Escape from New York 6/12/2003

Darkangl = Duane from B-Movie Central
TheBKing = Jordan from The B-Movie Film Vault
cnote2000 = Todd from The Monkeyhouse Lounge
AgonyBooth = Albert from The Agony Booth


*** Darkangl changes topic to 'I think everyone wants to escape from New York. :P'
[19:55] *** Joins: cnote2000 (
[19:55] cnote2000: Yo Duane
[19:55] *** Joins: AgonyBooth (
[19:55] AgonyBooth: yo
[19:56] AgonyBooth: rogues in the hizzzyy-ooowwwse
[19:56] cnote2000: Yo Albert
[19:56] cnote2000: For shizzle my nizzle
[19:56] AgonyBooth: wassssup Todd
[19:57] cnote2000: not a helluva lot
[19:57] cnote2000: rented Escape?
[19:57] AgonyBooth: i ended up buying it
[19:57] AgonyBooth: i went to 2 blockbusters and it was already rented
[19:57] AgonyBooth: it was only $9.99 so i figured, what the hell
[19:57] cnote2000: I bought it on Monday and tonight it was on Encore!
[19:57] cnote2000: could've got out of paying 9 bucks for it
[19:58] AgonyBooth: that sucks man
[19:58] AgonyBooth: did you already open it?
[19:59] cnote2000: unfortunately, yes.
[19:59] cnote2000: about 10 minutes before I noticed it on the digital cable
[20:01] AgonyBooth: oh well
[20:01] AgonyBooth: at least you have a new dvd for the collection
[20:01] cnote2000: yeah, what can you do?
[20:01] cnote2000: hehehe, sure do
[20:01] cnote2000: right next to the Masters of the Universe I bought for a roundtable
[20:02] AgonyBooth: this is the first dvd i bought in a long time
[20:02] cnote2000: only to have it show up on Cinemax 3 days after I reviewed it
[20:02] cnote2000: I only buy movies that I know I'm going to watch over and over
[20:02] AgonyBooth: i don't buy dvds anymore since i got a subscription to netflix
[20:03] AgonyBooth: if there's a movie i want to see, i just get it through netflix
[20:03] AgonyBooth: if i want to see it again, i'll just get it through netflix again
[20:03] AgonyBooth: the only downside is sometimes it takes them a week to ship it to you
[20:03] cnote2000: I should do that
[20:03] cnote2000: I just go to Hollywood Video. It's so sad that they know me by name there now
[20:03] AgonyBooth: haha
[20:03] cnote2000: that sucks that it takes a week
[20:03] AgonyBooth: yeah
[20:03] AgonyBooth: most of the time, it's just 3 or 4 days
[20:03] cnote2000: what movie are you doing for the roundtable?
[20:03] *** Joins: roguemaster1 (~jordzilla@
[20:03] AgonyBooth: monster a-go go
[20:03] *** Joins: TheBKing (~jordzilla@
[20:03] *** Quits: TheBKing
[20:03] AgonyBooth: what about you?
[20:03] AgonyBooth: roguemaster1!
[20:03] roguemaster1: hey guys.
[20:04] cnote2000: jordan!
[20:04] cnote2000: roguemaster?
[20:04] roguemaster1: hahahahahaha
[20:04] roguemaster1: hey... why'd it change to that?
[20:04] roguemaster1: oh well.
[20:04] roguemaster1: what's up Al? Todder?
[20:04] AgonyBooth: who's roguemaster1?
[20:04] roguemaster1: Jordan
[20:04] roguemaster1: duh.
[20:04] roguemaster1: hahahahaha
[20:05] roguemaster1: brb
[20:05] cnote2000: I like bking better
[20:05] roguemaster1: gonna switch into my next alter ego.
[20:05] roguemaster1: me too.
[20:05] *** Quits: roguemaster1
[20:05] AgonyBooth: haha
[20:05] AgonyBooth: are you our master now?
[20:05] *** Joins: TheBKing (~jordzilla@
[20:05] TheBKing: there we go.
[20:05] TheBKing: ah... much better.
[20:05] TheBKing: ok.
[20:05] TheBKing: Duane is napping.
[20:05] TheBKing: but he should be here soon.
[20:05] AgonyBooth: hey whats up Jordan
[20:05] TheBKing: he's really tired.
[20:05] cnote2000: that's better. felt like there was a stranger there for a minute
[20:05] TheBKing: hahahaha.
[20:05] TheBKing: hey Al.
[20:06] TheBKing: did you find Humanoids From the Deep anywhere?
[20:06] TheBKing: ?
[20:06] TheBKing: ??
[20:06] AgonyBooth: humanoids??
[20:06] AgonyBooth: i didn't look for it
[20:06] TheBKing: damn you!
[20:06] TheBKing: hahahaha
[20:07] TheBKing: that's ok.
[20:07] TheBKing: we're doing it next.
[20:07] TheBKing: Todd's got his copy.
[20:07] AgonyBooth: i'll get it by then
[20:07] AgonyBooth: don't worry
[20:07] TheBKing: sweet.
[20:07] TheBKing: Have you guys seen it yet?
[20:07] AgonyBooth: no, i havent
[20:07] cnote2000: I'm scared ((trembles))
[20:07] TheBKing: hahahaha
[20:07] TheBKing: ok. DOn't watch it until the Gathering.
[20:07] TheBKing: You guys will love it!
[20:07] TheBKing: Make sure you get the 1980 version of Humanoids by the by.
[20:08] TheBKing: Corman remade it in 1999 I believe.
[20:08] TheBKing: SOUTH PARK'S ON!
[20:08] AgonyBooth: not here
[20:08] Darkangl: 2:52
[20:08] AgonyBooth: here Conan's on
[20:08] AgonyBooth: 2:52 and all is well
[20:08] Darkangl: just as john carpenter's credit fades out completely
[20:09] TheBKing: ok. I have the VHS tape.
[20:09] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahaha.
[20:09] Darkangl: god I'm so damn tired
[20:09] TheBKing: I know.
[20:09] cnote2000: hey Duane!
[20:09] AgonyBooth: that bad Duane?
[20:09] Darkangl: hey todders
[20:09] TheBKing: damnit !
[20:09] Darkangl: yes that bad
[20:09] TheBKing: Someone bid on MONSTER DOG!
[20:09] AgonyBooth: sorry dude
[20:09] TheBKing: FUcKING BiTCHES!
[20:09] * TheBKing stomps feet
[20:09] cnote2000: 2:52 is where we're starting?
[20:09] Darkangl: man I can't believe you got the vhs
[20:10] Darkangl: why can't we ever all get the dvd :P
[20:10] TheBKing: Hey I had no choice
[20:10] Darkangl: vhs bitch
[20:10] AgonyBooth: yeah 2:52, i guess we're skipping the credits
[20:10] TheBKing: When you need it and don't have it... you sing a different tune.
[20:10] Darkangl: so get it to just as john carpenter's name fades to black just as the credits end
[20:10] TheBKing: ok so where?
[20:10] cnote2000: alright, I'm there
[20:10] AgonyBooth: i'm rocking out to the synthesizer theme
[20:11] AgonyBooth: boop be boop boop
[20:11] AgonyBooth: this is like the theme to a PBS show from the 80s
[20:11] AgonyBooth: next, on the computer chronicles
[20:11] TheBKing: ok.
[20:11] TheBKing: ready.
[20:11] cnote2000: Overdrawn at the Memory Bank?
[20:11] TheBKing: OH MY GOD!
[20:11] AgonyBooth: hahah
[20:11] Darkangl: well it was made in 1980 probably and released in 81
[20:11] AgonyBooth: yeah
[20:11] AgonyBooth: just like that
[20:11] TheBKing: hey this movie has an all star cast!
[20:12] AgonyBooth: which i will be reviewing one of these days
[20:12] Darkangl: yeah ernie borgnine is in it
[20:12] TheBKing: Truthfully this is like the first time I've sad and watched this.
[20:12] TheBKing: I've never seen the whole movie.
[20:12] TheBKing: and what I have seen was edited for TV so...
[20:12] cnote2000: hey, Borgnine was in Baseketball and Airwolf...he's the man
[20:12] Darkangl: yep
[20:12] TheBKing: I'm a virgin on prom night!
[20:12] TheBKing: everyone ready?!
[20:12] cnote2000: yes
[20:12] Darkangl: you havent?
[20:12] AgonyBooth: rick wakeman is wailing on that keyboard
[20:12] AgonyBooth: hold on
[20:12] Darkangl: I've seen it many times
[20:12] AgonyBooth: okay
[20:12] AgonyBooth: i'm all set
[20:13] Darkangl: but I haven't seen it for ages
[20:13] TheBKing: ok.
[20:13] TheBKing: we set ?
[20:13] TheBKing: thunderbirds go?
[20:13] Darkangl: yep
[20:13] cnote2000: yep
[20:13] AgonyBooth: yeah i'm ready
[20:13] TheBKing: ok.
[20:13] Darkangl: you better start first though
[20:13] Darkangl: since vhs takes longer to get going :P
[20:13] TheBKing: hahaha bitch.
[20:14] AgonyBooth: jordan's doing the countdown again?
[20:14] TheBKing: I'm fine.
[20:14] TheBKing: hey!
[20:14] AgonyBooth: this should be fun
[20:14] Darkangl: yeah
[20:14] AgonyBooth: hehe
[20:14] Darkangl: see if you can get it in one shot this time
[20:14] TheBKing: Stop pickin' on me!
[20:14] TheBKing: DON'T LOOK ATM E!
[20:14] TheBKing: ok.
[20:14] Darkangl: 1/4 of the last log was you counting down :P
[20:14] AgonyBooth: hehe
[20:14] Darkangl: ;)
[20:14] TheBKing: hahahaha
[20:14] TheBKing: Countdown Take 1....and action!
[20:14] TheBKing: 5
[20:14] TheBKing: 4
[20:14] TheBKing: 3
[20:14] TheBKing: 2
[20:14] TheBKing: 1
[20:14] TheBKing: GO!
[20:14] TheBKing: GO!"
[20:14] AgonyBooth: sweet
[20:14] TheBKing: 1988
[20:14] AgonyBooth: wow... 1988... it's the future!
[20:15] TheBKing: The Crime Rate in the US rises 400%
[20:15] AgonyBooth: in the year 1988.... in the year 1988....
[20:15] TheBKing: is that possible?
[20:15] TheBKing: Manhattan = Attica
[20:15] Darkangl: is that narration voice majel barrett?
[20:15] TheBKing: Manhattica!
[20:15] cnote2000: I love movies where the late 80s early 90s was the future
[20:15] TheBKing: who?
[20:15] Darkangl: is this star trek?
[20:15] TheBKing: hahahaha
[20:15] cnote2000: it's Jamie Lee Curtis
[20:15] Darkangl: is it?
[20:15] Darkangl: yeah it sounds like her
[20:15] cnote2000: yep
[20:15] TheBKing: yeah I think it is.
[20:15] Darkangl: like...when she's on her period or something
[20:15] cnote2000: IMDB
[20:16] AgonyBooth: woah.. the far flung year of 1997
[20:16] TheBKing: 1997
[20:16] TheBKing: NOW!!!!
[20:16] cnote2000: 1997...ooooohhhhh
[20:16] Darkangl: funny how jeeps never seem to change much no matter what year it is
[20:16] Darkangl: they always kinda look the same
[20:16] TheBKing: yup.
[20:16] TheBKing: battering ram?
[20:16] cnote2000: Y'know, I don't think the idea of a city being one big prison is such a far off idea
[20:17] TheBKing: SOMETHING's going to happen!
[20:17] TheBKing: or not.........
[20:17] TheBKing: Hey it's Elian Gonzalez!
[20:17] AgonyBooth: hhahah
[20:17] Darkangl: hahahahahhaha
[20:17] AgonyBooth: eliaaaaaaan
[20:17] Darkangl: look out elian! Janet reno's comin to get ya
[20:17] TheBKing: Row faster little buddy!
[20:17] cnote2000: Cuban defectors?
[20:17] TheBKing: hahahahahahahaha
[20:17] Darkangl: little buddy?
[20:17] AgonyBooth: you have ten seconds before the east river eats through your skin
[20:17] TheBKing: this is how we should be handling immigration.
[20:17] Darkangl: is that gilligan and the skipper on that raft?
[20:17] AgonyBooth: matte painting!
[20:17] TheBKing: LMAO!
[20:17] Darkangl: jeez
[20:17] TheBKing: thank you Duaner!
[20:18] Darkangl: they'll never get off that damn island
[20:18] cnote2000: at least the fx isn't the crap cgi from EFLA
[20:18] Darkangl: damn statue of liberty
[20:18] AgonyBooth: wow... armed guards on the statue of liberty... it's ironic
[20:18] Darkangl: we ought to dismantle that damn thing and send it back to the french
[20:18] Darkangl: in the form of bombs :P
[20:18] TheBKing: Is this where the Ghostbusters drive the statue of liberty with a nintendo controller ans slime?
[20:18] cnote2000: hey, it's the dude from Night of the Creeps
[20:18] TheBKing: I wish I had that flick.
[20:18] Darkangl: hahahahah
[20:18] Darkangl: what flick?
[20:19] TheBKing: it's out of print isn't it?
[20:19] Darkangl: night of the creeps?
[20:19] TheBKing: yeah.
[20:19] TheBKing: I loved that movie.
[20:19] Darkangl: what's it about?
[20:19] cnote2000: It was just on HBO the other night
[20:19] TheBKing: well these alien bug/leech/roaches fall to Earth and they invade peoples bodies and... you have
[20:19] Darkangl: hey cool
[20:19] TheBKing: to see it Duane!
[20:19] Darkangl: a low rider bus
[20:19] cnote2000: it's Snoop Dog's bus!!
[20:19] TheBKing: hahahahaha
[20:19] AgonyBooth: woah.. he's got on an eyepatch
[20:19] AgonyBooth: he must be tough
[20:19] TheBKing: all their buses are low riders.
[20:19] cnote2000: for shizzle
[20:19] Darkangl: sounds familiar jordy
[20:19] TheBKing: hahahahahaha
[20:19] cnote2000: it's a fun movie
[20:20] Darkangl: what the hell does shizzle my nizzle mean anyway
[20:20] TheBKing: SNAKE!
[20:20] cnote2000: Rusty from european Vacation is in it
[20:20] AgonyBooth: right this way, welcome to the airport hilton
[20:20] TheBKing: shit my nigger
[20:20] Darkangl: why can't people speak proper damn english
[20:20] cnote2000: for sure, my negro
[20:20] TheBKing: or.... that too.
[20:20] TheBKing: shit.
[20:20] TheBKing: I'm a dead honkey.
[20:20] cnote2000: just drop the izzle in and presto
[20:20] Darkangl: hey kurt russel needs a haircut
[20:20] Darkangl: and a new eye
[20:20] Darkangl: :D
[20:20] cnote2000: at least that's what I hear from the cool people
[20:20] TheBKing: hahaha
[20:20] Darkangl: that's lame todd
[20:21] AgonyBooth: wow... spiky bracelet
[20:21] TheBKing: oh man I got gas....
[20:21] AgonyBooth: that's so 1997
[20:21] Darkangl: just because people speak incoherently, it doesn't make them cool
[20:21] cnote2000: hey, it's not really a new thing
[20:21] TheBKing: hahahahah
[20:21] cnote2000: I first heard it back in 1992 with Das EFX
[20:21] Darkangl: point made
[20:21] cnote2000: Lee Van Cleef!!
[20:21] cnote2000: The Master!!
[20:21] Darkangl: man sharon just brought me some cherries
[20:21] TheBKing: Brotha's of the FUTURE!
[20:21] cnote2000: remember that show?
[20:21] Darkangl: lee van cleef pisses me off
[20:22] Darkangl: he's another hollywood hypocrite
[20:22] TheBKing: you gonna pop those cherries.... in your mouth duane?
[20:22] AgonyBooth: oh no, it's greenpeace
[20:22] cnote2000: Lee Van Cleef as a ninja? Well it was cool when i was 8
[20:22] Darkangl: dude
[20:22] AgonyBooth: wow... look at that high tech 1997 computer
[20:22] Darkangl: white people can't be ninjas
[20:22] Darkangl: it just don't work
[20:22] AgonyBooth: oh man
[20:22] TheBKing: I know.
[20:23] AgonyBooth: this is where bin laden got his ideas?
[20:23] TheBKing: Just look at revenge of the Ninja
[20:23] Darkangl: man
[20:23] cnote2000: that's right Duane
[20:23] Darkangl: this bitch needs to get laid
[20:23] TheBKing: SHOOT THE DOOR!
[20:23] AgonyBooth: unlock the iPod
[20:23] TheBKing: DONALD!
[20:23] AgonyBooth: i want to listen to some tunes
[20:23] TheBKing: Don pleasance.
[20:23] AgonyBooth: nanoo nanoo
[20:23] cnote2000: The President of the US has a british accent
[20:23] Darkangl: hahahahahaha
[20:24] cnote2000: it's just like the Harrison Ford movie :)
[20:24] AgonyBooth: a british president? the hell?
[20:24] cnote2000: Open the pod bay doors HAL...
[20:24] Darkangl: yeah
[20:24] TheBKing: oh y god!
[20:24] Darkangl: little strange huh
[20:24] TheBKing: She's heading towards the twin towers!
[20:24] AgonyBooth: oh man
[20:24] Darkangl: oh man
[20:24] cnote2000: ...I can't do that
[20:24] TheBKing: holy shit.
[20:24] Darkangl: that was a little prophetic
[20:24] cnote2000: indeed
[20:24] TheBKing: So 9/11 is all John Carpenter's fault!
[20:24] TheBKing: I KNEW IT!
[20:24] AgonyBooth: haha
[20:24] Darkangl: dumb pms'in bitch
[20:24] TheBKing: hahahahaha
[20:25] Darkangl: apparently women don't fly any better than they drive ;)
[20:25] cnote2000: STATION!!
[20:25] Darkangl: STATION!!!
[20:25] cnote2000: thanks Duane :)
[20:25] Darkangl: my pleasure :)
[20:25] TheBKing: STATION!
[20:25] cnote2000: wondered if anyone else saw that
[20:25] TheBKing: damn it I was late
[20:25] TheBKing: that's usually todders job.
[20:25] Darkangl: man
[20:25] TheBKing: ;-)
[20:26] AgonyBooth: station? don't know that one
[20:26] Darkangl: I'm gonna buy me like a 5 pound bag of cherries and eat every damn one of them
[20:26] AgonyBooth: i feel so left out :(
[20:26] TheBKing: STATION!
[20:26] cnote2000: ahh..the old neighborhood
[20:26] Darkangl: I love these things and they're just coming into season now
[20:26] TheBKing: It's from Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey
[20:26] AgonyBooth: is it?
[20:26] Darkangl: hey
[20:26] AgonyBooth: i saw that movie, i don't remember that part though
[20:26] TheBKing: you know, I suddenly have the urge to watch Invasion USA.
[20:26] Darkangl: isn't this neighborhood where yasmeen bleeth buys her smack?
[20:26] AgonyBooth: hahaha
[20:26] TheBKing: hahahahahahhaha
[20:26] Darkangl: YES I RULE!
[20:26] TheBKing: booya!
[20:26] Darkangl: :D
[20:26] AgonyBooth: i see Yasmine over there
[20:26] TheBKing: there it is!
[20:26] TheBKing: LMAO!
[20:27] AgonyBooth: yep, mork from ork was here
[20:27] cnote2000: hey, the pod landed perfectly. HAL has good aim
[20:27] TheBKing: hahahahaha
[20:27] AgonyBooth: wipeout!
[20:27] cnote2000: Yasmine begging for crack?
[20:27] AgonyBooth: caaaan yooooou dig it??
[20:27] TheBKing: I wonder if she sucks dick for coke?
[20:27] AgonyBooth: who is that, iggy pop?
[20:27] Darkangl: oh man
[20:27] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahaha
[20:27] cnote2000: it's Beavis!!
[20:27] TheBKing: If you kill me, he dies.
[20:28] Darkangl: man
[20:28] Darkangl: hahahahahahahha
[20:28] Darkangl: yes todd!
[20:28] AgonyBooth: tough negotiator
[20:28] Darkangl: beavis!!!!
[20:28] TheBKing: Butthead died I guess.
[20:28] AgonyBooth: i see someone's playing hardball here
[20:28] Darkangl: I am cornholio! You have TP for your president?
[20:28] cnote2000: butthead is Kurt Russell
[20:28] Darkangl: damn it beavis :P
[20:28] AgonyBooth: hello, mr. gore
[20:28] cnote2000: whaddya want!?
[20:29] TheBKing: Send in Plissken!
[20:29] AgonyBooth: i'm goin' in alone
[20:29] cnote2000: nice shadow
[20:29] Darkangl: if gore was president no one would care if they had him or not
[20:29] AgonyBooth: haha
[20:29] cnote2000: is he wearing Zubaz pants?
[20:29] Darkangl: he'd just bore them to death and they'd kick him out of new york
[20:29] AgonyBooth: what did you say? call you what now
[20:30] TheBKing: LOL
[20:30] TheBKing: I wonder why they call him SNAKE?
[20:30] AgonyBooth: hahaha
[20:30] Darkangl: he has a snake tatoo
[20:30] AgonyBooth: i'm ready to kick your ass out of the world
[20:30] TheBKing: you'd figure Snake would have a cooler jacket.
[20:30] AgonyBooth: who are you... punk
[20:30] Darkangl: man kurt
[20:30] TheBKing: That thing he's wearing has been eaten by futuristic radioactive killer moths.
[20:30] Darkangl: better lay off them cigarettes
[20:30] TheBKing: LOL
[20:30] Darkangl: your voice is pretty messed up
[20:31] AgonyBooth: but the war is awesome dude
[20:31] Darkangl: he doesn't give a fuck about the president?
[20:31] Darkangl: maybe that was gore after all
[20:31] TheBKing: hahahahaha
[20:31] AgonyBooth: we're at war against the soviets
[20:32] AgonyBooth: in that far flung year of 1997
[20:32] TheBKing: call me snake baby.
[20:32] cnote2000: call me snake
[20:32] TheBKing: hahahahahahahaha
[20:32] Darkangl: hahahaha
[20:32] AgonyBooth: but does it play dvds?
[20:32] TheBKing: Toy spy tools!
[20:32] Darkangl: he's a one eyed snake ;)
[20:32] cnote2000: ahhh..Leningrad
[20:32] TheBKing: LMAO!
[20:32] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahaha
[20:32] TheBKing: hahahahahahaha
[20:32] TheBKing: hahahahahahaha
[20:32] TheBKing: good one Duane!
[20:32] cnote2000: good one
[20:32] Darkangl: thanks :D
[20:33] Darkangl: man I'm totally gonna get the shits from these cherries
[20:33] TheBKing: they're poisioning him?
[20:33] TheBKing: Didn't they do that in the 2nd one too?
[20:34] Darkangl: I never saw the 2nd one
[20:34] cnote2000: Duane's being poisoned?
[20:34] cnote2000: wait, I got mixed up :)
[20:34] AgonyBooth: that looks like fun
[20:34] cnote2000: thought you were being poisoined by the cherries
[20:34] TheBKing: LOL
[20:34] TheBKing: hahahahaha
[20:34] AgonyBooth: tell him you love him
[20:35] cnote2000: hehehehe
[20:35] AgonyBooth: ohhh x-rays, of course
[20:35] TheBKing: hahahahaha
[20:35] TheBKing: thanks for telling him.
[20:36] AgonyBooth: cool, it's a date then
[20:36] TheBKing: The golfcart is waiting?
[20:36] TheBKing: what?
[20:36] cnote2000: no more snake...Plissken?
[20:36] Darkangl: hahahah
[20:36] AgonyBooth: what the heck's that
[20:36] Darkangl: what the hell kind of a name is plissken anyway?
[20:36] TheBKing: yeah take your time... you only have 22 hours snake!
[20:36] AgonyBooth: skycar?
[20:36] TheBKing: oh man.
[20:36] cnote2000: This looks like a outtake from Americas Funniest Home Videos
[20:36] Darkangl: no shit
[20:36] TheBKing: it's operated by a 9 volt battery.
[20:36] Darkangl: I'd be runnin everywhere
[20:36] cnote2000: they're always showing some idiot crashing on a glider
[20:36] AgonyBooth: oh that's good, put him in an experimental plane
[20:36] TheBKing: hahahahahaha
[20:37] TheBKing: wow the instrument panel is so complicated.
[20:37] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahahaha
[20:37] AgonyBooth: master life clock
[20:37] Darkangl: well gliders are complicated
[20:37] TheBKing: Master Life Clock.
[20:37] AgonyBooth: sweet
[20:37] cnote2000: That's a big display!
[20:37] TheBKing: hahahahahahaha
[20:37] cnote2000: what is he...90 years old?
[20:37] Darkangl: you know
[20:37] Darkangl: all he needs to do is fly up to canada and have some doctor hit him with some xrays
[20:38] cnote2000: he also has a phone with the BIG numbers
[20:38] cnote2000: yeah, that couldn't be too hard
[20:38] Darkangl: they have socialized medicine there
[20:38] TheBKing: hahahahahaha
[20:38] TheBKing: not in the future Duane.
[20:38] Darkangl: shouldn't be too awful hard
[20:38] Darkangl: oh right
[20:38] cnote2000: in 1997 they probably thought we would have pocket X-Ray machines
[20:38] AgonyBooth: haha
[20:38] Darkangl: in the future all the canadians have been subdued my Dr. Smith and his mind control drug in the elsinore beer
[20:39] TheBKing: he could reverse the polarity of some X-Ray goggles and do it that way.
[20:39] AgonyBooth: he shouldn't be playing with himself at a time like this
[20:39] AgonyBooth: oh man
[20:39] TheBKing: "Playing with myself. I'm going in!"
[20:39] AgonyBooth: right on top of the wtc
[20:39] TheBKing: hahahahaha
[20:39] AgonyBooth: that's a safe place to land
[20:39] cnote2000: that couldn't be too healthy to be bombarded with those x-rays anyway
[20:39] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahaha
[20:39] Darkangl: yeah
[20:39] Darkangl: he'll live about 10 years after that and then die of cancer
[20:40] TheBKing: they didn't even give him his moth eaten leather jacket back.
[20:40] TheBKing: good riddance I say!
[20:40] cnote2000: he's dressed like a member of Poison
[20:40] Darkangl: hahahahahah
[20:40] AgonyBooth: he looks like a bon jovi roadie
[20:40] Darkangl: poison's comin to town here
[20:40] AgonyBooth: he's plugging in richie sambora's amp right now
[20:40] Darkangl: pretty quick
[20:40] TheBKing: hahahahahahahaa
[20:40] cnote2000: I wonder if Goldie makes him wear those pants around the house?
[20:40] TheBKing: well half the mission's already over.
[20:40] Darkangl: hahahaha
[20:41] TheBKing: SHO KOSUGI!
[20:41] cnote2000: dman music cues!!
[20:41] Darkangl: well yeah I guess the WTC was still there in 1997. So there's no continuity problems
[20:41] cnote2000: is it Sho?!?!?!?
[20:41] cnote2000: hehehehehe
[20:41] TheBKing: hahahaha
[20:41] TheBKing: nah.
[20:41] Darkangl: say it isn't sho!
[20:41] AgonyBooth: yeah, and manhattan was a prison in 1997, so no problems
[20:41] TheBKing: oh man.
[20:41] AgonyBooth: and some british guy was president, too
[20:41] cnote2000: if it is Sho, then Kurt better Pray for Death
[20:41] Darkangl: exactly albert
[20:41] TheBKing: bad duane!
[20:41] AgonyBooth: remember that?
[20:41] TheBKing: bad!
[20:41] TheBKing: no talk!
[20:42] Darkangl: hee hee
[20:42] TheBKing: hahahahah good one Todder.
[20:42] TheBKing: that movie was horrible.
[20:42] AgonyBooth: sweet, burning piles of rubble
[20:42] TheBKing: damn whitebread ninja
[20:42] TheBKing: Air Farce one...
[20:42] Darkangl: you know
[20:42] Darkangl: I think if I was kurt
[20:42] Darkangl: I'd be packin around a lot more ammo
[20:42] TheBKing: nah.
[20:42] Darkangl: he went in awful light
[20:43] Darkangl: dude
[20:43] cnote2000: Pray for Death is a good movie!
[20:43] Darkangl: they had cellphones in 1997
[20:43] AgonyBooth: plus with that eye patch, you think he wouldn't be a very good shot
[20:43] Darkangl: seriously
[20:43] Darkangl: yeah
[20:43] AgonyBooth: depth perception problems, you know
[20:43] Darkangl: no depth perception
[20:43] cnote2000: Revenge of the Ninja is a bad remake of it :)
[20:43] TheBKing: oh yeah.
[20:43] TheBKing: I got a laugh out of both.
[20:43] Darkangl: why the hell are ninjas always taking revenge on people
[20:43] Darkangl: ass holes
[20:43] Darkangl: someone ought to kill them
[20:43] TheBKing: This is where the THING explodes from a window and attacks Kurt.
[20:43] AgonyBooth: first stop, the porno theater
[20:44] TheBKing: hahahhaahah
[20:44] cnote2000: in the future there will always be random fires everywhere
[20:44] Darkangl: and for the sake of this planet...someone just might
[20:44] TheBKing: one child please.
[20:44] Darkangl: hahahahahaha
[20:44] AgonyBooth: sweet
[20:44] AgonyBooth: sneaking into the movies
[20:44] AgonyBooth: he just saved on a ticket
[20:44] TheBKing: Dubmo's playing! I love that movie.
[20:44] TheBKing: I mean Dumbo.
[20:45] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahaha
[20:45] TheBKing: SHOWTUNES... of the FUTURE!
[20:45] AgonyBooth: hey, it's el capitan
[20:45] AgonyBooth: borgnine!
[20:45] Darkangl: I want to be an adrian barbeaubot :D
[20:45] cnote2000: James Gandolfini?
[20:45] Darkangl: TED DENSLOW!
[20:45] TheBKing: Ernest Borgnine Goes To Jail!
[20:45] AgonyBooth: he's about to be scared stupid
[20:45] Darkangl: hahahahahaha
[20:45] cnote2000: he's just way too happy
[20:46] TheBKing: hahahahahahaha
[20:46] Darkangl: you'd think they'd notice some one eyed dude walkin' around with weapons
[20:46] TheBKing: good one Al.
[20:46] Darkangl: man
[20:46] Darkangl: ernie was young and skinny here
[20:46] AgonyBooth: haha, thanks
[20:46] cnote2000: someone tried to write Colombo on the wall but got killed before they could finish
[20:46] Darkangl: hey
[20:46] AgonyBooth: hahaha
[20:46] TheBKing: Ernest Borgning: "Knowhutlmean?!"
[20:46] AgonyBooth: he was about to write "colombo rocks"
[20:46] Darkangl: this reminds me of that night in the tattoo parlor in chicago
[20:46] Darkangl: :D
[20:46] TheBKing: hahahaha
[20:46] cnote2000: you would think they would've given him a bigger cache of weapons
[20:46] Darkangl: that's what I said
[20:46] AgonyBooth: ooooh yeah
[20:46] Darkangl: more ammo
[20:47] AgonyBooth: gimme some sugar
[20:47] TheBKing: I finally figured out why there's so many random bonfires and campfires
[20:47] TheBKing: The movie has no lighting budget.
[20:47] Darkangl: hahahahah
[20:47] TheBKing: Brugess?
[20:47] Darkangl: they spent it all on wardrobe
[20:47] TheBKing: Nope.
[20:47] TheBKing: hahahahahaha.
[20:47] cnote2000: hey, that dude was in Halloween 4!
[20:47] TheBKing: do you want my boots now old man?!
[20:47] Darkangl: hahahahahahahaha
[20:47] TheBKing: yeah he was!
[20:47] TheBKing: I knew he looked familiar.
[20:48] TheBKing: gotcha!
[20:48] Darkangl: this guy was in something
[20:48] Darkangl: what was it
[20:48] AgonyBooth: i'm the prez-o-dent!
[20:48] cnote2000: Grizzly Adams?
[20:48] cnote2000: yeah, he's really familiar
[20:48] Darkangl: what the hell was it
[20:48] TheBKing: no it's not Grizzly Adams.
[20:48] Darkangl: damn it
[20:48] Darkangl: now it's irritating me
[20:48] TheBKing: hahahahahaha
[20:48] cnote2000: hehehehehe
[20:49] TheBKing: hail to the chief he's the chief so keep on hailing.
[20:49] AgonyBooth: was he delicious?
[20:49] cnote2000: he also looks like sandler's caddy in Happy Gilmore
[20:49] AgonyBooth: come on, tom, he's a former president. are you going to say he's not delicious?
[20:49] TheBKing: oops I mean, he's the chief and he needs hailing.
[20:49] TheBKing: hahahahaha
[20:49] Darkangl: I GOT IT!
[20:49] TheBKing: meanwhile in Detroit.
[20:49] Darkangl: I know where I seen that guy
[20:49] cnote2000: what!?
[20:49] TheBKing: who?
[20:49] Darkangl: he was one of the bums who sold out to the aliens in They Live
[20:50] AgonyBooth: back to the egg
[20:50] cnote2000: yeah, that's one of them. But he was in another, bigger movie
[20:50] TheBKing: oh really? hahahahaha.
[20:50] Darkangl: I know
[20:50] AgonyBooth: what movie is bigger than They Live?
[20:50] Darkangl: but that's where I recognized him from
[20:50] TheBKing: I hope that chair breaks.
[20:50] TheBKing: It would really lighten the mood.
[20:50] Darkangl: oddly enough
[20:50] cnote2000: that would be hilarious if it broke
[20:50] Darkangl: they live was also a john carpenter movie
[20:50] AgonyBooth: warrriorrs... come out to playyyayyy
[20:50] TheBKing: It's Conan!
[20:51] cnote2000: hehehehehe
[20:51] cnote2000: I know!!!!!!
[20:51] TheBKing: CHUD!
[20:51] TheBKing: hahahahahahahaahaha
[20:51] AgonyBooth: haha
[20:51] cnote2000: The homeless guy from Back to the Future who was sleeping on the bench!!
[20:51] TheBKing: hahahahaha
[20:51] cnote2000: that's him!!
[20:51] Darkangl: don't remember
[20:51] Darkangl: been ages since I seen it
[20:51] Darkangl: man
[20:51] Darkangl: it's CHUD
[20:52] AgonyBooth: cause this is thriller, thriller night
[20:52] AgonyBooth: chock full o' nuts!
[20:52] Darkangl: they're comin' out of the sewers
[20:52] AgonyBooth: hahah
[20:52] AgonyBooth: i get it!
[20:52] cnote2000: it's the Morlocks!!
[20:52] Darkangl: yeah I'd like a chocolate shake please
[20:52] TheBKing: hahahahha
[20:52] Darkangl: and a cheeseburger
[20:52] Darkangl: hey she's hot
[20:53] Darkangl: nice 80's hair
[20:53] AgonyBooth: that's 1997 hair, dude
[20:53] Darkangl: yeah but she hasn't had it done since the 80's
[20:53] TheBKing: hahahaha
[20:53] cnote2000: at least he's honest
[20:53] TheBKing: here we go.
[20:53] TheBKing: I know who you are!
[20:53] AgonyBooth: i thought you'd be bigger
[20:53] Darkangl: why does everyone know who he is?
[20:54] TheBKing: cause he's got the eyepatch duh!
[20:54] Darkangl: I guess one eyed snakes are pretty popular in 1997
[20:54] cnote2000: he's like a movie star of the future
[20:54] TheBKing: TAKE ME NOW!
[20:54] AgonyBooth: are you gonna take it out?
[20:54] TheBKing: hahahahhaha
[20:54] TheBKing: Take me man meat!
[20:54] TheBKing: ah!
[20:54] TheBKing: GRABOIDS!
[20:54] TheBKing: hahahaha
[20:54] AgonyBooth: hahaha
[20:54] Darkangl: hahahahahahaha
[20:54] Darkangl: they mostly come out at night....mostly....
[20:55] cnote2000: They're under the goddamn ground!!
[20:55] TheBKing: hahaha
[20:55] cnote2000: Hey, I just watched ALIENS today Duane!
[20:55] AgonyBooth: hahah, deal with this bookshelf, assholes
[20:55] TheBKing: Broke into the wrong goddamn rec room, didn't you you bastards!
[20:55] TheBKing: ALIENS is cool.
[20:55] AgonyBooth: hahaha
[20:55] Darkangl: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[20:55] cnote2000: hahahahahah
[20:55] Darkangl: styrofoam wall
[20:55] TheBKing: hahahahahaha
[20:55] Darkangl: he didn't even need to waste the ammo
[20:55] TheBKing: oops!
[20:55] AgonyBooth: ooops
[20:55] cnote2000: why is Snake wearing shin guards?
[20:55] TheBKing: he broke his walkie talkie.]
[20:56] cnote2000: Is he a former soccer player?
[20:56] TheBKing: cause it's the future todd.
[20:56] AgonyBooth: there goes the One Radio
[20:56] TheBKing: LOL
[20:56] cnote2000: ahhhhh
[20:56] TheBKing: Taxi!
[20:56] Darkangl: DENSLOW!!!!!
[20:56] TheBKing: hahahahahaha
[20:56] TheBKing: ]Man this is Ernest Saves Christmas : The Post Apocalypse Version.
[20:56] cnote2000: hope he doesn't try to eat a hot dog
[20:56] TheBKing: hahahahaha
[20:57] TheBKing: Eddie Deezen by any chance?
[20:57] TheBKing: The Duke.
[20:57] AgonyBooth: ohhh.. them duke boys are at it again
[20:57] cnote2000: 30 years there? what the hell did he do?
[20:57] TheBKing: you don't know the Duke?
[20:57] TheBKing: MY GOD!
[20:58] AgonyBooth: the duke of earl, that's who
[20:58] TheBKing: IT CAN'T BE!
[20:58] Darkangl: well
[20:58] cnote2000: Bo AND Luke?!?!?!
[20:58] Darkangl: actually...
[20:58] AgonyBooth: it's the thin white duke, david bowie
[20:58] Darkangl: he got caught chokin' on hot dogs
[20:58] Darkangl: they frown on that thing in 1997
[20:58] Darkangl: that sort of thing
[20:58] cnote2000: that was a lot of Duke jokes in a short period of time. We all deserve a round of applause :)
[20:58] TheBKing: hahahha
[20:58] cnote2000: clap, clap, clap
[20:58] Darkangl: yeah
[20:58] AgonyBooth: hahah
[20:58] Darkangl: it's hazardous to meet the duke
[20:59] TheBKing: mine was late though.
[20:59] TheBKing: sniffle.
[20:59] Darkangl: he's boss hogg of new york now
[20:59] AgonyBooth: it's okay
[20:59] AgonyBooth: we've still got more
[20:59] cnote2000: he going to knock the door down with his foot odor
[20:59] Darkangl: man
[20:59] Darkangl: I just thought of something
[20:59] TheBKing: hahahahhahahahahaha
[20:59] TheBKing: good one todder.
[20:59] cnote2000: thanks
[20:59] Darkangl: I bet these people don't have even one shred of toilet paper
[20:59] TheBKing: oh well in that case......
[20:59] Darkangl: that's so nasty
[20:59] cnote2000: drool....
[20:59] AgonyBooth: haha
[20:59] Darkangl: back when she was hot
[21:00] AgonyBooth: adrienne "wild women of wongo" barbeau
[21:00] TheBKing: yeah.
[21:00] TheBKing: I think she looked her best in THE FOG.
[21:00] Darkangl: I bet her crotch has bats flying out of it though
[21:00] TheBKing: hahahhaahhahahaahaha
[21:00] cnote2000: wasn't she in Swamp Thing too?
[21:00] Darkangl: no tampons in 1997 new york
[21:00] Darkangl: yeah she was
[21:00] AgonyBooth: and then... there's maude
[21:00] TheBKing: we want boobs.
[21:00] TheBKing: we want boobs
[21:00] cnote2000: hahahahaha
[21:00] TheBKing: we want boobs!
[21:01] TheBKing: c'mon Adrienne!
[21:01] TheBKing: don't let us down.
[21:01] TheBKing: hahhaahahahaha
[21:01] TheBKing: Harold
[21:01] TheBKing: what a wussy name.
[21:01] AgonyBooth: hey brain, where's pinky?
[21:01] cnote2000: Brain?
[21:01] TheBKing: hahahaha
[21:01] cnote2000: man, Albert I was just going to do that joke :)
[21:01] TheBKing: Brain, you from Planet Arous by any chance.
[21:01] TheBKing: ?
[21:01] AgonyBooth: hahaha
[21:01] AgonyBooth: i beat you to the obvious joke
[21:01] TheBKing: cleavage!
[21:02] TheBKing: I want him.
[21:02] AgonyBooth: don't bother, snake, he's the Brain that couldn't die
[21:02] TheBKing: Snake wants the Prez's ass.
[21:02] TheBKing: hahahahahahahaha
[21:02] AgonyBooth: brain and brain, who is brain?
[21:02] TheBKing: you know this guy Saved Hitler's Brain.
[21:03] AgonyBooth: and for the last time, you can't pump oil in a library
[21:03] Darkangl: sure you can albert
[21:03] Darkangl: jeez
[21:03] TheBKing: LOL
[21:03] cnote2000: what's in her hair?
[21:03] Darkangl: don't you know nuthin' about science?
[21:03] AgonyBooth: call me harry
[21:03] TheBKing: A quick tit shot would really perk things up right now.
[21:04] AgonyBooth: nah... i bet those things would hang down to her knees
[21:04] cnote2000: the jiggling is nice though
[21:04] TheBKing: yes.
[21:04] Darkangl: yeah
[21:04] TheBKing: my sentiments exactly Todder.
[21:04] Darkangl: she always had a nice jiggle to her
[21:04] TheBKing: COW BELL!
[21:04] AgonyBooth: i know ya wanna leave me
[21:04] TheBKing: hahahahhaahhaa
[21:04] AgonyBooth: but i refuse to let you go
[21:04] TheBKing: sweet darling.
[21:04] TheBKing: please don't leave me girl.
[21:04] AgonyBooth: oh wait
[21:05] AgonyBooth: it's a gary numan song
[21:05] TheBKing: yeah it's changed.
[21:05] Darkangl: hahahahahah
[21:05] AgonyBooth: here in his car, he's safe from the world
[21:05] cnote2000: I got a fever for more COW BELL!!!
[21:05] TheBKing: THRILLER?!
[21:05] Darkangl: the duke is pimpin large
[21:05] TheBKing: hahahahahaha
[21:05] TheBKing: Don't fear the reaper.
[21:05] AgonyBooth: who's the blackest private dick who's a sex machine with all the chicks?
[21:05] TheBKing: And snake was able to fly.
[21:05] TheBKing: In a crappy glider.
[21:05] AgonyBooth: oh man
[21:05] cnote2000: don't all try to get in the driveway at once
[21:05] TheBKing: And he has only one eye.
[21:05] AgonyBooth: hydraulics
[21:05] TheBKing: C'mon Snakey
[21:05] TheBKing: and he ran to the president.
[21:05] AgonyBooth: all.. my.. friends... drive a low rider
[21:05] cnote2000: CHEF!!!
[21:05] TheBKing: And tried to escape from new york.
[21:05] Darkangl: it's...its....CHEF!!!1
[21:05] TheBKing: Watch the Children!
[21:06] Darkangl: I'm gonna make love to ya woman
[21:06] Darkangl: gonna lay ya down by the fire
[21:06] cnote2000: hello my little crackers...
[21:06] TheBKing: gonna set you down by the fii-ire.
[21:06] TheBKing: And caress your womanly body.
[21:06] cnote2000: suck on my chocolate salty balls (put em in your mouth!)
[21:06] TheBKing: make you moan, and perspire.
[21:06] Darkangl: hey!
[21:06] TheBKing: hahahahaha
[21:06] Darkangl: it's crocodile dundee!
[21:06] cnote2000: now that's a knife
[21:06] TheBKing: hahahaha
[21:06] Darkangl: tag!
[21:06] Darkangl: you're it!
[21:06] AgonyBooth: hahaha
[21:07] AgonyBooth: stationwagon
[21:07] TheBKing: The War Wagon.
[21:07] cnote2000: it's the wagon king family truckster from Vacation!!
[21:07] Darkangl: you know who would be kickin' ass and takin' names in this movie?
[21:07] Darkangl: buddy from six string samurai
[21:07] Darkangl: :D
[21:07] TheBKing: On broadway!
[21:07] cnote2000: Leave it to Snake to steal the Family Truckster
[21:07] TheBKing: hey that one dude had a SLEDGEHAMMER!
[21:08] TheBKing: dude, so this is what happened to the chimney sweeps from Mary Poppins!
[21:08] AgonyBooth: wow... all those people just line up there
[21:08] AgonyBooth: waiting for a car to come along
[21:08] Darkangl: damn
[21:08] TheBKing: Wow car tests are pretty tough in the future.
[21:08] AgonyBooth: hahah
[21:08] Darkangl: no wonder cabs won't pick up black people in new york
[21:08] AgonyBooth: hahaha
[21:08] TheBKing: Forget hitting a brick wall. Let's line up people and smash the hell out of the car.
[21:08] TheBKing: hahahahahahaha
[21:08] TheBKing: oh man!
[21:08] TheBKing: hahahaha
[21:08] TheBKing: good one Duaner.
[21:08] cnote2000: wouldn't it be great if the car had Honky Lips spray painted on the side?
[21:08] AgonyBooth: hahahah
[21:09] Darkangl: oh man
[21:09] TheBKing: yeah ok.
[21:09] Darkangl: good thing that wasn't a pinto
[21:09] cnote2000: hehehehehehe
[21:09] Darkangl: they'd be hatin life right now
[21:09] TheBKing: how'd they pile those cars up?
[21:09] TheBKing: you need a crane or something like that.
[21:09] Darkangl: how'd they build the pyramids jordan
[21:09] Darkangl: it's a mystery
[21:09] TheBKing: the aliens did it.
[21:09] cnote2000: the Druids did it
[21:09] cnote2000: it's carhenge
[21:09] AgonyBooth: hahah
[21:10] TheBKing: shake it baby.
[21:10] TheBKing: shake it all night.
[21:10] Darkangl: hahaha
[21:10] AgonyBooth: oh yeah, Penn Station
[21:10] Darkangl: dude
[21:10] AgonyBooth: just like i remember it
[21:10] cnote2000: hahahahaha
[21:10] Darkangl: I wonder if pat benetar is going to pop out here somewhere and shake her boobies
[21:10] TheBKing: hahahaha
[21:10] AgonyBooth: we are young, heartache to heartache, we stand
[21:10] TheBKing: hahaha
[21:11] AgonyBooth: my orders are to stare at her boobs
[21:11] TheBKing: hahahahahhaah
[21:11] AgonyBooth: ahaha
[21:11] Darkangl: damn!
[21:11] Darkangl: holy shit!
[21:11] TheBKing: Just like in Big Trouble in Little China
[21:11] cnote2000: he's looking for Michael Myers
[21:11] Darkangl: white ninja!
[21:11] TheBKing: hahahahaha
[21:11] TheBKing: good one todder
[21:11] TheBKing: he's ee-vil.
[21:11] TheBKing: pure ee-vil.
[21:12] cnote2000: that's two now. I better give up :)
[21:12] TheBKing: nah. keep on truckin' I got nothing tonight.
[21:12] TheBKing: LMAO
[21:12] TheBKing: hahahahahahaha
[21:12] TheBKing: what was that fucking sound?
[21:12] AgonyBooth: oh yeah, i am rocking out over here
[21:12] cnote2000: wow. bad fight scene
[21:12] TheBKing: really bad.
[21:12] TheBKing: At least it wasn't 5 minutes LONG!
[21:12] Darkangl: because I'm bad! I'm bad! Jam on it!
[21:12] AgonyBooth: hahah
[21:12] TheBKing: LMAO!
[21:12] TheBKing: hahahaha
[21:12] AgonyBooth: jump on it, jump on it
[21:13] Darkangl: BEAVIS!
[21:13] Darkangl: CHEF!!!
[21:13] TheBKing: Beavis just opened up his shirt.
[21:13] cnote2000: both Beavis and Chef?! What a crazy fucking movie!
[21:13] TheBKing: hahahahahahahaha
[21:13] Darkangl: He's a bad mutha...shut yo mouf
[21:13] Darkangl: I'm just talkin' bout chef
[21:13] Darkangl: :D
[21:14] cnote2000: good one duane!!
[21:14] TheBKing: hahahahahah
[21:14] AgonyBooth: can you help me change a flat
[21:14] Darkangl: hahaha
[21:14] Darkangl: he's flat
[21:14] AgonyBooth: hahah
[21:14] TheBKing: Airwolf!
[21:14] AgonyBooth: why does everyone think he was dead
[21:14] cnote2000: hahahahaha!!
[21:14] Darkangl: HEY!
[21:14] TheBKing: cause he faked his own death to collect insurance.
[21:14] Darkangl: VECTOR GRAPHICS!
[21:14] TheBKing: hahahaha
[21:14] Darkangl: WOOHOO!
[21:15] cnote2000: I think there was a deleted scene in the beginning where he almost got killed
[21:15] Darkangl: looks like that old vectrex system
[21:15] Darkangl: hahahahah
[21:15] Darkangl: it's egg shen's cousin!
[21:15] TheBKing: Good thing the emperor of Japan is there.
[21:15] TheBKing: hahahaha
[21:15] AgonyBooth: it's time for the blue light special
[21:15] TheBKing: hahaha
[21:16] Darkangl: and now shoppers
[21:16] AgonyBooth: oh good, you're awake
[21:16] Darkangl: follow the blue light to our 50% off special on the washed up actor on the bridge
[21:16] cnote2000: it's not polite to point crossbows at people's head
[21:16] TheBKing: man those glasses are goofy as all hell.
[21:16] AgonyBooth: haha
[21:16] TheBKing: You know, Mad Max would be right at home here.
[21:16] AgonyBooth: yayyyyy
[21:16] AgonyBooth: yayyyyyy
[21:17] Darkangl: you know you'd think he'd be happy to have a gun and he wouldn't be wasting ammo
[21:17] Darkangl: dumb shit
[21:17] Darkangl: no man
[21:18] cnote2000: A1?
[21:18] Darkangl: he's chef baby!
[21:18] AgonyBooth: you're top of the heap, a number one...
[21:18] Darkangl: shut up beavis :P
[21:18] AgonyBooth: these little town bluuues
[21:18] cnote2000: THat's the wrong laugh Beavis
[21:18] TheBKing: hahahaha
[21:18] TheBKing: me love you long time.
[21:18] AgonyBooth: do you think i'm pretty
[21:18] TheBKing: In the midnight hour I want more more more
[21:18] AgonyBooth: hello? hello? this phone doesn't work
[21:18] Darkangl: hey
[21:18] TheBKing: with a rebel yell I want more more mooooo re
[21:19] Darkangl: how come he doesn't have any facial hair?
[21:19] Darkangl: what the hell's he shaving with?
[21:19] TheBKing: a sharpened spoon perhaps?
[21:19] Darkangl: oh man I just had a righteous belch from hell
[21:19] cnote2000: ahhh, going to New Jersey
[21:19] Darkangl: cherry belch
[21:19] TheBKing: hahahaha
[21:19] cnote2000: Hey, if New York is a prison, what the hell is Jersey in the future?
[21:19] cnote2000: a vomitorium?
[21:20] TheBKing: meanwhile in Africa
[21:20] AgonyBooth: haha
[21:20] AgonyBooth: hey come down here, we love you
[21:20] Darkangl: yeah
[21:20] Darkangl: smart guys
[21:20] Darkangl: you're dead in....
[21:20] AgonyBooth: these are our baseball bats of love
[21:20] Darkangl: 3....
[21:20] Darkangl: 2....
[21:20] Darkangl: 1.....
[21:20] Darkangl: dead
[21:20] Darkangl: :D
[21:20] TheBKing: The breifcase is probably full of shit.
[21:20] Darkangl: hahahaha
[21:20] TheBKing: oh man, drop the top. PLEEEASE!
[21:20] Darkangl: I'm surprised they didn't light it on fire
[21:20] TheBKing: hahahahahahahaha
[21:20] AgonyBooth: yeahhhh stroke the gun
[21:21] AgonyBooth: just like that
[21:21] cnote2000: she's stroking the gun....
[21:21] AgonyBooth: hhahaha
[21:21] cnote2000: dammit!!
[21:21] TheBKing: 54 minutes!
[21:21] TheBKing: then I shall move in for the kill.
[21:21] Darkangl: I was wondering that
[21:21] TheBKing: and MONSTER DOG WILL BE MINE!
[21:22] Darkangl: why didn't they just send in the military to kill everyone and take back the president
[21:22] Darkangl: I'm gonna snipe it from you jordan
[21:22] Darkangl: I got a bigger wallet than you ;)
[21:22] TheBKing: NO!
[21:22] TheBKing: waaaah.
[21:22] AgonyBooth: booooooo
[21:22] TheBKing: yeah.
[21:22] TheBKing: booooooooooooo
[21:22] AgonyBooth: boooooooo
[21:22] TheBKing: I wonder how far down that Snake tattoo really goes.
[21:22] cnote2000: remember the terrible basketball scene in the sequel?
[21:23] TheBKing: eww....
[21:23] TheBKing: yes.
[21:23] TheBKing: I'll be reliving it later on.
[21:23] cnote2000: Snake dribbles like a little girl
[21:23] AgonyBooth: in this corner
[21:23] TheBKing: here comes Master Blaster.
[21:23] Darkangl: hahahahahaha
[21:23] cnote2000: TOR!!
[21:23] TheBKing: christ.
[21:23] TheBKing: TOR?!
[21:23] Darkangl: it's genghis kahn!
[21:23] AgonyBooth: Tor!!!
[21:23] TheBKing: LMAO!
[21:23] TheBKing: hahahahahahahaa
[21:23] AgonyBooth: Lobo smash Snake
[21:23] TheBKing: lol
[21:24] cnote2000: Lobo will fix!
[21:24] Darkangl: looks like one of the pit fighters in conan
[21:24] TheBKing: snake'll just kick him in the nuts.
[21:24] TheBKing: fights over.
[21:24] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[21:24] TheBKing: check out the evil eyebrows.
[21:24] TheBKing: Hey look.
[21:24] TheBKing: On Duke's left.
[21:24] AgonyBooth: mooooortal kombaaaat!!!1
[21:24] TheBKing: it's Rod Stewart!
[21:24] TheBKing: hahahahahaha
[21:24] TheBKing: let kombat begin!
[21:25] cnote2000: Snake should just do a Mike Tyson. CHOMP!
[21:25] TheBKing: hahahaha
[21:25] AgonyBooth: it's a toyota!
[21:25] Darkangl: all he has to do is take out the guy's kneecaps
[21:25] TheBKing: clubber lang?
[21:25] AgonyBooth: what the hell is this?
[21:25] TheBKing: man this fight sucks.
[21:25] TheBKing: hahahaha
[21:25] AgonyBooth: fencing with baseball bats?
[21:26] TheBKing: I guess Adrienne's gonna hold up the card for each round?
[21:26] cnote2000: show beavis your boobs!!
[21:26] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahaa
[21:26] cnote2000: hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!
[21:26] TheBKing: Don grew some hair!
[21:26] AgonyBooth: it's tonya harding
[21:26] TheBKing: The Omega Man!
[21:26] TheBKing: hahahaha
[21:26] cnote2000: that is so friggin funny!!!
[21:27] Darkangl: DAMN!!!!!!!!!
[21:27] cnote2000: He looks like an older version of the Nelson twins!
[21:27] Darkangl: holy shit!!!!
[21:27] AgonyBooth: hahaha
[21:27] AgonyBooth: it's Nelson
[21:27] Darkangl: she's a fucking good shot!
[21:27] cnote2000: Nelson rocks baby!!!!
[21:27] TheBKing: I'll give her a good shot.
[21:27] AgonyBooth: i must break you
[21:27] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahaha.
[21:27] TheBKing: choose thy weapon.
[21:27] AgonyBooth: no holds barred
[21:28] Darkangl: that's a little nastier than a bat
[21:28] cnote2000: I've fought with trash can lids as shields before. They don't work good.
[21:28] TheBKing: was that brooks or dunn?
[21:28] cnote2000: yeah, where's Zeus?
[21:28] TheBKing: switch hands, it'll throw him off
[21:28] TheBKing: !
[21:28] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
[21:28] TheBKing: this is your brain on death.
[21:29] AgonyBooth: uhhh... i don't feel so good all of a sudden
[21:29] TheBKing: Any questions?
[21:29] AgonyBooth: hahah
[21:29] cnote2000: I gotta go find something to drink. I'll be back
[21:29] AgonyBooth: boy, these guys sure came around fast
[21:29] AgonyBooth: first it was all like, "kill snake"
[21:29] AgonyBooth: now it's all "snake rules"
[21:29] TheBKing: well remember Rocky IV?
[21:30] Darkangl: you know
[21:30] Darkangl: why the hell was that guy not watching the fight like everyone else
[21:30] Darkangl: rotten loudmouth bastard
[21:30] TheBKing: hahahahaha
[21:30] AgonyBooth: hope you like climbing stairs
[21:31] AgonyBooth: hahaha
[21:31] AgonyBooth: what the hell
[21:31] Darkangl: where the hell did he get his clothes
[21:31] AgonyBooth: jahahahah
[21:31] TheBKing: hahahahahahahaha
[21:31] TheBKing: toy glider.
[21:31] TheBKing: wow....
[21:31] AgonyBooth: how fake was that
[21:31] TheBKing: just... wow....
[21:31] Darkangl: jeez
[21:31] Darkangl: elmer fudd gun
[21:31] TheBKing: looked better than the helicopter crash in CRAWLERS.
[21:32] AgonyBooth: looked better than the copter crash in Batman
[21:32] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[21:32] Darkangl: the copter crash on the mattresses
[21:32] Darkangl: that rocked :D
[21:32] AgonyBooth: hahah
[21:32] AgonyBooth: yeah
[21:32] TheBKing: hahahahahahaha
[21:33] TheBKing: hahahahahahaahaha
[21:33] TheBKing: oh man.
[21:33] Darkangl: now how'd they get the engine out of that thing that fast
[21:33] TheBKing: it's probably why they're in prison.
[21:34] TheBKing: ERNEST!
[21:34] AgonyBooth: hey, here comes borgnine
[21:34] Darkangl: TEDDY!!!!
[21:34] TheBKing: To the Borgnine Mobile!
[21:34] TheBKing: Which plays the same music on the radio day in and day out.
[21:34] Darkangl: hahahahahahaha
[21:34] cnote2000: Love the music
[21:34] AgonyBooth: where's the Lipps Inc. tape
[21:34] TheBKing: LOL
[21:34] AgonyBooth: won't you take me to funkytown?
[21:34] Darkangl: man you know
[21:35] TheBKing: hahahah
[21:35] cnote2000: I will
[21:35] Darkangl: this would be a SHITTY ass time to get a flat
[21:35] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahaha
[21:35] TheBKing: what ....
[21:35] TheBKing: the....
[21:35] TheBKing: fuck....
[21:35] cnote2000: nice lights
[21:35] Darkangl: hey
[21:35] TheBKing: Does that car have chandeliers hanging from the hood?
[21:35] AgonyBooth: hahaha
[21:35] Darkangl: lighting budget kicks in finally
[21:35] cnote2000: hope that gun doesn't go off
[21:35] AgonyBooth: Miracle Shocks
[21:35] cnote2000: or Borgnine will end up like the dude in Pulp fiction
[21:35] TheBKing: hahahahahaha good one Duaner.
[21:36] Darkangl: hahahahahahaha
[21:36] Darkangl: pulp fiction
[21:36] Darkangl: then brain will have to be on...uh...brain detail
[21:36] Darkangl: :D
[21:36] AgonyBooth: hhahaha
[21:36] AgonyBooth: disco ball
[21:36] cnote2000: hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa!!!!
[21:36] AgonyBooth: a 1997 disco ball!!
[21:36] TheBKing: hahahqahahahahahahahahahaa
[21:36] TheBKing: oops.
[21:36] cnote2000: shit
[21:37] Darkangl: we should do pulp fiction at a gathering
[21:37] TheBKing: sure!
[21:37] AgonyBooth: wow, everybody's fine
[21:37] TheBKing: hahahaha
[21:37] Darkangl: awwwww
[21:37] AgonyBooth: oh not him
[21:37] TheBKing: of course!
[21:37] Darkangl: teddy's dead
[21:37] Darkangl: now who's gonna run the beers?
[21:37] AgonyBooth: oh well
[21:37] AgonyBooth: moving right along
[21:37] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahaha
[21:37] AgonyBooth: hahah
[21:37] Darkangl: nice one schmoe
[21:37] cnote2000: they just keep getting bigger
[21:37] TheBKing: My breasts jiggle with sadness.
[21:38] AgonyBooth: brain dead
[21:38] TheBKing: hahahahaha.
[21:38] Darkangl: why don't they just scoot along the side rails
[21:38] cnote2000: sweaty
[21:38] cnote2000: good one from Albert!!
[21:38] AgonyBooth: haha.. thansk
[21:38] TheBKing: hahahahaha.
[21:38] TheBKing: right on AL.
[21:38] TheBKing: Todd's thinking with his 2nd brain right about now.
[21:38] Darkangl: man
[21:38] cnote2000: hehehehe
[21:39] Darkangl: nice jigglies
[21:39] TheBKing: NO!
[21:39] TheBKing: NOT HER BOOBIES!
[21:39] TheBKing: NOOOOOO!
[21:39] cnote2000: aim for the chandeliers!!
[21:39] TheBKing: oh the humanity!
[21:39] AgonyBooth: oh well
[21:39] cnote2000: man, that was a great website
[21:39] cnote2000: OTH that is
[21:39] TheBKing: huh?
[21:39] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahaha
[21:40] cnote2000: Oh The Humanity
[21:40] cnote2000: one of the first and best b-movie sites
[21:40] Darkangl: do not fire on prisoners why?
[21:40] Darkangl: kill the bastards
[21:40] TheBKing: now it's nothing.
[21:40] cnote2000: yep
[21:40] AgonyBooth: see ya snake
[21:40] TheBKing: wonder why they stopped updating.
[21:41] Darkangl: man
[21:41] TheBKing: Chef has got a gun.
[21:41] cnote2000: we need a longer extension cord
[21:41] Darkangl: elmer fudd guns totally
[21:41] TheBKing: Snake Plissken is on the run.
[21:41] TheBKing: cause Chef has got a gun.
[21:41] TheBKing: What did Kurt Russell doooo....
[21:41] TheBKing: must've needed cash for his IOUs.
[21:41] Darkangl: hahahahahahaha
[21:41] TheBKing: hahahahahaha
[21:41] AgonyBooth: hahahah
[21:41] Darkangl: go mr. prez!
[21:41] TheBKing: The Duke is dead.
[21:42] cnote2000: he couldn't kill Michael Meyers all those years, he should have used a machine gun
[21:42] cnote2000: STATION!
[21:42] TheBKing: nah would've just pissed mike off.
[21:42] TheBKing: STATION!
[21:42] TheBKing: hahahahahahaha
[21:42] TheBKing: XRAY HIM!
[21:42] AgonyBooth: what's on that tape, "american bandstand"?
[21:42] TheBKing: BOOM!
[21:43] TheBKing: oh man....
[21:43] Darkangl: hahahahahaha
[21:43] cnote2000: cut and a shave please
[21:43] Darkangl: it's conway twitty singing "I missed you how about some x-rays"
[21:43] TheBKing: You didn't have to do it, but you did, but you did, yes you did, and I thank you.
[21:44] cnote2000: did he have a limp in the sequel?
[21:45] Darkangl: yeah
[21:45] TheBKing: yes.
[21:45] AgonyBooth: haha
[21:45] Darkangl: but it was only because of his huge penis
[21:45] Darkangl: they don't call him snake for nothin
[21:45] TheBKing: hahahaha oh you!
[21:45] AgonyBooth: good evening. i just got my ass kicked by a pimp with chandeliers on his hood
[21:45] Darkangl: hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:46] Darkangl: you rock albert
[21:46] AgonyBooth: hahahah
[21:46] Darkangl: HEY!
[21:46] AgonyBooth: i knew it
[21:46] cnote2000: hehehehehehehe
[21:46] Darkangl: it is!
[21:46] AgonyBooth: did i call it or what
[21:46] TheBKing: Good evening,... He is pure evil..... we must kill him.... mike myers looked through the wall not seeing the wall... seeing only tonight...
[21:46] Darkangl: American Bandstand!
[21:46] Darkangl: man
[21:46] cnote2000: hahahahahaha!!
[21:46] TheBKing: oh man.
[21:46] Darkangl: Dick Clark brings world peach
[21:46] Darkangl: peace
[21:46] Darkangl: :D
[21:46] TheBKing: and america gets nuked.
[21:46] cnote2000: what was on the tape again?
[21:46] Darkangl: that was an odd typo :)
[21:46] AgonyBooth: yeah, way to go snake
[21:46] TheBKing: girl in chock full o nuts?
[21:46] TheBKing: LMAO!
[21:46] TheBKing: hahahaha
[21:46] AgonyBooth: romero? cronenberg?
[21:46] TheBKing: cronenburg
[21:46] TheBKing: romero
[21:47] TheBKing: yeah !
[21:47] TheBKing: rock on!
[21:47] AgonyBooth: i was third indian
[21:47] TheBKing: red bandana gypsy!
[21:47] TheBKing: rock on!
[21:47] AgonyBooth: i was "red bandana gypsy"
[21:47] TheBKing: punk
[21:47] TheBKing: bum
[21:47] TheBKing: drunk
[21:47] AgonyBooth: i was "drunk"
[21:47] cnote2000: we need to do another John Carpenter movie and make it a trifecta
[21:47] TheBKing: hahahahahahaha
[21:47] TheBKing: slag?
[21:47] AgonyBooth: did anybody in this movie have a name
[21:47] TheBKing: LMAO
[21:47] Darkangl: well
[21:47] TheBKing: not really.
[21:47] TheBKing: dick warlock.
[21:47] Darkangl: we can do they live if everyone can get it
[21:47] TheBKing: why is he so familiar....
[21:47] TheBKing: I can get it on tape.
[21:47] Darkangl: maybe you guys can find it on vhs or something
[21:47] TheBKing: hahahaha
[21:47] AgonyBooth: good luck on getting they live
[21:48] AgonyBooth: that dvd is out of print
[21:48] Darkangl: I have it :)
And since I forgot to say anything about this being the end of the log like I usually do, I'll say it now after the fact. This is the end. Goodbye folks. - Duane