrotters jersey on under his shirt
[17:59] BKing: ROFL
[17:59] badmovieguy: the priest is gonna look for a better movie
[17:59] pantsman: My favorite Globetrotter is Sweet Clyde
[17:59] Darkangl: hahahaha
[17:59] PinkiFresh: is having fun a sin?
[17:59] Darkangl: the only thing that's a sin here is them pants she's wearing
[17:59] BKing: can she pul her pants up any higher?
[17:59] pantsman: Only if animals are involved, and they always should be!
[17:59] Darkangl: HAHAHAHAHAHA
[17:59] PinkiFresh:'s the 70's
[17:59] Darkangl: nice jordy
[17:59] BKing: hahahahahahahahahahaha
[17:59] Sharon: hahahaha
[17:59] pantsman: Michael Myers!
[17:59] Darkangl: hey look!
[17:59] * BKing slaps duane a high five.
[18:00] Darkangl: see that
[18:00] Darkangl: in the background?
[18:00] pantsman: I didn't
[18:00] badmovieguy: The horror of that hat!!!!
[18:00] Darkangl: it's yasmeen bleeth selling crack on the streetcorner
[18:00] Darkangl: PENGUINS!
[18:00] BKing: the haunting walking down the street theme......
[18:00] PinkiFresh: it's a cute hat
[18:00] pantsman: BUZZ-ZING
[18:00] Darkangl: man this movie is amazing
[18:00] badmovieguy: uh oh.....molesters!
[18:00] BKing: LOL
[18:00] pantsman: "hey kids, don't go outside... you could get raped by a clown"
[18:00] pantsman: Duane, you better catch that
[18:00] BKing: hahahaha what?
[18:01] Darkangl: REAGAN!
[18:01] Darkangl: yeah
[18:01] PinkiFresh: she seems rather unexcited to have dinner with the pres
[18:01] Darkangl: they played post office in the back yard
[18:01] pantsman: Best Sealab joke, ever
[18:01] BKing: LINDA BLAIR!
[18:01] Darkangl: man
[18:01] BKing: The guy let her ride it all around?
[18:01] BKing: It was so nice? She loved it?
[18:01] BKing: That's sick!
[18:01] BKing: She's 10!
[18:01] PinkiFresh: hehe
[18:01] Darkangl: she's got a thing for big masculine horses
[18:01] BKing: oh.... oh horse riding...
[18:01] pantsman: "Oh my god! I never even though about anal rape!... but now that you say, it seems so obvious!"
[18:02] BKing: innuendo.
[18:02] badmovieguy: I told you molesters!
[18:02] BKing: ROFL
[18:02] BKing: this movie needs some more MAX Factor stat!
[18:02] pantsman: Action Priest!
[18:02] Darkangl: there's something just not right about a priest carrying a doctors bag on the subway
[18:02] Darkangl: if I was a cop
[18:02] BKing: hahahahahahahahahaha
[18:02] BKing: you're an alter boy?
[18:02] badmovieguy: The exciting catching the subway scene!
[18:02] BKing: Choke on this hymn!
[18:02] Darkangl: I'd frisk his ass for drugs
[18:02] Darkangl: notice he didn't help the old altar boy
[18:03] BKing: Michael Jackson in training.
[18:03] pantsman: He's cheap
[18:03] Darkangl: man
[18:03] badmovieguy: He helped him years before
[18:03] BKing: hahahahahaha
[18:03] PinkiFresh: he's not that kinda priest
[18:03] Darkangl: I'd beat those kids off that car with a baseball bat
[18:03] badmovieguy: it's why he living on the streets
[18:03] badmovieguy: he = he's
[18:03] BKing: isn't this apartment in "The Mask?"
[18:03] Darkangl: yeah it is jordy
[18:03] Darkangl: how astute of you to notice :P
[18:03] badmovieguy: He lives next door to Stanley Ipkiss
[18:03] pantsman: Yes, and Jim Carrey makes a cameo in this too
[18:03] BKing: ROFL
[18:03] Darkangl: actually
[18:03] BKing: yup, as a street urchin
[18:03] Darkangl: it looks more like the apartment in the blues brothers
[18:04] Darkangl: except with more rooms
[18:04] pantsman: Sammy Davis Jr. also makes a cameo in about three minutes
[18:04] BKing: hahahahahaha
[18:04] BKing: ROFL
[18:04] pantsman: 'SGETTI!!!
[18:04] BKing: I'ma alrigh!
[18:04] BKing: you'a alrighta!
[18:04] BKing: meesa jar jar binksa!
[18:04] pantsman: Hahahahahahaha
[18:04] Darkangl: oh man
[18:04] Darkangl: that thing on her face
[18:04] Darkangl: make it go away!
[18:04] Darkangl: oh wait, that is her face
[18:04] pantsman: Eww, baggin' old ladies, that ain't right
[18:05] Darkangl: ;)
[18:05] Darkangl: hahaha
[18:05] BKing: Chef Boyardee, the early years.
[18:05] Darkangl: hahaha
[18:05] Darkangl: what the fuck is she saying?
[18:05] badmovieguy: Is she speaking english???
[18:05] Darkangl: put your teeth in mama, you're scaring me
[18:05] PinkiFresh: why does she bother saying it in two languages?
[18:05] pantsman: Nah, ENGRISH
[18:05] Darkangl: :D
[18:05] BKing: she don't care what he say anymore this is her life!
[18:05] badmovieguy: I think she's saying "just wrap my leg, bitch"
[18:05] Darkangl: hahahaha
[18:05] Darkangl: nice
[18:05] Sharon: hahahahahaha
[18:06] Darkangl: Hey!
[18:06] PinkiFresh: are priests allowed to smoke cigs?
[18:06] BKing: she's listening to the minstrel station.
[18:06] Darkangl: that's collection box money you thief!
[18:06] pantsman: Whoa, never noticed the music here
[18:06] BKing: HEY!
[18:06] BKing: HEY!
[18:06] BKing: HEY!
[18:06] BKing: HEY HEY HEY!
[18:06] pantsman: Been trying to meet you
[18:06] Darkangl: here it comes
[18:06] badmovieguy: Gotta go, those demons don't exorcise themselves you know
[18:06] Darkangl: bet that's not the only time she's ever said that
[18:06] Darkangl: ;)
[18:06] BKing: it's a phoenix!!
[18:06] BKing: let's burn it and see if something rises from the ashes.
[18:06] Darkangl: OUIJA!
[18:06] pantsman: Ahh, the infamous girl on girl sequence
[18:07] Darkangl: the famous captain howdy scene
[18:07] Darkangl: hahahaha
[18:07] BKing: eek
[18:07] pantsman: Howdy doo to you too, this shit is hot!
[18:07] badmovieguy: Everyone knows Parker Brothers is the gateway to Hell
[18:07] Darkangl: yeah
[18:07] Darkangl: captain howdy's pretty fucked up
[18:07] pantsman: He's a rapist
[18:07] Darkangl: rum drunken old pirate
[18:07] pantsman: AND a pedophile
[18:07] BKing: NO!
[18:07] Darkangl: demon pirate
[18:07] BKing: she's ugly as a demon from hell
[18:08] Darkangl: who?
[18:08] Darkangl: the mother?
[18:08] pantsman: Children aren't the future, they're fucking evil!
[18:08] Darkangl: yeah
[18:08] BKing: LOL
[18:08] BKing: good call Josh.
[18:08] Darkangl: she's not attractive
[18:08] pantsman: That's what this movie teaches me
[18:08] badmovieguy: Captain Howdy, why the Ouija board and not Scrabble?
[18:08] BKing: crucify her!
[18:08] Darkangl: you know why josh hates children?
[18:08] Darkangl: because they're small like midgets
[18:08] Darkangl: ;)
[18:08] BKing: why the Ouija board and not Mouse Trap!
[18:08] badmovieguy: and no one like midgets!
[18:08] pantsman: Well, they don't have as crinkled hands
[18:08] BKing: ??!!?!?!
[18:08] pantsman: Mouse Trap ROCKS!
[18:08] Darkangl: I love midgets
[18:08] Sharon: midgets give me the creeps
[18:08] pantsman: Sharon = Smart
[18:09] Sharon: it's their their hands
[18:09] badmovieguy: they're like normal people.....only smaller
[18:09] BKing: now, something does happen in this film right?
[18:09] PinkiFresh: I'm afriad of people with long limbs
[18:09] badmovieguy: that ain't right!
[18:09] Sharon: :)
[18:09] Darkangl: Josh = Pwned by midgets :D
[18:09] BKing: I mean, I know we're getting all of our character development now but....
[18:09] BKing: bring on the scary music!
[18:09] Darkangl: it's coming
[18:09] BKing: Bring on the vomiting! THE HEAD SPINNING !
[18:09] pantsman: Josh = In the business of PWNING midgets!
[18:09] Darkangl: believe me
[18:09] BKing: well I'm not!
[18:09] BKing: ;-)
[18:09] Darkangl: they do have to work on it
[18:09] Darkangl: work up to it I mean
[18:10] badmovieguy: Too much talk!
[18:10] Darkangl: no seriously
[18:10] pantsman: OMG! Where are the demonS! THIS MOVIE SUX!!!
[18:10] Darkangl: jesus
[18:10] Darkangl: you people have no patience
[18:10] BKing: Jason Miller having a beer, what a surprise!
[18:10] badmovieguy: And nearby a priet gets drunk
[18:10] Darkangl: this ain't a japanese film
[18:10] pantsman: Hahahaha, exactly what I wanted Duane ;)
[18:10] BKing: duane, you are the most impatient person on Earth.
[18:10] badmovieguy: Does this guy own a razor?
[18:10] Darkangl: there is actually some character development
[18:10] BKing: I'm just joking, I'm enjoying the movie thus far.
[18:10] badmovieguy: Is that Peter Cushing?
[18:10] Darkangl: that guy looks kinda like peter cushing
[18:11] pantsman: If a movie doesn't start off with action or titties, Duane generally hates it
[18:11] Darkangl: hee hee
[18:11] Darkangl: no it's not
[18:11] badmovieguy: How about action titties?
[18:11] Darkangl: yeah titties are a must in any good film
[18:11] pantsman: That's better than anything
[18:11] Darkangl: action titties are even better
[18:11] badmovieguy: I'm losing my faith in this movie
[18:11] Darkangl: I give an extra 10 points for action titties
[18:11] pantsman: Action Titties II: The Search For Justice
[18:11] BKing: losing your faith is like leaves blowing down an empty street.
[18:11] BKing: ROFL
[18:11] Darkangl: hahahaha
[18:11] BKing: hahahahahaha
[18:11] badmovieguy: lol
[18:11] Darkangl: ok jordy
[18:11] Darkangl: things are getting weird now
[18:12] badmovieguy: weird long phone calls!
[18:12] Darkangl: it's reagan's birthday and her father doesn't even call or anything
[18:12] pantsman: That's messed up
[18:12] badmovieguy: see he called, it just the wrong place
[18:12] Darkangl: hello....
[18:12] BKing: lol
[18:12] Darkangl: who the fuck is calling me at 2am?
[18:12] BKing: whoa!
[18:12] BKing: skin!
[18:12] pantsman: Without a parental figure, she'll probably just end up another kid vomiting on priests and strapped to her bed
[18:12] Darkangl: you better be telling me I won money or I'm hangin up on your ass
[18:12] badmovieguy: it's me.....that's when I get up!!!!
[18:12] BKing: drop the front!
[18:12] BKing: DROP IT!
[18:12] badmovieguy: Put it on!!!!
[18:12] BKing: ewww.... incest
[18:12] Darkangl: here ya go jordy
[18:12] PinkiFresh: that's a creepy pic in the bg of regan
[18:13] BKing: AH!
[18:13] Darkangl: evil demon butler actually
[18:13] pantsman: RAT MONSTERS!? OH NOS!
[18:13] BKing: WACK!
[18:13] badmovieguy: No an exorcist and exterminator, I said!!!!!
[18:13] Darkangl: you know what would have been cool
[18:13] Sharon: I bet it's midget rats
[18:13] BKing: ROFL
[18:13] pantsman: So who is the killer in this movie?
[18:13] BKing: hahahahahahahahahahah
[18:13] PinkiFresh: does the demon live in their attic?
[18:13] Darkangl: if she opened that trap door and a bunch of roaches fell all over her
[18:13] BKing: ahm... Pazuzu!
[18:13] Darkangl: no
[18:13] Darkangl: just the attic monster
[18:13] Darkangl: we don't get to see him though
[18:13] Darkangl: it ain't his party ;)
[18:13] PinkiFresh: :-o
[18:14] BKing: oh yeah, this candle has a flamethrower attachment doesn't it?
[18:14] badmovieguy: Hey I think I'll go see what the scary noise is!
[18:14] Darkangl: I think so
[18:14] Darkangl: see
[18:14] Sharon: hahahaha
[18:14] pantsman: Exactly, if I hear something scary, I run. Cowardice ultimately has it's rewards.
[18:14] BKing: see what?
[18:14] BKing: yup
[18:14] Darkangl: he farted up there and it was a floater and she walked through it with the candle and it exploded. :D
[18:14] BKing: just cranked the volume up some more.
[18:15] badmovieguy: No one will be seated during the riveting attic search scene!!!!!!
[18:15] Darkangl: yeah
[18:15] BKing: more ambient noise damn you!
[18:15] BKing: MORE!
[18:15] Darkangl: like that?
[18:15] BKing: there it goes!
[18:15] pantsman: Booyah!
[18:15] Darkangl: you see
[18:15] Darkangl: no rats
[18:15] Darkangl: we cooked them all already
[18:15] Darkangl: you've been eating them in the soup for the last 3 days
[18:15] badmovieguy: Meanwhile in yet another unrelated movie
[18:15] BKing: Al Franken, Preacher.
[18:15] Sharon: hahahahaha
[18:15] pantsman: I'd eat a rat
[18:15] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[18:16] Darkangl: would AND have right joshy?
[18:16] Sharon: I bet it tastes like chicken
[18:16] badmovieguy: curtseying with flowers....a little on the sissy side, eh?
[18:16] BKing: hahahahahahaha
[18:16] BKing: holy shit!@
[18:16] PinkiFresh: i have pet rats
[18:16] BKing: what the hell was that?!
[18:16] Darkangl: someone fucked up the virgin mary
[18:16] Sharon: I have guinea pigs
[18:16] BKing: hermaphroditic mary?
[18:16] Darkangl: ouch!
[18:16] BKing: no'mally
[18:17] badmovieguy: Reagan at the methadone clinic
[18:17] BKing: AH!
[18:17] Darkangl: she's all like, "HEY! WHERE'S MY LOLLYPOP!
[18:17] BKing: FUCK!
[18:17] Darkangl: "
[18:17] BKing: what was that?!
[18:17] pantsman: Reading my e-mails finally, rape scenes mess with your head Alex? DO NOT SEE ICHI THE KILLER
[18:17] Darkangl: that was new
[18:17] BKing: MIME FROM HELL!
[18:17] Darkangl: they didn't show that part before
[18:17] badmovieguy: Hell is a mime!
[18:17] BKing: I'm soulless doctor!
[18:17] Darkangl: or that
[18:17] Darkangl: that's cool
[18:17] Darkangl: they should have left all this in originally
[18:17] BKing: whoa!
[18:17] PinkiFresh: i don't like it
[18:17] Darkangl: hey look! a digital clock!
[18:17] Darkangl: wow this is seriously all new
[18:17] badmovieguy: Bitch use the thermometer!
[18:18] BKing: we're addicted kids, ten million strong and growing!
[18:18] Darkangl: man what's this that dumb ass hat
[18:18] badmovieguy: Told you it was methadone!
[18:18] Darkangl: hahahaha
[18:18] BKing: LOL
[18:18] BKing: hahahahahahaha
[18:18] PinkiFresh: Linda Blair is so cute
[18:18] Darkangl: methodone rules :D
[18:18] Sharon: hahahaha
[18:18] Darkangl: yeah she was
[18:18] Darkangl: then she grew up
[18:18] pantsman: Linda Blair? NEVER!
[18:18] PinkiFresh: just wanna cuddle her
[18:18] badmovieguy: Well, Reagan is possessed by a mime! We'll need to put her down!
[18:18] BKing: RIDLIN!
[18:18] BKing: whoa!
[18:18] Darkangl: I didn't know that had ritilin back then
[18:19] Darkangl: ritalin
[18:19] BKing: yup
[18:19] BKing: they've been usin' it for years.
[18:19] BKing: RIDLIN!
[18:19] Darkangl: I thought it was relatively new
[18:19] PinkiFresh: that's a collar if I've ever seen one
[18:19] BKing: christ. and WHAT a collar
[18:19] PinkiFresh: haha
[18:19] badmovieguy: We don't know what Ridalin does, we just like to give it to kids
[18:19] BKing: she needs a cape to go with that collar.
[18:19] Darkangl: looks like it's gonna start flapping and fly her home
[18:19] BKing: more or less.
[18:19] BKing: lemme close this dooor......
[18:19] badmovieguy: Reagan swear?? Fuck, No!!!
[18:19] BKing: take off your clothes.....
[18:19] Darkangl: I can't believe they left all this out of the original film
[18:20] PinkiFresh: stay away from my cootch
[18:20] Darkangl: this fills everything in so well
[18:20] BKing: hahahahahahahahahaha
[18:20] Darkangl: hahahahahahahahahaha
[18:20] Sharon: hahahahahahahaha
[18:20] Darkangl: LMAO
[18:20] BKing: I can't believe it, my baby is growing up so fast!
[18:20] Darkangl: big floppy donkey dick
[18:20] Darkangl: LMAO
[18:20] Darkangl: hahahahahahah
[18:20] badmovieguy: I'm embarrassed, but that's funny, doc
[18:20] Darkangl: hee hee
[18:21] badmovieguy: Don't worry, she wasn't calling you that
[18:21] PinkiFresh: his uncle is so sleazy looking
[18:21] badmovieguy: she meant the nurse
[18:21] Darkangl: man
[18:21] Darkangl: he looks like he'd smell like meatballs and cheap wine
[18:21] badmovieguy: My unle the wino!
[18:21] badmovieguy: unle=uncle
[18:21] BKing: PRECIOUS!
[18:21] Darkangl: hahahah
[18:21] PinkiFresh: and that he uses the date rape drug
[18:21] Darkangl: man this is sad
[18:21] BKing: It's the gollum look alike contest!
[18:22] Darkangl: here comes the guilt trip from the meatball wino
[18:22] BKing: are you my son?!
[18:22] BKing: NO!
[18:22] badmovieguy: You can check in, but you might not check out!
[18:22] BKing: are you son?!
[18:22] BKing: MAYBE!
[18:22] PinkiFresh: my mo worked in an insane asylum for a while
[18:22] BKing: are you my son?!
[18:22] BKing: no chance in hell!
[18:22] PinkiFresh: *mom
[18:22] Darkangl: hey!
[18:22] badmovieguy: Damn Paparazzi!
[18:22] BKing: lol
[18:22] Darkangl: she stole his collar!
[18:22] BKing: momma..... ooooohhhwwwooooooo
[18:22] BKing: didn't mean to make you cry.
[18:22] badmovieguy: All because he didn't wrap her leg correctly!!!!
[18:23] BKing: If I'm not back this time tomorrow... carry on...
[18:23] Darkangl: Dimmie! Why you no bring-a me a pizza Dimmie?
[18:23] BKing: caryy onnnn.... carry onnnnn!
[18:23] Darkangl: you no love-a you mama anymore
[18:23] badmovieguy: Alright, Fine, Stay!
[18:23] BKing: whoa!
[18:23] badmovieguy: The whole family can't afford razors!
[18:23] Darkangl: hey it's the punchy priest
[18:23] BKing: The Fighting Episcopalian!
[18:23] BKing: lol
[18:23] badmovieguy: A welcoming the devil to Georgetown party
[18:24] BKing: dudley moore again!
[18:24] Darkangl: ok jordy
[18:24] badmovieguy: Who invited Arthur?
[18:24] BKing: ROFL!
[18:24] Darkangl: this officially starts the creepy shit
[18:24] PinkiFresh: eww...pubic hair is gross
[18:24] BKing: ok man, I know.
[18:24] badmovieguy: The creepy dinner party?
[18:24] BKing: don't have to tell me when shit starts, I can sense it.
[18:24] badmovieguy: Could someone kick out Mr. Bean?!?!?!?!
[18:24] BKing: Fuck off Arthur! GO HOME!
[18:24] Darkangl: man he's a bad drunk
[18:24] BKing: lol
[18:24] BKing: nah he actually was drunk.
[18:24] BKing: He's a bad actor.
[18:24] BKing: lol
[18:24] PinkiFresh: hehehe
[18:25] Darkangl: he has to get drunk to remember his lines
[18:25] badmovieguy: No, No I'll sit here on the floor
[18:25] BKing: hahahahahahaha
[18:25] badmovieguy: Talk plain or die, damn it!!!
[18:25] Darkangl: he had that coming
[18:25] Darkangl: LMAO
[18:25] Darkangl: hahahahah
[18:25] Darkangl: man
[18:25] pantsman: All I can say is "where's the urine"?
[18:25] Darkangl: she was cute back then
[18:25] BKing: lol
[18:25] badmovieguy: I've only seen him for a minute and I wanted to choke him!
[18:25] Darkangl: yeah he's very chokeable
[18:25] BKing: andy capp!
[18:25] BKing: NO!
[18:25] badmovieguy: Andy Capp on the town
[18:26] Darkangl: hahahahahahahaha
[18:26] BKing: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
[18:26] BKing: good one brian!
[18:26] BKing: we rule!
[18:26] Darkangl: where the fuck did you pull andy capp from
[18:26] badmovieguy: Damn he unhooked her bra
[18:26] Darkangl: I haven't seen that in years
[18:26] BKing: the drunk dude with the cap.
[18:26] BKing: LOL
[18:26] BKing: just hit me.
[18:26] Darkangl: man what an ugly dress
[18:26] PinkiFresh: he gets him uppins coming
[18:26] Darkangl: horrible hair too
[18:26] BKing: read andy capp n the paper today.
[18:26] badmovieguy: Everyone loves Andy Capp
[18:26] badmovieguy: Loveable wife abusing drunk!
[18:26] badmovieguy: what's not to love?
[18:26] BKing: Man, they did a great job parodying this in Scary Movie 2
[18:26] Darkangl: hee hee
[18:26] Darkangl: here comes
[18:26] BKing: we need Andy Richter right here.
[18:26] PinkiFresh: that priest seems kinda gay
[18:27] badmovieguy: The horror of the singing scene!
[18:27] Darkangl: hey reagan? How about some water sports?
[18:27] BKing: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
[18:27] badmovieguy: Could you guys shut the fuck up, I'm trying to sleep!
[18:27] BKing: roll up a newspaper and beat her!
[18:27] Darkangl: hahahahahah
[18:27] BKing: Rub her nose in it!
[18:27] Sharon: hahahahahahahaha
[18:27] Darkangl: man I'm gettin hot!
[18:27] PinkiFresh: well...that killed the mood
[18:27] BKing: mother, why'd you name me after a future president?
[18:27] badmovieguy: Ah, Linda Blairs first nude scene!
[18:28] Darkangl: you mean besides the weak bladder?
[18:28] badmovieguy: you're stupid dear
[18:28] Darkangl: yeah
[18:28] Darkangl: when someone you love can't sleep...drug 'em
[18:28] BKing: lol
[18:28] PinkiFresh: nerves make you pee on the floor and threaten people?
[18:28] badmovieguy: Ever since I saw that mime I don't feel so good
[18:28] BKing: well we've tried scrubbing it out.....
[18:28] Darkangl: hey use peroxitde
[18:28] BKing: thank you Calgon!
[18:28] Darkangl: peroxide
[18:28] Darkangl: it'll take that stain right out
[18:28] Darkangl: man
[18:28] badmovieguy: She'll just pee there again, it's clearly here territory now
[18:28] BKing: YEEEEEEHAW!
[18:29] Darkangl: they did a great job thrashin that bed around
[18:29] BKing: There's a mechanical bull monster under her bed!
[18:29] Darkangl: no
[18:29] BKing: after midnight!
[18:29] badmovieguy: Meanwhile at the gay men's club
[18:29] BKing: we're all gonna let it hang out!
[18:29] Darkangl: she got into her mom's sock drawer and got her vibrating anal buddy
[18:29] Sharon: hahahahaha
[18:29] BKing: hahahaha
[18:29] pantsman: Anal sex! Yay!
[18:29] badmovieguy: Y-M-C-A
[18:29] Darkangl: hahaha
[18:29] Darkangl: you know
[18:30] Darkangl: with that bottle of booze and the two priests and some cigarettes
[18:30] Darkangl: all they need is an eight year old boy and they could have a party!
[18:30] Darkangl: :D
[18:30] badmovieguy: So, is Max Von Sydow still in Iraq or what?
[18:30] BKing: ooohhhh.....
[18:30] BKing: ROFL
[18:30] Darkangl: no he's back
[18:30] BKing: nah he's in Afghanistan....
[18:30] Darkangl: that took place earlier
[18:30] pantsman: That was the first film, we're in the second now
[18:30] BKing: seeking out the lair of Osama and the Sorceror's Stone
[18:30] Darkangl: if stealing is a sin...then call me a sinner
[18:30] Darkangl: :D
[18:31] BKing: this is a damn weird music video
[18:31] Darkangl: creepy scene now
[18:31] badmovieguy: Ah symbolism
[18:31] BKing: That's me in the corner.
[18:31] BKing: That's me in the spotlight...
[18:31] badmovieguy: what it symbolic of....I'll never know!
[18:31] BKing: losing my religion!
[18:31] PinkiFresh: THAT captain howdy?
[18:31] Darkangl: that's the devil
[18:31] Darkangl: or whoever
[18:31] Darkangl: yeah
[18:31] BKing: hahahahahahahaha
[18:31] Darkangl: captain howdy
[18:31] Darkangl: see jordy, I told you it was building up
[18:31] BKing: let's drink down the sacramental wine! woohoo!
[18:31] badmovieguy: Hey the last time I got a shot, I called the doc the same thing!!!!
[18:31] badmovieguy: maybe I'm possessed!
[18:32] pantsman: You are, I'm responsible
[18:32] badmovieguy: You're a mime?
[18:32] Darkangl: can you speak in tongues and does your breath smell like brimstone?
[18:32] Darkangl: those are sure signs
[18:32] pantsman: My brother is, I had him cast the spell... usin MAGIC!
[18:32] BKing: the bed was near the fucking ceiling!
[18:32] badmovieguy: I'm recommending a lobotomy
[18:32] BKing: damn you logical medical practitioners!
[18:33] Darkangl: he doesn't even listen
[18:33] badmovieguy: we'll need to remove the brain
[18:33] Darkangl: he's like, "I'm the doctor and you're an idiot."
[18:33] badmovieguy: First we take a hammer.....
[18:33] Darkangl: man don't be writing e-mails during the movie josh
[18:33] Darkangl: jeez
[18:33] Darkangl: little bitch
[18:33] BKing: whoa!
[18:33] badmovieguy: Her HMO is NEVER gonna pay for this!
[18:33] BKing: check out that 70's hair!
[18:34] Darkangl: yep
[18:34] Darkangl: man
[18:34] Darkangl: she looks like she's been down at the crack house with yasmeen
[18:34] BKing: Reagan, not to worry, we call this machine the MEAT GRINDER... it's perfectly safe...
[18:34] Darkangl: man
[18:34] pantsman: I've got shiz to do man, I have to sleep after this, the only time I can write :/
[18:34] Darkangl: 3 inches away from heaven
[18:34] pantsman: SPINAL TAP!
[18:34] Darkangl: she's such a tease
[18:34] badmovieguy: It's just a little shock honey!
[18:34] Darkangl: hell yeah
[18:35] Darkangl: this is nasty
[18:35] BKing: AFRO
[18:35] Darkangl: oh man
[18:35] BKing: MY THROAT!
[18:35] PinkiFresh: that looks painful... :-&
[18:35] Darkangl: gimme the creaps
[18:35] pantsman: I'm pretty sure I had one of these when I was a kid
[18:35] Darkangl: creeps
[18:35] BKing: now we'll upgrade to the BIGGER needle.
[18:35] badmovieguy: You'll feel a little pressure as we open your artery
[18:35] Darkangl: oh man
[18:35] BKing: Weird Al, medical doctor.
[18:35] Darkangl: that looks really damn real
[18:35] pantsman: Muahaha!
[18:35] BKing: holy fuck.
[18:35] badmovieguy: Cap her off!
[18:35] Darkangl: the way that blood came out
[18:35] BKing: we'll bleed the sin from you!
[18:36] Darkangl: man
[18:36] badmovieguy: Alright we'll drain her, refill her and get a lube job done in about half an hour
[18:36] PinkiFresh: would masking tape really hold her down?
[18:36] BKing: prepare the leeches!
[18:36] Darkangl: this scene is horrible
[18:36] pantsman: SHE WILL BE PURGED!
[18:36] BKing: OH MY GOD!
[18:36] BKing: It's a nail gun!
[18:36] Darkangl: yeah
[18:36] pantsman: Now they're KILLLING her!
[18:36] badmovieguy: This'll only hurt alot!
[18:36] Darkangl: hahahahahaha
[18:36] Darkangl: truth in medicine brian
[18:36] Darkangl: :)
[18:37] Darkangl: so basically she went through that for nothing
[18:37] BKing: lol
[18:37] badmovieguy: I told you she had a owe me two bucks!
[18:37] pantsman: So, we just did all that for nothing...
[18:37] pantsman: Exactly :D
[18:37] Darkangl: hee hee
[18:37] BKing: hahahahhahahahaahha
[18:37] * Darkangl high fives josh
[18:37] pantsman: Woot!
[18:37] Darkangl: hi I'm Dr. Alcohol and this is Dr. Cigarettes
[18:37] BKing: hahahahahaha
[18:37] Darkangl: damn
[18:37] BKing: everyone knows it's slinky!!!!
[18:37] pantsman: Headbangin'
[18:37] Darkangl: oh man
[18:37] BKing: hahahahahahahaha
[18:37] BKing: trampoline!
[18:37] Darkangl: man
[18:37] badmovieguy: I think it's too much medication, we should back off now!
[18:37] BKing: that was a helluva belch
[18:38] Darkangl: BITCH SLAP!
[18:38] pantsman: So wait... who's the killer?
[18:38] BKing: hahahahahahahahahahahha
[18:38] BKing: whoa!
[18:38] pantsman: Fock her? What the fock does that mean?
[18:38] Darkangl: man
[18:38] BKing: that was cool!
[18:38] pantsman: I'm scared...
[18:38] badmovieguy: Okay, heroin should help this!
[18:38] Darkangl: some scary shit man
[18:38] BKing: well I did in fact FUCK her.
[18:38] pantsman: No doubt
[18:38] Darkangl: still with us alex?
[18:38] BKing: she's quieted down since then.
[18:38] pantsman: She died
[18:38] badmovieguy: Well we removed her head, she should be fine now
[18:38] pantsman: I killed her
[18:38] PinkiFresh: mmhm
[18:39] BKing: lol
[18:39] Darkangl: or are you curled up in a little frightened ball now
[18:39] Darkangl: ;)
[18:39] Darkangl: man
[18:39] pantsman: Is there anyone here who hasn't seen this?
[18:39] Darkangl: these stupid ass doctors
[18:39] BKing: dude, he stole that from incredible hulk!
[18:39] PinkiFresh: hehe...I was thinking about the nightmares I had of this movie when I saw it at age 6
[18:39] badmovieguy: We should consult someone who's been to Iraq
[18:39] Darkangl: yeah
[18:39] BKing: they show a 90 lb woman lift a car to save her son!
[18:39] Darkangl: it's some scary shit alez
[18:39] Darkangl: alex
[18:39] Darkangl: hahaha
[18:39] Darkangl: you tell 'em mama :D
[18:39] badmovieguy: Reagan can go to the hospital with Mama!
[18:40] BKing: we'll just bleed her again!
[18:40] badmovieguy: they can be roomies!!!
[18:40] BKing: she'll be fine.
[18:40] Darkangl: Mama's dead already
[18:40] badmovieguy: It's the giant collars, isn't it?
[18:40] PinkiFresh: hehe
[18:40] badmovieguy: they're driving Reagan crazy
[18:40] Darkangl: hey let us torture your daughter again
[18:40] pantsman: "Don't you see, you bastards... SHE'S DA DEBILL!!"
[18:40] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[18:40] BKing: hahahahahaa
[18:40] PinkiFresh: they're just pissing off the demon
[18:41] Darkangl: the devil Pwned your daughter
[18:41] badmovieguy: Man, her hospital bill's gonna be killer!
[18:41] Darkangl: yeah no shit
[18:41] pantsman: Torture, I call it medical progress... or torture...
[18:41] Darkangl: good thing she's a rich movie actress
[18:41] Darkangl: hahaha
[18:41] Darkangl: nice josh :)
[18:41] BKing: lol
[18:41] BKing: kudos Joshy
[18:41] pantsman: Woot! :)
[18:41] PinkiFresh: poor people would be forced to eat her instead
[18:41] pantsman: I would pay to see that
[18:42] PinkiFresh: 8-O
[18:42] pantsman: Cannibalism, with demons!
[18:42] Darkangl: hahahaha
[18:42] badmovieguy: Now she runs over the mime!
[18:42] Darkangl: sounds like an italian film josh
[18:42] BKing: lol
[18:42] PinkiFresh: it's like Faces of Death
[18:42] Darkangl: hey look
[18:42] BKing: ring ring
[18:42] Darkangl: the phone is shorting out the lights
[18:42] BKing: hello?
[18:42] BKing: we're gonna need a bigger boat....
[18:42] badmovieguy: It's the big blackout!
[18:42] pantsman: Hahahaha
[18:42] pantsman: Brilliant Jaws reference
[18:42] BKing: whoa!
[18:42] BKing: what was that?!
[18:43] Darkangl: looks like Lisa plugged in a 6 with a 4 again and blew the generator
[18:43] BKing: Pazuzu wall decoration?
[18:43] Darkangl: too obscure?
[18:43] Darkangl: man, it's like 2 degrees in there
[18:43] Darkangl: see how well she's selling being cold?
[18:43] pantsman: AHHHH!!
[18:43] Darkangl: man
[18:43] Darkangl: that statue
[18:43] pantsman: SCARY FACES APPPEARING!
[18:43] Darkangl: weird
[18:43] pantsman: The kitchen one is freaky
[18:44] Darkangl: I don't remember that from the other version
[18:44] pantsman: Thorazine? That's the name of a band
[18:44] badmovieguy: Ah, the great fisherman returns from the sea
[18:44] badmovieguy: ACTING!!!!!!!
[18:44] Darkangl: yeah
[18:44] pantsman: Hahahaha
[18:44] Darkangl: he "fell"
[18:44] BKing: it's ok, lemme sexual assault you.
[18:44] Darkangl: notice the quotes
[18:44] PinkiFresh: i like how he just leaves...
[18:44] Darkangl: :D
[18:44] badmovieguy: Alright then, I'll see ya later
[18:45] Darkangl: yeah
[18:45] BKing: whoa!
[18:45] pantsman: OH NOS!
[18:45] Darkangl: oh man!
[18:45] BKing: HOLY FUCK!
[18:45] Darkangl: never seen that shit before
[18:45] pantsman: WHAT IS WE GONNA DO!?
[18:45] badmovieguy: That ain't right!!!
[18:45] BKing: that sent a damn chill down my spine!
[18:45] BKing: RIGHT THERE!
[18:45] pantsman: What?
[18:45] pantsman: You haven't seen this version Duane?
[18:45] Darkangl: man if I saw that shit comin down the stairs I'd get a gun and shoot it
[18:45] Darkangl: no I haven't joshy
[18:45] badmovieguy: She should'a been in the Olympics!!!!!
[18:45] Darkangl: just the original
[18:45] BKing: she's a contortionist from hell!
[18:45] pantsman: Dang, I rented it back when it came out
[18:45] Darkangl: I bought it back then
[18:45] PinkiFresh: in the book she does even freakier stuff
[18:45] Darkangl: I just never watched it yet until now
[18:46] pantsman: They made it look pretty darn good didn't they
[18:46] Darkangl: man
[18:46] BKing: man that spider walk still has me freaked out.
[18:46] Darkangl: HE WILL OWN JOOO!!!
[18:46] Darkangl: yeah
[18:46] Darkangl: hypnotize a demon
[18:46] Darkangl: that works
[18:46] BKing: still haven't recovered.
[18:46] badmovieguy: We saw you in that xray so don't try to hide
[18:46] Darkangl: yeah that was creepy as hell
[18:46] BKing: your mother sews socks that smell!
[18:46] Darkangl: hahah
[18:46] BKing: holy fuck!
[18:46] Darkangl: whoever you are you got bad breath :D
[18:47] BKing: hahahahahahahahahahahah
[18:47] badmovieguy: Hey! I need those!!!
[18:47] PinkiFresh: that's cool what they did to her face
[18:47] Darkangl: yeah it is
[18:47] Sharon: hahahaha
[18:47] pantsman: I could kick her ass
[18:47] BKing: man, you can't run from your past this way.
[18:47] Darkangl: I didn't know they added extra effects like that
[18:47] badmovieguy: Meanwhile, In Chariots of Fire
[18:47] BKing: MAX!!!!!!!
[18:47] pantsman: Hahahahahaha
[18:47] BKing: ohh......
[18:47] Darkangl: I thought it was just extra scenes
[18:47] PinkiFresh: haha, i just watched this movie 4 days ago
[18:47] Darkangl: that was cool
[18:47] BKing: that's not Max is it?
[18:47] Darkangl: really?
[18:47] Darkangl: no it isn't
[18:47] pantsman: ... for the first time?
[18:47] Darkangl: he's the cop
[18:48] PinkiFresh: no...just a refresher
[18:48] BKing: god damn it.
[18:48] badmovieguy: I just like watching guys run
[18:48] pantsman: Is that Lee J. Cobb?
[18:48] PinkiFresh: i hate this guy...I just want to punch him in the face
[18:48] badmovieguy: can I watch you shower too?
[18:48] Darkangl: now wasn't george c. scott in the exorcist III supposed to be this same cop?
[18:48] BKing: LOL
[18:48] BKing: paul newman clone!
[18:48] pantsman: Yeah I think, they're pretty similar as actors
[18:48] Darkangl: no I mean the same exact character
[18:48] BKing: wanna play pool?
[18:48] pantsman: Yeah, and I mean the actors are similar :)
[18:49] BKing: wait stop.
[18:49] badmovieguy: did you ever see a grown man naked?
[18:49] BKing: hot tennis girls!
[18:49] Darkangl: yeah and I mean the same exact character
[18:49] BKing: HOLD THE PHONE!
[18:49] BKing: HOT TENNIS GIRLS!
[18:49] BKing: NO! Go back!
[18:49] BKing: damn it!
[18:49] Darkangl: yeah he fell all right
[18:49] badmovieguy: so, you like chicks whacking balls???
[18:49] pantsman: And I mean the actors are similar!
[18:49] PinkiFresh: the one that passed by the screen looked 12
[18:49] Darkangl: that's cool
[18:49] Darkangl: completely around
[18:49] BKing: whoa
[18:50] pantsman: That's Lee J. Cobb though right?
[18:50] Darkangl: wouldn't that pretty much tear the head off?
[18:50] badmovieguy: Looks like Lee J Cobb
[18:50] pantsman: I'm pretty sure it is
[18:50] Darkangl: no the cobb is just sticking out in the back of his pants
[18:50] pantsman: Cobb and Scott have always been hand in hand with me
[18:51] badmovieguy: I'll just have to beat it out of you!
[18:51] Darkangl: Karas looks weird
[18:51] badmovieguy: that's because he shaved!!
[18:51] PinkiFresh: "I threaten you only in passing"
[18:51] pantsman: hahahaha
[18:51] BKing: Well met my friend!
[18:51] Darkangl: asking him for a date now
[18:51] BKing: This battle of wits is over!
[18:51] BKing: ROFL
[18:51] badmovieguy: It's an 'art' film!
[18:51] BKing: hahahahahaha
[18:52] BKing: hahahah Father Paranoia
[18:52] Darkangl: hahahah father paranoia
[18:52] BKing: Dominicans! HA!
[18:52] Darkangl: hahahahah
[18:52] BKing: racist!
[18:52] Darkangl: demonic deportation
[18:52] Darkangl: :D
[18:52] badmovieguy: I'll send you back to Iraq!!
[18:52] PinkiFresh: being observed is creepy...
[18:52] pantsman: Mom is freakin'
[18:52] Darkangl: man she did a brilliant job in this movie
[18:52] PinkiFresh: I wonder how animals handle it
[18:52] badmovieguy: She's not possessed, she's guilty?
[18:53] pantsman: Guilty of suckitude
[18:53] BKing: Bring in the Spanish Inquisition!
[18:53] Darkangl: you know what she reminded me of there
[18:53] Darkangl: cartman throwing a hissy fit
[18:53] badmovieguy: We of the medical board have decided that this is some fucked up shit right here!
[18:53] Sharon: hahahaha
[18:53] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[18:54] pantsman: Best line of the night!
[18:54] badmovieguy: Aerobise, that kind of thing
[18:54] badmovieguy: aerobicise?
[18:54] badmovieguy: so I can't spell!
[18:54] pantsman: I can't spell
[18:54] PinkiFresh: would doctors REALLY offer out exorcisim??
[18:54] pantsman: And can barely read
[18:54] BKing: First smart thing this guy has said so far.
[18:54] Darkangl: just like all these doctors are making your money disappear
[18:54] Darkangl: ALIEN!
[18:54] Darkangl: did you see them big ass black eyes?
[18:55] Darkangl: jeez
[18:55] Darkangl: we've been invaded!
[18:55] Darkangl: everyone cover your asses
[18:55] PinkiFresh: hahaha...for a second i thought they were going to pull regan out of the trunk
[18:55] Darkangl: no anal probes here bitch
[18:55] BKing: ROFL
[18:55] Darkangl: hell they would have kept her in the trunk if they were smart
[18:55] BKing: I bet Paul Newman #2 dies on those steps
[18:55] badmovieguy: She can just sleep it off
[18:55] Darkangl: uh oh
[18:56] badmovieguy: bet it would hurt to fall down these!
[18:56] Darkangl: is that a crucifix in your pocket or are you just happy to see me
[18:56] BKing: dog turd?
[18:56] Darkangl: look! a turd!
[18:56] BKing: lol
[18:56] badmovieguy: Dude that is NASTY!
[18:56] Sharon: hahahaha
[18:56] pantsman: Dog shit! It's funny!
[18:56] Darkangl: leave it to me and my poo fetish to spot the turd
[18:56] PinkiFresh: why would she throw him out the window with one of her clay creations???
[18:56] badmovieguy: Madam speaking for the staff...we quit!
[18:56] Darkangl: nah that wasa clay thing reagan made
[18:56] Darkangl: some little animal or something
[18:56] badmovieguy: Yeah, it would really hurt to fall down these!
[18:57] Darkangl: man
[18:57] pantsman: More like... A DEMON!
[18:57] Darkangl: she'd have had to toss his ass out that window big time to reach them steps
[18:57] BKing: WOAH!
[18:57] BKing: I wanna be sedated!
[18:57] pantsman: Lee J. Cobb, detectivating
[18:57] Darkangl: me too
[18:57] PinkiFresh: a draft?!
[18:57] Darkangl: where's yasmeen with my rocks? I'm gonna have to pimp slap that ho
[18:58] BKing: Thank you Carl Gottlieb!
[18:58] badmovieguy: I'm wondering why a cop, investigating the death of a director is linking a sick girl to the crime?
[18:58] Darkangl: because the deceased got tossed out her window
[18:58] badmovieguy: oh yeah
[18:58] Darkangl: well he was an alcoholic
[18:58] Darkangl: he probably fell a lot
[18:58] pantsman: He must have his neck a lot on the way down
[18:59] BKing: this guy is trying so hard to be Donald Pleasance
[18:59] BKing: she is pure ee-vil....
[18:59] Darkangl: he tried to touch her lady berries and she din't like it so she killed his ass
[18:59] PinkiFresh: i like how he's accusing her daughter without actually accusing her...
[18:59] pantsman: Dang, beat me to it Jordan :)
[18:59] badmovieguy: Could your daughter be.......possessed?
[18:59] BKing: yeah, my mind is sharp as a tack tonight....
[18:59] BKing: ooohh... pitty colors...
[19:00] pantsman: "So I'm wondering, has your daughter by chance, ever twisted someone's neck around until their chin is resting on their ass?"
[19:00] badmovieguy: I know his movies sucked, but was the death penalty really necessary?
[19:00] Sharon: hahahahahahaha
[19:00] Darkangl: would you like some more coffee? Some tea? Maybe a nooner?
[19:00] Darkangl: hahaha nice josh
[19:00] badmovieguy: I was just noticing your dog turd collection
[19:00] PinkiFresh: way to touch stuff that isn't yours
[19:01] Darkangl: hahahaha
[19:01] Darkangl: nice alex
[19:01] pantsman: He's definitely inviting himself all over the place
[19:01] Darkangl: fungus
[19:01] BKing: British doctors?
[19:01] BKing: fuck you bitch, americans made and discovered everything!
[19:01] PinkiFresh: that's a lousy analogy
[19:01] BKing: HUZZAH!
[19:01] BKing: hahahaahahaha
[19:01] BKing: saw that coming.
[19:02] Darkangl: I really hate to ask you this, but who does your hair...and how the fuck did a blind man ever get a hairdressing license?
[19:02] pantsman: LOOOOOOSER!
[19:02] BKing: hahaahahaha
[19:02] BKing: nice Duane
[19:02] PinkiFresh: I want to punch him so bad
[19:02] badmovieguy: You know that porn you were in?
[19:02] Darkangl: nah
[19:02] Darkangl: he's a good guy
[19:02] pantsman: Did he say "you're very nice... BABY!"?
[19:02] Darkangl: no
[19:02] Darkangl: you're a very nice lady
[19:02] pantsman: I'm hearin' things :)
[19:02] PinkiFresh: at least she waited conviniently for the detective to leave...
[19:02] Darkangl: the some rapper pops in and goes "nice nice lady...nice nice lady"
[19:02] pantsman: DOOO IT!!!
[19:03] Darkangl: man
[19:03] BKing: Trumpy, you can do magic things.
[19:03] BKing: holy shit.
[19:03] Darkangl: someone's goin ape shit
[19:03] BKing: WHOA!
[19:03] badmovieguy: okay that was nasty!
[19:03] Darkangl: BITCH SLAP!
[19:03] pantsman: Mama goin down
[19:03] pantsman: Like homey the clown
[19:03] BKing: holy shit.
[19:03] pantsman: Cunting daughter, hehehe
[19:03] Darkangl: impressed now jordy?
[19:04] PinkiFresh: how did this movie not scare Linda Blair for life?
[19:04] PinkiFresh: *scar
[19:04] Darkangl: pretty fucking creepy huh?
[19:04] BKing: I was impressed from the start.
[19:04] pantsman: Have you seen her career?
[19:04] badmovieguy: You could use her if you were moving!
[19:04] BKing: the spider walk still stole the show.
[19:04] Darkangl: hahaha
[19:04] Darkangl: yeah that was nasty
[19:04] pantsman: You haven't seen this Jordan?
[19:04] BKing: I'm gonna have a nightmare about that tonight.
[19:04] BKing: nope
[19:04] pantsman: ... HOW!?
[19:04] Sharon: me too :PP
[19:04] Darkangl: man
[19:04] badmovieguy: I've never seen it either
[19:04] Darkangl: that bitch slap left a big ol bruise
[19:05] pantsman: Ya'll should get out more :)
[19:05] Darkangl: not even her alien eyeball glasses can cover that shizzle
[19:05] pantsman: Now Duane is saying shizzle!
[19:05] PinkiFresh: i have glasses like those...they're pimp
[19:05] Darkangl: just to make you feel at home light skinded brotha ;)
[19:05] Darkangl: hahaha
[19:05] pantsman: Hey! I've got a tan...
[19:05] Darkangl: Alex the pimp chicky
[19:06] Darkangl: :D
[19:06] Darkangl: he's all, "say what???"
[19:06] BKing: well she just cut right to the chase.
[19:06] Darkangl: now he's all
[19:06] pantsman: She's being real subtle
[19:06] BKing: well there's an 800 number to call....
[19:06] Darkangl: "Whatchoo talkin' 'bout Willis???"
[19:06] PinkiFresh: she kinda slipped that in there tho..l
[19:06] PinkiFresh: ah, ya beat me
[19:06] Darkangl: hey they should call Miss Cleo
[19:06] Darkangl: she can get the demons out
[19:07] Darkangl: she knows all about spirits ;)
[19:07] Darkangl: she's been drinking them for years
[19:07] pantsman: Ms. Cleo kills children
[19:07] PinkiFresh: and eats them?
[19:07] Sharon: and eats them
[19:07] pantsman: BBQ style
[19:07] Sharon: hahahahaha
[19:07] PinkiFresh: hehehe
[19:07] Darkangl: I don't understand why he needs church approval for an exorcism
[19:07] BKing: hahahahahaha
[19:07] badmovieguy: Sounds like getting the church to do an exorcism is like getting Congress to do something
[19:07] BKing: it all tastes like chicken once you put hot sauce on it.
[19:07] PinkiFresh: I like the breasts personally
[19:07] pantsman: She's a bitch man
[19:08] PinkiFresh: hehe..put a bill in for an exorcism
[19:08] Darkangl: yeah she marinates them in jerk sauce and then slow cooks them for several hours
[19:08] Sharon: nice and tender
[19:08] badmovieguy: Alright, I'll look at her, but if she's still masturbating, I'm outta here!
[19:08] Darkangl: ready to be scared jordy?
[19:08] Darkangl: man that's nasty
[19:08] Darkangl: looks like she sneezed
[19:08] Sharon: pretty...
[19:08] badmovieguy: get her a kleenex
[19:09] pantsman: This is the scene where the killer is revealed right?
[19:09] PinkiFresh: lies!
[19:09] pantsman: Vulgar Display of Power, she listens to metal music obviously
[19:09] badmovieguy: The lady who did the devil's voice did Betty Boop years ago....I heard an interview with her on NPR...honest!
[19:09] BKing: lol
[19:09] Darkangl: hahaha
[19:09] BKing: your momma's so dead.....
[19:09] pantsman: BLARGH
[19:10] BKing: hahahahahahahahahahaha
[19:10] BKing: holy shite.
[19:10] Darkangl: hahahahah
[19:10] Sharon: hahahahahaha
[19:10] badmovieguy: That was uncalled for!
[19:10] Darkangl: she sneezed out the wrong hole!
[19:10] PinkiFresh: hehehe...she looked like she was thinking "shit...he's trumped me...I'll just barf on him"
[19:10] Darkangl: :D
[19:10] pantsman: Where I'm from, we call that PWNAGE
[19:10] Darkangl: hahahahahaha
[19:10] Darkangl: nice alex
[19:10] Darkangl: :)
[19:10] badmovieguy: She said her name is RAAAAAAAALPH man
[19:10] BKing: Lion with Butterfly wings....
[19:10] PinkiFresh: X-)
[19:10] Darkangl: hahahaha
[19:10] Darkangl: nice too brian :D
[19:10] PinkiFresh: hehehe
[19:10] Sharon: hahahahaha
[19:11] PinkiFresh: his sweater didn't need ironing
[19:11] PinkiFresh: do you have to understand backwards talk?
[19:11] Darkangl: look I'm only against the possibility of getting my ass tossed out a window and having my head flipped around like a priest shaped pez dispenser
[19:11] PinkiFresh: I mean study
[19:11] badmovieguy: hahahaha
[19:11] badmovieguy: I love pez
[19:11] PinkiFresh: mmm...priest pez
[19:12] Darkangl: pez kicks ass
[19:12] pantsman: Never liked pez
[19:12] badmovieguy: we'll just hide here in the basement until she's gone
[19:12] Sharon: I love pez too
[19:12] Darkangl: I love it
[19:12] Darkangl: hahaha
[19:12] Darkangl: hell I would brian
[19:12] PinkiFresh: i liked pixi stix better
[19:12] Sharon: oooh I love oixi stix
[19:12] Darkangl: you tell me where I can get some maximum cramp relief because I want some chocolate ice cream really fucking bad you bastard priest!!!!!
[19:13] PinkiFresh: I'm a big fan of oixi stix too ;-)
[19:13] BKing: FUCKING A!
[19:13] BKing: WHERE'S MAX?!?!?!??!?!
[19:13] Sharon: hahahahaha
[19:13] Darkangl: he'll be around a little later
[19:13] PinkiFresh: stalker!
[19:13] Sharon: oinki stix for me :D
[19:13] Darkangl: hee hee
[19:13] badmovieguy: I think he's jealous
[19:13] PinkiFresh: hahaha..that's how I feel when I eat them
[19:13] Darkangl: this is new
[19:13] BKing: isn't this where they come to learn new languages?
[19:14] Darkangl: dunno
[19:14] badmovieguy: Is he visiting someone in prison?
[19:14] pantsman: Her voice is mad annoying
[19:14] PinkiFresh: ew! Did anyone else see his mom in his reflection???
[19:14] Darkangl: and his disciples this all we get?
[19:14] BKing: I think he's related to Jeffrey Combs.
[19:14] Darkangl: cheap muthfucker
[19:14] BKing: he sorta looks like him.
[19:14] Darkangl: :D
[19:15] Darkangl: man I gotta pee
[19:15] PinkiFresh: guess not :-I
[19:15] Darkangl: I knew I should have gone before the movie
[19:15] Darkangl: no I didn't alex
[19:15] BKing: me too, but I'm hanging in there.
[19:15] Darkangl: I'm sitting here rocking back and forth like a retard at a picnic I gotta pee so bad
[19:15] BKing: we are legion. we are one but we are many
[19:15] BKing: hahahahahahahaahha
[19:15] PinkiFresh: where's your jar?
[19:16] Darkangl: yeah I need a pee jar
[19:16] Darkangl: seriously
[19:16] Darkangl: I'll wait for the next boring scene
[19:16] pantsman: These conversations have been sampled on about a million death metal albums
[19:16] PinkiFresh: ...she's not possessed by the devil...more of a second class one that doesn't really know the rules
[19:17] Darkangl: actually I think there was a lot of them all at once in her wasn't there?
[19:17] badmovieguy: So, I've got her on tape for the new Metallica album
[19:17] BKing: No duane.
[19:17] PinkiFresh: well...she claims she's possessed by THE devil...
[19:17] BKing: HELLO?!
[19:18] PinkiFresh: but it kinda seems like she's possessed by a demon
[19:18] badmovieguy: The devil doesn't acutally possess you
[19:18] badmovieguy: he sends a demon to do it
[19:18] BKing: Brian should know.
[19:18] PinkiFresh: oh...I wouldn't know...
[19:18] pantsman: It's a quote from the bible, the legion thing
[19:18] PinkiFresh: haven't been possessed lately
[19:19] BKing: No shit Josh! How'd you know?!
[19:19] badmovieguy: the legion think is a Bible reference
[19:19] badmovieguy: think=thing
[19:19] badmovieguy: typing in the dark!
[19:19] badmovieguy: although NOT one handed
[19:19] pantsman: Hahahaha
[19:19] PinkiFresh: ew...too much...
[19:20] badmovieguy: thought it might be
[19:20] badmovieguy: we'll need to remix this
[19:20] Darkangl: seriously
[19:20] Darkangl: that should be proof enough
[19:20] Darkangl: no one can talk backward
[19:20] BKing: I know.
[19:20] BKing: I can't even type backwards.
[19:20] PinkiFresh: that phone always scares me....
[19:20] badmovieguy: Gotta turn that ringer down
[19:21] Darkangl: hee hee
[19:21] BKing: you know, they should've just got michael berryman.
[19:21] Darkangl: shit's hittin the fan now
[19:21] Darkangl: man
[19:21] badmovieguy: how about fixing the furnace
[19:21] Darkangl: take it off
[19:21] Darkangl: take it all off
[19:21] Darkangl: :D
[19:21] pantsman: Couldn't that midget from Twin Peaks talk backwards?
[19:22] pantsman: She's got a tattoo!
[19:22] badmovieguy: Vincent Price Is In Her!!!!
[19:22] BKing: nah, that's the new TB test.
[19:22] PinkiFresh: she's got an icky belly button
[19:22] BKing: hahahahahahahahaha
[19:22] Darkangl: hahahaha
[19:22] pantsman: Hey, did that demon's face show up in the kitchen already?
[19:22] Darkangl: hey look it's Barry the priest
[19:22] Sharon: yeah she does :PP
[19:22] Darkangl: dunno
[19:22] BKing: MAX!
[19:22] BKing: MAX!
[19:23] BKing: MAX POWER!
[19:23] PinkiFresh: is a priest who's losing his faith really the best canidate for an exorcism?
[19:23] Darkangl: smell my finger
[19:23] Darkangl: :D
[19:23] badmovieguy: nice ears!
[19:23] Darkangl: there ya go jordy
[19:23] Darkangl: max is comin back
[19:23] BKing: HE'S BACK!
[19:23] PinkiFresh: did they say he was in woodstock?
[19:23] badmovieguy: Did they say he was in Woodstock?
[19:23] pantsman: Yeah, listening to crappy music
[19:24] PinkiFresh: hehehe
[19:24] badmovieguy: Exorcising Hendrix
[19:24] BKing: hahahahahaahahaha
[19:24] Darkangl: there's the jogging priest
[19:24] Darkangl: he'll be in a marathon next week
[19:24] pantsman: Excorcising him... THROUGH THE GUITAR!
[19:24] badmovieguy: I asked you to hold my messages!
[19:24] Darkangl: taking the short cut over the river
[19:24] BKing: Dentyne Ice!
[19:24] BKing: cue scary music.........
[19:24] BKing: now!
[19:24] PinkiFresh: Regan needs an inhaler...stat!
[19:24] BKing: nope....
[19:24] badmovieguy: Then one foggy night.......
[19:24] Darkangl: cue heavy ass bass
[19:24] Darkangl: jeez
[19:24] BKing: NOW!
[19:25] BKing: c'mon! where is it?!
[19:25] Darkangl: great eyes
[19:25] Darkangl: man
[19:25] Darkangl: that some scary shit
[19:25] pantsman: "Damn nigga, that bitch is crazy!"
[19:25] PinkiFresh: her mating call
[19:25] Darkangl: basically, "Go get my shizzle."
[19:26] BKing: a cow goes....
[19:26] Darkangl: LMAO
[19:26] Darkangl: awesome jordy
[19:26] Sharon: hahahahahaha
[19:26] Darkangl: just awesome
[19:26] BKing: tanx! :-D
[19:26] Darkangl: ooks like a laptop on the table
[19:26] badmovieguy: Did he just come here to eat?
[19:26] Darkangl: looks
[19:26] Darkangl: damn
[19:26] Darkangl: them some big ass fart lightin' matches
[19:26] pantsman: You can't excorcize demons on an empty stomach
[19:27] badmovieguy: so you can light your own!
[19:27] Darkangl: and you can't exorcise them without a good stiff shot of brandy in your gut
[19:27] pantsman: Worrrrd
[19:27] Darkangl: so the demon lies
[19:27] Darkangl: but mixes it with the truth to confuse you
[19:27] badmovieguy: Now I'll need a wooden stake and a hammer....DAMN, wrong ceremony!
[19:27] Darkangl: so the demon's a democrat?
[19:28] BKing: told yas!
[19:28] BKing: ONE!
[19:28] pantsman: They beat the hell out of her here
[19:28] PinkiFresh: is she wearing a fur coat?
[19:28] Darkangl: MOOOOOOOOOO...hey man, your date's here.
[19:28] pantsman: It turns into a battle of the fittests
[19:28] pantsman: It's cold in that house
[19:28] badmovieguy: If we're not out in five minutes call the cops
[19:28] BKing: Max looks like Michael Caine and James Woods' lovechild.
[19:28] Darkangl: hell if we're not out in two minutes call the freakin army
[19:29] Darkangl: did he just kiss christ on the weiner?
[19:29] BKing: LOL!
[19:29] pantsman: Hahahaha
[19:29] Darkangl: yeah take that demon bitch
[19:29] pantsman: That girl's got a mouth!
[19:29] pantsman: Best line of the movie
[19:29] Darkangl: this water will put you in your place
[19:29] PinkiFresh: did he take his acid pills before starting...
[19:29] Darkangl: Hey!
[19:29] Darkangl: Bubble Yum!
[19:29] Sharon: bleah
[19:29] Darkangl: :D
[19:29] badmovieguy: she had oatmeal for breakfast!
[19:29] Sharon: hahahahaha
[19:29] Darkangl: she's reliving her cunnilingus lesson
[19:29] BKing: hhaahahahahahahahaha
[19:30] BKing: Colonel Angus?
[19:30] Darkangl: man that must have had it freakin cold in there
[19:30] Darkangl: they
[19:30] BKing: ROFL
[19:30] BKing: your mother sucks cocks in hell!
[19:30] BKing: hahahahahahahahahaha
[19:30] pantsman: That's a classic
[19:30] Darkangl: yep
[19:30] PinkiFresh: i heard they did it in a refidgerator
[19:30] Darkangl: guess she got tired of streetcorners
[19:30] Darkangl: I'm sure they did alex
[19:30] Darkangl: I think it was a meat locker
[19:31] PinkiFresh: yea
[19:31] Darkangl: man
[19:31] Darkangl: they're gonna need a new bed after this
[19:31] BKing: quick put another quarter into the bed!
[19:31] Darkangl: HAHAHAHAHAHAHa
[19:31] Darkangl: you're sharp tonight jordy
[19:31] PinkiFresh: what if you mom was a slut and she said that stuff to you. "'re probably right...she did love the cock"
[19:31] Darkangl: hahahahahaha
[19:31] Darkangl: nice alex
[19:31] BKing: AH!
[19:32] pantsman: So wait, when does the serial killer show up and start sending old people out with scissors?
[19:32] Darkangl: you're mother's tea bagging in hell karas
[19:32] Darkangl: :D
[19:32] Darkangl: BELCH!
[19:32] BKing: She's possessed by Chewbacca
[19:32] Darkangl: hahahahahah
[19:32] pantsman: Your mother eats Cleveland Steamers in Ohio, Karas
[19:32] PinkiFresh: hehehehehe
[19:32] badmovieguy: choke her with this!
[19:32] pantsman: The priest is about to vomit himself
[19:32] Darkangl: here let me just wipe that up with my sash
[19:32] Darkangl: blecch
[19:33] pantsman: "splitting.... headache"
[19:33] badmovieguy: The power of Christ compels you to wash my sash
[19:33] PinkiFresh: easily amused i see
[19:33] Darkangl: yeah well it does take a lot out of you reading out loud don't it father?
[19:33] BKing: hahahaahahahahahahaha
[19:33] BKing: Foolish Mortal!
[19:33] badmovieguy: I just thought of something funny
[19:33] Darkangl: what
[19:33] badmovieguy: God Damned Mime!!!!!
[19:34] pantsman: CRACK
[19:34] Darkangl: hahahahahah
[19:34] BKing: lol
[19:34] PinkiFresh: how would her neck not be broken when the deomon leaves?
[19:34] pantsman: You killed your mother, heheh
[19:34] Darkangl: holy shit
[19:34] BKing: uh oh.......
[19:34] BKing: she's in the Matrix!
[19:34] Darkangl: now I know she been smokin crack
[19:34] badmovieguy: look could you hold still, we're doin' a ceremony here
[19:35] Sharon: or drinking red bull
[19:35] PinkiFresh: hehehe
[19:35] Darkangl: hahahahahahah
[19:35] BKing: come on everyone.
[19:35] BKing: it won't work if we all dont' do it.
[19:35] PinkiFresh: Karras can see up her nightie
[19:35] badmovieguy: all together now
[19:35] pantsman: I must be paid first
[19:35] BKing: gee thanks. Had to do all the work myself!
[19:35] BKing: assholes.
[19:35] badmovieguy: So, we'll just keep saying that then?
[19:35] BKing: LOL
[19:35] Darkangl: the power of christ compells you gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream
[19:35] Darkangl: everyone...!
[19:35] BKing: hahahahahahaha
[19:36] PinkiFresh: bwhahaha
[19:36] Darkangl: hahahah
[19:36] pantsman: Demon beatdown
[19:36] PinkiFresh: wow.l..way not to help hm out there
[19:36] Darkangl: The power of elsinore beer commands you
[19:36] badmovieguy: could you have said, look out???
[19:36] Darkangl: the power of emperor ming commands you
[19:36] Darkangl: :D
[19:36] BKing: THRILLA!
[19:36] BKing: woah!
[19:36] BKing: PAZUZU statue!
[19:36] PinkiFresh: squeals like an arab
[19:36] BKing: hahahahahahahahahahahaha
[19:37] Sharon: hahahahahaha
[19:37] Darkangl: man
[19:37] PinkiFresh: (and I mean that in the least white superimist way possible)
[19:37] Darkangl: karas looks like he's got a wonky eye now
[19:37] badmovieguy: I think Karas has a concussion, could he get a little help?
[19:37] Darkangl: that disclaimer wasn't needed alex
[19:37] Darkangl: we're all cool here ;)
[19:37] PinkiFresh: bwhahaha...I was kidding
[19:37] pantsman: And hey, I'm a racist!
[19:37] badmovieguy: Or we're all white supremecists?
[19:38] Darkangl: me too
[19:38] Darkangl: so's jordy
[19:38] Darkangl: and brian looks like a total redneck
[19:38] pantsman: ... but, was I?
[19:38] PinkiFresh: I'm socially racist
[19:38] BKing: LOL
[19:38] BKing: hahahahahahahahahahahaa
[19:38] Darkangl: hell sharon's an anti semite ;)
[19:38] badmovieguy: HEY!!!
[19:38] badmovieguy: I'm only half redneck
[19:38] BKing: hahaahhaahahahaha
[19:38] PinkiFresh: and anti dentite as well
[19:38] Sharon: hahaha
[19:38] Darkangl: for those that don't know, sharon's jewish and that was a joke ;)
[19:38] badmovieguy: hahahahaha
[19:38] pantsman: Filth anti-dentites...
[19:38] Darkangl: no alex
[19:38] Darkangl: she brushes her teeth
[19:38] PinkiFresh: muwhahaha
[19:38] BKing: I'm 3/4 german, .25 % Native American and 24.75% redneck.
[19:38] Darkangl: ;)
[19:39] pantsman: I'm a mutt
[19:39] Sharon: sometimes i do, sometimes i dont :P
[19:39] PinkiFresh: I'm 1/2 French Canadian
[19:39] Darkangl: ick french
[19:39] pantsman: KEEEL HER!
[19:39] BKing: seriously.
[19:39] badmovieguy: Which half is french and which canadian?
[19:39] BKing: blech.
[19:39] PinkiFresh: ahahahaha....yes! Let your dreams be smashed!
[19:39] Darkangl: she has hairy armpits
[19:39] Darkangl: the rest is canadian
[19:39] Darkangl: ;)
[19:39] BKing: and she says aye a lot.
[19:39] BKing: and lives in an igloo
[19:39] badmovieguy: Then Max went to the bathroom to smoke crack!
[19:39] Darkangl: no it's 'eh
[19:39] pantsman: And "sore-ey" instead of sorry
[19:39] Darkangl: not aye
[19:39] BKing: uh oh.... the LSD is starting to kick in.
[19:40] Darkangl: yep
[19:40] PinkiFresh: my mom is french....she didn't have that kinda accent
[19:40] Darkangl: he's seein' some shizzle now
[19:40] BKing: sorry, aye is what pirates say. My bad.
[19:40] badmovieguy: I think I got hit harder in the head than I thought
[19:40] Darkangl: jordy's a pirate at heart
[19:40] Darkangl: a butt pirate
[19:40] Darkangl: :D
[19:40] BKing: fucker
[19:40] BKing: whoa
[19:40] PinkiFresh: she should open the drawer now and hit him with it
[19:40] BKing: mind fuck
[19:40] Darkangl: oh man you walked right into that one
[19:40] PinkiFresh: Pirates are the shit
[19:40] Darkangl: well butt pirates are anyway ;)
[19:41] PinkiFresh: bwhahahaha...zing
[19:41] pantsman: She's not his mother
[19:41] BKing: Damion, why did you a killa mario and luigi?!
[19:41] pantsman: Just in case anyone didn't get that
[19:41] Darkangl: LMAO
[19:41] badmovieguy: Don't listen, it's the mime talking
[19:41] Darkangl: hahahahahahah
[19:41] Darkangl: nice jordy
[19:41] BKing: :-D
[19:41] pantsman: He's working for those damn Koopas!!!
[19:41] Darkangl: get your ass out of here damien
[19:41] Darkangl: you're worthless
[19:41] badmovieguy: Go grab a smoke and take five minutes
[19:42] Darkangl: I'm gonna kick some demon ass all by myself
[19:42] PinkiFresh:'re going to let a man who's foot is half in the grave already...handle a demon by himself?
[19:42] Darkangl: well...that was the plan anyway
[19:42] badmovieguy: alright, now that we're alone
[19:42] Darkangl: see
[19:42] PinkiFresh: you sure have a purdy mouth
[19:42] Darkangl: he kissed his weiner again
[19:42] BKing: ick
[19:42] BKing: look at his hands.
[19:42] badmovieguy: I've got a 357 here somewhere
[19:42] Darkangl: that's just wrong
[19:42] BKing: he needs some oil of olay for those.
[19:42] Darkangl: hahahah
[19:42] Sharon: hahahahaha
[19:42] Darkangl: he pulled out the crucifix because he heard it turns her on
[19:43] BKing: seriously, I thought Vericose veins only occured in your legs.
[19:43] Darkangl: he's tired of little boys and he's lookin' for a change
[19:43] BKing: LOL
[19:43] Darkangl: dunno
[19:43] Darkangl: uh oh
[19:43] Darkangl: hahahahah
[19:43] BKing: how many clocks do you need in this house!!!!?!?!??!?!?!
[19:43] badmovieguy: So you left an ancient man alone with a demon?
[19:43] Darkangl: well look at it this way jordy
[19:43] badmovieguy: good judgement there
[19:43] PinkiFresh: symbolizm
[19:43] BKing: LOL
[19:44] Darkangl: .....
[19:44] Darkangl: see my point?
[19:44] BKing: now the Rocky theme suddenly kicks in.
[19:44] BKing: hahhahahahahaa
[19:44] PinkiFresh: or the final countdown
[19:44] Darkangl: man that buzzer scares me every time
[19:44] BKing: Or eye of the tiger
[19:44] badmovieguy: Now who is it?
[19:44] Darkangl: man
[19:44] BKing: uh oh.
[19:44] Darkangl: bad hearts are a bitch
[19:44] BKing: she defeated him at thumb wrestling!!!!
[19:44] BKing: for his soul!
[19:44] badmovieguy: He can't take a blow to the head like you can!
[19:45] Darkangl: she's sittin there like, "I didn't do nothin'"
[19:45] BKing: lol
[19:45] pantsman: He's.... DEAD!
[19:45] BKing: hahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahhaahahahhaa
[19:45] Darkangl: BEATDOWN!
[19:45] pantsman: If all else fails, beat the shit out of her
[19:45] badmovieguy: I think that's what she needed all along
[19:45] pantsman: Uh Oh
[19:45] badmovieguy: wait, don't take me!!!
[19:45] PinkiFresh: was that his mother?
[19:46] Darkangl: that roll down the stairs is hilarious
[19:46] BKing: well now we know what happened to Burke.
[19:46] badmovieguy: that's gonna leave a mark
[19:46] BKing: LOL
[19:46] Darkangl: all I can think of is eddie murphy talkin about his aunt bunny fallin down the steps
[19:46] PinkiFresh: he jumped I swear!
[19:46] pantsman: I wonder if his neck snapped all the way around on the way down
[19:46] BKing: She's crying because she just heard about the sequel.
[19:46] Darkangl: LMAO
[19:46] Darkangl: hahahahahahah
[19:46] Sharon: hahahaha
[19:46] Darkangl: I'd cry too
[19:46] BKing: cue scary music!!!!!
[19:46] Darkangl: the second one was lame
[19:46] badmovieguy: I ain't touching her, no matter how much she cries!
[19:46] BKing: c'mon. where is it?!
[19:46] Darkangl: he's all
[19:46] PinkiFresh: i don't remember the second one...
[19:46] badmovieguy: The priest here, is the priest who consulted on the movie!
[19:47] Darkangl: no, I want a fucking band aid and a good stiff drink
[19:47] BKing: LOL
[19:47] pantsman: The second film killed my childhood
[19:47] badmovieguy: He told a story that to get his hand to shake the director slapped him
[19:47] BKing: cue scary music?
[19:47] BKing: where is it! I WANT SCARY FUCKING MUSIC!!!
[19:47] BKing: GRRR!!!
[19:47] PinkiFresh: you get nothing!
[19:47] badmovieguy: we're closing these stairs, they're pretty dangerous
[19:47] PinkiFresh: they should make it a ramp
[19:47] BKing: they have one seperate car, just for all the clocks.
[19:48] badmovieguy: Oh yeah, I have a second daughter
[19:48] Darkangl: now she's leaving...and that's smart
[19:48] badmovieguy: the unpossessed one
[19:48] Darkangl: what isn't smart is taking so fucking long to do it
[19:48] PinkiFresh: "'re daughter pretty much scared the shit out of me...I think I'll not be with you anymore"
[19:48] Darkangl: hahahahahahaha
[19:48] Darkangl: :D
[19:48] Sharon: hahahahaha
[19:48] PinkiFresh: I thought she was her assistant?
[19:48] badmovieguy: by the way, sorry your friends died
[19:49] badmovieguy: I thought it was her daughter
[19:49] badmovieguy: I'm probably wrong
[19:49] BKing: lol
[19:49] BKing: that's the first kiss he's had in years.
[19:49] PinkiFresh: I know I'm young but...
[19:49] Darkangl: hahaha
[19:49] BKing: Is this love...
[19:49] Darkangl: from a young girl that is jordy ;)
[19:49] BKing: that I'm feeling?
[19:49] BKing: ewww...
[19:50] BKing: cue scary music.... NOW
[19:50] BKing: !
[19:50] BKing: fuck
[19:50] pantsman: No!
[19:50] BKing: cue scary music.....
[19:50] pantsman: Never!
[19:50] BKing: wait for it....
[19:50] BKing: wait for it....
[19:50] PinkiFresh: why would they want to keep something that reminds you of being possesed?
[19:50] Darkangl: he has no need of worldly possessions
[19:50] badmovieguy: The power of Christ compels them to leave
[19:50] BKing: roll credits and play scary music.....
[19:50] Darkangl: just demonic ones
[19:50] BKing: the demon appears and trips him before going back to hell.
[19:50] badmovieguy: okay, so back to the seminary then
[19:51] BKing: he was afraid of stairs every since that night....
[19:51] Darkangl: doesn't seminary sound like another word for sperm bank?
[19:51] Darkangl: this is new too
[19:51] badmovieguy: they left their mime here!
[19:51] PinkiFresh: but what if it's like FAllen and the demon jumps into a cat (and then trips him)
[19:51] BKing: lol
[19:51] BKing: do you like Dire Straits?
[19:51] Darkangl: man
[19:52] badmovieguy: this guy and taking priests to the movies!
[19:52] Darkangl: he's always scammin for priest ass isn't he
[19:52] BKing: Jackie Gleason? HOW SWEET IT IS!!!!
[19:52] PinkiFresh: lucile ball?
[19:52] BKing: YES!
[19:52] badmovieguy: and I'm not reaching into your popcorn tub!
[19:52] BKing: SCARY MUSIC!
[19:52] BKing: WOOO!
[19:52] pantsman: NOOOOO!
[19:52] BKing: no!
[19:52] badmovieguy: THE END
[19:52] Darkangl: so what'd ya think jordy?
[19:52] BKing: they stopped the scary music too quickly.
[19:52] BKing: I loved it.
[19:52] BKing: great movie.
[19:52] Darkangl: awesome wasn't it
[19:52] BKing: yeah.
[19:52] BKing: not overhyped one bit.
[19:52] Darkangl: one of my favorites
[19:52] BKing: like certain horror films I know....
[19:53] Darkangl: if you watch this alone in the dark
[19:53] Darkangl: it'll freak the shit out of you
[19:53] badmovieguy: it was okay
[19:53] badmovieguy: Not as scary as I thought it would be
[19:53] pantsman: This was seriously your first time seeing it?
[19:53] Darkangl: watching it at a gathering kinda reduces the scare factor
[19:53] BKing: yeah
[19:53] BKing: watch it alone.
[19:53] badmovieguy: but then I'm jaded
[19:53] BKing: in the dark.
[19:53] BKing: with your back to an open door.
[19:53] Darkangl: no
[19:53] pantsman: Well, most people I know who don't grow up with it aren't scared by it
[19:53] Darkangl: door has to be closed
[19:53] PinkiFresh: are you the one where rape scenes don't bother you?
[19:53] badmovieguy: at midnight
[19:53] BKing: lol
[19:53] badmovieguy: when it's foggy
[19:53] Darkangl: hahahah
[19:53] BKing: SCARY MUSIC!!!!!
[19:54] BKing: SCARY!
[19:54] BKing: MUSIC!
[19:54] Darkangl: he was kidding alex
[19:54] BKing: WOOOOOO!