Coming to America 2/29/2003

Darkangl = Duane from B-Movie Central
TheBKing = Jordan from The B-Movie Film Vault
LoungeMonkey = Todd from The Monkeyhouse Lounge
pantsman = Josh from Varied Celluloid
citizennancy = Fan club member Nancy


[19:16] Darkangl: ok you guys ready to start this thing?
[19:16] citizennancy: welcome
[19:16] citizennancy: im reaqdy
[19:16] TheBKing: HELL YEAH!
[19:16] Darkangl: josh has to be up at 3am to get ready for work
[19:16] LoungeMonkey: I'm good to go
[19:16] pantsman: Readi
[19:17] citizennancy: time to make the donuts
[19:17] TheBKing: WHAT THE HELL?!
[19:17] citizennancy: What?
[19:17] TheBKing: Josh?
[19:17] TheBKing: work?
[19:17] Darkangl: just do the countdown jordy
[19:17] TheBKing: 3 AM
[19:17] TheBKing: HUH?!
[19:17] pantsman: Yes, booyah
[19:17] Darkangl: tell you later
[19:17] TheBKing: ok read in......
[19:17] TheBKing: 5
[19:17] TheBKing: 4
[19:17] TheBKing: 3
[19:17] TheBKing: 2
[19:17] TheBKing: 1
[19:17] TheBKing: GO!
[19:17] TheBKing: in the jungle the mighty jungle Eddie Murphy sleeps tonight!!!!
[19:17] LoungeMonkey: Ahhh...back when Eddie had a good career going
[19:17] pantsman: Diamonds on the soles of their shoes!
[19:17] TheBKing: Awee um um away
[19:18] citizennancy: lol
[19:18] LoungeMonkey: Man...Gary Coleman got tall and fat
[19:18] Darkangl: oh man
[19:18] TheBKing: ROFL!
[19:18] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahaha
[19:18] citizennancy: lol
[19:18] TheBKing: good one todder!
[19:18] Darkangl: what a crappy old stereo
[19:18] TheBKing: Watch you talkin' bout willis?!
[19:18] Darkangl: hahahahahahah
[19:18] pantsman: The Nation of Islam, behind closed doors
[19:18] Darkangl: nice todd :D
[19:18] citizennancy: tomorrow they play "hey ya!"
[19:18] LoungeMonkey: Bruce Willis?
[19:18] Darkangl: ok todd
[19:18] Darkangl: your job from now on is to make gary coleman references :)
[19:18] LoungeMonkey: yeah Duane?
[19:18] TheBKing: lol
[19:18] Darkangl: and I'll do the yasmeen ones
[19:18] Darkangl: :D
[19:18] LoungeMonkey: Hey...we have the same last name so it's cool
[19:19] pantsman: They all speak English, that's kinda strange
[19:19] TheBKing: Wow that'a a REAL volcano in the window there.
[19:19] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[19:19] citizennancy: whats that, a pony tail or a snake?
[19:19] TheBKing: ponytail.
[19:19] LoungeMonkey: Happy Birthday Mr. Drummond
[19:19] Darkangl: man I can't look at that guy now without thinking about gary coleman
[19:19] TheBKing: the snake is further down nancy.
[19:19] Darkangl: god damn it todd
[19:19] citizennancy: lol
[19:19] TheBKing: he IS black you know.
[19:19] Darkangl: now you got that stuck in my head
[19:19] citizennancy: ooohh
[19:19] pantsman: Eddie Murphy was made for gay man porn
[19:19] citizennancy: clap on
[19:19] TheBKing: ROFL!
[19:19] Darkangl: hahahahahahah
[19:19] Darkangl: yeah he was
[19:19] LoungeMonkey: Take a crap for me!
[19:19] citizennancy: and give me a magazine
[19:19] TheBKing: WIPERS!
[19:19] pantsman: BOOOBS!
[19:20] LoungeMonkey: Wipers!
[19:20] TheBKing: ROFL!
[19:20] TheBKing: Shit!
[19:20] TheBKing: I don't recall THOSE!
[19:20] TheBKing: hahahahahaha
[19:20] citizennancy: boobs? is arsenio here yet?
[19:20] TheBKing: how nubian.....
[19:20] LoungeMonkey: That's the life right there
[19:20] Darkangl: man it's a good thing you don't have wipers jordy
[19:20] TheBKing: WHAT?
[19:20] citizennancy: ah, the boobs are cut out
[19:20] TheBKing: LOL
[19:20] pantsman: The royal penis, man, I have got to get one of those
[19:20] Darkangl: they'd fall asleep waiting for you
[19:20] citizennancy: i think im further ahead cut-wise, lol
[19:20] TheBKing: bitch.
[19:20] Darkangl: you want a royal penis man josh?
[19:20] TheBKing: lol
[19:20] Darkangl: I didn't know you swung that way
[19:20] TheBKing: yes yes he does.
[19:20] LoungeMonkey: My wipers would quit after the first day
[19:20] citizennancy: im already at breakfast
[19:20] TheBKing: I want.........
[19:20] TheBKing: THOSE BOOTS!
[19:21] pantsman: Only when it's Eddie Murphy pre-Nutty Profesor
[19:21] Darkangl: jeez nancy
[19:21] TheBKing: no wait.....
[19:21] Darkangl: they cut a lot out
[19:21] TheBKing: wait......
[19:21] TheBKing: Kunta Kinte!
[19:21] TheBKing: ROFL
[19:21] citizennancy: lol
[19:21] Darkangl: they're on their way to breakfast now
[19:21] citizennancy: ok
[19:21] Darkangl: your name is toby!
[19:21] Darkangl: man
[19:21] pantsman: This is in Africa right?
[19:21] Darkangl: that queen's asistant chick has a nice rack
[19:21] Darkangl: yeah it is
[19:21] TheBKing: yup
[19:22] TheBKing: no it's in Harlem Josh!
[19:22] Darkangl: hahahahahahah
[19:22] TheBKing: sheesh.
[19:22] citizennancy: shaka kahn food taster
[19:22] TheBKing: ;-)
[19:22] pantsman: Where are these civil wars I keep hearing about?
[19:22] TheBKing: Haiti
[19:22] TheBKing: LOL
[19:22] TheBKing: and all of Africa really.
[19:22] TheBKing: LOL
[19:22] TheBKing: new country every week
[19:22] pantsman: Haha, ZING!
[19:22] Darkangl: I wonder if Shiela E will be playing drums at the wedding later
[19:22] TheBKing: lol
[19:22] citizennancy: lol
[19:22] TheBKing: I AM YOUR FATHER!
[19:22] LoungeMonkey: Eddie...I am your father...
[19:22] * TheBKing breath gets all raspy
[19:22] Darkangl: we should do conan next and keep the james earl jones thing going
[19:22] LoungeMonkey: Dammit!!!
[19:22] TheBKing: LOL
[19:22] TheBKing: YEAH!
[19:22] TheBKing: well...
[19:22] citizennancy: hmmm
[19:23] TheBKing: only if everyone can get the Special Edition DVD with the extra footage.
[19:23] citizennancy: elephants!
[19:23] LoungeMonkey: How did his family get so rich?
[19:23] pantsman: ELEPHANTS!? THis must be Africa!!
[19:23] citizennancy: ebay!
[19:23] TheBKing: white slave trade
[19:23] TheBKing: LOL
[19:23] citizennancy: a bronze cheese necklace
[19:23] Darkangl: you know
[19:23] Darkangl: I can tell they love their son
[19:23] LoungeMonkey: Do you think Eddie's assistant kept calling all the girls "Kimberly"
[19:23] TheBKing: ???
[19:23] citizennancy: ohh ohh\
[19:23] Darkangl: the king is wearing the paper mache necklace eddie made for him in the 1st grade
[19:23] TheBKing: hahahahah
[19:23] citizennancy: dana plato?
[19:23] TheBKing: Those chicks all have a nice rack.
[19:24] LoungeMonkey: Yep...Dana Plato
[19:24] Darkangl: yeah they do
[19:24] LoungeMonkey: Yep...nice collective rack there
[19:24] TheBKing: Joke here:
[19:24] TheBKing: Find a wife?! AHA! Use the yellow pages!
[19:24] Darkangl: obviously silicone is zamunda's #1 import
[19:24] TheBKing: ROFL
[19:24] TheBKing: no, push up bras are.
[19:24] citizennancy: this is cnnn
[19:24] Darkangl: man
[19:24] TheBKing: ROFL!
[19:24] LoungeMonkey: good one duane!!
[19:24] TheBKing: good one nancy
[19:24] Darkangl: you know who's got the shittiest job in that castle
[19:25] Darkangl: the guy who has to follow the elephants around cleaning up the poo
[19:25] citizennancy: the royal urinal scrubber?
[19:25] pantsman: The dude wiping Eddie Murphy's ass?
[19:25] TheBKing: all of the above
[19:25] TheBKing: all one in the same I'm sure.
[19:25] Darkangl: ARSENIO!
[19:25] LoungeMonkey: Woo, woo woo, woo!!! shakes fist!
[19:25] Darkangl: you know he took a lot of shit from people saying he was trying to be like eddie
[19:25] TheBKing: LOL
[19:25] citizennancy: is mom microwave safe?
[19:25] TheBKing: beat me to it Todd.
[19:25] Darkangl: but he was good all on his own
[19:25] citizennancy: now back to steven segal in hurts donut
[19:26] pantsman: Arsenio's little shirt there is a wee bit on the gay side
[19:26] Darkangl: hahahahahahaha
[19:26] citizennancy: im gumby dammit
[19:26] Darkangl: nice nancy
[19:26] pantsman: Hurts Donut, hahah, classic
[19:26] LoungeMonkey: Ah...A Seagal joke from Nancy!!!
[19:26] TheBKing: ROFL!
[19:26] TheBKing: STUNT... DOUBLE!
[19:26] citizennancy: lol
[19:26] Darkangl: man, a woman with an opinion...what a pain in the ass ;)
[19:26] TheBKing: I like casabas.
[19:26] Darkangl: I never had one
[19:26] TheBKing: Stunt Cock!
[19:27] citizennancy: lol
[19:27] Darkangl: but I'd like to have 2 :D
[19:27] LoungeMonkey: that smile is hilarious!
[19:27] TheBKing: LOL
[19:27] TheBKing: good one Duaner.
[19:27] citizennancy: ah poopy
[19:27] TheBKing: Meanwhile its the 4th of July!
[19:27] pantsman: Man, Africa looks GREAT!
[19:27] citizennancy: well this is fun
[19:27] TheBKing: hahahahhahaa
[19:27] citizennancy: ok im back
[19:27] citizennancy: freckin ads
[19:27] TheBKing: LOL
[19:28] Darkangl: I just thought of a worse job than cleaning up the elephant crap
[19:28] Darkangl: being the elephants wiper :P
[19:28] TheBKing: ROFL
[19:28] pantsman: Hahaha, yowza
[19:28] citizennancy: dont let the elephants shell ya
[19:28] LoungeMonkey: hahahahahaaha!!!!
[19:28] Darkangl: talk about a shitty job
[19:28] LoungeMonkey: oh...that was bad Duane!
[19:28] TheBKing: More Monkey brains?!
[19:28] Darkangl: I know Todd
[19:28] citizennancy: is that what we ate?
[19:28] Darkangl: I feel ashamed
[19:28] LoungeMonkey: this isn't Temple of Doom
[19:28] Darkangl: man
[19:28] citizennancy: mines from "clue"
[19:28] TheBKing: Captain Africa!
[19:29] citizennancy: lol
[19:29] LoungeMonkey: Hey...that was the rastafarian leader from Predator 2
[19:29] Darkangl: how many emu's had to die to make that guy's hat
[19:29] TheBKing: ROFL!
[19:29] TheBKing: HOLY SHIT!
[19:29] Darkangl: hahahahahahahah
[19:29] TheBKing: PHEW!
[19:29] citizennancy: i am lord swiffer of cleanitgood
[19:29] LoungeMonkey: she has a hoagie on here head
[19:29] Darkangl: I love the look on his face when that big chick comes in
[19:29] LoungeMonkey: hahahahahaaha
[19:29] Darkangl: oh man
[19:29] pantsman: Wait.... What happened?
[19:29] TheBKing: RUUUUUUUN!
[19:29] Darkangl: another bird slaugher
[19:29] citizennancy: its star jones!
[19:29] TheBKing: jiggle jiggle
[19:29] TheBKing: shake shake
[19:29] pantsman: SHAKE YOUR VAGINAS!!
[19:29] TheBKing: c'mon beads.... fall off!
[19:29] citizennancy: i wondered where my bedspread went
[19:29] TheBKing: ROFL!
[19:30] citizennancy: its a dancing whicker set
[19:30] LoungeMonkey: it's a Britney Spears concert
[19:30] Darkangl: how come everyone in this country has money
[19:30] pantsman: Boy, this scene has already went on too long
[19:30] TheBKing: Didn't Janet Jackson use this dance routine during the superbowl?
[19:30] Darkangl: and the rest of africa has flies
[19:30] TheBKing: wonder if it ends the same way.
[19:30] Darkangl: :)
[19:30] LoungeMonkey: but there are no titties here
[19:30] TheBKing: thanks man
[19:30] citizennancy: or justin timberlake
[19:30] TheBKing: ruined my hopes and dreams.
[19:30] TheBKing: BASTARD!
[19:30] TheBKing: electric slide!
[19:30] citizennancy: Choose to party!
[19:30] TheBKing: And thrust 2 3 4
[19:31] TheBKing: and jiggle and shake and freeze!
[19:31] citizennancy: so whens the secret indgreidant come out?
[19:31] TheBKing: eh, she' jsut OK
[19:31] LoungeMonkey: Sing it Arnold!!!!
[19:31] TheBKing: ROFL!
[19:31] pantsman: What the...
[19:31] TheBKing: soul brotha!
[19:31] Darkangl: now shaniqua, it's shuffle shuffle step hop, not shuffle hop step shuffle. Will you please concentrate!
[19:31] citizennancy: wheres simong when you need him?
[19:31] TheBKing: ROFL!
[19:31] TheBKing: haahhahahahahahahahaha
[19:31] LoungeMonkey: "Heeyyyyy MMrrsss.... Garret!!!!
[19:31] Darkangl: man
[19:31] TheBKing: a vision of perfectttttttion.
[19:31] pantsman: Someone kill that guy with a machete
[19:31] citizennancy: lol
[19:31] TheBKing: and object of affection'
[19:32] Darkangl: gary coleman got castrated
[19:32] Darkangl: what a shame
[19:32] citizennancy: dad likes it too much
[19:32] TheBKing: to which your royal fire completely free from infection!
[19:32] TheBKing: to be used at your discretion
[19:32] TheBKing: ok enough!
[19:32] TheBKing: erection?
[19:32] pantsman: SHUT UP!!!
[19:32] citizennancy: beeeeee cough cough choke
[19:32] citizennancy: my girl wants to party all the time
[19:32] Darkangl: man
[19:32] Darkangl: what a cheesy ass crown
[19:33] TheBKing: yup
[19:33] pantsman: Crown's are way overrated
[19:33] Darkangl: looks like someone took a bunch of clay and rolled it in broken glass
[19:33] TheBKing: ROFL!
[19:33] citizennancy: lol
[19:33] LoungeMonkey: this part when he looks at the camera is great
[19:33] citizennancy: latoya!
[19:33] LoungeMonkey: ahahaha!
[19:33] citizennancy: what is talk?
[19:33] TheBKing: she's brainwashed man.
[19:33] pantsman: Eddie punches her in the throat in just a minute
[19:33] TheBKing: Whatever you like.
[19:33] TheBKing: ROFL!
[19:33] Darkangl: call me MISS ROSS!
[19:33] citizennancy: i am programmed in several different....
[19:34] pantsman: Who's on first?
[19:34] Darkangl: she's got a zit or something by her eye
[19:34] citizennancy: bark like a dog!
[19:34] TheBKing: Arf Arf
[19:34] TheBKing: LOL
[19:34] Darkangl: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
[19:34] TheBKing: WOOF WOOF WOOF
[19:34] citizennancy: woof woof
[19:34] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahaha
[19:34] pantsman: Hahahaha
[19:34] Darkangl: HAHAHAHAHAHA
[19:34] citizennancy: i wouldnt wear that to a cat and dog fight
[19:35] Darkangl: man
[19:35] Darkangl: her hair is horrible
[19:35] TheBKing: yup
[19:35] Darkangl: you'd never catch yasmeen bleeth with a hairdo like that
[19:35] citizennancy: i wonder if she was still at it when he was america
[19:35] TheBKing: ROFL
[19:35] LoungeMonkey: YESSSSSS Duane!!!!!
[19:35] Darkangl: ;)
[19:35] LoungeMonkey: Score one for the Duanester!
[19:35] citizennancy: see!
[19:35] TheBKing: Babar!
[19:35] citizennancy: it IS africa
[19:35] citizennancy: lol
[19:36] Darkangl: I thought babar was from france
[19:36] citizennancy: astroturf grows proudly there
[19:36] TheBKing: ROFL
[19:36] pantsman: If you wanted to be totally tasteless I imagine you could somehow connect the AIDS outbreak in Africa to Yasmeen
[19:36] TheBKing: ROFL!
[19:36] Darkangl: you know Akeem's a player
[19:36] LoungeMonkey: ahahhahah
[19:36] Darkangl: he carries his pussy with him
[19:36] citizennancy: lol
[19:36] Darkangl: see on his shoulder
[19:36] Darkangl: :D
[19:36] pantsman: His dad is encouraging him to sow his royal oats, I like this family!
[19:36] TheBKing: go get laid son!
[19:36] citizennancy: she got laundry onher head
[19:36] TheBKing: I command yoU!
[19:37] Darkangl: I command you to do the laundry!
[19:37] Darkangl: then get in that kitchen, and bake me a pie!
[19:37] citizennancy: prepare the royal baggage!
[19:37] LoungeMonkey: the royal baggage?
[19:37] citizennancy: arsenio in a trunk
[19:37] citizennancy: in amer-eee ca
[19:37] TheBKing: we're going to america!
[19:37] TheBKing: TODAY!
[19:37] Darkangl: hahahaha
[19:37] pantsman: Haha, damn you LA and NYC!
[19:37] citizennancy: YES!!!
[19:38] Darkangl: arsenio the stow away
[19:38] Darkangl: you know
[19:38] TheBKing: Detroit!
[19:38] Darkangl: they should make another one
[19:38] citizennancy: today.....yes!!!
[19:38] Darkangl: the first chick leaves him so he goes to LA to find a new bride
[19:38] LoungeMonkey: it's him..that's great
[19:38] pantsman: SOUTH BRONX!
[19:38] TheBKing: ROFL
[19:38] citizennancy: ok i gotat go now
[19:38] pantsman: Boy, that was a quick flight
[19:38] Darkangl: ok nancy
[19:38] Darkangl: thanks for coming
[19:38] pantsman: Later Nancy
[19:38] Darkangl: it was nice having you :)
[19:38] TheBKing: That jet looked like a spearhead
[19:38] citizennancy: lateR!
[19:38] TheBKing: ......
[19:38] TheBKing: see ya nancy.
[19:39] Darkangl: you know
[19:39] Darkangl: when I was stuck in london
[19:39] LoungeMonkey: yo...he's gonna get jacked for that bling bling around his neck
[19:39] *** Quits: citizennancy
[19:39] Darkangl: there were some west indians there that had that much luggage
[19:39] Darkangl: a d more
[19:39] Darkangl: and more
[19:39] Darkangl: you'd have thought they were moving the whole clan or something
[19:39] TheBKing: LOL
[19:39] TheBKing: ROFL
[19:40] Darkangl: hahahahahahahaha
[19:40] pantsman: What does Dumb Fuck mean?
[19:40] TheBKing: lol
[19:40] TheBKing: I suddenly have the urge to watch Golden Child....
[19:40] Darkangl: oh uh, it means "My real good friend"
[19:40] pantsman: Eddie looks like a pimp
[19:40] Darkangl: hahahahah
[19:40] Darkangl: yeah he does
[19:40] pantsman: It's Superfly!
[19:41] LoungeMonkey: NYC in the gotta love it
[19:41] Darkangl: all he needs is Yasmeen on his arm to complete the outfit
[19:41] Darkangl: well that and a cheesy pimp cane
[19:41] pantsman: Heyyooo!
[19:41] TheBKing: seems more like medievel england than america
[19:41] TheBKing: people throwing garbage out the window.
[19:41] Darkangl: yeah I bet if you look you can probably see people crapping out of their windows
[19:41] TheBKing: MY T SHARP!
[19:41] TheBKing: ROFL!
[19:41] TheBKing: Arsenio
[19:41] LoungeMonkey: Cuba Gooding Jr!!
[19:41] TheBKing: Eddy!
[19:41] pantsman: That's whats his face in the chair isn't it?
[19:41] Darkangl: these were the best characters in the movie
[19:41] TheBKing: Eddie!
[19:41] pantsman: Cuba! There you go
[19:42] LoungeMonkey: Eddie's brillant at playing the different characters
[19:42] TheBKing: Can't believe Eddie played that Jewish dude.
[19:42] Darkangl: man I can't believe that's eddie
[19:42] TheBKing: It's great!
[19:42] TheBKing: LOL
[19:42] Darkangl: hahahahahah
[19:42] pantsman: Mo-haga-mahli
[19:42] TheBKing: hey.....
[19:42] Darkangl: holy shit that is cuba
[19:42] Darkangl: I never realized that
[19:42] TheBKing: that little black dude looking like an elderly gary coleman.
[19:42] Darkangl: generic pissed off black man
[19:43] Darkangl: in a hat
[19:43] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahaha
[19:43] LoungeMonkey: hahahahahaha
[19:43] TheBKing: hahahahahahahhahahahaa
[19:43] TheBKing: DAD?!
[19:43] pantsman: "I didn't want to offend you because your boyfriend looked like your regular angry black man, hey, we cool G?" - Peter Griffin
[19:43] TheBKing: Your rents due, mothafucka!!!
[19:43] TheBKing: ROFL
[19:43] Darkangl: hahahahahahahaha
[19:43] LoungeMonkey: I have to try that falling down the stairs stuff
[19:44] Darkangl: the fart just makes that shot
[19:44] TheBKing: lol
[19:44] pantsman: I like the angry black man's hat
[19:44] LoungeMonkey: insect problem\
[19:44] LoungeMonkey: hahahahaha
[19:44] pantsman: "This is the place I was telling you about, it's real fucked up" hahaha
[19:44] Darkangl: hahahaha
[19:44] Darkangl: blood on the walls
[19:44] Darkangl: rats
[19:44] TheBKing: Damn shame what they did to that dog.
[19:45] TheBKing: the cane even had a chalkline. LOL
[19:45] Darkangl: hahahaha
[19:45] Darkangl: hey fuck you!
[19:45] TheBKing: YES!
[19:45] Darkangl: yes! yes! fuck you too!
[19:45] Darkangl: :D
[19:45] TheBKing: YES!
[19:45] LoungeMonkey: My T Sharp
[19:45] TheBKing: bitch!
[19:45] TheBKing: ROFL
[19:45] Darkangl: hahahaha
[19:45] LoungeMonkey: mmm mmm bitch!
[19:45] pantsman: Damn, Queens sucks
[19:46] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahhaahahaha
[19:46] LoungeMonkey: hahahaha
[19:46] Darkangl: if you're gonna steal stuff, it's probably not a good idea to wear the shit around the neighborhood where you stole it
[19:46] TheBKing: they look more like tourists than new yorkers.
[19:46] TheBKing: LOL
[19:46] pantsman: I heart New York, how can they not fit in?
[19:46] pantsman: OH YEAH! SOUL GLO!!!
[19:46] Darkangl: HAHAHAHAHA SOUL GLOW!
[19:46] TheBKing: SOUL GLO!
[19:46] TheBKing: ROFL!
[19:46] TheBKing: ROFL!
[19:46] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
[19:46] pantsman: God I love that commercial
[19:46] pantsman: hahahaha
[19:46] Darkangl: I know
[19:47] TheBKing: I don't care who you are, that's funny!
[19:47] TheBKing: REEGGIE!
[19:47] LoungeMonkey: Soul Glow!!!!!!!!!!!!
[19:47] TheBKing: GLO
[19:47] TheBKing: GLO
[19:47] TheBKing: GLO
[19:47] Darkangl: tv land had a twip commercial once that was kinda like that
[19:47] LoungeMonkey: Badder n' sugar ray!
[19:47] TheBKing: lol
[19:47] pantsman: Rocky Marciano was the shit beeyotch
[19:47] Darkangl: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[19:47] TheBKing: LOL
[19:48] TheBKing: hahhahahahahahahahahahaha
[19:48] Darkangl: man I love these characters
[19:48] LoungeMonkey: I love how his age keeps going up
[19:48] TheBKing: Joe Lewis was 76 years old!
[19:48] Darkangl: they could make a movie with just these characters
[19:48] TheBKing: yup
[19:48] pantsman: Hahaha, man, that's classic
[19:48] TheBKing: FUCK YOU!
[19:48] TheBKing: LOL
[19:48] LoungeMonkey: Who's next?
[19:48] pantsman: Eddie's cutting Eddie's hair?
[19:49] LoungeMonkey: that'll be 8 dollars
[19:49] TheBKing: ROFL!
[19:49] TheBKing: lol
[19:49] TheBKing: what a difference!
[19:49] TheBKing: hahahhaha
[19:49] pantsman: Hell yeah! Hittin' the clubs!
[19:49] Darkangl: this scene is awesome
[19:49] TheBKing: that is a COSBY Sweater!
[19:49] pantsman: We Swangin n' bangin!
[19:49] Darkangl: the reactions from him and arsenio are hilarious
[19:49] pantsman: Hahahaha
[19:50] TheBKing: ROFL!
[19:50] TheBKing: I worship the devil.
[19:50] Darkangl: hahahahahahahaha
[19:50] pantsman: Nothing like a good satan worshipping woman
[19:50] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahaha
[19:50] Darkangl: the power dyke!
[19:50] LoungeMonkey: The group thing
[19:50] TheBKing: hahahahahahaha
[19:50] pantsman: Arsenio OWNS!
[19:50] pantsman: OH NO! Gah!
[19:51] Darkangl: god these chicks were awesome
[19:51] TheBKing: lol
[19:51] TheBKing: the best queens has to offer.
[19:51] Darkangl: hahahahahahah
[19:51] Darkangl: arsenio
[19:51] TheBKing: ARSENIO!
[19:51] pantsman: Hahahahaha, man, god this film rules!
[19:51] TheBKing: I wanna tear you apart!
[19:51] TheBKing: And your friend too!
[19:51] Darkangl: HAHAHAHAHAH
[19:51] Darkangl: arsenio does a spit take
[19:52] LoungeMonkey: Good clean girls
[19:52] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[19:52] TheBKing: SEXUAL CHOCOLATE!!!!!
[19:52] TheBKing: ????
[19:52] pantsman: Hehehe, I love the lounge singer guy who comes out
[19:52] Darkangl: that's where I'm goin, shit!
[19:52] LoungeMonkey: Sexual Chocolate coming up!!!!
[19:52] TheBKing: LOL
[19:52] Darkangl: yeah
[19:52] TheBKing: Al Sharpton?
[19:52] Darkangl: man
[19:53] Darkangl: check out the titties on the pink sparkly
[19:53] LoungeMonkey: Ghetto booty!
[19:53] TheBKing: I don't mind ghetto booty
[19:53] Darkangl: pink sparkly gets my vote
[19:53] pantsman: Don't diss the Ghetto Booty
[19:53] TheBKing: JOY!
[19:53] TheBKing: JOY!
[19:53] TheBKing: AMEN!
[19:53] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[19:53] pantsman: SOUL GLO! Banners everywhere
[19:53] TheBKing: That's Arsenio right.
[19:53] Darkangl: that is some freaky shit
[19:54] TheBKing: I agree Duane....
[19:54] TheBKing: pinka nd sparkly....
[19:54] LoungeMonkey: Sexual Chocolate!!!
[19:54] TheBKing: ROFL
[19:54] pantsman: Why hasn't there been another Arsenio & Eddie teamup?
[19:54] TheBKing: That's my momma!!!
[19:54] LoungeMonkey: That's My Momma
[19:54] Darkangl: who know
[19:54] Darkangl: knows
[19:54] Darkangl: they're still buddies as far as I know
[19:54] pantsman: Hehehe, EDDIE!
[19:54] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
[19:54] Darkangl: RANDY WATSON!
[19:55] TheBKing: Prince wanna-bee!
[19:55] TheBKing: look at the mohawk lookin' dude.
[19:55] LoungeMonkey: Sexual Chocolate!!
[19:55] pantsman: Hahahahahahahaha
[19:55] TheBKing: LOL
[19:55] TheBKing: ENCORE!
[19:55] TheBKing: ENCORE!
[19:55] LoungeMonkey: The gut on him is great
[19:55] Darkangl: actually the band plays ok
[19:55] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahaha
[19:55] pantsman: I believe the children are our future, god, that's so great it's not even questionable
[19:55] TheBKing: McDowells!
[19:55] LoungeMonkey: Randy Watson has the Soul Glo happening!
[19:56] Darkangl: you know the have a coke and a smile commercials
[19:56] TheBKing: lol
[19:56] TheBKing: little flat there....
[19:56] Darkangl: well at mcdougals you get a coke and a hummer
[19:56] Darkangl: ;)
[19:56] LoungeMonkey: SEXUAL CHOCOLATE!!!!
[19:56] TheBKing: ROFL!
[19:56] LoungeMonkey: you must be crazy
[19:56] TheBKing: hahahhaahahahahahaha
[19:56] Darkangl: hahahahahah
[19:56] TheBKing: God damn that boy can sing!
[19:56] pantsman: Hahaha, man, Randy Watson is the best ever
[19:56] TheBKing: He good!
[19:56] LoungeMonkey: Joe the Policeman from That's My Momma
[19:57] TheBKing: LOL
[19:57] Darkangl: hahaha
[19:57] pantsman: Hahahahahahahaha, oh man, I didn't even catch that
[19:57] Darkangl: she pulls the coke and he gives the hummer
[19:57] Darkangl: ;)
[19:57] TheBKing: Hey.. that black dude was in BeastMaster
[19:57] Darkangl: yep
[19:57] pantsman: The dude from ER has the Soul Glo going too
[19:57] LoungeMonkey: sop you up with a biscuit!
[19:57] TheBKing: LOL
[19:58] TheBKing: oh shit that's right!
[19:58] pantsman: Linkin' Park, what?
[19:58] LoungeMonkey: Linkin Park?
[19:58] TheBKing: ROFL!
[19:58] TheBKing: hahahahahahahaha
[19:58] TheBKing: shit.
[19:58] LoungeMonkey: damn Josh!
[19:58] TheBKing: both beat me to it.
[19:58] pantsman: Why the hell would anyone contribute to that shit?
[19:58] LoungeMonkey: my thoughts exactly Josh
[19:58] TheBKing: hahahahahaha
[19:58] Darkangl: hahahahahahahah
[19:58] LoungeMonkey: blow em up
[19:58] TheBKing: chicken bone!
[19:58] TheBKing: I'll whoop yo' black ass!@
[19:58] Darkangl: you tall black motherfucker
[19:58] Darkangl: hahahahahahahaha
[19:59] pantsman: Eddie's in love
[19:59] TheBKing: LOL
[19:59] LoungeMonkey: CHARLIE MURPHY!!!
[19:59] pantsman: McDowell's, how could you not get sued?
[19:59] LoungeMonkey: I wish he was in this movie
[19:59] TheBKing: such a rip off of Micky D's. Half the fat.
[20:00] Darkangl: dude sharon just destroyed 2 gates and the university and a mill and the pussy surrendered
[20:00] Darkangl: she didn't even get to kick his ass good
[20:00] TheBKing: ROFL
[20:00] TheBKing: lol
[20:00] Darkangl: hahahah
[20:00] TheBKing: we playing that after the movie?
[20:00] Darkangl: yep
[20:00] TheBKing: I'm jonesing for it.
[20:00] TheBKing: YAY
[20:00] Darkangl: his buns have no seeds :D
[20:00] Darkangl: that's nice to know
[20:00] TheBKing: hahahahahahahaha
[20:01] Darkangl: wonder if he has any butt zits
[20:01] TheBKing: hahahahah
[20:01] TheBKing: stalker.
[20:01] TheBKing: he looks like a deranged golfer.
[20:01] Darkangl: hahahah she's working on a dumb terminal
[20:01] pantsman: Hahahaha, that smile man
[20:01] Darkangl: that sucks ass
[20:01] Darkangl: no solitaire for her
[20:01] TheBKing: lol
[20:02] TheBKing: nah.
[20:02] TheBKing: she's a minesweeper girl.
[20:02] Darkangl: no minesweeper either
[20:02] TheBKing: ok PONG!
[20:02] TheBKing: christ!
[20:02] Darkangl: no pong either
[20:02] pantsman: In a little bit Eddie punches her in the throat so that she falls in love
[20:02] Darkangl: just text
[20:02] Darkangl: maybe she has a text version of that snake game
[20:02] TheBKing: what's with you and wanting Eddie to punch women in the throat josh?
[20:02] Darkangl: no that was the other movie josh
[20:02] TheBKing: SOUL GLO!
[20:03] Darkangl: HOLY SHIT
[20:03] Darkangl: the sound level in here just went through the roof
[20:03] LoungeMonkey: Gotta love the Soul Glo!
[20:03] TheBKing: he just cut off that dude.
[20:03] pantsman: I have no idea, but punching someone in the throat seems about like a good idea at the moment
[20:03] TheBKing: Soul Glo prick.
[20:03] Darkangl: the prince of soul glow
[20:03] TheBKing: SPRAY!
[20:03] Darkangl: hahahahahaha
[20:03] pantsman: I'm feelin' so silky smooth, thank you Soul Glo
[20:03] LoungeMonkey: the spray with the pick is great!
[20:03] Darkangl: you know, that shit's gotta be SO flammable
[20:03] TheBKing: lol
[20:03] pantsman: Anderson, oh no
[20:04] TheBKing: Yeah why's he still alive.
[20:04] TheBKing: Farley and Candy dead.
[20:04] TheBKing: Anderson's still kickin'
[20:04] LoungeMonkey: Good point Jordan
[20:04] Darkangl: didn't louie lose a bunch of weight?
[20:04] TheBKing: Sounds cold and heartless, but he's the most unfunniest fat guy ever.
[20:04] TheBKing: doesn't matter he still sucks dick.
[20:04] pantsman: Poor Chris Farley...
[20:04] Darkangl: no man
[20:04] Darkangl: he's not the unfunniest fat guy ever
[20:05] TheBKing: who is then?
[20:05] LoungeMonkey: hahahahahahaha
[20:05] Darkangl: I dunno
[20:05] Darkangl: but it's not him
[20:05] pantsman: KUNTA!!
[20:05] TheBKing: then shut the fuck up then.
[20:05] TheBKing: LOL
[20:05] Darkangl: HAHAHAHAHAH
[20:05] Darkangl: KUNTA KINTE!
[20:05] TheBKing: Chil'ren
[20:06] TheBKing: that old dude is always eatin'
[20:06] Darkangl: I love this story
[20:06] LoungeMonkey: Whoops I thought you were somebody else
[20:06] pantsman: Dr. King punched the old guy in the chest? What?
[20:06] Darkangl: hahahahahahah
[20:06] TheBKing: Martin Luther the King!
[20:06] TheBKing: LOL
[20:06] TheBKing: ROFL
[20:06] Darkangl: yeah but good luck gettin' lovin' if your hair looks like shit
[20:07] pantsman: Chicks are more about your wallet than what you say to their dad, this I know
[20:07] Darkangl: is that why you don't have a girlfriend?
[20:07] Darkangl: :)
[20:07] TheBKing: LOL
[20:07] pantsman: How could I have one with no money? You see!
[20:07] TheBKing: ROFL
[20:07] pantsman: Rich guys! Listen to Louie
[20:07] Darkangl: that's what I mean
[20:08] LoungeMonkey: Nice dancing
[20:08] TheBKing: ICK!
[20:08] TheBKing: that's all I have to say.
[20:08] TheBKing: ICK!
[20:08] Darkangl: HUMMER GIRL!
[20:08] TheBKing: don't shimmy!
[20:08] pantsman: I would be trying to hook up with that girl's sister more, look at those dance moves!
[20:08] TheBKing: ICK!
[20:08] Darkangl: I wonder what she does with that dog at night
[20:08] TheBKing: that's cause you're desperate Josh
[20:09] Darkangl: hahaha
[20:09] pantsman: Nah, I'm choosey, screw Eddie's woman, peep the dancing girl damn you's!
[20:09] Darkangl: I get the sister gives better lip service
[20:09] pantsman: Here it goes
[20:09] pantsman: BOOO-TAAAAY!
[20:09] Darkangl: BOO-TAY!
[20:09] TheBKing: Patrice?
[20:09] Darkangl: SNAP!
[20:09] TheBKing: yeeeah.
[20:09] Darkangl: she just did a gay snap
[20:10] TheBKing: lol
[20:10] pantsman: It belonged to black women before it did homosexuals I believe
[20:10] TheBKing: Boohoo!
[20:10] TheBKing: manual labor.
[20:10] Darkangl: there ain't much difference between gay men and black women
[20:10] pantsman: Well, there are some slight differences
[20:11] pantsman: The University of Rock
[20:11] LoungeMonkey: University of the United States?
[20:11] TheBKing: The university of theee... united states.
[20:11] LoungeMonkey: No basketball team? Goddman it!!
[20:11] LoungeMonkey: Akeem's a terrible liar
[20:11] pantsman: I would die without a basketball team
[20:11] Darkangl: I hate basketball
[20:11] TheBKing: I enjoy playing it for fun.
[20:11] Darkangl: I'm more a Baseketball fan
[20:12] TheBKing: LOL
[20:12] pantsman: That was way in the face...
[20:12] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahahahah
[20:12] TheBKing: OH YES!
[20:13] Darkangl: you know
[20:13] pantsman: That guy really has a beef with Africa
[20:13] Darkangl: if that guy bounced a ball off his head
[20:13] TheBKing: he hates the motherland.
[20:13] Darkangl: it wouldn't bounce
[20:13] TheBKing: worst kind of brotha around.
[20:13] Darkangl: it'd just slide off
[20:13] TheBKing: YOUR MAJESTY!
[20:13] pantsman: He's one of those self hating African Americans
[20:14] LoungeMonkey: That guy looks familiar too
[20:14] Darkangl: well with him
[20:14] Darkangl: what's not to hate
[20:14] TheBKing: Ossie Davis?!
[20:14] pantsman: Ossie Davis is a known cannibal
[20:14] Darkangl: hahahahahahahaha
[20:14] Darkangl: my lady doesn't have to work
[20:14] TheBKing: here come Samuel L Jackson
[20:15] Darkangl: except in bed :D
[20:15] pantsman: "my lady doesn't have to work" Gah, what member of the audience doesn't hate that guy by now
[20:15] LoungeMonkey: If it rains...does he know his hair is wet?
[20:15] pantsman: Soul Glo sign outside
[20:15] Darkangl: yeah I didn't realize samuel jackson was in this movie either
[20:15] TheBKing: MMMMM MMMM BITCH!!!!!!!!!!
[20:15] pantsman: SAM!!!
[20:16] pantsman: STAY COOL!!!
[20:16] Darkangl: man sam kicks ass
[20:16] LoungeMonkey: How's it taste motherfucker?!?!?!
[20:16] TheBKing: YES I'M GLAD THEY"RE DEAD!
[20:16] LoungeMonkey: MMM MMM BITCH!!
[20:16] pantsman: Hahaha, man I'm laughing so hard right now
[20:16] LoungeMonkey: IT'LL GET YOU DRUNK
[20:16] TheBKing: Eddie Murphy is...
[20:16] TheBKing: THE TOXIC AVENGER!
[20:16] LoungeMonkey: You'll be fucking fat girls in no time!
[20:16] pantsman: He rips Sam's arm off
[20:16] TheBKing: lol
[20:16] TheBKing: ROFL
[20:16] Darkangl: always did wanna corn hole me a blind bitch
[20:17] Darkangl: oh, and get my arm ripped off by a toxic monster
[20:17] Darkangl: life ambitions rule!
[20:17] LoungeMonkey: Eddie took lessons from Steven Seagal
[20:17] TheBKing: ROFL!
[20:17] TheBKing: nah, he learned that from Bruce Leeroy!
[20:17] pantsman: Five times! Wow, they suck
[20:17] TheBKing: Eddie's GOT THE GLOW!
[20:17] TheBKing: hahahahahahaha
[20:18] pantsman: THROAT PUNCH!
[20:18] LoungeMonkey: We should do the Last Dragon sometime
[20:18] LoungeMonkey: Sho Nuff!!
[20:18] Darkangl: how'd mrs. mcdowall die?
[20:18] Darkangl: she eat at the restaraunt?
[20:18] Darkangl: :D
[20:18] LoungeMonkey: Ate too much McDowells
[20:18] pantsman: Damn, I was going to say that!
[20:19] TheBKing: LOL
[20:19] Darkangl: it's mr. mcdowall's naighborhood
[20:19] Darkangl: neighborhood
[20:19] TheBKing: she died like Momma Cass
[20:19] pantsman: Choking on a sammich
[20:19] TheBKing: I LOVE THE LORD!
[20:19] Darkangl: TOKEN WHITE PEOPLE!
[20:19] pantsman: Big Ed, I want a friend named Big Ed someday
[20:19] LoungeMonkey: Big ass! My Man
[20:20] Darkangl: man
[20:20] Darkangl: he's got a big ass mole on his neck
[20:20] pantsman: All women want a nice slap every once in a while
[20:20] TheBKing: SOUL GLO STAINS!
[20:20] Darkangl: ARE YOU LOOKIN' AT MY BIRTHMARK MAN??????????
[20:20] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahaha
[20:20] Darkangl: I love it when they get up later and thee's grease marks on the couch
[20:21] Darkangl: there's
[20:21] Darkangl: hey!
[20:21] TheBKing: Yup!
[20:21] pantsman: There it goes!
[20:21] Darkangl: that one chick in the jacket
[20:21] LoungeMonkey: Hahahahahahahahaha
[20:21] Darkangl: wasn't that one of the rapper chicks from the club?
[20:21] TheBKing: They use FRO=GAINE!
[20:21] Darkangl: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[20:21] Darkangl: nice one jordan :D
[20:21] TheBKing: LOL
[20:21] TheBKing: thank ye
[20:22] pantsman: Dang man, that's messed up. Not even asking her
[20:22] Darkangl: I wonder where their ancestors came from
[20:22] TheBKing: SHEE-IT!
[20:22] Darkangl: probably FROmania
[20:22] TheBKing: Nigga done beat you to the marriage proposal!
[20:22] Darkangl: oh come on
[20:22] TheBKing: LOL
[20:22] TheBKing: YEE-AAS!
[20:22] LoungeMonkey: She's simmerin'
[20:22] Darkangl: fromania was a good joke
[20:23] LoungeMonkey: Get off the island!!!
[20:23] Darkangl: oh man she's pissed
[20:23] pantsman: FROmania is a great place too
[20:23] TheBKing: lol
[20:23] Darkangl: man
[20:23] Darkangl: who dresses her? Ronald McDonald?
[20:23] TheBKing: ROFL!
[20:23] TheBKing: Donald McDowell!
[20:23] pantsman: Hahaha, beat me to it!
[20:23] TheBKing: ROFL!
[20:24] Darkangl: Never catch Yasmeen in goofy ass clothes like that
[20:24] pantsman: Never catch Yasmeen in clothes
[20:24] Darkangl: true
[20:24] Darkangl: ;)
[20:24] Darkangl: at least, not when she's workin'
[20:24] Darkangl: :)
[20:24] pantsman: Heeeyooo! ;)
[20:25] pantsman: What kind of accent is that Murphy is using?
[20:25] TheBKing: Lisa McDowell of the McDowell clan.
[20:25] TheBKing: You know...
[20:25] Darkangl: hahahaha
[20:25] TheBKing: Eddie has quite an infectious smile.
[20:25] Darkangl: I'm surprised he doesn't walk around in a kilt
[20:25] TheBKing: You can't help bud grin right back at him.
[20:25] TheBKing: ROFL!
[20:26] TheBKing: they wear plenty of flannel.
[20:26] TheBKing: err....
[20:26] pantsman: Eddie's laugh is great too
[20:26] TheBKing: plaid
[20:26] TheBKing: yup
[20:26] Darkangl: see I'm washin' lettuce
[20:26] Darkangl: :D
[20:26] pantsman: Haha
[20:26] LoungeMonkey: Louie gets his big scene
[20:26] Darkangl: like I ambitions are great
[20:26] LoungeMonkey: what the hell was he even in this movie for?
[20:27] TheBKing: man... I bet Louie snacks like a sumbitch at that job.
[20:27] Darkangl: yep
[20:27] Darkangl: you know he ain't snackin on that lettuce though
[20:27] Darkangl: he probably just sticks a straw in the fry grease
[20:27] Darkangl: :D
[20:27] TheBKing: ROFL!
[20:27] pantsman: Dinosaur Jr. Rules!!! err... anyway
[20:27] TheBKing: hahahahahahahhaahahahahahahhaa
[20:27] pantsman: Nearly every scene in this movie features an ad for Soul Glo
[20:27] Darkangl: mmmmmmmmmmm salty fry grease
[20:27] TheBKing: Can't wait to see the DUKE BROS. Cameo!
[20:28] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
[20:28] pantsman: Where do they keep all their money anyway?
[20:29] TheBKing: lol
[20:29] TheBKing: under the matress in a sock!
[20:29] TheBKing: DUH!
[20:29] LoungeMonkey: Arsenio's just hanging out...eating McDowals
[20:29] Darkangl: they keep it in a condom
[20:29] TheBKing: ROFL!
[20:29] Darkangl: up arsenio's ass
[20:29] TheBKing: ROFL
[20:29] Darkangl: in case of searches
[20:29] Darkangl: right next to the gold watch they stole from that little kid
[20:29] pantsman: In Search Of With Leonard Nemoy, what?
[20:30] Darkangl: hee hee
[20:30] TheBKing: Duke and Duke!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:30] Darkangl: was the gold watch thing too vague?
[20:30] LoungeMonkey: Mortimer!!
[20:30] TheBKing: we're back!!!!!
[20:30] pantsman: Giving money to a homeless drunkard, YES!
[20:30] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahaha
[20:30] TheBKing: not just any homeless drunkards.
[20:30] TheBKing: The Dukes!
[20:30] pantsman: The dudes from Trading Places?
[20:30] TheBKing: From trading Places Josh.
[20:30] LoungeMonkey: What a great cameo
[20:31] TheBKing: yup!
[20:31] TheBKing: would've made a great crossover.
[20:31] pantsman: Knew it, that's a great one too
[20:31] TheBKing: eddie murphy playing both roles.
[20:31] TheBKing: Trading places in America 2
[20:31] TheBKing: Electric Boogaloo
[20:32] LoungeMonkey: Boogie woogie woogie?
[20:32] *** Quits: pantsman (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[20:32] TheBKing: hahahahahaha
[20:32] TheBKing: damn i josh.
[20:32] TheBKing: you tard.
[20:33] TheBKing: You won her over.
[20:33] TheBKing: Use the force Eddie!
[20:33] TheBKing: Someone to caaaaaaare...
[20:33] TheBKing: someone to share!
[20:33] Darkangl: brb gonna order a pizza
[20:33] TheBKing: To be loved!
[20:33] TheBKing: to be loved!
[20:33] TheBKing: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHhhhhhhhhhh what a feeling! To be looooved.
[20:33] TheBKing: Jordan croons to the hits.
[20:33] *** Joins: pantsman (
[20:33] LoungeMonkey:
[20:33] pantsman: Ugh... disconnected
[20:33] TheBKing: lol
[20:34] pantsman: Eddie got the girl, end of movie, I'm going home
[20:34] TheBKing: YEEEAH!
[20:34] LoungeMonkey: the days before e-mail
[20:35] pantsman: The ancient hotmail
[20:35] TheBKing: Pony Express.
[20:35] pantsman: Patrice!
[20:35] LoungeMonkey: what the hell is she wearing? Cotton candy?
[20:35] TheBKing: SHUT UP!
[20:35] TheBKing: edible undies for sure todder.
[20:35] TheBKing: the slut
[20:35] TheBKing: LOL
[20:35] pantsman: Somebody should throw a brick at Eddie
[20:36] TheBKing: hehehheehehehehe
[20:36] TheBKing: Will you shut the fuck up?!
[20:36] pantsman: BANG BANG BANG!
[20:36] TheBKing: more motion on the ocean.
[20:36] TheBKing: I should know, I used to have a waterbed. ;-)
[20:36] Darkangl: gold diggin little tramp
[20:36] TheBKing: lol
[20:36] TheBKing: aren't most women like that though?
[20:36] TheBKing: hahahahahaha
[20:36] Darkangl: mine wasn't obviously
[20:36] LoungeMonkey: Those are crazy earrings too
[20:37] TheBKing: Yeah she was blind at first right Duane?
[20:37] TheBKing: LOL
[20:37] TheBKing: ;-
[20:37] Darkangl: yep
[20:37] TheBKing: then you paid for her eye operation.
[20:37] Darkangl: still is apparently
[20:37] TheBKing: then she saw the doctor and thought he was you and screamed.
[20:37] Darkangl: yeah I thought she'd leave me after her eyes got fixed up
[20:37] TheBKing: ROFL!
[20:37] Darkangl: if I was a doctor at least I'd have money
[20:37] TheBKing: Then she saw you and your ugly tie and crime fighting mop.
[20:37] TheBKing: LOL
[20:38] Darkangl: I'd hate to be a gynecologist
[20:38] Darkangl: I don't know how people do that
[20:38] pantsman: If I was a doctor I would perform cruel experiments
[20:38] Darkangl: one green pussy would ruin your sex life for the rest of your life
[20:38] Darkangl: you'd never be able to touch one again
[20:38] Darkangl: in a sexual way
[20:38] LoungeMonkey: Sexual Chocolate!
[20:38] TheBKing: ROFL
[20:39] Darkangl: hahahaha these kids are funny
[20:39] TheBKing: hahahahahhaahahhaahaha
[20:39] TheBKing: uh oh.....
[20:39] pantsman: I would have wanted the kids to curse
[20:39] TheBKing: the natives are attacking!
[20:39] pantsman: Ghostbusters
[20:39] TheBKing: The music said so!
[20:39] Darkangl: now the shit hits the fan
[20:39] TheBKing: ROFL!
[20:39] TheBKing: hahahahahahhaa
[20:39] TheBKing: good call Josh.
[20:39] pantsman: First thing that hit my brain, the music is so familiar
[20:39] LoungeMonkey: Darth Vader is in the house
[20:39] TheBKing: I think the Stay Puft Marshmallow man shows up in a few minutes.
[20:39] TheBKing: LOL
[20:40] TheBKing: This ain't the east or the west side!
[20:40] TheBKing: No it's not!
[20:40] pantsman: Haha, man, I need a copy of Ghostbusters. That flick is great too
[20:40] TheBKing: This ain't the north or the south side.
[20:40] TheBKing: No it's not!
[20:40] TheBKing: It's the dark side!
[20:40] TheBKing: You are correct!
[20:40] Darkangl: man
[20:40] Darkangl: he carries a big pussy
[20:40] pantsman: Wasn't that from that Star Wars rap?
[20:40] TheBKing: To all you Vader Haters out there Get behind the Empire or we'll blow your planet up!
[20:40] TheBKing: yup
[20:40] TheBKing: What is thy bidding my master.
[20:40] Darkangl: hahahaha
[20:40] TheBKing: It's a disaster, Skywalker we're after.
[20:41] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahahahahaha
[20:41] Darkangl: HAHAHAHAHAHa
[20:41] pantsman: Been a LONG time since I heard that
[20:41] TheBKing: What is that, velvet?!
[20:41] Darkangl: kunta
[20:41] pantsman: You ever heard Fette's Vette?
[20:41] Darkangl: hahaha
[20:41] TheBKing: nope
[20:41] TheBKing: wow Duane!
[20:41] pantsman: MC Chris - Fette's Vette, download it, it's awesome
[20:41] TheBKing: They have VHS Tapes in there!
[20:42] pantsman: WORK!?
[20:42] Darkangl: what's a vhs tape?
[20:42] LoungeMonkey: Hahahaha
[20:42] TheBKing: SCREEEECH!
[20:42] TheBKing: SLAM
[20:42] Darkangl: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[20:42] TheBKing: !
[20:42] TheBKing: hahahahaha
[20:42] Darkangl: awesome reaction when he opens the door
[20:42] pantsman: Yeah, Arsenio is great in this
[20:43] LoungeMonkey: bathe him thouroughly
[20:43] TheBKing: LOL
[20:43] Darkangl: hahahahahaha
[20:43] TheBKing: Hint hint!
[20:43] TheBKing: hahahahahahahaha
[20:43] Darkangl: hahahahahh
[20:43] pantsman: That music, god
[20:44] TheBKing: man he's a smooth opetor.
[20:44] Darkangl: man
[20:44] Darkangl: that music is so pumped
[20:44] TheBKing: *operator
[20:44] TheBKing: I know.
[20:44] Darkangl: I wish they wouldn't do that
[20:44] LoungeMonkey: the phone!!!!!
[20:44] TheBKing: BURGER PHONE!
[20:44] Darkangl: hahahaha
[20:44] TheBKing: Does the bun have seeds on it?
[20:44] Darkangl: I wonder what sound it makes when it rings
[20:44] Darkangl: yeah it does have seeds
[20:44] TheBKing: I dunno.
[20:44] TheBKing: yo duder!
[20:44] Darkangl: I know what sound it makes
[20:44] TheBKing: Tara got a new cordless house phone.
[20:44] Darkangl: MEOW
[20:44] TheBKing: The ringer plays the 007 theme
[20:44] Darkangl: MEOW
[20:45] TheBKing: and Rocky's theme.
[20:45] TheBKing: and you can add songs to it!
[20:45] Darkangl: only the best cat meat at mcdougals
[20:45] TheBKing: ROFL!
[20:45] pantsman: Eye of the Tiger!
[20:45] Darkangl: hahahahah
[20:45] TheBKing: Rising uP!
[20:45] TheBKing: Back on the street!
[20:45] TheBKing: Did my time took my chances!
[20:45] TheBKing: Went the distance now I'm back on my feet!
[20:46] pantsman: This movie would be perfect if only Foreigner was on the soundtrack... throughout the whole film
[20:46] Darkangl: that's a cool song
[20:46] TheBKing: Just a man and his will to survive!
[20:46] TheBKing: ok, but what the fuck is the chorus?!
[20:46] TheBKing: It's the eye of the tiger, the thrill of the fight.
[20:46] LoungeMonkey: that's a shitload of rose petals
[20:46] TheBKing: Rising up to the challenge of our rivals.
[20:46] TheBKing: And the last known survivors....
[20:46] TheBKing: run away in the night?
[20:46] Darkangl: it's the, eye of the tiger it's the thrill of the fight, risin' up to the challenge of our rivals
[20:46] TheBKing: and these words do not go with the eye? of the tiger?
[20:46] LoungeMonkey: dun..dun, dun dun
[20:46] TheBKing: yeah?
[20:47] Darkangl: and the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night
[20:47] TheBKing: c'mon finish Duane!
[20:47] TheBKing: no shit?
[20:47] TheBKing: and these words do not go with the eye! of the tiger?
[20:47] TheBKing: ROFL
[20:47] Darkangl: I can't think of the last part because the movie's distracting me
[20:47] pantsman: You're as cold as ice... you're willing to sacrifice our love...
[20:47] TheBKing: yeah our love.
[20:47] TheBKing: You never take advice!
[20:47] TheBKing: Bum da bum.
[20:47] pantsman: Someday you'll pay the price, I know!
[20:47] TheBKing: Someday you'll pay the price I know!
[20:47] TheBKing: I've seen it before it happens all the time!
[20:47] Darkangl: and he's stalking us now with the eye, of the tiger
[20:47] TheBKing: ROFL!
[20:48] Darkangl: I think that's it
[20:48] pantsman: Hahaha, man, awesomeness!
[20:48] TheBKing: LOL
[20:48] TheBKing: cool
[20:48] TheBKing: SLAM!
[20:48] Darkangl: HAHAHAHAHAHA
[20:48] pantsman: I want the Foreigner Belt! You're hot blooded!
[20:48] Darkangl: I love it when he sicks the poodle on him
[20:48] TheBKing: ROFL
[20:48] pantsman: SOUL GLO! Bow before it's mighty power
[20:48] TheBKing: hahahahahahahaha
[20:48] Darkangl: hahahahahaha
[20:48] Darkangl: have a nice trip?
[20:49] TheBKing: he tripped on some spilled SOUL GLO!
[20:50] LoungeMonkey: daddy
[20:50] pantsman: Hehe, that dad is so stoked man
[20:50] TheBKing: hahahahahaha
[20:50] TheBKing: In Eddie we trust.
[20:50] Darkangl: hahahahahahahaha
[20:50] pantsman: She's pissed because he's wealthy, yeah, that happens a lot
[20:50] Darkangl: wasn't that cheese with toothpicks in it?
[20:51] TheBKing: yup
[20:51] Darkangl: if he had it in the oven, wouldn't it have melted?
[20:51] Darkangl: continuity's a bitch :D
[20:51] TheBKing: get out of the way I wanna see tities!
[20:51] TheBKing: NO!
[20:51] TheBKing: damn it!
[20:52] pantsman: Those youngsters, man they love that pizza!
[20:52] TheBKing: Was hoping for some Afro-Egyptian boobies.
[20:52] LoungeMonkey: Youngsters and their pizzas
[20:52] TheBKing: LOL
[20:52] Darkangl: hahahahah
[20:52] Darkangl: would have been funny if he did break dance
[20:52] TheBKing: hahahahahahahahaha
[20:52] Darkangl: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[20:53] pantsman: Oh yeah, James Earl Jones tries to screw everything up I think
[20:53] pantsman: ...I think
[20:53] TheBKing: yup
[20:53] LoungeMonkey: Princess Leia?
[20:53] Darkangl: yep
[20:54] Darkangl: Aerole?
[20:54] Darkangl: queen aereole?
[20:54] Darkangl: nevermind
[20:54] pantsman: James Earl Jones should have been a wrestler
[20:54] Darkangl: yeah he should have
[20:54] Darkangl: he could have been the junkyard vader
[20:54] Darkangl: :D
[20:54] LoungeMonkey: JOhn Amos ain't getting bought off!
[20:55] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[20:55] pantsman: He could go from the top rope, smash through Eddie's chest with an elbow drop straight from the death star!
[20:55] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[20:55] Darkangl: a flying body press straight to hell
[20:55] TheBKing: ROFL
[20:55] LoungeMonkey: Whatchu talking bought girl?
[20:55] TheBKing: hahahahahahahaahah
[20:55] TheBKing: DOH!
[20:55] Darkangl: 'cause you're a HO!
[20:56] TheBKing: Money grubbing teenage whore!
[20:56] TheBKing: LOL
[20:56] pantsman: Lisa, Lisa, Lisa... you're as cold as ice... you're willing to sacrifice your love...
[20:56] TheBKing: Taaakke on meeeeeeeeeeee
[20:56] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[20:56] TheBKing: Taakkkkkkkk mmmeeeeeee ooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnn
[20:56] pantsman: Add Foreigner to the soundtrack of this film and you reach heaven
[20:56] Darkangl: man
[20:56] TheBKing: I'll be goooooooooooooooooooone and I dooooooooooooooooooooo
[20:56] TheBKing: lol
[20:57] Darkangl: when he finds her he won't even have to give her any foreplay
[20:57] Darkangl: she's already wet ;)
[20:57] pantsman: Wait, he's wet, think he knows his hair is wet?
[20:57] TheBKing: His hair is waterproof.
[20:57] Darkangl: hahahaha
[20:57] TheBKing: ZIP!
[20:57] LoungeMonkey: hahahahaha
[20:57] TheBKing: SOUL VENGEANCE!
[20:57] Darkangl: another look at the camera
[20:57] TheBKing: Watch out for that ca....
[20:57] TheBKing: r
[20:57] Darkangl: hahaha
[20:57] TheBKing: oh no!
[20:57] TheBKing: foiled again.
[20:57] TheBKing: aha! Victory!
[20:57] Darkangl: LAW BREAKER!
[20:58] Darkangl: CRIMINAL!!
[20:58] TheBKing: ROFL!
[20:58] TheBKing: He's BAD!
[20:58] TheBKing: He's BAD!
[20:58] TheBKing: You know it!
[20:58] pantsman: OW!
[20:58] LoungeMonkey: nice clean subway car
[20:58] TheBKing: good catch.
[20:58] Darkangl: NICE CATCH!
[20:58] pantsman: Some dude wearing a hard hat on the subway
[20:58] TheBKing: they must've been taped together or some shit.
[20:58] Darkangl: must have
[20:58] Darkangl: or something
[20:59] Darkangl: that would have been damn near impossible if they werent
[20:59] TheBKing: hehehe
[20:59] TheBKing: magnetic.
[20:59] TheBKing: Good soap opera material here.
[20:59] pantsman: Every woman loves a goat herder
[20:59] Darkangl: you know why
[21:00] LoungeMonkey: yeah
[21:00] Darkangl: because goat herders got the biggest staffs
[21:00] pantsman: ...cause of... Goat Fever?
[21:00] Darkangl: ;)
[21:00] TheBKing: nah.
[21:00] TheBKing: their staffs are always bent and crooked at the top Duane.
[21:00] TheBKing: ;-)
[21:00] Darkangl: I didn't know you herded goats jordy
[21:00] Darkangl: ;)
[21:00] TheBKing: ok Shirley McClane!
[21:00] LoungeMonkey: is that Bobby Brown?
[21:00] pantsman: See you next wednesday
[21:00] TheBKing: bitch!
[21:00] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[21:00] LoungeMonkey: mm mmm
[21:00] Darkangl: :D
[21:00] pantsman: Did I just see that?
[21:01] Darkangl: see what
[21:01] TheBKing: Ewww.... the crpyt keeper is sexier than that old lady.
[21:01] pantsman: See You Next Wednesday, a poster for a sci-fi lookin' movie
[21:01] Darkangl: man he just handed her a $500,000 pair of earrings
[21:01] TheBKing: huh?
[21:01] TheBKing: nah, he got em for 10.99 at Wal Mart. They just look expensive.
[21:01] Darkangl: sutphin
[21:01] Darkangl: that was the last name of the family in serial mom
[21:02] pantsman: The Waldorph can bite me
[21:02] TheBKing: and now... WALDORF... Goes fishing!
[21:02] TheBKing: ha
[21:02] TheBKing: ha.....
[21:02] Darkangl: yeah
[21:02] Darkangl: they make shitty salads
[21:02] TheBKing: didn't know they tossed your salad Duane.
[21:02] TheBKing: ;-
[21:02] Darkangl: oh yeah
[21:02] TheBKing: damn my fat fingers!!!!
[21:02] TheBKing: ;-)
[21:02] Darkangl: they do good chili dogs though
[21:02] Darkangl: ;)
[21:02] TheBKing: OH NO! THe natives are closing in again!
[21:02] TheBKing: Here come the apes from Congo!
[21:02] pantsman: End of movie, well that was kind of sad
[21:03] TheBKing: King Hardass.
[21:03] TheBKing: Duaner! BUBBA HOTEP!
[21:03] Darkangl: OH NO YOU DIT'NT
[21:03] TheBKing: We need to do that for a Gathering.
[21:03] Darkangl: :d
[21:03] Darkangl: :D
[21:03] pantsman: Anybody want to guess what happens
[21:04] TheBKing: He pulls back the veil and it's Arsenio Hall in drag!
[21:04] LoungeMonkey: I was going to go see Bubba Ho Tep this weekend in philly
[21:04] TheBKing: c'mon...
[21:04] TheBKing: it's gotta end differently sometime....
[21:04] pantsman: Yes... and then he punches him in the throat
[21:04] TheBKing: what the fuck?!
[21:04] Darkangl: she's got ducky lips
[21:04] TheBKing: it hits DVD march 25th todder.
[21:04] pantsman: BREAK YOURSELF FOOL! *Throat Punch*... it's coming
[21:05] TheBKing: Shut up tubby Coleman!
[21:05] TheBKing: Beverly Hills Cop Music.
[21:05] TheBKing: No wait... it's from Golden Child.
[21:05] pantsman: Where's Judge Reinhold?
[21:05] TheBKing: h'es Native number 2
[21:05] LoungeMonkey: Axel Foley got married?
[21:05] TheBKing: it's in the credits.
[21:05] TheBKing: damn!
[21:05] TheBKing: lol
[21:05] pantsman: He gets shot right here at the end and Axel takes one in the arm
[21:05] TheBKing: That music again!
[21:06] TheBKing: Look out!
[21:06] TheBKing: Headhunters!
[21:06] TheBKing: A conna matusu!
[21:06] TheBKing: Love the credits.
[21:06] LoungeMonkey: I love the jewish guy after the credits
[21:06] Darkangl: I liked the headhunters better on gilligans island
[21:06] pantsman: Well, another day, another gathering