Baseketball 11/15/2002

Painful = Frederik from Painful Cinema
TheBKing = Jordan from The B-Movie Film Vault
cnote2000 = Todd from The Monkeyhouse Lounge
Darkangl = Duane from B-Movie Central
AgonyBooth = Albert from The Agony Booth

Painful: This is Frederik, from Painful Cinema.
TheBKing: Duane can't spell by the way. Hehehehehehe.
Darkangl: ok this is the first of the Rogue Reviewers IRC movie gatherings, and tonight's movie is Baseketball
Darkangl: let's start by introducing ourselves and saying what site we're from
cnote2000: Todd, from the Monkeyhouse Lounge
Darkangl: I'm Duane and I'm from B-Movie Centreal
TheBKing: I'm Jordan. The B-Movie Film Vault.
AgonyBooth: Albert from The Agony Booth!
TheBKing: Duane can't spell by the way. Hehehehehehe.
cnote2000: Is that like Montreal?
TheBKing: Hahaha!
AgonyBooth: so are we rolling?Painful: 3 2 1 blastoff!
TheBKing: 5
TheBKing: 4
AgonyBooth: 3 2 1 contact!
Darkangl: go
TheBKing: 3
TheBKing: Everyone's going I hope....
AgonyBooth: i started it
cnote2000: going
Darkangl: me too
Darkangl: with a fly ball to right
cnote2000: little trey and matt
TheBKing: Mr. OCtober baby!
Painful: I don't get baseball... crazy americans.
TheBKing: lol.
cnote2000: haQ
TheBKing: Well I don't understand why Russia doesn't own Sweden...
cnote2000: i meant HA!
Darkangl: that kid who play's remer looks like a total dork :D
Painful: We kicked their asses.
Darkangl: the one that plays coop looks like it really could be him
TheBKing: Hahaha.
cnote2000: nice voiceover. Sounds the like the movie trailer guy
Darkangl: hee hee
Darkangl: the celebrations
cnote2000: a world...
TheBKing: LOL!
Darkangl: line dancing football players
TheBKing: This rules!
AgonyBooth: dallas.. with no logos on their helmets
Darkangl: hahaha
AgonyBooth: can we say, no permission from the nfl
cnote2000: this is awesome
Darkangl: I never really noticed they didn't have logo's on the helmets
TheBKing: can you imagine how long it took them to learn how to do that dance.
Painful: I don't get football either! ...hehehe...
cnote2000: dancing with the ref!
Painful: Nice blimp...
Darkangl: I love the blimp with the red end
AgonyBooth: enron field!
Darkangl: hahahah
TheBKing: Whatever.... sheeeet.
Darkangl: I love that too
cnote2000: minnestoa dumbass
Darkangl: they don't allow music in salt lake city?
AgonyBooth: lakers!!
Darkangl: crazy mormons :)
Darkangl: oh I love when the goalie catches the head
Darkangl: is that a pentaly?
Painful: I belive the term is morons...
TheBKing: LOL
TheBKing: high sticking.
cnote2000: hahaha!
Darkangl: how long do you get in the box for that?
TheBKing: life
cnote2000: 5 to 10 years
Darkangl: hahahaha
cnote2000: you get executed in texas
Darkangl: that kid has freckles
AgonyBooth: that would be a sweet sport
Darkangl: trey parker dont
AgonyBooth: i'd watch combo-foot-baseball
Darkangl: hahah
TheBKing: lol
Darkangl: takin a leak in the flowers
TheBKing: Isn't that bad for plants?
Darkangl: yeah
Darkangl: kills them
cnote2000: yasmine bleeth. cokehead
Darkangl: you graduated? :D
AgonyBooth: haha
Darkangl: yeah she is
Darkangl: I saw her mugshot
cnote2000: cock. beer
TheBKing: Course we graduated cock. beer?
TheBKing: lol
AgonyBooth: jenny mccarthy
Darkangl: she looked horrible
Darkangl: hee hee
AgonyBooth: robert vaughn??
Darkangl: she just sammed them big time
TheBKing: cock.
Darkangl: hey skidmark steve :D
AgonyBooth: ouch!
TheBKing: hahahaha. Hangin' out playin' Ninendo.
cnote2000: BORGNINE!
Painful: ERNEST!
Darkangl: I love the under his breath cock thing
TheBKing: look out Ted.
Darkangl: Why does ted look like he's in a different world right there
Darkangl: hahaha
TheBKing: yeah it's great.
Darkangl: drinking out of the biddet
TheBKing: LOL!
AgonyBooth: casting by junie lowry johnson! our first star trek connection!
Darkangl: dude...dude dude
Darkangl: !!!!
cnote2000: DILDO arrives!
Painful: Dear god... NOOOO!
TheBKing: That's her mom's!
TheBKing: AH!
TheBKing: AH!
cnote2000: oh my god!
TheBKing: AH!
TheBKing: AH!
TheBKing: lol
Painful: that's.... horrible!
Darkangl: I wonder if that's the same pair that was in Shallow Hal
TheBKing: lol
cnote2000: hey oh!
Darkangl: they make some sweet shots in this scene
Darkangl: one handed freethrows
TheBKing: sharpshooters.
cnote2000: better than Shaq
Darkangl: in the little featurette it said that they couldn't shoot a basket to save their lives
cnote2000: nice sweater jackass
Darkangl: they had to shoot those scenes a bunch of times
Darkangl: I love that
TheBKing: and baseketball is about to be invented.
Darkangl: dude, we don't have 50 bucks
Darkangl: we don't have 20!
Darkangl: :D
AgonyBooth: that guy's dressed like ted mcginley in happy days
Darkangl: I love the look they got here
cnote2000: lol
Darkangl: like they have no clue what they're saying
TheBKing: HORSE?
TheBKing: NO!
TheBKing: lol
Darkangl: no it's not like horse!!!!
Painful: That IS Ted McGinley...
Darkangl: hahahah
Darkangl: no it isnt
cnote2000: pfwtthht
Darkangl: home run's behind the meatballs :D
cnote2000: I love them making up the rules
Darkangl: yeah
Painful: I'm confused.
TheBKing: yeah. Not big sports guys?
TheBKing: lol
Darkangl: hee hee
TheBKing: whY?
cnote2000: everytime I hear his voice I hear Mr. Garrison
Darkangl: hahahaha
cnote2000: in the hood
Darkangl: it's funny because he uses that voice and cartman's voice in this movie
Painful: I don't get basketball either. :-)
TheBKing: f*@ked your sister
TheBKing: huh?
Darkangl: hahaha
Darkangl: ted nugent
AgonyBooth: ah, so they're playing like rodman, basically
cnote2000: seeds!
TheBKing: Ted Nugent.
TheBKing: lol
Darkangl: double play jackass :D
cnote2000: double play jackass
Darkangl: hahahaha
cnote2000: hey!
TheBKing: LOL Broken window.
Darkangl: hahahahahahaha
TheBKing: LOL!
TheBKing: LMAO!
cnote2000: pubes!
AgonyBooth: am i behind or are you guys saying the lines ten seconds before the movie?
TheBKing: pubes!
cnote2000: hahahahahaah!
Darkangl: more than one
Painful: ARGH!
Darkangl: that's so nasty
TheBKing: umm.... both?
AgonyBooth: hahah
cnote2000: you might be behind
AgonyBooth: i'm at 11:00
cnote2000: steve perry!
Darkangl: hee hee
AgonyBooth: Journey?
Darkangl: no more journey psych outs
TheBKing: No more Journey psyche outs!
cnote2000: stop it duane!
TheBKing: LOL
Darkangl: hahahaha
cnote2000: Squeak that little bitch
Darkangl: these three guys work so perfectly together
TheBKing: Man his head doesn't fit his body.
Darkangl: I wish they'd do more movies together
TheBKing: lol
TheBKing: Orgazmo.
TheBKing: I am Sancho.
AgonyBooth: how big is that cap
Darkangl: hahahahaha
TheBKing: When I should've been gooone.
cnote2000: stunt cock!
TheBKing: Long ago.
TheBKing: far away.
AgonyBooth: oh sherry
Darkangl: I love it when the dog throws him over the fence
cnote2000: stop stop stop !!!!
AgonyBooth: sweet, the doberman from Manos
TheBKing: sorry.
Darkangl: and his name is Kenny
cnote2000: no more Journey
TheBKing: lol
TheBKing: hee hee.
Darkangl: how awesome is that :D
TheBKing: LOL!
TheBKing: KENNY!
cnote2000: his ripped clothes
cnote2000: or bitch
Darkangl: every time I look at matt stone's hair, I think about that scene in cannibal the musical where he took off his hat
TheBKing: Perry
cnote2000: ha!
TheBKing: lol
cnote2000: the dog
TheBKing: Now ya gotta fetch the ball bitch.
Darkangl: hee hee
Painful: fetch the ball, bitch!
AgonyBooth: this must be three months later
AgonyBooth: oh there it is
TheBKing: I hear your sister's going out with SQUEAK!
Painful: "later that afternoon"...
Darkangl: I wonder how these guys pay for this house
Darkangl: since they don't seem to work or anything
Darkangl: :)
cnote2000: the torch!
TheBKing: I hear your mom's going out with SQUEAK!
Painful: male prostitutes...
TheBKing: LA-Z-BOY!
cnote2000: yeah!
Darkangl: hahahah
Darkangl: it was losin the truck that pissed em off the most
TheBKing: who's jenkins?
cnote2000: the dog bed coming up
Darkangl: now who's jenkins
Darkangl: they never did say
cnote2000: yeah, who is Jenkins?
Darkangl: this parts great
Darkangl: nah're a little bitch
TheBKing: You're a little bitch.
TheBKing: You're a piece of shit.
Darkangl: hahahaha
cnote2000: 13 or 14
AgonyBooth: i'm not a piece of shit either
TheBKing: you guys rip on my 13 or 14 more times I'm out of here.
Painful: cue the dog...
Darkangl: that's such a fake scene out that back window
TheBKing: 3
TheBKing: 2
TheBKing: 1
TheBKing: LOL!
cnote2000: hahahahaah
Darkangl: both windows actually
AgonyBooth: sinister... sinister doesn't describe it
cnote2000: shirts, didja notice that?
* TheBKing scratches head
Darkangl: yeah
TheBKing: lol
AgonyBooth: sllllooowwww moooooo
TheBKing: The SHIRTS
Darkangl: looks like a john woo movie :D
AgonyBooth: loookkk oooooouuuuutttt
cnote2000: lol!
TheBKing: yeeeessssss.....!!!!
cnote2000: can you imagine Woo directing this?
cnote2000: they'd use two balls
AgonyBooth: kato!!
AgonyBooth: borgnine!
Painful: No, I can't.
Darkangl: I think the average john woo movie is about 10 minutes long stretched out into 90 minutes because of all the slow motion
cnote2000: is BOrginen dead?
AgonyBooth: jeez what happened to his career
TheBKing: Your pacman video games! LOL!
Darkangl: um
Darkangl: hahaha
TheBKing: dan fogelberg?!
TheBKing: LOL!
Darkangl: dan fogelberg
cnote2000: he's thDan Fogelberg?
Darkangl: I don't know if borgnine is dead
Painful: Nano... eh... what?
Darkangl: can't remember offhand
cnote2000: the wave
Darkangl: he's cool in this
TheBKing: ARe you... undeerrrrrrr..... the power of gooold - Dan Fogelberg.
TheBKing: lol
cnote2000: oh my god!!
Darkangl: ernie's got a mashed potato gap in his front teeth
Darkangl: never noticed that before
TheBKing: but that was a long time ago.
TheBKing: hee hee.
TheBKing: LOL!
Darkangl: hahaha
cnote2000: guys falling off the roof!
Darkangl: guys fallin off the roof
AgonyBooth: sweet, random mayhem
TheBKing: Drunk people and roofs don't mix.
cnote2000: stop it duane!:)
Darkangl: they got some seriously sweet cheerleaders in this movie
AgonyBooth: generic ska
Darkangl: hahahaha
cnote2000: oh yeah...cheerleaders
Darkangl: I love the mascot
cnote2000: great minds think alike huh?
Darkangl: it's great when he takes a leak later
Darkangl: yeah todd :)
TheBKing: yeah. DUANE!
TheBKing: newbies!
cnote2000: Coop Cooper
TheBKing: Al didn't see this!
TheBKing: lol
Painful: Sir Swish? Gaaaaayyyyy....
Darkangl: oh right :)
Darkangl: I know
AgonyBooth: All Sport
TheBKing: Coop Cooper, Sir Swish, little bitch.
cnote2000: is that blond guy Dolph Lundgren?
Darkangl: might as well have called him sir swishy :)
Darkangl: jenbny mcCarthy didn't really have much of a part in this movie
AgonyBooth: hi, i'm jenny mccarthy, you may remember me from steven's segall's casting couch
cnote2000: the weight!
TheBKing: right.. what?!
Painful: Dolph is bigger...
TheBKing: LOL!
cnote2000: Seagal rules!!
Darkangl: I always wondered why she's on the cover instead of yasmeen bleeth
TheBKing: Seagal sucks man.
cnote2000: cause Yasmine was doing so much crack
AgonyBooth: what a perv
TheBKing: lol
Darkangl: I guess when they took the picture, yasmeen bleeth was in the bathroom takin some toot up the snoot
TheBKing: slap ass.
AgonyBooth: toot up the snoot.. haha
TheBKing: The Beers CHUG!
TheBKing: LOL!
Darkangl: hahahahah
cnote2000: the chug
cnote2000: is that like the chop?
AgonyBooth: bob costas will do any movie, i think
cnote2000: have you seen Pootie Tang
Darkangl: I'm gonna shove your head so far up your ass, you'll be able to wear yourself as a hat!!! :D
TheBKing: he regrets this flick actually.
AgonyBooth: hahah
AgonyBooth: yeah i saw Pootie Tang
cnote2000: haahahaha!
AgonyBooth: he was in that one too?
Painful: ASSHAT!
Darkangl: why would he regret this movie
Darkangl: this movie was great
cnote2000: awesomely bad!
AgonyBooth: whoo hoo!
cnote2000: oh yeah!!!!
Darkangl: mat stone gets a bitch slappin from squeak :D
TheBKing: AH naughty asian with whip....
cnote2000: felon girls!
TheBKing: redhead too.
* TheBKing drools over girls
TheBKing: Miss it miss is? What a stupid fake out.
Darkangl: the dallas felons don't seem to be doing much in the line of psych outs here
cnote2000: can you imagine being an extra in the crowd for this movie?
cnote2000: dingleberry!
Darkangl: that would be sweet
AgonyBooth: robert vaughn was in Pootie Tang too
TheBKing: lol.
TheBKing: my god. Bad career choices.
cnote2000: yes he was!
Darkangl: hahahahahahaha
Darkangl: ernie takes the weiner
cnote2000: I love when Jenny McCarthy comes out with the trailer hitch
TheBKing: wow. Borgnine can swallow a full hotdog.
AgonyBooth: asphyxiation is hilarious
Darkangl: and falls out of the bleechers :D
Painful: The Borgnine tumble...
TheBKing: I bet Jenny could do that too. ;-)
cnote2000: so can Jennie
TheBKing: LOL
Darkangl: hee hee
cnote2000: hey, Jordan!:)
Painful: Doing the happy dance....
Darkangl: doin the happy dance...doin the happy dance
TheBKing: I"m doing the Happy dance, doing the happy dance.
TheBKing: lol
Darkangl: hahahah
cnote2000: dozen egg night!
TheBKing: Too bad it's dozen egg night.
TheBKing: LOL
TheBKing: Platoon?
Darkangl: I liked free range chicken night
TheBKing: LOL!
cnote2000: maybe Woo did direct this!
TheBKing: SHUSH!
Painful: Ahhhhh.... cg sausage...
TheBKing: lol
Darkangl: the hot dog popping out of his mouth is great
cnote2000: hahahaha!
TheBKing: lol
cnote2000: stopped serving them!
cnote2000: Roger Vaughn!
cnote2000: He was great in Superman 3
AgonyBooth: and his brother Robert!
Darkangl: it's so funny how the beers have to wear hats that say losers now
cnote2000: bastard:)
Darkangl: all the hats sill got the tags on them
AgonyBooth: hehe
Darkangl: dude weak
TheBKing: LOL!
Darkangl: :D
Painful: Losing is fun.
TheBKing: Denslow should have that psyche out.
cnote2000: Is that Tim McCarver?
TheBKing: LOL!
Darkangl: hahahah
cnote2000: raining shit!
TheBKing: Peeing mascoT!
TheBKing: emptying the beer barrel.
TheBKing: lol
AgonyBooth: U! P! N!
cnote2000: no
TheBKing: LOL!
Darkangl: how can they interview squeak when his head is barely in the shot :D
TheBKing: the hot tub is on spin.
cnote2000: squeak in the hot tub!
AgonyBooth: haha. it's comically sped up
TheBKing: LOL
Darkangl: comedy speed up's are fun :D
Painful: YASMINE!
cnote2000: I love the part with the blind kid. Catch!
AgonyBooth: my first dream is to get with the teacher
Darkangl: yasmeen looked really good in this movie
Darkangl: like a nice clean girl
Painful: Hide your stash, people...
cnote2000: her mugshot is horrible
Darkangl: such a shame what happened to her
Darkangl: yeah it is
AgonyBooth: that coke is bad for the skin
cnote2000: crack whore
AgonyBooth: or so i hear
Darkangl: so like
Darkangl: if she was a guy
Darkangl: would she have just asked him to sign her balls?
cnote2000: the crack whores in my town don't look like her!
Darkangl: :D
Darkangl: you have crack whores in your town?
Darkangl: :P
cnote2000: yep
Darkangl: would you like a fresh pretzel?
cnote2000: I worked with one at a newspaper
Darkangl: I baked it myself
AgonyBooth: wee-hheelll O
Darkangl: :D
TheBKing: I baked it myslef?!
TheBKing: LOL!
Painful: Regular crack whores don't have the benefit of professional makeup artists.
cnote2000: hahaha!
Darkangl: I love the look on trey's face right there
Darkangl: like huh???
TheBKing: He's blind Coop!
Darkangl: thump
cnote2000: her it comes
Darkangl: :D
TheBKing: errr... remur.
cnote2000: hahahahahahahahahaha!
AgonyBooth: for some reason i want a MOUNTAIN DEW
AgonyBooth: i don't know why
TheBKing: LOL!
cnote2000: Dew it to it!
Darkangl: I love the picture they have of him here
cnote2000: it's like a canceled guns n roses concert
Darkangl: looks like he's constipated
Darkangl: :D
cnote2000: the old cocksucker!
Darkangl: good ol ernie borgnine
TheBKing: time ran out for the old c*@$sucker!
TheBKing: GASP!
AgonyBooth: how old was the gap in his teeth
TheBKing: TODD!
TheBKing: We're keeping it PG-13 here bud!
TheBKing: lol
TheBKing: LMAO!
cnote2000: sorry:(
TheBKing: that's ok.
Painful: Keep it clean, turdburglar!
TheBKing: funny as hell.
TheBKing: lol
cnote2000: turdburglar!
AgonyBooth: if they took all the cursing out, this movie would be 10 minutes long
Darkangl: hahahaha
TheBKing: there goes that commemorative plate.
cnote2000: Yasmines cleavage is where she hides the coke
Darkangl: these are for you jenna
TheBKing: LOL
Painful: That's where she hides the kids.
Darkangl: what the hell's she going to do with a big horseshoe wreath of flowers?
AgonyBooth: smoke it
TheBKing: lol
cnote2000: ha!
Darkangl: hahahaha
AgonyBooth: little joey...
cnote2000: joey
TheBKing: please coop...
Darkangl: hahaha
TheBKing: lol
cnote2000: look how they're dressed
cnote2000: Taco Bell
Darkangl: Jenny McCarthy looks hot in this scene
AgonyBooth: oh!
Darkangl: great outfit
TheBKing: I gave that man the best three best months of my life.
cnote2000: she still looks hot now
Darkangl: I love the part coming up here where he wants to talk to coop alone
cnote2000: this movie is brilliant
Darkangl: yeah it is
TheBKing: uh oh.... everyone leave the room now please.
AgonyBooth: ewww
Darkangl: mostly because of matt and trey
AgonyBooth: don't go the anna nicole route, jenny
cnote2000: hey now
cnote2000: anna nicloe!
Darkangl: they took the script and totally blew it apart with their own stuff
* TheBKing shudders
* Darkangl shudders
TheBKing: And everyone stays.
TheBKing: LOL
Darkangl: hahah
AgonyBooth: haha
cnote2000: hehehe
TheBKing: LMAO!
Darkangl: the crabs :D
Painful: Iiiiiii'm toooo seeexy for thiiis shiiiiirt....!
cnote2000: crabs
TheBKing: Remember you had the crabs.
TheBKing: I"m too sexy for this shirt.
TheBKing: Too sexy for my shirt.
AgonyBooth: oh nooooo
Darkangl: the night they spent in the tattoo parlor in chicago :D
Painful: it hurts!
cnote2000: oh my god this is hilarious!!!
TheBKing: lol
cnote2000: hahaha
AgonyBooth: right, said fred
TheBKing: too sexy by FFAAAAAAAR!
Darkangl: you gettin this?
Darkangl: :D
Painful: yeah baby!
cnote2000: you gettin this
TheBKing: that was pricelss.
TheBKing: cleavage.
cnote2000: layng carpet
Darkangl: this whole movie is priceless
AgonyBooth: does she get naked in this movie?
Darkangl: so is like robert vaugn gay in this or what
cnote2000: no just evil
Darkangl: no she doesnt albert
AgonyBooth: i hate when playboy playmates don't get naked in movies
Painful: buff that lobby, baby!
TheBKing: LOL!
AgonyBooth: like they want to be all serious actresses now
Darkangl: cause first he's got her laying carpet and then buffing the lobby
TheBKing: buffin the lobby.
cnote2000: buffing!!!
Darkangl: but she's like way hot
TheBKing: I can't do this shit.
Darkangl: what is he? Neutered man?
cnote2000: Dolph!
TheBKing: who?
TheBKing: lol
TheBKing: oh god.... thos e cheerleaders...
cnote2000: cheerleaders...drool
Darkangl: al michaels :D
Darkangl: oh this is sick
Darkangl: swappin' chaw
AgonyBooth: these are like xfl cheerleaders
cnote2000: XFL!!
AgonyBooth: ugggh
Darkangl: who gives a rat's ass thursday :D
TheBKing: What's the difference.
TheBKing: Recycled junk
cnote2000: scooter
TheBKing: lol
TheBKing: LOL!
Darkangl: oddly is thursday :D
Painful: same old crap
cnote2000: rat's ass!
TheBKing: LMAO!
TheBKing: oh man.
TheBKing: that's right.
Darkangl: hahahahah
cnote2000: Costas is a great sport
AgonyBooth: and i don't give a rat's ass!
TheBKing: idiota!
Darkangl: cuban psych out
TheBKing: no es bueno!
TheBKing: grande la cucaracha!
cnote2000: no mas, no mas!
Darkangl: free range chicken night :D
TheBKing: Free range chickens.
Painful: free range chicken night...
Darkangl: I love it
TheBKing: lol
Darkangl: that dude barbequeing the chickens
TheBKing: LOL
cnote2000: brando's ass!!
Painful: It's full of Brando goodness...
Darkangl: fat liposuctioned out of marlon brando's ass
Darkangl: I wonder what that really was
cnote2000: this movie is the best ever!
TheBKing: he doesn't understand english...
AgonyBooth: the first time liposuction and brando's ass were mentioned in the same sentence
Darkangl: yo milk :D
TheBKing: lol
cnote2000: hahahahahaha!
Darkangl: squeak doing the victory dance :D
cnote2000: he's stil squiting him!
Painful: The victory hump.
Darkangl: hahahahaha
cnote2000: sign my chicken
Darkangl: could you sign my chicken?
Darkangl: :D
AgonyBooth: as long as he doesn't choke it
TheBKing: chicken round up.
TheBKing: lol
Painful: Chicken poo!
Darkangl: chicken poo?
Darkangl: :D
TheBKing: chicken poo?
TheBKing: Look at the vacuum
TheBKing: sucking up the chickens
TheBKing: lol
Darkangl: yeah
Darkangl: spitting out the feathers
Darkangl: the sound effects are great
AgonyBooth: where do the mcnuggets go?
Darkangl: there's no nuggets on a chicken
TheBKing: ewwww.....
Darkangl: don't you watch commercials?
AgonyBooth: yeah i know
Darkangl: ;)
AgonyBooth: i checked
TheBKing: LOL!
cnote2000: Jersey informants!
Darkangl: in the river baby!
AgonyBooth: sweet.. joey buttafuoco
Darkangl: I wonder if these are the guys who hijacked mike?
TheBKing: seem more like brooklyn informants.
AgonyBooth: haha
Darkangl: scratch them crabs remer!
cnote2000: tin foil!
TheBKing: that's scary.
Darkangl: hahahaha
Painful: I wonder why they fall down?
TheBKing: LOL
cnote2000: hahahaahhahah!
Darkangl: the san fransisco fairies
Darkangl: :D
TheBKing: LMAO!
Darkangl: how to speak australian
AgonyBooth: be my lover, won't you be my lover
Painful: HAHAHA
TheBKing: how to speak san franciscan
Darkangl: Vagoina!
Darkangl: :D
TheBKing: LOL!
Darkangl: oops
Darkangl: :)
Painful: Vaaah-gooina!
TheBKing: LOL
TheBKing: LAMO!
TheBKing: that was so cool.
cnote2000: ah squeaks ass!!!
Darkangl: aww awwww.....
AgonyBooth: yeee hah
cnote2000: USA today sports section
Darkangl: these cheerleaders are ugly
TheBKing: 1 2 3 F*@CK THE MEXICANS!
Darkangl: hahahahahaha
TheBKing: LOL
cnote2000: drooollll
Darkangl: then they look all confused
AgonyBooth: is that george W?
TheBKing: (our apology to any mexican folks who read this... it's in the movie!)
Darkangl: where'd remer get them teeth
TheBKing: there goes the finger!
cnote2000: middle finger!
Darkangl: that hand looks totally fake
cnote2000: ahahahahahaha!
Painful: well... it *is* fake!
AgonyBooth: i could tell it's fake
Darkangl: ahhhhh the hospital
TheBKing: yeah but...
Darkangl: and good ol joey
TheBKing: WOmen who run with the wolves?
cnote2000: she will reveal her coke addiction
TheBKing: she's reading that junk to a kid?
Painful: he's in a coma!
Darkangl: hahahaha
AgonyBooth: but you can say hi to my little friend instead
Darkangl: my bilogical father?
TheBKing: LOL!
Darkangl: :D
Darkangl: coop...what's a vagoina?
TheBKing: coop what's a vagooina
Darkangl: :D
TheBKing: LOL
cnote2000: a vagoina!
Darkangl: hahaha
cnote2000: not this week!
Darkangl: I wonder why he needed a donor liver
Darkangl: the liver will regenerate itself
TheBKing: staying positive=snorting coke
cnote2000: shitload of nickels
Darkangl: decaf mocha
Painful: cirrhosis...
cnote2000: is that coke on the mocha?
AgonyBooth: a little sprinkle of coke
Darkangl: fresh poppyseed muffins :D
Darkangl: hahahahah
AgonyBooth: opium
Darkangl: nose electrolosys
cnote2000: this whole chat is going to be ranking on Yasmine!
Darkangl: sis
Darkangl: hahahaha
TheBKing: miracle cure or something!
TheBKing: LOL!
cnote2000: shut up coop!
Darkangl: I wonder if she was coking when this movie was made
cnote2000: killing a panda?
Painful: I wonder how many kids actually wishes to live longer...
TheBKing: This kids a psycho.
cnote2000: this kid IS nuts
Darkangl: yep
Painful: EW!
AgonyBooth: sweet. he's got lots of ideas for horror movies
Darkangl: who the hell would want chelsea clinton
cnote2000: beter shot at Bill
TheBKing: Let's put carnivorous fish in a public swimming pool.
Darkangl: she's so freakin' nasty
TheBKing: LOL!
Painful: Clinton? ....freak boy...
TheBKing: Well after a few BEERS....
TheBKing: Why can't we be friends?
AgonyBooth: wakka chikka
Darkangl: I love this
TheBKing: LOL!
cnote2000: can you imagine yasmine in between takes?
TheBKing: fill my bag.
TheBKing: No fill mine.
cnote2000: cut.
Darkangl: he's got that mormon smile on his face from orgazmo
cnote2000: snorts coke!
Painful: "Abusing sick kids for fun and profit."
TheBKing: lol
TheBKing: It's fuN!
TheBKing: lol
Darkangl: ick
cnote2000: the lawnmower
Darkangl: greasy sandwiches
Darkangl: hahah
TheBKing: LOL!
TheBKing: Look out squeak!
Darkangl: oriental massage and squeak gets the sumo
Darkangl: :D
TheBKing: lol
cnote2000: hahahaha!
AgonyBooth: sumo!!
AgonyBooth: sweet!
Darkangl: this scene in the bar is awesome
TheBKing: they took the kid to a bar!
cnote2000: tequila!
AgonyBooth: yori-kiri
Painful: Hah... told ya the kid had cirrhosis!
TheBKing: He's having shots!
Darkangl: makes me want to wretch every time I watch it
TheBKing: lol
AgonyBooth: oh no
TheBKing: let's take a shot every time a fight breaks out!
AgonyBooth: springer is really slumming it
Painful: Jeeh-ry! Jeeh-ry!
Darkangl: oh man
AgonyBooth: i guess he couldn't hit the same high point as Ringmaster
Darkangl: I'm getting queasy watching this
cnote2000: this is crazy!
TheBKing: YECH!
TheBKing: That movies sucked!
cnote2000: retch...
AgonyBooth: ok.. who's gonna puke?
Darkangl: squeak and the transvestite
cnote2000: no squeak no!
Darkangl: sittin in a tree
Darkangl: :D
cnote2000: big live operation
Darkangl: tequila specs
Darkangl: :D
cnote2000: I meant iver
TheBKing: oh man. They are so trashed!
cnote2000: dammit!
cnote2000: liver
Darkangl: they look trashed here too kinda
Darkangl: that's nice
TheBKing: slamming his head in the bar.
TheBKing: LOL
TheBKing: LMAO!
cnote2000: hahahahaha
Darkangl: Mr. Squeak...what grade are you in?
Darkangl: :D
cnote2000: What grade are you in?
Darkangl: that slamming the head in the bar looked awesome
TheBKing: LOL
cnote2000: this parts awesome
Darkangl: excellent looking effect
TheBKing: lol
Darkangl: yeah
cnote2000: hehehe
Darkangl: he falls asleep standing up
TheBKing: look at that shirtless dude with the pin in his chest
TheBKing: LOL
Painful: ouch..
cnote2000: look at coops hair
Darkangl: the part in the dugout with the puking in the pails was awesome
Darkangl: just watching that makes me want to gag
Darkangl: cause I been there
cnote2000: smells like Christian Slater
Darkangl: hahahahaha
TheBKing: right throught the garage!
TheBKing: lool
cnote2000: lol!!!
AgonyBooth: sweet jesus!!
Darkangl: he's 8 years old and he smells like robert downey junior :D
Darkangl: hahahahaha
cnote2000: look at squeaks eyes
Darkangl: yeah that's a dude
Darkangl: what about his eyes
cnote2000: all blood shot
TheBKing: BLECH!
Painful: Sweetest adamsapple...
Darkangl: god they do the puking thing so perfect
cnote2000: the puking!!
Darkangl: shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
AgonyBooth: queasy now
cnote2000: they must've had a blast making this movie
Darkangl: coop calls for quiet
Darkangl: one more chance for that third home run
TheBKing: and he keels over.....
Darkangl: hahahah
TheBKing: ......
TheBKing: ......
Painful: hehehehe
TheBKing: .......
TheBKing: .....
Darkangl: thump
TheBKing: ......
TheBKing: now
cnote2000: hahahaa
TheBKing: LOL!
AgonyBooth: wow!
Painful: God hates little children...
cnote2000: costas rules!
Darkangl: wow, the lord must really have it in for that poor little boy :D
TheBKing: the lord must have it in for that little boy.
TheBKing: LOL
TheBKing: oh no.
Darkangl: thump :D
cnote2000: oh
TheBKing: LOL!
Darkangl: poor squeak
cnote2000: hahahahaah
Painful: WHY?
TheBKing: THe morgue.
Darkangl: thump
TheBKing: they're so stupid!
TheBKing: lol
Darkangl: poor squeak again
cnote2000: hahahaha!
Painful: WHY? WHY? WHY?
Darkangl: this scene is way sweet
cnote2000: oh no
TheBKing: get off of his air hose!
TheBKing: lol
Darkangl: he's like conscious here
Darkangl: then he passes out again
AgonyBooth: asphyxiation is still hilarious!!
cnote2000: he needs a blanket
Darkangl: hahahahahahaha
TheBKing: HOlY CRAP!
cnote2000: ahahahahahahahahahahah
TheBKing: That guy flew!
TheBKing: LOL!
AgonyBooth: hahah!
Darkangl: holy mother of god he's flatlining :D
cnote2000: he did!
TheBKing: get the defribulator!
Darkangl: live damn it live!
cnote2000: live live!!!!
TheBKing: oh no!
Darkangl: why does squeak say clear when he's not clear???
Painful: Soiled laundry...
Darkangl: hahahahahaha
TheBKing: LOL!
cnote2000: this is so freaking hilarious!!!
TheBKing: good bye squeak
Darkangl: what's it look like?
TheBKing: I loved ya... always have.
Darkangl: an execution?
Painful: Because squeek's a bitch.
TheBKing: LOL
TheBKing: CLEAR!
TheBKing: lo
Darkangl: man that kids flying up off the bed
cnote2000: him bouncing off the bed!
Painful: I didn't kill him!
AgonyBooth: bedpans
Darkangl: 70 cc's of sodium pentathol
Darkangl: that's truth serum :D
AgonyBooth: black and decker rules
cnote2000: bedpans!!!
TheBKing: lol
AgonyBooth: that's a big ass needle
Darkangl: yeah it is
Darkangl: looks like the kinda needle they'd give you rabies shots with
Darkangl: yeah
AgonyBooth: reggie reggie reggie
TheBKing: LOL
Darkangl: roadkill caught on tape :D
cnote2000: have you had a rabies shot?
Darkangl: no
TheBKing: LOL
cnote2000: the skunk!
Darkangl: awww....
Painful: eeek eeek *smack!*
Darkangl: awwww.
TheBKing: AH AH AH!
AgonyBooth: go down town, tell ya what i do
TheBKing: AH!
TheBKing: AH!
Darkangl: awwwwwwwwwwww........
TheBKing: AH!
TheBKing: kangaroo!
TheBKing: LOL
AgonyBooth: go down town and buy a mercury or two
TheBKing: lol
cnote2000: awwww
TheBKing: crazy about roadkill... yeah I'm crazy about roadkill...
cnote2000: clam chowder
AgonyBooth: i was just uh... masturbating
AgonyBooth: terrorists!
AgonyBooth: the terrorists have won!
Darkangl: ok I feel like a freakin moron
TheBKing: well... liver too...
cnote2000: with flying colors..that's what crack will make you see
TheBKing: kinda...
Darkangl: I heard the doorbell ring in the movie and I got up to see who the hell was at the door :P
AgonyBooth: i can pee like a champ
TheBKing: LOL
TheBKing: LMAO!
cnote2000: hahahaha!
TheBKing: Wow Duane.
Darkangl: yes yes
AgonyBooth: was yasmeen bleeth at your door?
Darkangl: you can all laugh now
cnote2000: jeez duane
cnote2000: hahahaha
Darkangl: :PPP
Painful: I bet she was beging for change...
cnote2000: she probably was
Darkangl: probably
Painful: Eh... begging...
cnote2000: Duane Zacamora!
TheBKing: Duane you're Mr. October!
TheBKing: lol
cnote2000: go Duane!
Darkangl: she's going up and down the street offering to sell people a bag of cheeseburgers just to get more money for smack
TheBKing: lol
cnote2000: The Burger Pimp!
TheBKing: cheesburgers
TheBKing: ?
TheBKing: I was thinking something else bud.
cnote2000: I'm so bad I kick my own ass twice a day
Darkangl: man...I got these cheeseburgers man
Darkangl: what movie?
cnote2000: Don't be a menace
cnote2000: Dolemite
AgonyBooth: dolemite! sweeeet
cnote2000: Dolemite is my name...
TheBKing: The name's Dolemite and f*ckin' up mutha f*cka's is my game.
cnote2000: yes Jorda!
TheBKing: whoops.
cnote2000: Jordan!
Painful: Dammit... now I want a burger... and it's 5 AM...
TheBKing: well I'm half right.
TheBKing: lol
AgonyBooth: let me pass.. or i'll put my hush puppy up your muthaf***in ass
TheBKing: OPEN YOUR BLOUSE and say ah.
TheBKing: LOL
Painful: Open your blouse and say "aahw"...
cnote2000: Dr. Dickhead!
AgonyBooth: she wants me and not you, and it's driving you crazy
Painful: doing the happy dance...
cnote2000: I can't help it!
AgonyBooth: AHHH
TheBKing: Lol.
cnote2000: ahahahahahaha!
TheBKing: want to get a sandwich?
AgonyBooth: didn't see that coming
TheBKing: yeah let's get a sandwich.
Darkangl: yes don't be a menace
Darkangl: sorry I had to pee
Darkangl: :)
cnote2000: I need something to eat now
cnote2000: yeah, nature's calling me too
TheBKing: Kareem Abdul Jabbar! LOL!
Darkangl: hahahah
AgonyBooth: haha
Darkangl: then sigfreid and roy in the other one
cnote2000: Must be the Airplane connection
TheBKing: Siegfried and roY!
AgonyBooth: oh now that's scary
TheBKing: lol
TheBKing: Ty Cobb bat = kindling
AgonyBooth: that's even smaller than the closet they're in
Darkangl: that cellphone commercial they're in is great
TheBKing: lol
cnote2000: timecards!
TheBKing: LMAO!
cnote2000: homos?
Darkangl: denslow cup in the background
Painful: Homos?
Darkangl: hahahah
cnote2000: the escalator
TheBKing: lol
TheBKing: LOL!
TheBKing: LOL
TheBKing: !
Darkangl: maked you wonder how he even remembers to breathe huh?
AgonyBooth: he's just talkin' bout shaq
cnote2000: your damn right
Darkangl: hahahah
TheBKing: I have a hankering for a whopper now.
TheBKing: LOL
cnote2000: boo yah!
Darkangl: robert vaugn is brilliant in this movie
TheBKing: Did I just fart?!
cnote2000: did I just fart?
Darkangl: hahahah
cnote2000: Jordan!!
TheBKing: I don't like these cheerleaders.
Painful: anal probe night!
Darkangl: nasty looking cheerleaders
cnote2000: anal probe night!
TheBKing: yeah.
Darkangl: he's 0 for 12
cnote2000: hahahahahahaa!
AgonyBooth: uhhh.. chick with an alien head... i'm confused now
Darkangl: and he smells like yasmeen bleeth :D
TheBKing: lol
cnote2000: hehehe
TheBKing: mascot Al mascot
TheBKing: who are those other dudes on the team?
TheBKing: They never play!
AgonyBooth: yeah
Darkangl: ever notice how the other guys on the team never get to play?
cnote2000: ones Dolph Lundgren
TheBKing: are they there for moral support?
TheBKing: LOL
Darkangl: hahahahaha
cnote2000: yeah I noticed that
cnote2000: moral support :)
Painful: They are fluffers...
cnote2000: ewwwww
TheBKing: JOCKS!
TheBKing: LOL
Darkangl: wrong movie frederik
Darkangl: that was orgazmo
Darkangl: :)
Darkangl: dude
Darkangl: dude
Darkangl: dude
Darkangl: dude
Darkangl: dude
TheBKing: DUE!
cnote2000: dude
AgonyBooth: dude!
TheBKing: DUDE!
cnote2000: dude
TheBKing: DUDE!
AgonyBooth: DUDE
cnote2000: dude
TheBKing: dude...
Painful: Hehehehe... DUDE!
AgonyBooth: d u d e
TheBKing: you gotta point there.
TheBKing: LOL
cnote2000: ha..dude
Darkangl: well I guess you've got a point there
Darkangl: :D
cnote2000: that was great
AgonyBooth: DuDe
Painful: Excellent rhetoric!
cnote2000: i'l be right back
Darkangl: there's a great cycle of play now
TheBKing: I like how they have a black guy, a white guy, and an asian guy to balance out the team.
Darkangl: yeah
TheBKing: They forgot the redheaded steopchild.
AgonyBooth: hm.. 3 white guys, token black, token asian... sounds like o-town
TheBKing: LOL
TheBKing: !nice mask.
Darkangl: hahahahaha
Darkangl: wanna see a scary face?
Darkangl: dude!
TheBKing: lol
AgonyBooth: wanna see something really scary?
Darkangl: THE MIME PHYCH OUT!!!!!!
TheBKing: 0-town...
Darkangl: :D
Painful: ahw... mimes... crap....
Darkangl: he does this great
TheBKing: You've been psyched out, and you're going down.
TheBKing: LOL!
TheBKing: DEA!
TheBKing: lol
Darkangl: SMACK!
Darkangl: nails him with the board
TheBKing: LOL!
TheBKing: board
Darkangl: that's a sweet psyche out
TheBKing: lOL
TheBKing: lol
TheBKing: the horse whisperer....
Painful: I'm still wondering why they fall over.
Darkangl: is this charlton heston on the tape?
TheBKing: zzzzzz....ZZZZZ.....zzzz....
Darkangl: sounds like him
TheBKing: You blew it up!
AgonyBooth: what is this, the horse whisperer?
TheBKing: yeah.
Darkangl: yes
TheBKing: lol
AgonyBooth: i get it!
Darkangl: did I just fart?
TheBKing: Did I fart?
Darkangl: :D
TheBKing: lol
Darkangl: these cheerleaders are cute
TheBKing: Yeah I like these cheerleaders.
TheBKing: LOL
Painful: Yeah... more cheerleaders...
AgonyBooth: skank o rama
Darkangl: one of them looks like lina o'neil
AgonyBooth: hey it's the la riots
Darkangl: he saw that?
Darkangl: :D
Painful: aaaah... the best psyche out coming up...
Darkangl: this psyche out is probably one of the best in the movie
TheBKing: YOur mom's deaf....
Darkangl: hey tuttle, your mother's deaf
TheBKing: She's dead you idiot.
Darkangl: my mother's dead you little twerp
TheBKing: Oh... I guess that's why she didn't move around a lot.
TheBKing: LOL!
Darkangl: I guess that's why she didn't move around a lot
Painful: "I guess that's why she didn't move around a lot...."
Darkangl: :D
TheBKing: ouch in the crotch.
Painful: :-)
Darkangl: smack
Darkangl: lots of nut shots on remer here :D
AgonyBooth: just what i wanted.. a ska remake of a-ha
TheBKing: OUCH! 3 times to the crotch!
TheBKing: Hey I like it.
TheBKing: Don't knock it Albert.
TheBKing: lol
AgonyBooth: haha
AgonyBooth: sorry :)
Darkangl: she's not crying beause they won or because the foundation got shut down
AgonyBooth: she cried more than this in court
Darkangl: she's crying because they busted her dealer :D
cnote2000: sww duane beat me to it
Darkangl: hahahahaha
TheBKing: Poor sqeauk!
TheBKing: lol
Darkangl: great minds todd :D
TheBKing: LOL
Painful: irritated sinuses = crying...
cnote2000: indeed
AgonyBooth: or 15
TheBKing: is there more than a chapter 11?
cnote2000: hapter 12
Darkangl: you want me to have bigger titties?
Darkangl: :D
TheBKing: LOL!
TheBKing: LMAO!
TheBKing: I'd buy THAT for a dollar!
Darkangl: you said it
cnote2000: Robocop!
TheBKing: Yeah!
TheBKing: good job Todd.
Darkangl: If I had titties I'd never leave the house
Darkangl: ;)
cnote2000: me either
cnote2000: like how
Painful: I'd go out to buy food...
TheBKing: LOL
Darkangl: freedom
TheBKing: I look out for my womens
Darkangl: FREEDOM!!!!!
TheBKing: lol
Darkangl: poor squeak :()
TheBKing: I'm the scattin' man!
cnote2000: if they were nice titties, some one would but them for you
Darkangl: :)
Darkangl: hahaha
TheBKing: bee bop a doo bop bee doo wop.... or something like that.
Darkangl: hee hee
cnote2000: fashion!
AgonyBooth: beeh bah do bope
TheBKing: LL!
TheBKing: ROD ....
TheBKing: man
Painful: You know you can get tits even if you're a man...
AgonyBooth: bah bah baddo bope
cnote2000: he looked like Ronald McDonald
Darkangl: I love that baseketball ladder behind them
TheBKing: Yeah I"m living proof Fred.
TheBKing: I gotta get off my lazy ass and exercise.
TheBKing: and do some reviews.
AgonyBooth: we are robots
TheBKing: lol
cnote2000: domo arigato mr robota
TheBKing: A two man sack race will be held.
Darkangl: what the hell did that guy just say
Painful: Ok.... I don't get baseketball either...
cnote2000: the puking sign
AgonyBooth: mai tai oogie ah say
Darkangl: that neon sign is awesome :D
cnote2000: COSTAS
AgonyBooth: costas got ripped
cnote2000: looking haggard
Darkangl: no daddy don't touch me there :D
TheBKing: LOL!
Darkangl: hahahahahahaha
TheBKing: damn it.
AgonyBooth: DaddyStopTouchingMe
Darkangl: they're playing the fairies again
TheBKing: Duane's always ahead of me.
Darkangl: those schoolgirl cheerleaders are hot
TheBKing: Schoolgirl uniforms...
* TheBKing drools all over the keyboard.
cnote2000: Britney...
TheBKing: AH It's short circuiting!
Darkangl: yeah jordan
cnote2000: sellout
TheBKing: Shut up Duane.
Darkangl: you know about sellouts dont you
Darkangl: :D
Darkangl: hahahahahaha
TheBKing: you're jealous.
cnote2000: the back flips!
TheBKing: I get free shit you don't. That's the way it is boyeee!
TheBKing: lol
Darkangl: I love it
Darkangl: he has a double run the bases for him
TheBKing: stunt cock... er... double.
Darkangl: hahahaha
cnote2000: the shower
TheBKing: Victoria Silvstedt.
TheBKing: Playmate of teh year.
Darkangl: god trey gets the best looks on his face
cnote2000: she's soooo hot
AgonyBooth: does she get naked?
Painful: from Sweeeeeeden....
AgonyBooth: nope
TheBKing: Nope sorry.
cnote2000: Sweden exports the best chicks
Darkangl: man that's a serious rock on that ring
TheBKing: oh god!
Painful: She's not hot though....
TheBKing: ewww....
cnote2000: you don't think
TheBKing: mr garrison.
Darkangl: mr. garrison :D
TheBKing: LOL
Darkangl: hahahahahahah
TheBKing: LOL
Darkangl: that shot is awesome
Painful: Mr. HAT!
TheBKing: WHIP!
Darkangl: 3 legs each
cnote2000: hahahahahah
TheBKing: Tripod Trey.
cnote2000: TRIPOD!!!!
Darkangl: it's great when they spin around and knock stuff over with them
TheBKing: yeah!
TheBKing: hugh/ SWISH!
cnote2000: here it comes
TheBKing: hee hee
Darkangl: hahahahahah
TheBKing: LOL!
TheBKing: OH MAN!
cnote2000: hahahaha
Painful: Mwaaahaaha...
TheBKing: LOL
AgonyBooth: i think this is umm... what do they call it.. oh yeah blackmail
Darkangl: damn near took off his hat with that one
TheBKing: can't... breathe
TheBKing: lol
TheBKing: oh man...
cnote2000: so funny
AgonyBooth: robert vaughn must be thinking to himself, how did this happen to me
Darkangl: I thought you said you didn't want us to play ball
Darkangl: :D
TheBKing: LOL
cnote2000: he was thinking that in Pootie tang
AgonyBooth: haha
TheBKing: LOL
Darkangl: what the hell possessed robert vaugn to be in a movie like pootie tang
AgonyBooth: what possessed anybody to be in pootie tang
TheBKing: endowed like......
AgonyBooth: ahhhh
TheBKing: money.
AgonyBooth: way too much man ass in this movie
cnote2000: endowed like my crack dealer
AgonyBooth: and NO FEMALE ASS
Darkangl: hahahahahahah
TheBKing: Humongous EGOS!
TheBKing: lol
TheBKing: Penis....
Darkangl: throbbing cock
TheBKing: long wanger!
Darkangl: !
TheBKing: LOL!
cnote2000: Fruedian slips all over!
Darkangl: :D
TheBKing: LMAO!
TheBKing: yeah.
Painful: Can I call you pig fucker?
AgonyBooth: so much for this being pg-13... LOL
cnote2000: hahahaha
Darkangl: you know something pig fucker?
TheBKing: Battle of the SCHLONGS!
Darkangl: can I call you pig fucker?
TheBKing: dude!
Darkangl: no only my friends can call me pug fucker
Darkangl: :D
TheBKing: you said the almighty f word.
AgonyBooth: i like it!
TheBKing: oh well...
Darkangl: pig that is
cnote2000: I'm glad
Darkangl: hahaha
Painful: No, Duane. Only my friends can call me pigfucker.
Darkangl: wake up bitch you're my new best friend
cnote2000: wake up bitch
TheBKing: Fuck Fuck Fuckiy Fuck Fuck Fuck!
Darkangl: what? Huh? Are we goin to the zoo?
Painful: Are we going to the zoo?
TheBKing: there I'm up to speed.
cnote2000: DUANE
TheBKing: This is Trey singing!
Darkangl: TODD!
TheBKing: I love this song.
AgonyBooth: dan fogelberg?
Darkangl: Trey does great songs
cnote2000: I love this song
AgonyBooth: sometimes when we touch...
TheBKing: Too bad it's not on the soundtrack.
Painful: Amazingly accurate song...
AgonyBooth: and the honesty's too much...
Darkangl: I know
Darkangl: be cool if it was
TheBKing: And your best friedn has turned his back.
cnote2000: What would Brian Boitano do?
TheBKing: But you can't let it bring you down you got to fight it.
cnote2000: goooooo
TheBKing: Cuase you tried but you can't let go.
AgonyBooth: cause i've got faith! of the heart!
TheBKing: Cause when you're down you gotta get up.
TheBKing: Even if you some guys trying to black mail you.
TheBKing: and your girlfriend thinks you suck.
cnote2000: girlfriend thinks you suck
Darkangl: those warts on your dick ain't gonna go away, unless you use topical cream every day :D
cnote2000: JORDN!
TheBKing: LOL!
cnote2000: warts on your dick!
cnote2000: hahahahaha!
TheBKing: man my hands are tired from all this typing.
Darkangl: hahahahaha
TheBKing: phew.
Darkangl: man, I'd rather type all this than a review
AgonyBooth: sitar music.. sweet
TheBKing: it'd be funnier if Trey had a turban on his head.
TheBKing: LOL!
Darkangl: my reviews are a freakin typing nightmare
cnote2000: the goat hitting him
TheBKing: lo
Darkangl: I factory manager who you
AgonyBooth: hey it's that guy
TheBKing: LOL
cnote2000: I Joe Cooper
TheBKing: I"m joe cooper... I mean... I'm joe cooper.
AgonyBooth: oh man
Darkangl: sounds like tarzan or something
cnote2000: hahahahahaha
TheBKing: LOL!
AgonyBooth: the elfs from santa claus the movie
TheBKing: Unsolved Mysteries!
cnote2000: RObert Stack!
AgonyBooth: robert stack?
cnote2000: indeed
Darkangl: this whole unsolved mysteries thing is great
TheBKing: the one and only.
AgonyBooth: geez... i bet the untouchables feels like a looooong time ago now
cnote2000: Elliot Ness
cnote2000: nosy bitch
Darkangl: he's hanging by his neck in his fucking closet :D
Darkangl: the guy's smoking
TheBKing: Scenario #1.
Darkangl: and moving
AgonyBooth: oh man
Darkangl: :D
cnote2000: this movei is so great that they got him to say fucking closet
Painful: Disneyworld!
Darkangl: she sounds like she has a stuffy nose in that shot
Darkangl: :D
TheBKing: Scenario #2!
TheBKing: lol
AgonyBooth: solitaire in the background
TheBKing: LMAO!
Painful: MR T!
Darkangl: there's guys playing solitaire in the back
TheBKing: MR T!
Darkangl: hahahaha
cnote2000: The A-Team!
AgonyBooth: i don't hate rocky balboa, but i pity the fool
cnote2000: if you can find them, then you cn hire...
Darkangl: hahahahaha
AgonyBooth: it's baseketball FOOL
AgonyBooth: arafat has a cameo!
cnote2000: no understanding of the sport
Darkangl: but nonetheless facinated by the flickering images and the bright pretty colors
TheBKing: Look at that dude pointing at the screen!
Darkangl: :D
cnote2000: liek Rollerball
AgonyBooth: is arafat gonna say fucking closet too?
Darkangl: that guy with the fireworks looks like charlton heston
cnote2000: the crown rules
Painful: Isn't that Charlton Heston in charge of the fireworks?
TheBKing: Ye old rollerball was understandable.
TheBKing: Hmmm....
cnote2000: yeah it was
cnote2000: the look
TheBKing: lol
Darkangl: knuckle biter
Darkangl: :D
Painful: "You'll have to pry this bengal fire out of my cold dead hands!"
Darkangl: man the cheerleaders are hot in this game
TheBKing: I wnat thoss cheerleaders... NOW!
Darkangl: keyboard getting sticky jordan?
Darkangl: you're not typing too well
AgonyBooth: hahah
Darkangl: :D
AgonyBooth: it must be tough typing with one hand, huh?
cnote2000: Yasmines dropping the kid off to go get her fix
Darkangl: hahahaha
TheBKing: LOL
TheBKing: you have no idea!
AgonyBooth: hahah
Darkangl: joey's holding her stash in the beanbag
TheBKing: LOL!
cnote2000: old enough for prostitution!
TheBKing: In the LA Z BOY!
Darkangl: waiting for the other kids to leave so she can score
cnote2000: he is
Darkangl: he's her dealer
TheBKing: it's in teh LA Z BOY!
TheBKing: cut it open.
cnote2000: snorting coke
TheBKing: Spoon!
Painful: THose poor kids.... kicked out of the factory into the street...
AgonyBooth: ooohhh god
Darkangl: that's why she was so concerned about him when he was in the hospital :D
cnote2000: The Tick!!!
cnote2000: right Jordan?
Darkangl: YAY!
TheBKing: yes Todd. Man you're on the ball.
TheBKing: Shake shake senora
Darkangl: the malaka malaka board of peace :D
TheBKing: shake your body right.
cnote2000: I am the man:)
TheBKing: shake shake shake senora shake it all the night.
cnote2000: chrome off the trailer hitch
TheBKing: LOL!
Darkangl: hee hee
cnote2000: what a great little joke
AgonyBooth: hmm.. if she had done that to seagal she could have been in under siege
Darkangl: oh balance board of trust
TheBKing: LIttle bitch is the the pineapple.
Painful: Squeek the good luck pineapple...
Darkangl: hahaha
cnote2000: Another Seagal reference!
Darkangl: jet lagged and shitting curry :D
AgonyBooth: here, fire represents life
AgonyBooth: i'm gonna need you to bring me your torch
Darkangl: I'm surprised they didn't light those hats on fire while they were fighting with the torches
cnote2000: it's like american Gladiators
TheBKing: Yeah really.
TheBKing: Which one is Nitro?
cnote2000: is this the kissing part?
AgonyBooth: bah bah loo!
TheBKing: Fire? and Ice?
Darkangl: I don't understand why these guys are pulling on the baord
Painful: Excellent footage of Squeek here...
Darkangl: yeah this is the kissing part todd
cnote2000: Squeak as the pineapple
Darkangl: :-X
cnote2000: ewwwwww
TheBKing: mulakka laka balance board of trust.
TheBKing: I want one!
AgonyBooth: no
TheBKing: 5
TheBKing: 4
TheBKing: 3
AgonyBooth: oh i see the komedy approaching
TheBKing: 2
Darkangl: where'd that hanging microphone come from
cnote2000: noooooooo!!!
TheBKing: 1 1/2
TheBKing: 1.4
TheBKing: 1.3
AgonyBooth: shwwwing
cnote2000: 1.23
TheBKing: 1.2
Darkangl: reminds me of the boom mic in there's nothing out there
Darkangl: :D
TheBKing: 1.19
AgonyBooth: 1.1
cnote2000: or the boom in Dolemtie
Painful: Fly bitch!
TheBKing: 1.02
TheBKing: .0
TheBKing: YEE HAW!
cnote2000: oh no
TheBKing: Fireworks!
TheBKing: LOL
cnote2000: that was Heston!
TheBKing: Never let go!
AgonyBooth: woah.. flying pineapples
Darkangl: it looks like him
Painful: Och my god! He killed Charlton Heston! You BASTARD!
Darkangl: but I don't think it is
cnote2000: no it wasn't they would be guns
Darkangl: I think in the credits it's someone else
cnote2000: i'd kiss them goodbye
AgonyBooth: i just realized, you're old enough to be my great grandfather
Darkangl: I would too
TheBKing: LOL
TheBKing: Lick em good bye too.
cnote2000: high five duane!
Darkangl: hell I'd french kiss them goodbye
Painful: And now... something for all you homos...
Darkangl: high 10 todd :D
cnote2000: speaking of french kiss
Darkangl: yeah
TheBKing: LOL!
Darkangl: slip him the tongue coop!
cnote2000: ewwwww
TheBKing: Frederik. look familiar?
TheBKing: j/k
TheBKing: lol
Darkangl: hahahahahahaha
Darkangl: what are you saying jordan?
Darkangl: :D
TheBKing: I'm gonna pay for that one later.
Darkangl: hahahaha
cnote2000: is the cartman psyche out coming or did I miss it?
Painful: Midgets!
Darkangl: plate spinning dwarves :D
cnote2000: midgets!
TheBKing: So French kissing a guy taht's your best friend increases your hand eye coordination and sporting ability?
AgonyBooth: midgets!
Darkangl: that rules so bad!
TheBKing: Uh... hey Duane...
TheBKing: LMAO!
TheBKing: Hey that's my wife...
cnote2000: the shirt!
Darkangl: hahahah
cnote2000: it's like a benny hill episode
Darkangl: why is the scoreboard smoking
Darkangl: :P
Darkangl: hahahahah
TheBKing: lol
Darkangl: I love it when he picks squeak up and carries him off
Painful: It's addicted to nicotine...
cnote2000: squeak falling
TheBKing: lol
cnote2000: addicted to crack
Darkangl: squeak must weigh about 85 pounds
AgonyBooth: hey kids
cnote2000: like Yasmine
TheBKing: No that's Yasmine!
AgonyBooth: let's go to a crack house
TheBKing: lol
AgonyBooth: yay! crack!
Darkangl: hahahah
cnote2000: we'll find Yasmine at the crack house
Darkangl: the cartman voice coming up
cnote2000: nice
Darkangl: hahahaha
TheBKing: LOL!
cnote2000: hahahahaha
TheBKing: Seriously guys I'm fat. Seriously I'm fucking fat!
Painful: And he fell over... I'm mystified...
TheBKing: lol
AgonyBooth: uhhh
AgonyBooth: just run with it
cnote2000: why do they all fall over
TheBKing: We all gotta fly to Jamaica and try this game out.
TheBKing: Why Jamaica? I don't know.
Darkangl: just because it makes it funnier
AgonyBooth: this game is even better than slamball
Darkangl: or...he misses
TheBKing: OR... HE MISSES!
cnote2000: slamball!
TheBKing: lol
Darkangl: al michaels is funny
TheBKing: silence.
AgonyBooth: haha
AgonyBooth: that was funny
cnote2000: hahahaaha
AgonyBooth: ssssssssss
TheBKing: LA Z BOY!
Darkangl: that ball deflating sounds like a whoopie cushion
cnote2000: popped
AgonyBooth: oh no
AgonyBooth: the end
Darkangl: hey
cnote2000: Yasmines coke stash comes falling out of the ball
TheBKing: LOL!
Darkangl: those kids aren't wearing seat belts
TheBKing: Who is that Dale Earnhardt?
cnote2000: Dale RIP
TheBKing: LOL!
Darkangl: isn't that illegal? ;)
AgonyBooth: oh man
AgonyBooth: in his last role
TheBKing: yeah.
TheBKing: God bless him.
Darkangl: yeah
Darkangl: man
Painful: In his *second* role...
Darkangl: that one dude just caught that ball in the face
cnote2000: she gave him some crack to go faster
Darkangl: hahahah
Darkangl: she dumped her coke in the gas tank
AgonyBooth: coop! stop!
AgonyBooth: it's a bowling ball i painted white, is that ok?
TheBKing: LOL!
TheBKing: LOL!
cnote2000: casue she had to go snort coke
Darkangl: that ball's stitching changes
Painful: Mwaahaha..
TheBKing: Albet you rock!
Darkangl: first it's sloppy and sticking out
AgonyBooth: haha
cnote2000: Albert rules!
Darkangl: then the scene cuts and then it's clean
TheBKing: A tender moment...
AgonyBooth: i rule!
AgonyBooth: the tenderness...
cnote2000: tender like a steak
TheBKing: American Beauty... It's the car I've always wanted and now I have it. I RULE!
TheBKing: thick and juicy.
AgonyBooth: hahah
cnote2000: the smile
AgonyBooth: i like 'em real thick and juicy
AgonyBooth: just double up, unh
cnote2000: so find that juicy bubble
AgonyBooth: haha
cnote2000: mix a lot's in trouble
AgonyBooth: the conversion!
Darkangl: this is a sweet shot
TheBKing: NOOOOOOOOooooo..
cnote2000: begging for a piece of that bubble
AgonyBooth: don't look joey
TheBKing: dumb luck here.
cnote2000: backwards!!!
Darkangl: yep
TheBKing: NO...
cnote2000: nooooo!!!
AgonyBooth: ooooh that smarts
TheBKing: man that was the perfect NO face.
TheBKing: Let's see that again in a replay.
cnote2000: awesome!
Darkangl: yeah it was a great no face
Darkangl: man
TheBKing: why are there sparks everywhere?
Painful: Feel my nipples, jordan.
Darkangl: I'd like to be joey right about now
TheBKing: LOL
cnote2000: feel these nipples
TheBKing: LOL
AgonyBooth: because this is awesome
cnote2000: hahaha
Darkangl: ahhahaha
AgonyBooth: i don't know why any of this is great, but it is
cnote2000: no fucking clue
TheBKing: Update.. we still have no fucking clue where this guy is.
Darkangl: where this guy is
TheBKing: lOL
Darkangl: :D
cnote2000: it's so funny!
TheBKing: ANd they're showing the game live too.
Darkangl: ride the pony jenna!
TheBKing: Makes it funnier I say.
TheBKing: lol
cnote2000: she smells crack on him
Darkangl: hahahaha
Darkangl: it's a dude
TheBKing: That he/ she's got C cups.
cnote2000: no squeak!
AgonyBooth: hey.. it's that chick from less than perfect
TheBKing: Go for is squeak.
TheBKing: lol
Darkangl: squeak...noooooooo!!!!!
cnote2000: Jenny!!!
Darkangl: man
Painful: Reggie!
Darkangl: I'd like to be matt stone right now please
AgonyBooth: yeck
cnote2000: hahahahaha
TheBKing: MR OCtober.
cnote2000: Reggie's lookin old
AgonyBooth: reggie needs cash
cnote2000: a lot older than Naked Gun
Darkangl: I wonder how much they had to pay reggie to be in this movie
TheBKing: Reggie's rent check must've been due that week.
AgonyBooth: put him in your movie
TheBKing: yeah LOL
Painful: He's come to beat the snot out of Coop.
TheBKing: lo
TheBKing: l
AgonyBooth: you're paying me in cash, right
cnote2000: I came to score some crack from Yasmine
Darkangl: hahahahahah
TheBKing: lol
cnote2000: wretched little shit!
cnote2000: a hot dog
Painful: I don't have your fucking ball!
TheBKing: lol
cnote2000: hahahahaha
Darkangl: :D
Darkangl: got milk?
cnote2000: all at once
Darkangl: :D
AgonyBooth: come on.. reggie would have clocked that guy
TheBKing: Hey Baxter.
cnote2000: double shot!!!
TheBKing: Got Milk?
Darkangl: This announcer is great
AgonyBooth: pat o'brien
cnote2000: the victory lap
Darkangl: and blah blah blah...blah blah blah blah...blah blah
Painful: blah blah blah blah....
cnote2000: blah blah blah
TheBKing: yada yada yada.
cnote2000: yes!!!!
AgonyBooth: yadda yadda yadda
TheBKing: BANG!
cnote2000: here it comes!
TheBKing: lol
Darkangl: man that's cold
cnote2000: hahahaha!
Darkangl: thump crash
TheBKing: From sea to shining sea!
cnote2000: their faces
TheBKing: You've been psyched out and you're going down.
cnote2000: This was great!
AgonyBooth: i have been psyched out, and i'm going down