Caddyshack 5/11/2004

Darkangl = Duane from B-Movie Central
LoungeMonkey = Todd from The Monkeyhouse Lounge
Pantsman = Josh from Varied Celluloid


[19:44] LoungeMonkey: cue the Kenny Loggins
[19:44] Darkangl: and I'll do the countdown
[19:45] pantsman: As the music comes in?
[19:45] Darkangl: 22 seconds
[19:46] LoungeMonkey: ready
[19:46] Darkangl: how about you josh
[19:46] pantsman: Umm, on VHS, but I'm going to start as the music comes on to the black screen, let's do it!
[19:46] Darkangl: ok
[19:46] Darkangl: 5
[19:46] Darkangl: 4
[19:46] Darkangl: 3
[19:46] Darkangl: 2
[19:46] Darkangl: 1
[19:46] Darkangl: go
[19:46] pantsman: Blastoff!
[19:47] pantsman: Good lord, this tape is warped or something
[19:47] pantsman: Or is that the music?
[19:47] Darkangl: it's the music
[19:47] LoungeMonkey: I didn't know they were so into golf in Nebraska
[19:47] pantsman: Funkadelic, that music got my eyes rolling
[19:47] pantsman: And the puppet owns my heart
[19:47] pantsman: Oh hells yeah, this song is the scheiss!
[19:47] Darkangl: hahahaha
[19:48] Darkangl: damn catholics and their lack of birth control :P
[19:48] pantsman: Nebraska? What is 'nebraska'?
[19:48] Darkangl: they got like 10 kids :P
[19:48] Darkangl: that kid must be a milkman baby
[19:48] Darkangl: curly red hair?
[19:48] pantsman: It's an orphanage for crack babies fostered by Yasmeen
[19:48] LoungeMonkey: hehehehehehe
[19:48] Darkangl: hey I do the yasmeen references around here buddy
[19:49] Darkangl: you need your own catch joke
[19:49] Darkangl: so does todd
[19:49] pantsman: Hahaha, I thought since Jordan wasn't around somebody had to
[19:49] LoungeMonkey: I just saw the guy who played Noonan in some tv movie the other night
[19:49] pantsman: My catch joke shall be a reference to a rock band in every gathering
[19:49] Darkangl: he was on rosanne too
[19:49] Darkangl: that's gonna be tough josh
[19:49] Darkangl: hey
[19:50] Darkangl: you work at a lumber yard josh
[19:50] Darkangl: maybe you should go be a caddy ;)
[19:50] pantsman: Not so much a joke as a reference I guess, because it hasn't been funny yet :)
[19:50] pantsman: My boss golfs everyday too :D
[19:50] pantsman: Golfs... can that be plural? It doesn't sound right
[19:50] Darkangl: no shit?
[19:50] LoungeMonkey: must be nice to golf everyday
[19:50] pantsman: Seriously, he's always at that mother
[19:50] Darkangl: it's like saying someone shaves every day
[19:51] pantsman: Man, the 80's were awesome for fashion, right?
[19:51] pantsman: I don't shave every day... I don't bathe every day...
[19:51] pantsman: CHEVY!!
[19:51] Darkangl: I guess if you like 80's fashion it was
[19:51] Darkangl: :)
[19:52] LoungeMonkey: Man, those short shorts back then sucked
[19:52] Darkangl: I can see chevy's nipples
[19:52] Darkangl: :)
[19:52] pantsman: Lumber yard? Huzzah!
[19:52] LoungeMonkey: A girl I work with had a jean jacket today and I asked her if she neede a Judas Priest back patch for it :)
[19:52] Darkangl: I like you betty ;)
[19:52] pantsman: Never work on the clean up crew, a warning to anyone
[19:52] Darkangl: hey chevy's got pit stains :D
[19:53] Darkangl: jeez
[19:53] Darkangl: that's going back a bit todd :)
[19:53] pantsman: Way to go, Jack Nichol-Ass!
[19:53] Darkangl: hee hee
[19:53] pantsman: I heard some Judas "Rockin" Priest on the radio today, but Breakin' The Law comes on everyday
[19:53] Darkangl: hahahah
[19:53] pantsman: "You're not being the ball Danny" haha
[19:54] Darkangl: you're not being the ball dannyu
[19:54] pantsman: That was awesome
[19:54] Darkangl: ted knight was awesome
[19:54] pantsman: When will Chevy learn that he needs to play the smart-alek and not the bafoon?
[19:54] Darkangl: he was great at playing pissy ass roles like this
[19:54] pantsman: Exactly man, he was the man
[19:54] Darkangl: yep
[19:54] LoungeMonkey: He should come back as Fletch
[19:54] pantsman: Now he's back to playing 'the fall guy' these days
[19:54] Darkangl: hahahah
[19:54] pantsman: TEEEEEDDD!!
[19:55] Darkangl: it's fat bastard back when he worked at the golf course
[19:55] Darkangl: :D
[19:55] pantsman: What a cast man
[19:55] LoungeMonkey: It's Willy's father
[19:55] pantsman: Look at those sweat stains man
[19:55] Darkangl: back when bill murray was actually funny...
[19:55] pantsman: Hey, Murray is still the man, man
[19:55] Darkangl: I guess they didn't have anti-persperant in the 80's
[19:56] Darkangl: hahahaha
[19:56] LoungeMonkey: Murray is like wine, he's gotten better with age
[19:56] Darkangl: this movie suffers from what a lot of movies do
[19:56] LoungeMonkey: what?
[19:56] Darkangl: music too loud, dialogue too quiet
[19:56] LoungeMonkey: never noticed that
[19:57] pantsman: I hear that... or do I? Hahah... wait, that wasn't funny
[19:57] Darkangl: what are you deaf?
[19:57] Darkangl: this monologue was awesome
[19:57] Darkangl: the dali lama :D
[19:57] pantsman: God, everytime I hear Bill Murray in this, I always think of that guy in "Clerks" who does that lame imitation
[19:57] LoungeMonkey: big hitter the lama
[19:57] LoungeMonkey: long
[19:57] Darkangl: gunga galunga :D
[19:58] Darkangl: so I got that goin' for me
[19:58] pantsman: That Lamma guy is a cheapskate
[19:58] Darkangl: that is one of the best movie quotes ever
[19:58] LoungeMonkey: it sure is
[19:58] Darkangl: well he's wearing robes and he's bald and he lives in the mountains
[19:58] Darkangl: so yeah he's probably cheap
[19:58] Darkangl: ;)
[19:59] Darkangl: hahahahah
[19:59] Darkangl: weeeeeeeeeee!
[19:59] Darkangl: that's a peach hun!
[19:59] pantsman: Hahahaha
[19:59] pantsman: There's bound to be some nudity in this movie I bet
[19:59] LoungeMonkey: you've never seen this flick Josh?
[20:00] pantsman: Only on TV :X
[20:00] LoungeMonkey: hehehehe
[20:00] LoungeMonkey: there's some tittage
[20:00] Darkangl: yeah there is
[20:00] pantsman: 50 cents for a coke, would have thought things would be a bit cheaper back in 'dem days
[20:00] Darkangl: you'll see some tiny tittage
[20:00] Darkangl: she barely has more than nipples
[20:00] Darkangl: hahahaha
[20:01] pantsman: I'd kill to have the hat the boss wears
[20:01] LoungeMonkey: you aint gettin no coke
[20:01] pantsman: J. Ropert Oppenheimer stylee
[20:01] LoungeMonkey: Bill Murray's brother
[20:01] Darkangl: yep
[20:01] Darkangl: he put on a lot of weight later on
[20:02] pantsman: That boss guy is Bill Murray's brother?
[20:02] Darkangl: yep
[20:02] Darkangl: he and bill and the rest of their brothers own a restaraunt together
[20:02] pantsman: Seriously? I've seen him in quite a few character parts, never knew that
[20:02] Darkangl: yep
[20:03] Darkangl: man if I paid what those people are paying to be there I'd live there too
[20:03] LoungeMonkey: yeah
[20:03] Darkangl: hahaha
[20:03] pantsman: Does this film take place after Ted killed Lou and Mary or what?
[20:03] Darkangl: I love that
[20:03] Darkangl: Dr. Beeper
[20:03] Darkangl: :D
[20:03] Darkangl: hahahaha
[20:04] Darkangl: he mouthed the words mother fucker there
[20:04] pantsman: I have got to hear that joke man
[20:04] Darkangl: RODNEY!!!!!!!!!
[20:04] Darkangl: I love rodney
[20:04] Darkangl: he's awesome
[20:04] LoungeMonkey: back when Dangerfield was funny
[20:04] pantsman: Wang, woot!
[20:04] Darkangl: he's always been funny
[20:04] pantsman: Hahaha, every line is a joke
[20:05] Darkangl: hahahahahahahahaha!
[20:05] Darkangl: rodney's hilarious
[20:05] Darkangl: I love his golf bag
[20:05] pantsman: Anybody else have a soft spot for Ladybugs in their heart?
[20:05] LoungeMonkey: this is when he was hardcore on the coke
[20:05] LoungeMonkey: yeah, the tv in the bad rules
[20:05] Darkangl: yeah I liked ladybugs
[20:05] pantsman: Rodney was on coke?
[20:05] Darkangl: is that on dvd at all?
[20:06] pantsman: Breasticles!
[20:06] Darkangl: yeah rodney was I'm sure
[20:06] Darkangl: her tits are small and pointy
[20:06] pantsman: That is a very nice looking female if'n you ask me
[20:06] pantsman: Well, not extremely hot
[20:06] Darkangl: she's not as hot as they try to make her out to be
[20:06] Darkangl: hahahah
[20:06] Darkangl: I love this
[20:06] *** Joins: The (
[20:06] pantsman: Still, I'd be All Up In It like Chubby Cox... think I've made that reference at one of these before
[20:07] Darkangl: hey bitch
[20:07] pantsman: Hey The
[20:07] The: hey fellas
[20:07] Darkangl: hahahaha
[20:07] The: I'm simply THE now.
[20:07] The: shit
[20:07] pantsman: What THE?
[20:07] Darkangl: man ted knight and rodney dangerfield work off of each other great
[20:07] LoungeMonkey: The?
[20:07] The: THE
[20:07] pantsman: The what?
[20:07] LoungeMonkey: Yeah, they had good chemistry
[20:07] pantsman: What the?
[20:08] The: The Unnamable
[20:08] Darkangl: DOUBLE FARTS!
[20:08] pantsman: The... Jordan?
[20:08] Darkangl: hahahaha
[20:08] The: yup
[20:08] pantsman: Nut shots, always funny!
[20:08] * The slaps The around a bit with a large trout
[20:08] LoungeMonkey: Spalding!!
[20:08] Darkangl: journey!
[20:09] Darkangl: here's your chance josh!
[20:09] pantsman: If it was Foreigner, yes, but it's Journey
[20:09] The: brb
[20:09] *** Parts: The (
[20:09] Darkangl: steve perry...steve perry
[20:09] Darkangl: :D
[20:09] Darkangl: golf psyche outs :D
[20:09] LoungeMonkey: no Journey (or Kenny Loggins) psyche outs!
[20:10] pantsman: Hahaha, man, a Golf sequel to Baseketball, I want that!
[20:10] Darkangl: what sports would they combine for that?
[20:10] LoungeMonkey: Golfsketball
[20:10] pantsman: Gimme a Nazareth Psycheout any day of the week
[20:10] Darkangl: nah
[20:10] Darkangl: nazareth?
[20:10] pantsman: If you can come up with a Nazareth psycheout, you own the sport
[20:11] LoungeMonkey: so ture
[20:11] LoungeMonkey: so true
[20:11] pantsman: 80's technology, it's the future!
[20:11] Darkangl: hahahaha
[20:11] Darkangl: hahahahah
[20:11] Darkangl: religious hypocrite
[20:12] Darkangl: you know I've often thought of becoming a golf club :D
[20:12] Darkangl: man rodney's sweating
[20:12] LoungeMonkey: hehehehe
[20:12] pantsman: Dead people don't get buried anymore
[20:12] pantsman: Good lord, I would beat Ted's grandson with a bat
[20:12] Darkangl: maggie is cute but there's something VERY annoying about her
[20:12] pantsman: Is she Irish?
[20:13] Darkangl: yeah
[20:13] Darkangl: annoyingly so
[20:13] pantsman: Well, there you go :)
[20:13] Darkangl: HAHAHAHA
[20:13] Darkangl: I love the way rodney wandersover here
[20:13] pantsman: The Scottish are awesome though
[20:13] Darkangl: wanders over
[20:13] LoungeMonkey: I don't think Maggie's cute at all
[20:13] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[20:13] Darkangl: she's ok
[20:13] pantsman: Short hair without any kind of style to it is just lame on a chick
[20:13] Darkangl: she's not ugly
[20:13] *** Joins: BKing (
[20:14] Darkangl: but she's not attractive either
[20:14] LoungeMonkey: The?
[20:14] BKing: God damned MIRC
[20:14] pantsman: BKing, what the...?
[20:14] BKing: lol
[20:14] pantsman: I don't even know what's going on anymore
[20:14] pantsman: But Danny ain't gettin' no play from these rich mofo's
[20:14] Darkangl: nope
[20:14] BKing: still watching the flick?
[20:15] LoungeMonkey: Noonan's got bad luck
[20:15] pantsman: We've only been watching about 20 minutes so far I imagine
[20:15] Darkangl: hahaha
[20:15] Darkangl: you know what was good about this movie
[20:15] pantsman: Hahahaha, Bill Murray is awesome
[20:15] pantsman: What?
[20:15] Darkangl: almost everyone in it was great
[20:15] BKing: lol
[20:16] pantsman: "severe intelligence" hahahaha
[20:16] BKing: DUDES!
[20:16] Darkangl: what?
[20:16] pantsman: What up 'foo?
[20:16] BKing: New M. Night Shyamalan flick
[20:16] BKing: The Village
[20:16] Darkangl: we're trying to watch a movie here
[20:16] pantsman: The Woods?
[20:16] pantsman: Right, right
[20:16] pantsman: The Village
[20:16] LoungeMonkey: that was filmed a few miles down the road from where I work
[20:16] Darkangl: this was the great scene where rodney farted
[20:16] BKing: Originally the Woods though.
[20:16] pantsman: Did you ever visit the set?
[20:16] Darkangl: I love the look on his face
[20:16] LoungeMonkey: lots of security around for about 3 months
[20:17] Darkangl: here comes
[20:17] Darkangl: :D
[20:17] BKing: sheesh Duane. Ain't my fault our podunk store don't have Caddyshack.
[20:17] BKing: lol
[20:17] LoungeMonkey: the local pizza places were always busy
[20:17] BKing: all right well I'll let you guys be.
[20:17] Darkangl: here comes
[20:17] BKing: Gonna get back to my review.
[20:17] Darkangl: here comes
[20:17] LoungeMonkey: what are you reviewing
[20:17] pantsman: Later Jordz
[20:17] BKing: DINOSAURUS!
[20:17] BKing: Much better than Van Helsing.
[20:17] BKing: LOL
[20:17] pantsman: Was that a Monty Python joke?
[20:18] Darkangl: hahahahahahaha
[20:18] pantsman: "You must'a been something before electricity!"
[20:18] Darkangl: hee hee
[20:18] LoungeMonkey: The ABC tv show?
[20:18] Darkangl: someone's jealous huh?
[20:18] pantsman: That chick isn't really Irish is she?
[20:18] Darkangl: at least lacey has a decent hairstyle
[20:19] Darkangl: actually they both have crappy hair
[20:19] LoungeMonkey: Lacy has a nice backyard too
[20:19] LoungeMonkey: no boobs though
[20:19] Darkangl: she has small ones
[20:19] pantsman: Varmant poontang, huzzah!
[20:19] Darkangl: the nipples are pointy enough to compensate for the lack of size
[20:19] Darkangl: chevy's vest don't fit
[20:20] pantsman: Chevy drives a Ford
[20:20] Darkangl: lacey looks pretty hot there
[20:20] pantsman: Rodney must have came to set with a book of material
[20:20] Darkangl: man her nipples are pointy
[20:21] LoungeMonkey: Chevy was on the coke for this flick too
[20:21] Darkangl: you could cut glass with those nipples
[20:21] pantsman: It was like Scarface during the production
[20:21] Darkangl: I enjoy skinny skiing, going to bullfights on acid...and smoking crack with my friend yasmeen
[20:21] pantsman: People plopping their faces down into sandcastles of coke
[20:21] Darkangl: :D
[20:21] pantsman: YASMEEN REFERENCE!
[20:21] Darkangl: hahahah
[20:21] Darkangl: the cigarette
[20:21] Darkangl: in the drink
[20:21] Darkangl: :D
[20:22] Darkangl: hahahahahahahaha
[20:22] pantsman: I've done that a fair share of times
[20:22] Darkangl: I love when he hurls in the porche
[20:22] pantsman: Was Rodney ever young?
[20:22] Darkangl: hahahaha
[20:22] Darkangl: the rodney shuffle :D
[20:23] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[20:23] Darkangl: hey you wanna make $14 the hard way?
[20:23] pantsman: $14 the hard way, I have to know what that's all about!
[20:23] Darkangl: :D
[20:23] Darkangl: oh man that's a great line
[20:23] LoungeMonkey: Yeah, I don't ever remember seeing him young
[20:23] LoungeMonkey: dog food?!?!?
[20:23] pantsman: Eww, slippery seat, slippery seat!
[20:23] pantsman: "I've got a salami I need to hide" hahahahaha
[20:24] Darkangl: bark like a dog for me
[20:24] Darkangl: bark like a dog
[20:24] Darkangl: :D
[20:24] LoungeMonkey: hahahaha
[20:25] pantsman: Chevy's nipples make another appearance
[20:25] pantsman: Mitch Cumstein? What was that!?
[20:25] Darkangl: he's barefoot
[20:25] Darkangl: :)
[20:26] pantsman: Thank you very little, w00t!
[20:26] pantsman: You know when someone comes up with little sayings like that, they're completely awesome in all ways
[20:26] LoungeMonkey: naaaa nnaaan annnna nnaaaa
[20:27] Darkangl: these people are asses here
[20:27] pantsman: Is this the tournament already?
[20:27] Darkangl: the caddy tournament
[20:28] pantsman: Right, there's another one later right?
[20:28] Darkangl: the bet game
[20:28] LoungeMonkey: Caddy's just learn how to play from watching other golfers
[20:28] Darkangl: when ted and rodney bet
[20:28] Darkangl: mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm
[20:28] Darkangl: :D
[20:28] pantsman: Sexxx
[20:29] Darkangl: SHE'S WEARING GRANNY PANTIES!!!!!!!
[20:29] pantsman: All up in it, all up in it
[20:29] Darkangl: she's irish
[20:29] pantsman: A floater baby
[20:29] Darkangl: I wonder if his dick would come out green
[20:29] Darkangl: :D
[20:29] pantsman: Hahaha, nasty
[20:29] Darkangl: thank you :)
[20:29] pantsman: Eww, little girls in bathing suits, I feel dirty
[20:30] Darkangl: you know
[20:30] pantsman: We've got to do Maximum Overdrive for one of these things one day
[20:30] Darkangl: every time I see people in a public pool
[20:30] Darkangl: I can only think of one thing
[20:30] pantsman: Poop?
[20:30] Darkangl: all the ass residue in the water
[20:30] Darkangl: not everyone is really good about wiping
[20:30] pantsman: You'd do better to think of all the pee
[20:31] Darkangl: that too
[20:31] Darkangl: and armpit juice and sweat
[20:31] Darkangl: I can't even get in a public pool
[20:31] pantsman: You know any kid who gets in there is gonna tinkle
[20:31] LoungeMonkey: ewwww armpit juice...
[20:31] Darkangl: hahahaha
[20:31] pantsman: She ain't THAT hot man
[20:31] Darkangl: got some TB goin there maggie?
[20:31] Darkangl: I know she's not
[20:31] Darkangl: but compared to the other chicks there
[20:31] Darkangl: she ain't bad
[20:32] pantsman: C'mon, it's Nebraska, there's bound to be somebody hotter... well, maybe not exactly...
[20:32] Darkangl: this scene makes no sense
[20:32] Darkangl: they're doing water ballet
[20:32] pantsman: ZING! I apologize to all the people in Nebraska I may have just offended
[20:32] Darkangl: where the hell did that come from?
[20:32] pantsman: The water ballet?
[20:32] Darkangl: yeah
[20:33] LoungeMonkey: that's great non-linear humor
[20:33] pantsman: ... well... umm... you're right, that made no sense
[20:33] pantsman: POO POO!!
[20:33] Darkangl: DOODIE!!!!!!!!
[20:33] LoungeMonkey: hehehehehe
[20:33] Darkangl: I love when bill murray takes a bite off it
[20:33] pantsman: BOOBIES!
[20:34] pantsman: Taking a crap underwater would be so freaky I can't think about it
[20:34] Darkangl: it's even got peanuts on it
[20:35] Darkangl: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[20:35] pantsman: Oh man, after it's been in the water
[20:35] Darkangl: so basically
[20:35] Darkangl: it's a baby ruth with armpit juice, ass residue, pee, and chlorine all over it ;)
[20:35] pantsman: Konnichiwa!
[20:35] pantsman: Oh man, didn't even think of the Chlorine
[20:35] pantsman: Nasty
[20:35] Darkangl: yep
[20:36] Darkangl: hahahaha
[20:36] pantsman: "Your uncle molests collies"
[20:37] pantsman: I think this scene was improvised, at least I may have heard that somewhere
[20:37] LoungeMonkey: Man, there are so many classic lines in this movie
[20:37] LoungeMonkey: I've heard that as well
[20:37] Darkangl: how did she not laugh when he did that
[20:37] Darkangl: that's a great pool
[20:38] pantsman: Chevy was the man, that's all there is to it
[20:38] Darkangl: ha ha he told her she has small breasts
[20:38] pantsman: He was kinda funny in Dirty Work... well, kinda... maybe... if you closed your eyes
[20:38] LoungeMonkey: I love Dirty Work, that's a hilarious movie
[20:39] Darkangl: yeah it wasn't bad
[20:39] pantsman: Whoa, someone else! :) I don't know if I 'love' it, but I sure as heck like it more than most folk
[20:39] Darkangl: it got old though
[20:39] Darkangl: it's not something I'd want to watch a lot
[20:39] pantsman: "I got it from a negro" hahahaha
[20:39] Darkangl: hahahahah
[20:39] Darkangl: it's the best man, I got it from a negro :D
[20:40] LoungeMonkey: I wonder what Spalding's up to these days?
[20:40] pantsman: You know how those negros are! Whoo buddie!
[20:40] Darkangl: hahahahahaha
[20:40] Darkangl: I hate it when old people try to talk hip
[20:40] Darkangl: it's so irritating
[20:40] pantsman: You seen those phone commercials with the old people 'hip-hopping' it up?
[20:41] Darkangl: you too look like a couple of boogies :D
[20:41] Darkangl: yeah
[20:41] Darkangl: they're irritating too
[20:41] Darkangl: so's that old lady in the wedding singer
[20:41] pantsman: It's just low comedy
[20:41] Darkangl: it's not even that
[20:42] LoungeMonkey: those commercials suck
[20:42] Darkangl: this poem is so pompous and stupid
[20:42] Darkangl: :D
[20:42] pantsman: The flying wad? What?
[20:42] Darkangl: hahahaha ted knight had a great stupid laugh
[20:43] pantsman: Boy, that girl can really put the moves on can't seh
[20:43] Darkangl: HEY! MY BUDDY!
[20:43] Darkangl: :D
[20:43] Darkangl: god I love rodney
[20:43] LoungeMonkey: Duane!
[20:43] LoungeMonkey: Noonan was the dad in The Hot Chick!
[20:43] Darkangl: no he wasn't
[20:43] pantsman: Rodney is like an elderly version of the 80's Beastie Boys
[20:43] Darkangl: hahahaha
[20:43] pantsman: How could anyone not love that!?
[20:44] Darkangl: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[20:44] Darkangl: I love that black dude's eyes
[20:44] Darkangl: they looked like they were gonna pop out of his head
[20:44] LoungeMonkey: I think he was in it somewhere though
[20:44] Darkangl: HAHAHAHAHAHA
[20:44] pantsman: Nekkid!
[20:45] LoungeMonkey: yeah, he was the chick's father
[20:45] Darkangl: hey you scratched my anchor!
[20:45] LoungeMonkey: Dangerfield was great on that Simpsons episode
[20:45] pantsman: The 'sensual' love scene seemed a bit out of place
[20:46] LoungeMonkey: yeah
[20:46] pantsman: BUSTED!!!!
[20:46] LoungeMonkey: Ted Knight was insanely tan in this movie
[20:46] pantsman: That's such a nightmare man
[20:46] Darkangl: he wasn't even in the hot chick
[20:47] pantsman: Here's Teddy!
[20:47] Darkangl: hahahahaha
[20:47] Darkangl: this was a great scene
[20:47] Darkangl: he ad libbed all of this
[20:47] pantsman: This is awesome
[20:48] pantsman: Hahaha, he'd be so fired
[20:48] LoungeMonkey: Yeah he was, Michael O'Keefe
[20:48] LoungeMonkey: that's great! hahahaha
[20:48] pantsman: "he's a cinderella boy" - what is he talking about, haha
[20:48] Darkangl: dude I just looked on imdb
[20:48] Darkangl: he's not in the movie
[20:49] LoungeMonkey: So did I
[20:49] pantsman: Oh yeah, this is great
[20:49] LoungeMonkey:
[20:49] LoungeMonkey: # 3
[20:49] Darkangl: oh sumbitch
[20:49] Darkangl: you're right
[20:50] Darkangl: I didn't see it before
[20:50] Darkangl: I apologize
[20:50] Darkangl: my bad :)
[20:50] LoungeMonkey: I only recognized him because the movie was on the other night and i was trying to place him
[20:50] LoungeMonkey: don't worry about it :)
[20:50] Darkangl: when I watch that movie I never notice anyone except anna faris
[20:50] LoungeMonkey: He's had a good career
[20:50] Darkangl: she looks completely amazing in that movie
[20:50] LoungeMonkey: Did you see her on Friends?
[20:50] Darkangl: no
[20:50] Darkangl: never watched friends
[20:50] pantsman: Did you see May Duane?
[20:50] Darkangl: yes
[20:51] Darkangl: didn't like May
[20:51] pantsman: I actually liked it quite a bit
[20:51] Darkangl: May was built up to be this really scary movie and it wasn't
[20:51] Darkangl: the only really creepy thing that happened was at the end
[20:51] Darkangl: and there's been a lot of movies where someone sewed different body parts together
[20:51] Darkangl: Dr. Gore for one
[20:51] Darkangl: :)
[20:51] pantsman: I hadn't read much anything about it. Just that it was a good character based film, so I digged it.
[20:52] pantsman: Blackenstein :)
[20:52] Darkangl: answet the door
[20:52] Darkangl: and put your coat on
[20:52] Darkangl: so they won't knooooooooowwwwwwwww you're a hunchback :D
[20:52] LoungeMonkey: hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!
[20:52] pantsman: "Tanks for nuttin'"
[20:52] Darkangl: I love that scene
[20:53] pantsman: Have you seen the Gingersnaps flicks Duane?
[20:53] Darkangl: HAHAHAHA
[20:53] Darkangl: no I haven't
[20:53] pantsman: I'd be interested in seeing what you think of them, but I have a feeling you wouldn't like them
[20:54] Darkangl: probably not
[20:54] Darkangl: but then again
[20:54] LoungeMonkey: Ginger Snaps was just Ok and I love werewolf movies
[20:54] Darkangl: I like a lot of different kinds of movie
[20:54] LoungeMonkey: Gotta love Dog Soldiers
[20:54] Darkangl: dog soldiers has my respect
[20:54] Darkangl: because they used REAL effects
[20:54] Darkangl: real creature make up
[20:54] Darkangl: that's SO rare nowadays
[20:54] pantsman: I loved both Ginger Snaps films, call me crazy, and what little I saw of Dog Soldiers I didn't like :)
[20:55] LoungeMonkey: The werewolves look great in that movie
[20:55] LoungeMonkey: you're friggin crazy :)
[20:55] pantsman: Go ahead, call me what you will, but I shalln't lie ;)
[20:55] Darkangl: how 'bout a fresca! :D
[20:55] Darkangl: hahahaha
[20:56] pantsman: Anybody seen Andy Warhol's Frankenstein?
[20:56] pantsman: Not to go off from the film, just wondering
[20:56] LoungeMonkey: nope
[20:56] Darkangl: nah I never paid attention to any of andy warhol's boyfriends
[20:56] pantsman: Cause I rented it because I've heard it's sick
[20:56] pantsman: I'm expecting some corpse sex and gore, and if it doesn't deliver, someone shall pay
[20:56] Darkangl: su su su su su...
[20:56] Darkangl: :D
[20:57] pantsman: Here it goes, the set up for the finale, yeehah!
[20:57] Darkangl: yay!
[20:57] LoungeMonkey: yee haw!
[20:57] pantsman: The big song and dance number!
[20:57] Darkangl: maggie's happy now because she's gushing blood out of her crotch
[20:57] Darkangl: sounds like a japanese shock flick
[20:57] pantsman: Boy, that's a lovely picture
[20:58] Darkangl: hahahah
[20:58] Darkangl: a moth flew through the scene
[20:58] LoungeMonkey: it does
[20:58] pantsman: There's a flick called Red Room with some blood-from-crotch nastiness in it from what I've been told
[20:58] Darkangl: it's one and a half seconds of fame
[20:59] LoungeMonkey: and starring The Moth as himself
[20:59] Darkangl: hahaha
[20:59] pantsman: TED IS TICKED!
[21:00] Darkangl: hahahaha
[21:00] Darkangl: I love the gopher
[21:00] Darkangl: sharon doesn't like it
[21:00] LoungeMonkey: Ted Knight must've almost given himself a heart attack
[21:00] Darkangl: she says it pisses her off
[21:00] Darkangl: :)
[21:00] Darkangl: he did have a heart attack
[21:00] pantsman: Bill Murray's character is always giving an interview to himself
[21:00] Darkangl: that's how he died I think
[21:01] Darkangl: nope
[21:01] Darkangl: he had cancer
[21:01] LoungeMonkey: really?
[21:01] Darkangl: he died on the 26th of august 1986
[21:01] pantsman: A year after I was born
[21:02] LoungeMonkey: A year after you were born?!?!?!?!!?
[21:02] pantsman: This scene with Chevy and Bill was improvised too
[21:02] LoungeMonkey: Man, now I feel old
[21:02] pantsman: 1985 for me, a year and some months
[21:02] pantsman: :D
[21:02] Darkangl: hahahaha
[21:02] Darkangl: this all sounds so ad libbed
[21:02] LoungeMonkey: I was born almost 10 years earlier
[21:03] LoungeMonkey: I read somewhere that they only did a few take of this scene
[21:03] Darkangl: I was born in 1970
[21:03] pantsman: "people don't say that about you, as far as you know"
[21:03] Darkangl: december 3rd
[21:03] pantsman: You were, 16 then?
[21:04] pantsman: Everybody in the film is on some form of narcotic
[21:04] Darkangl: hee hee
[21:04] Darkangl: yeah I was
[21:04] LoungeMonkey: It was the times man
[21:05] Darkangl: yeah
[21:05] pantsman: Hahaha, hamstring crippling, yeah!
[21:05] LoungeMonkey: hehehehe
[21:06] pantsman: Oh jesus, I use a blower like that at work sometimes :\
[21:06] Darkangl: I wish I had a blower at work
[21:06] Darkangl: it'd make the day go a lot easier ;)
[21:06] LoungeMonkey: haha! That would be nice
[21:06] Darkangl: unfortunately my blower's in california right now ;)
[21:06] pantsman: It's better than being on the brook & shovel, but it's just boring and time wasting
[21:06] pantsman: broom*
[21:07] Darkangl: that guy doesn't look anything like bill murray
[21:07] pantsman: Work is evil, and frankly, I want no part of it
[21:07] Darkangl: he must have been the milkman baby
[21:07] Darkangl: :)
[21:07] pantsman: Boxing gloves, just noticed that
[21:07] LoungeMonkey: All the Murray brothers are actors aren't they?
[21:08] pantsman: They're like The Baldwins
[21:08] pantsman: Bill is like Alec Baldwin, with talent, and a sense of humor
[21:09] Darkangl: so basically he's nothing like alec baldwin
[21:09] pantsman: Hahahaha, exactly what I was getting at
[21:09] Darkangl: I'm still waiting for that ass to move to france like he said he'd do
[21:10] pantsman: Okay, so who is playing for who right now?
[21:10] pantsman: Is it every man for himself or it it a team thing?
[21:10] Darkangl: jeez haven't you been watching?
[21:10] Darkangl: it's teams
[21:10] LoungeMonkey: it's Chevy and Danger
[21:10] pantsman: I've been typing with random looks at the tv :)
[21:11] Darkangl: that kid'll eat anything
[21:11] pantsman: I wonder where that gopher puppet is now
[21:11] Darkangl: dunno
[21:12] Darkangl: it's a cool puppet
[21:12] BKing: was in a commercial with Tiger Woods that parodied Caddyshack.
[21:12] Darkangl: yeah
[21:12] Darkangl: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[21:12] pantsman: "nobody likes a tattletale Danny, except of course me" haha
[21:12] Darkangl: ow
[21:12] Darkangl: :D
[21:13] pantsman: C'mon Danny! WIN! GO DANNY GO!
[21:13] pantsman: Danny's an odd looking kid
[21:13] Darkangl: I guess you don't I guess you don't :D
[21:13] Darkangl: ted knight was so pissy
[21:13] pantsman: But he's got the wit going for him, I guess that's what draws the ladies to him... but I would have to be an idiot to believe wit drew women...
[21:14] LoungeMonkey: That Tiger Woods commerical was good
[21:14] Darkangl: I wonder how they did that with the bird
[21:14] pantsman: What is Chevy talking about, yikes
[21:14] pantsman: That's a total deconstruction of the English language
[21:15] Darkangl: hee hee
[21:15] Darkangl: he did a minister character that did that on saturday night life
[21:15] Darkangl: live
[21:15] LoungeMonkey: what character was that?
[21:15] pantsman: Who do you guys think is going to win?
[21:16] pantsman: I've got money laid down on Ted
[21:16] pantsman: ... Happy Gilmore jumps from the bushes!
[21:16] Darkangl: you never saw this josh?
[21:16] LoungeMonkey: hahahaha
[21:17] pantsman: It was a joke holmes
[21:17] LoungeMonkey: I read somewhere that Harold Ramis and Bill Murray aren't on speaking terms anymore
[21:17] pantsman: Hahaha, Chevy's great with taking the pressure off things
[21:17] Darkangl: you're the blackest, most mexican white kid from louisiana I ever met josh
[21:17] Darkangl: :)
[21:18] pantsman: Hehehe, shoot, you never met my brother :D
[21:18] Darkangl: I'd like to meet your uncle
[21:18] Darkangl: I bet that shit is funny
[21:18] pantsman: Trust me, no you wouldn't :D
[21:18] Darkangl: hahahaha
[21:19] pantsman: Let us not speak of him on a public arena though, my family would shame me ;)
[21:19] pantsman: Apocalypse Now - Redux - Redux
[21:19] pantsman: "I love the smell of singed gopher in the morning..."
[21:20] LoungeMonkey: smells like victory
[21:20] Darkangl: I don't see how that can call that a win since the ball went in the hole artificially
[21:20] pantsman: Hehehe
[21:20] LoungeMonkey: there has to be a ruling
[21:20] pantsman: I know, seriously, can you win a game by sitting near the hole blowing the ball in with a fan?
[21:20] Darkangl: basically
[21:21] Darkangl: oh well
[21:21] pantsman: DAS GOPHER UND LIVED!!!
[21:21] Darkangl: moose and rocko will get the money out of him
[21:21] Darkangl: :)
[21:21] pantsman: That's the full extend of my German
[21:21] pantsman: Extent* I think
[21:21] Darkangl: I saw kenny loggins on fox news channel the other day
[21:21] LoungeMonkey: how about Moose and Squirrel
[21:21] Darkangl: he sang a couple of songs
[21:21] Darkangl: he almost retired from music
[21:21] LoungeMonkey: did he do Danger Zone from Top Gun?
[21:21] Darkangl: but his son told him not to
[21:21] Darkangl: so he stuck with it
[21:21] Darkangl: no
[21:21] LoungeMonkey: he shouldn't have listented to his son
[21:22] Darkangl: he did this one
[21:22] Darkangl: and one from a new album he's got out
[21:22] pantsman: Kenny Loggins once killed a man using his shoestrings
[21:22] Darkangl: jeez it's raining here
[21:22] Darkangl: I don't know where this crap came from
[21:22] Darkangl: been raining since this afternoon
[21:23] pantsman: I like the rain, at least when I don't have to go out
[21:23] LoungeMonkey: it's been raining here but it's not cooling it down at all
[21:23] Darkangl: yeah
[21:23] Darkangl: I hate when it rains and it's all hot and muggy
[21:23] pantsman: Lord, try some Louisiana humidity, it's a killer
[21:23] LoungeMonkey: I can imagine
[21:23] pantsman: I wonder why Jordan never logged out
[21:24] LoungeMonkey: It was muggy as hell in Mexico
[21:24] LoungeMonkey: I thought he did?
[21:24] pantsman: Mexico seems scary to me
[21:24] Darkangl: you can get the shits from the humidity in mexico
[21:24] Darkangl: the water just soaks in through your skin ;)
[21:24] pantsman: I still have Bking on my little panel
[21:24] BKing: No I'm still here.
[21:24] BKing: I keep peeking in every now and then.
[21:24] Darkangl: ok so I guess this wraps up this gathering